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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Marie19,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
0sGKP(0sGKP)Hatchling (m)3,7327240
9lPbs(9lPbs)Hatchling (f)3,7287181
L7wvJ(L7wvJ)Hatchling (f)3,5407292
SZvBb(SZvBb)Hatchling (m)3,7557132
XWW2y(XWW2y)Hatchling (f)3,7567372
J9HlZ(J9HlZ)Hatchling (f)3,7957031
lMpTm(lMpTm)Hatchling (f)4,7489232
Jmxly(Jmxly)Adult (m)3,3018061
nB7sO(nB7sO)Adult (f)3,7577581
Gfndn(Gfndn)Adult (f)3,7607532
pmDZf(pmDZf)Adult (m)3,5727801
ULpvQ(ULpvQ)Adult (f)3,4727222
ORZzN(ORZzN)Adult (m)3,5877501
E6JbT(E6JbT)Adult (f)4,7819231
DrKq6(DrKq6)Adult (m)4,9019351
2cwVZ(2cwVZ)Adult (f)5,1299501
20iGl(20iGl)Adult (f)4,8379581
ERoGr(ERoGr)Adult (f)7,5161,0412
5IXCoSixco the Regretful CBAdult (f)4,6989341
BSTfkChastity the CasualAdult (m)4,2749071
8FXEMRaraun the SympatheticAdult (m)4,7669031
7zl0z(7zl0z)Adult (f)4,5898911
xvHid(xvHid)Adult (m)4,6059003
0GFpF(0GFpF)Adult (f)4,9768841
thMnJGafta the HorridAdult (m)4,7468681
oXP80Damyn the DeceitfulAdult (f)4,7059741
YYB5oTabish the ForgivenAdult (f)5,0159562
EpaHhThaki the GuiltyAdult (m)4,5059691
BqNF2Thepesi the SuspiciousAdult (m)4,6709672
W6g3HAxdawn the VengefulAdult (m)4,5709443
n6J7wSunja the Scoundrel CBAdult (f)3,1208093
ABv33Maiya the Unknowable HeirAdult (f)4,2399223
lWnwwRip'Yorta the ChivalrousAdult (m)4,4828541
d4y2qAphi the ParanoidAdult (m)4,5388411
MGb3gNeimous the AnathematizedAdult (m)4,5648281
mSOqDKresmek the ImpatientAdult (f)4,4858481
K0CePEdana the ProgressiveAdult (f)4,6168382
6qIni(6qIni)Hatchling (F)1,8731962
4Thj1Sargaus the PleonecticAdult (f)4,1008491
BEdOQBonette the HorrifyingAdult (f)4,3818382
ScfXzEssie the IndulgentAdult (f)4,3909411
80bEMAida'Hubi the SensuousAdult (f)4,4199481
LnZVaJaklyn the OpulentAdult (f)4,4189833
gTo8eTasrei the Curious Dorkface IBAdult (m)4,5979442
UW0zcLaeste the AccusedAdult (m)4,4429422
pwoUcOxsenth the ThaumaturgeAdult (m)4,7139543
B3rOnCooper the DesperateAdult (f)4,6869361
EgAeTEgaet the SeriousAdult (f)4,3389192
b06mEKetzeh the DishonoredAdult (m)4,9389531
bwEZSEstellai the ExtremeAdult (m)4,8879401
jLvFDNicholai the KnaveAdult (m)4,2479391
t9eVxVinnie the FraudAdult (m)5,4129104
V2wTcClawfy the Purity-HunterAdult (f)4,9229152
PWZ1gHarmony the Grief-StrickenAdult (m)4,1239401
eGgPfEdenwar the Bell-RingerAdult (f)4,1309243
e6FHaVaidous the Noble-Hawk CBAdult (m)4,5928761
1owoVCrytern the Ice FloraAdult (m)5,2448772
FtVoZMaxxi the GrimAdult (m)5,3548581
Ku45cAnagard the RuthlessAdult (f)4,5738481
PgnBEWardina the Ruined ThuwedAdult (m)4,7078403
6eKnIAlthyc the PresenterAdult (m)3,8778501
irhmoTendyi the Raven-FinderAdult (m)3,9328481
aS2aXDustic the BlessedAdult (f)4,0448322
282h0JeroGryd the SoullessAdult (f)4,1208081
