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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “545682,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
f2REFGolden Striped OnesAdult (f)3,39976212
rOAuHdark stripessAdult (f)5,8281,04213
ck8Wk(ck8Wk)Adult (f)6,2561,01416
RhuO4(RhuO4)Adult (f)5,46185320
roT4R(roT4R)Adult (m)3,52283116
ofuvhDon't you hear the wind howlingAdult (m)5,8651,10029
x1e3W(x1e3W)Adult (m)3,84482113
MMTRNThe Sun it risesAdult (f)7,6961,36832
npMVKDoes Your Heart Flutter tooAdult (m)10,0021,40713
1EYoPMmm it's sunny I guessAdult (m)7,0671,1048
sPYQk(sPYQk)Adult (m)8,67198313
FFiOD(FFiOD)Adult (m)8,5031,00619
8Zw46EindaAdult (m)3,7688611
4eYEfThe sun it lowersAdult (m)4,5491,04423
nPJsoSunny Time and I just cant waitAdult (f)3,81475814
4lb6ohe needs a rockAdult (m)4,5611,11427
up2QfSunrise SightAdult (f)3,0056501
vGzDPThe Sun Sets Alone TonightAdult (f)6,4271,09833
3P4lHSunsets With YouAdult (f)4,8191,15315
1xcq2(1xcq2)Adult (m)5,5521,18315
GMwOyMore light in our LivesAdult (f)6,0291,10516
Igprr(Igprr)Adult (f)6,0771,14125
hBRs5(hBRs5)Adult (m)5,7801,18812
Aj71v(Aj71v)Adult (f)6,5021,06518
AtXas(AtXas)Adult (m)6,6881,10520
kkWgE(kkWgE)Adult (f)6,4641,06022
Vg6oG(Vg6oG)Adult (f)6,5881,04325
QyKz2(QyKz2)Adult (m)6,5861,06228
bNEAV(bNEAV)Adult (m)6,4751,02628
LWIwR(LWIwR)Adult (m)8,0221,26432
9KDeD(9KDeD)Adult (m)6,4591,05619
LaDKGAnother Day With My BelovedHatchling (m, F)4,4949158
BOIRVI am the crystal dudeAdult (f)4,2178972
7q5t2Lesser FlamelingAdult (m)2,5866571
ru3eyRun3yAdult (f)5,7971,1837
gMV0a(gMV0a)Adult (m)4,12994913
RB1zAI have a rock on my footHatchling (m, F)3,14064510
ipWn1FindalyeAdult (f)3,6507542
CQTGHFeathers And Summer WeathersAdult (f)5,7281,22215
AJjmz(AJjmz)Adult (f)4,41985213
jv75t(jv75t)Adult (m)5,03093115
eNrYXLittle ones like meAdult (f)3,7337940
Xq6WL(Xq6WL)Adult (m)4,6528704
GcTpx(GcTpx)Adult (m)6,3431,25630
yoHRz(yoHRz)Adult (f)6,2521,27920
KJcs1(KJcs1)Adult (m)3,94987219
FQ9xv(FQ9xv)Adult (m)4,60785511
nM34w(nM34w)Adult (f)5,52291019
IYpU9(IYpU9)Adult (m)6,7491,01314
TWv6ITeratusAdult (f)6,4161,21723
5ygkX(5ygkX)Adult (m)6,6331,1449
eSn4H(eSn4H)Adult (f)5,8441,1837
HtiiL(HtiiL)Adult (f)6,24396817
3sAAy(3sAAy)Adult (f)5,30590319
ZVUNt(ZVUNt)Adult (f)6,5331,18410
aEupS(aEupS)Adult (f)5,56893413
ZAhdnZahdnAdult (m)6,1071,24321
aEtDU(aEtDU)Adult (f)6,5291,20728
KRQse(KRQse)Adult (m)5,8611,02823
9pZwbAquila The GentleAdult (m)4,3139551
oNNNF(oNNNF)Adult (f)8,2871,28628
8JlAJZorvydAdult (m)6,6341,0023
ZmpbQplease dont spit on meAdult (m)4,7241,11933
zDeItWe All Wish For GreaterAdult (m)5,6591,1727
MgiUU(MgiUU)Adult (m)4,4088261
NEPtL(NEPtL)Adult (m)3,53283318
ctlrk(ctlrk)Adult (f)4,60687313
6934D(6934D)Adult (f)6,30291716
NbQakNo sauce pleaseAdult (f)5,7071,17013
j0TPwGimiedAdult (f)2,2746391
wljNaZOOM ZIP ZAMAdult (f)3,9058881
3V5YE(3V5YE)Adult (m)4,64490015
ZmE4O(ZmE4O)Adult (f)3,2368194
