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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “13381337,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
PM9k9(PM9k9)Egg (F)
pXMQQThat Flamingo is InvalidAdult (m)5,4151,2274
mJniUBad Apple PrinceAdult (m)6,0821,3103
9qPClCast my WordsAdult (m)4,8548943
h5sgkMy Mom has an Abusive OwnerAdult (m)4,3289683
tBOfGMY TAIL SURE LOOKS TASTYAdult (m)4,7761,06711
co79HRather Dead than NotAdult (m)3,5577912
mcTJOFlareingotAdult (m)3,6351,0392
pbhNpThe NameIess OneAdult (m)4,3381,1381
OHb5fWild Apple ChaseAdult (m)2,9508164
5qtGBLife on a ToothpickAdult (m)4,6588221
W7gsBFairy SunlightAdult (m)4,9131,2695
77B4vClumsy FairyAdult (f)2,6736470
fuhNZFairy in the Deep MistAdult (m)3,3906773
UNVMRCrimson Shadow FairyAdult (m)4,8339833
TdJWZCrimson LuminousAdult (f)3,2287051
iId1RCrimson CowardAdult (m)3,8447592
ivbCSFairy de CramoisiAdult (f)4,3109082
aZFiNCrystal of Crimson LightAdult (m)3,3521,1374
EiOf4Red Rainbow WeekAdult (f)4,7531,2931
4hkEqIf I'm Crimson then You're BlueAdult (f)5,2849546
JO2haCrimson Pygmy CanyonAdult (m)3,7137802
gJBPERed to All but OneAdult (m)4,6609112
FZiZKSeashore ShantyAdult (m)5,9241,2923
05V6tChatoyant CrimsonAdult (m)6,0171,1032
nlpn5Livius Orvinus IfrikiaAdult (m)5,9291,4447
qpPxQCrimson Coated KingAdult (m)5,9121,4402
kLFiFQueen of the Quaint QueendomAdult (f)2,6807611
lXle9Embroidered in ChocolateAdult (m)2,0051,0002
PeWIEI'm A Chocolate ReindeerAdult (m)2,0609951
fLyLnConcealed the ChocolateAdult (m)5,9448741
kRRsdThis isn't possibleAdult (m)3,5671,1131
mGEMBStone of Enlightened SoulAdult (m)3,1557907
UONmsMelted StoneAdult (f)5,5231,1761
ttjEqCrimson CynosureAdult (m)6,2631,0946
BVdgBMy Stone is So BrightAdult (f)3,9709223
NbIEgSunturpAdult (m)2,5756372
AYqQULOOK AT DOSE THIGHSAdult (f)4,3009722
tSo8fHorns Tails and WingsAdult (f)4,1791,2086
S5daVThe Gig is UpAdult (f)2,6037722
30qvjInterna FlamonAdult (m)3,2377396
4kVOmFlaming InnocenceAdult (m)2,6221,1132
tBlPjGillblazeAdult (m)4,2841,2822
m4ICWEmbers of FerventAdult (m)3,5661,0415
NF3VTThe Inner InfernoAdult (m)4,7031,1361
G6nTHI like buckets because I canAdult (m)2,3666151
1Zo1rI ate a cake in space onceAdult (f)2,8339797
aP3p6Banana Teleports are GoAdult (m)3,7769955
BN478Fried Magic ChickensAdult (m)2,4118991
6I1JHTrue Love True HateAdult (m)2,8019591
srB0pIn the Nick of TimingAdult (m)8,8321,2358
FnssmMY       EYESHatchling (m, F)5,1451,1731
CDmnsMagi's NightAdult (m)5,1649912
h8f70Hardheaded OrangeAdult (m)4,8506959
s9NC9Oranges and YellowsAdult (f)3,5671,0766
4FLsaHawt CubAdult (f)4,0109744
GTtZ6NOT HOT ENOUGH HEREAdult (f)3,9468077
tkFcNMagmachiteAdult (f)3,7811,0083
aj3xDam dedAdult (f)4,4081,0156
eibx2TherizinocerosAdult (f)7,4711,5163
Gjf0dMessy Lineage GoAdult (f)6,3792,03813
fBkS7Even in the midstAdult (m)3,7191,0165
DSfPSErratic ImpressionsAdult (m)3,0391,0272
lA7mmI feel languid lookAdult (m)4,3079377