XcuMLDanleton the EnchanterAdult (m)4,5737882
ci5XCBryce the Simple CBHatchling (f, F)4,0918701
jItCxArchdel the BoringAdult (m)4,1737952
X7IPJSaoirse the TarnishedAdult (m)4,0107711
Jm8Fs(Jm8Fs)Adult (m)4,0967811
YcBW3Seyrufa the WildAdult (m)4,1997792
rN5BQSquella the OutrageousAdult (m)4,1627361
fALvsFalvs the Falcon-Tamer CBAdult (m)5,0037622
VQ9c8Kayla Frie the PerfectionistAdult (f)4,1357921
ntYjlLaipori the Screaming NightmareAdult (m)3,8307802
rEpa6Dollyi the Gate-KeeperAdult (f)3,7377633
yVndcBorgshire the PredatorAdult (m)3,9317992
wm09G(wm09G)Adult (f)3,3406004
6nxaPCortex the Path-FinderAdult (f)4,1257692
5WiQUAgneki the AgileAdult (f)3,9937411
hskhlSinoja the VandalAdult (f)3,9367461
WKVQaTheata the ThinkerAdult (m)3,5337901
iqfUxKrenia the YouthfulAdult (m)4,5597262
J6TAUDiusial the ImmatureAdult (m)4,3757261
b0BY9Boby the Commoner CBAdult (f)4,4057393
ZZGefBeuston the Scared CBAdult (m)4,0217652
8JcrrCymeth the Needle-WorkerAdult (f)3,5187714
vzQUKBlisica the FireballAdult (m)3,4687862
o8KIsEakeer the Fear-Bound CBAdult (m)3,9031,0701
aUHL0Ruby the Gentle CBHatchling (F)1,3283202
vLjX9Cryshe the Mythical ExplorerAdult (f)3,5187503
Sw0fnGlorificus the Hell-GoddessAdult (f)4,8669772
4TumSTums the HealerAdult (m)3,5919942
H4m09Orocet the OutstandingAdult (m)3,9191,0062
jEMBEJembe the ToughAdult (f)5,1921,0183
LDQoQTarietu the Heroic CBAdult (f)3,5499561
GghomCrystal the LegendaryAdult (m)3,6637643
9PydJFaunak the SaboteurAdult (f)3,6119592
asnUpLeroi the Blood-ThirstyAdult (f)4,1439572
1d6ZiRartah the DutchessAdult (f)4,1369531
dOS79Rytisu the TerribleAdult (m)4,7228913
UCAUvBrunsai the QuirkyAdult (m)4,2769113
xOTGQKrusma the RottenAdult (f)4,6119074
fRxOcEvaungi the PoisonousAdult (m)4,5969191
YcrcnJalisco the Magic-BearerAdult (f)4,8678491
Jv3KgAmpari the Instinctual IBAdult (m)5,1188582
RUTTJDionie the Intuitive CBHatchling (F)1,9852662
JC0LKColk the FrozenAdult (f)4,9178662
zE2ooIdamera the ChaoticHatchling (F)2,1664121
HTZwcAlthea the UnderstandingAdult (m)4,5738612
Ihf0OHampyon the Fourth OfficialAdult (f)4,3818952
q87tCAnayko the Gracious HostAdult (f)4,4158802
vxpdgEsiona the Unique Hatchling CBHatchling (F)1,3853691
b14OBGedona the UnjustAdult (f)3,5177432
WL1beJonyne the PartisanAdult (f)3,5727742
G75fLPeiorn the CautiousAdult (m)3,9627581
iLCTALakysha the JokesterAdult (f)3,9557641
pPTAxRorual the PrissyAdult (f)3,9777391
qVeGcVisyem the SassyAdult (m)3,8817601
waVPsMorphas the DistrustfulAdult (f)4,1087441
rYWZzIcroni the AssassinAdult (f)4,0369554
LW4ckTaerymbo the Coral WielderAdult (m)4,5019381
L0dojDeanni the EmperorAdult (f)4,3239394
hrNjkSherni the Marsh-DwellerAdult (m)4,1137353
LmBhERasmysi the SingerAdult (m)3,6969674
kDhhVAudrig the IntenseAdult (f)3,6239501
n8DWKKresyk the Secret SchemerAdult (m)3,8069472