zCMqpOur Spotted DreamHatchling (m, F)3,25563213
Cpy5wSakuracon childAdult (f)4,9361,17831
BKsCIThe waves are hereAdult (m)5,0551,11132
Ay6VAWe will believe in youAdult (f)4,2398221
Ia9LVWe Are Not LostAdult (f)3,72683321
QhOBP(QhOBP)Adult (f)6,1471,0145
69R7jThe Waves Are RisingAdult (f)6,2991,07831
aaVmL(aaVmL)Adult (m)2,2144873
ELZXN(ELZXN)Adult (m)3,6608403
u1CLEReady to Cry UncleAdult (m)5,8061,26613
khhpLTo be alive is not to dieAdult (f)5,4851,17412
GAVrh(GAVrh)Adult (f)6,5721,21133
zboyG(zboyG)Adult (f)4,05994519
snd0UreleuriAdult (m)3,7993922
ksEAfQueen Of The SeaasAdult (f)5,6531,00430
ZNsqh(ZNsqh)Adult (f)5,5541,02716
oLFCyWetletHatchling (m, F)3,47287122
vAiYaSkritterAdult (m)4,3769220
wz3t6The Morning Dew Is LovelyAdult (f)6,3261,16235
ZLRllFaerie The SwiftAdult (f)3,4028392
opjVGDripping DarlingsAdult (f)3,88484726
7zNqcWettest WaterAdult (f)5,6511,17215
sck0VDrip like our TearsAdult (f)7,1771,30612
uDv19(uDv19)Adult (f)6,3781,03525
JzPAOCelodelAdult (m)4,2226391
dylXLRun Spin DashAdult (m)5,6431,19912
12gGTHidden Amongst OthersAdult (f)5,3241,13221
27XdV(27XdV)Adult (m)4,4968322
uPxlJ(uPxlJ)Adult (m)4,60084513
aoM2Z(aoM2Z)Adult (f)4,47781619
XFHOk(XFHOk)Adult (f)4,91087413
8S8ftElbynAdult (f)3,0526321
DTEtaNygayrthAdult (f)4,2246692
wXnF6Flan and FaunaAdult (m)5,3601,01524
xlwTaHoly HeavensAdult (m)1,51230931
Y2WdhBK's SeraphAdult (m)2,6759293
9Me6l(9Me6l)Adult (f)5,6021,1576
kCBxb(kCBxb)Adult (m)4,98082614
dBF5U(dBF5U)Adult (m)4,25885413
bMbfa(bMbfa)Adult (m)4,29685714
YqCOJ(YqCOJ)Adult (f)4,7041,07929
09lXq(09lXq)Adult (m)6,15796121
kst2iFated FeatherHatchling (m, F)5,5021,13423
fb0ULCauldron's BrambleyAdult (m)8,1651,71425
O6nst(O6nst)Adult (m)2,98482410
IudHC(IudHC)Hatchling (f, F)2,6597188
lY9d2But We Can Still Strive To TryAdult (m)5,0651,11713
foMcg(foMcg)Adult (m)6,1998538
mzT89BK's Time WyrmAdult (m)5,1581,18614
ZuSdVGaia's OberonAdult (m)6,1561,13718
VyspHBringer Of SongsAdult (f)3,22084932
tyaTiHkakaadAdult (f)1,96223930
O9ABHVolvagia Of LegendAdult (f)4,7701,14233
C9OphFrankkAdult (f)2,30769517
FpsnE(FpsnE)Adult (f)6,08488622
3cnPk(3cnPk)Adult (m)6,22188921
O4zky(O4zky)Adult (m)6,26289926
ncZtITiny XenHatchling (m, F)4,10882935
5nIejThe Beasts Are Within Us AllAdult (m)5,5181,16411
Pu7nMsqueakemsAdult (f)4,3928810
RwRF5Yellow Dewdrop On My WindowAdult (f)5,6871,16220
iFXci(iFXci)Adult (f)6,5649767
7X9lFBringer of ShadowAdult (f)6,3781,22810
UwtYBWondering What's NextAdult (f)7,7891,28716
ab4orBringer of L1ghtAdult (f)9,1051,65719
t3a4F(t3a4F)Adult (f)7,1301,01514
QLtS6Bringer of Thund3rAdult (f)6,7331,30923
nH7I2(nH7I2)Adult (f)5,13998413
0p6Jp(0p6Jp)Adult (m)4,9711,04825
BLpKg(BLpKg)Adult (f)5,3361,06913
EU524(EU524)Adult (m)5,7501,17417
bq1LH(bq1LH)Adult (m)5,1861,0086
tLCqyCody BoyoAdult (m)7,7131,20423
zdC9B(zdC9B)Adult (f)5,5609438
zMjI8Cody JrHatchling (m, F)8,7581,0148
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