Hp5SHBad Apple outcastAdult (f)5,6891,2142
IGBnTI can't even see the heartAdult (m)5,2481,1723
ikf4kMauvais Pomme ProscrireAdult (m)3,6978556
T3Y81Whoosh goes the GhostAdult (f)4,5119183
ojjiOI can't even get myself to moveAdult (m)4,2319412
8gl99Uh Oh Spaghetti-OAdult (m)2,4366062
I2K2pA tail forever begottenAdult (f)4,9341,2255
qzdqcI don't know anything around meAdult (m)3,3289892
63THvBad Apple in ExileAdult (f)4,56570010
R5ghWForeigner DanceAdult (f)4,7348221
uwtRvFord KaisserAdult (f)2,3905515
a1bXNI'm just tiredAdult (m)4,0731,2512
Br5NoAm I dreaming and seeing nothingAdult (m)4,1911,2242
qSAvgI gendered male uh ohAdult (m)3,1671,2536
cQmIpSunnymilk as usual I seeAdult (f)5,3758326
4g8PiWalking Tinsels of MineAdult (f)7,4101,2091
cg9g1lolno try agen l8terAdult (m)3,4961,0333
BiO17Banned for eatingAdult (m)3,2385153
prpuiRevenge of the CheeseAdult (f)1,9597652
tSkHQMeloettaflame SnowcurtainAdult (m)2,2955652
dL6r1Frozen HoardHatchling (F)1,4422542
70U3EThe Fairy who got lostAdult (f)4,3801,0142
pZlTRFairy of the ValleyAdult (f)6,4211,7261
om6NnThe Great Fairy CaperAdult (f)2,0537532
sE969Midnight Fairy DanceAdult (f)2,4008902
Zm6tPTen little fairiesAdult (f)3,5951,0911
5lmVQFairy Art in the SkyAdult (f)2,1676710
5ViiWPalm WarmerAdult (f)4,2119023
RhfD9God Knows I hate Pumpkin PieAdult (f)2,6566582
v6v6BDays of EverestAdult (f)4,8179174
iN9HpDays of CreationAdult (f)5,2989544
kE6oRWatch the lightAdult (f)3,8298901
a3Vn2A Tiny Tiny Clever AfritAdult (f)4,8839012
jvTF7No sparkles for youAdult (f)4,8459264
FrarjFairies of the SkyAdult (m)2,4279151
Sb5MoNight of FairiesAdult (m)2,3568951
nhiNcOnigashima in the FairyIandAdult (m)8,9011,2578
nd7c7Upside Down FairyAdult (m)8,9421,2476
rms63Regularis DieAdult (m)3,2507435
vIMKqGale of LifeAdult (m)5,2171,0514
HwFvaTo Soothe SpiritsAdult (m)6,0208750
gQm3aCalm the SoulAdult (m)6,0318820
lLvy8Pharoah CrestAdult (m)4,1531,2432
6YZnWPharaoh AnubisAdult (m)3,8841,1522
CsE70Snowstorm FrenzyAdult (m)2,5331,1060
RpTtqSunny Milk is a fairy you tartAdult (m)2,3429323
GindNKaguya HOURAlSAN MAdult (m)5,1011,2796
sIPqt(sIPqt)Adult (m)3,2079741
Z6LkdLovely Harvest MoonAdult (m)2,9639262
7046mEastern Verdant Wind of SpringAdult (m)3,7201,0723
8vE4KDeath under a Maple TreeAdult (m)1,7186542
M0QgRShizuha AkiAdult (m)3,6098334
aM4jKLovely Harvest NightAdult (m)3,7791,1651
8z8THFluff SphinxAdult (f)5,3009209
gEvkfBeliget TorqueAdult (m)3,9151,1371
W2Rf6Mosaic KakeraAdult (f)4,9311,1065
CeTgNTheophrastus BombastusAdult (m)4,1401,1671
NXF38Minoriko AkiAdult (f)2,9629334
YH16vPumpkin Fields of OrangeAdult (f)5,4281,0715
EtnmDWell Messed Up I SeeAdult (f)3,7489072
8yRzuMinorenkoAdult (f)3,2248494
dFmqMI look like goldAdult (m)4,7429963
btdQAStone DrainAdult (f)2,9021,1183
2m23CEverlasting SulfurwatchAdult (m)7,0061,33912
QYBpRSulfur CradleAdult (m)6,9111,3069
zhx1NArid ShadowAdult (m)3,8118152