7xTaNGaufyn the BenevolentAdult (m)3,6999731
oV2vLAgustina the VindictiveAdult (f)3,2989361
gm7VE(gm7VE)Adult (m)4,7968951
Qbw1x(Qbw1x)Adult (m)4,5119081
HV7lQUsstho the Omnipotent VesselAdult (f)3,5299032
QrcxgThutar the Ruby-EyedAdult (f)3,2829042
IEVHRTichui the Wise Old SoulAdult (m)3,8176931
EqGUUKrykip the Ashamed CBHatchling (m, F)2,8547593
gkBNcTenega the Empress CBHatchling (F)1,9986661
NIBNVOpherian the Lamp-LighterAdult (f)3,1788662
4VOkQUstenur the ChildishAdult (f)3,4568351
ac0WjViathu the Supreme BeingAdult (f)3,6968251
qam0bOrasice the MurdererAdult (m)4,1128502
n5KeyKakyem the Confused CBHatchling (F)2,8857152
ORXEcAsoni the Aimless CBAdult (f)4,2981,0202
Qt9RZViakam the Irrational CBAdult (f)4,6031,0691
vPzqTRoryan the Broken CBAdult (f)4,5321,0731
tz9RKKavi the Consort CBHatchling (f, F)3,7088323
BKfRKTiygehit the JudgeAdult (f)4,6921,0731
TlaYbCasaus the TidyAdult (m)4,7191,0561
dMJoCEnesina the SensationalAdult (f)4,9611,1042
ILK7BSoki the Dark Ruler CBAdult (f)5,0251,0722
UPSOTUpsot the MellowAdult (m)4,4251,0441
X7ZRwTruka the Hugger CBAdult (m)4,7071,1453
9ZxDpRawlain the Manipulator CBAdult (f)4,3421,0932
uG8FPBrakey the WisherAdult (f)4,7981,0563
jlNAiJlanai the Committed CBAdult (m)4,1129613
0rSCZNyrva the Designated Big SisterAdult (f)4,4469832
CddntGyrous the DesirableAdult (m)4,5389651
7QNfWFrezato the EmotiveAdult (m)4,6309653
8pzfsTreveryan the AnalyticAdult (f)4,5839722
UIylrKryssi the Athletic CBAdult (m)4,8419522
CAEfnRoniula the Indigo Heir CBAdult (f)4,4368731
ZOU15(ZOU15)Adult (m)5,0628811
BdfAKKrombopu the Annoyed CBAdult (f)4,8798622
G6Te3Kastie the Ballerina CBAdult (m)4,6838392
A7Y26Fabaix the CourteousAdult (m)5,0929623
7FA1FLivi the ControllingAdult (f)4,2789691
sLaRSSLARS the RespectfulAdult (m)4,5219722
y1lblJebuk the WistfulAdult (m)4,1929601
Z0fF2Smehrik the GhostlyAdult (m)4,3409913
CXsT0Onsonu the ForbiddenAdult (m)4,4419732
Yizdt(Yizdt)Hatchling (m, F)3,8516946
Xw6HSDawnie the Ghost-ChanterAdult (m)4,5189642
iWZiI(iWZiI)Hatchling (F)3,4984453
ehTUbEh-Tub the HatedAdult (m)4,2529801
Ws0hPChamgre the Pure CBAdult (m)4,4109733
FFfpgWesrey the IncredibleAdult (f)4,5009612
ue01kSholima the OffensiveAdult (f)4,1289052
gHNBOKit'Dar the Sentimental CBAdult (f)4,3759061
w7r8qSeryon the AttackerAdult (m)4,0928991
cEN7WAmber the Gold-CasterAdult (f)4,2208681
lMXJRSherima the Hard-Headed CBAdult (f)4,7428461
qFuy0Dugnuh the Forgotten CBAdult (m)4,1608682
r6nVwSernaun the DelusionalAdult (f)4,1398371
kYAdESriff the Sacred CBAdult (f)4,1998262
IhuQjFurcott the SatisfiedAdult (f)4,0958072
soNbASonba the ObsessiveAdult (f)4,1498163
YQ9KPRuby-Lips the CreativeAdult (f)3,9427792
4ngCMBancri the Living LegendAdult (f)4,4338051
K2l7PWikat the Velvet-TouchedAdult (f)4,6277940
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