RLgQHThe Drake who FlewAdult (f)2,2108693
j8qDuDance of the DrakesAdult (m)2,7236752
oUk0uJust another DrakeAdult (m)4,2221,2101
ZuULvPharoah PranceAdult (f)3,0237012
XsB4WDaylight ReturnsAdult (m)5,5511,2090
42Kz2Pharoah SunAdult (f)3,1971,0773
m4LhLTurtwigentineAdult (m)5,2621,0545
JCZW0Turped Down the DrainAdult (f)5,0289862
YTtnMDuke of TurpentinesAdult (m)5,1941,1099
giKXzA Warm HugAdult (m)4,7341,1581
9gU6CSeafood City PilferAdult (m)2,0087301
cFo2ZSilverwater SkipperAdult (m)7,2741,5042
FcywuLooking for the MoonAdult (m)3,6239024
Jwi0RConcealed in DarknessAdult (f)4,9106929
KGSl3Shadow of EmeraldAdult (f)3,4688871
bPRTkRoreng GreenieAdult (m)4,0011,0279
HOWqDHOW qDAdult (m)5,4821,5693
JDtGFAnd the presents are niceAdult (f)6,5511,7122
l3Y99Miharu ShimizuAdult (m)2,7321,0691
KotU8One True BlossomAdult (m)6,1341,4042
WZP8SRuieraeaAdult (f)3,7041,0183
TOEtcYou Messed It UpAdult (m)4,7399673
4584sTHAT BIRD ITS PRETTYAdult (m)4,3429782
LsROnWhipliesAdult (f)5,7031,2272
qDDHZChocolate Whip of WondersAdult (m)2,5445902
rizatWhipvine AnimalAdult (f)2,0445043
BVr8ZMustard VineAdult (f)5,0861,0801
QaJIzForgotten RedbreastAdult (m)2,9988191
3BWYcSuwako MoriyaAdult (f)2,0598581
P9XS0Giant CatfishAdult (f)3,5061,0485
gr13pA Festive FawnAdult (m)5,1699444
6SLPAHeat of the Summer SunAdult (m)1,9947671
POkHWForest Foliage ForagerAdult (f)3,1539762
C9ikuCaped Caring CowAdult (f)5,2451,3471
UYelsVery Bad LineageAdult (f)4,8469894
iQ6qpYou are a stupid man if we hadAdult (f)4,0571,5343
s2dJLSunnymilk everyone would beAdult (f)1,7427091
JeoWPI ate you so stay in thereAdult (f)5,1841,2893
s6vDqTangy LimeAdult (m)4,8928793
4LMv7Lily BlackAdult (f)3,4221,0095
3LYKSEndless Summer FeastAdult (f)3,2791,0321
RDNmGBecause yer a bakaAdult (f)2,2875742
P7gkBIm looking for a man named BurkeAdult (f)3,5931,0651
OIecIBecause you are a Luna ChildAdult (f)2,4559971
GvlliA mistook TreeckoAdult (f)8,6141,2017
6Lb4TLuna ChiIdAdult (f)3,6211,1331
JNdDDSunny MiIkAdult (f)3,4581,0413
TE8nKStar  SapphireAdult (f)4,6179715
npYK0Fairy of LightAdult (m)4,9699544
8W8bNMischievous FairyAdult (m)4,1877634
cCi9UFairy PranksAdult (m)3,7991,1811
WWfJEFairy de MefaitAdult (m)4,3849454
6KYXfDrilagtig IgenAdult (m)3,3317305
frmdAMischief MattersAdult (f)3,5107973
9b7XPPie in the faceAdult (f)3,6888334
DgM4EPlayful PranksAdult (m)4,7469714
eTkVjFelony LunaAdult (f)4,7929822
jhTIAToo much in pranksAdult (m)4,7369832
EMSS2Like a Venomous SnakeAdult (m)4,7909134
bjXgVThe Great Faily WarsAdult (m)2,1044173
Fmmf9Lunasunnystar SapphiremilkchildAdult (f)3,0508512
2kWzrFairy GeminiAdult (f)5,7451,4023
Qv9JKMisplaced MischiefAdult (m)5,0659065
ne6AlJungle Jumping JewelAdult (m)2,3343965
YIhnAExcited Earth EntityAdult (m)2,5408182
ND2hHPeppermint ColaAdult (f)2,6929838
HZ8a9Luna just drank Mint TeaAdult (m)9,3572,17812
fRN3OMint MouseAdult (f)5,4411,8195
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