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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Egg Basket
  • 2021 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “mxtine,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
mW2Tf(mW2Tf)Adult (m)4,9881,4756
neSvr(neSvr)Adult (m)5,6231,74510
7AZgq(7AZgq)Adult (m)8,6041,8164
ivTU(ivTU)Adult (m)7,3971,16616
39tbibecause the grass was greenerAdult (f)4,8061,3257
CHRjM(CHRjM)Adult (f)3,3378782
R4EKl(R4EKl)Adult (m)2,6338260
RkMmR(RkMmR)Adult (f)2,6698020
nWJkG(nWJkG)Adult (m)2,6928061
9CjsI(9CjsI)Adult (f)2,2436671
K2H78(K2H78)Adult (m)3,7757601
Kzv16(Kzv16)Adult (m)3,9868731
jmEVj(jmEVj)Adult (f)3,2357110
fDwoX(fDwoX)Adult (f)2,9626540
thkKG(thkKG)Adult (f)4,2678410
f2KAC(f2KAC)Adult (f)3,8758282
KXAhr(KXAhr)Adult (f)3,3578051
QFu2j(QFu2j)Adult (m)2,7156802
1I8tp(1I8tp)Adult (f)2,9807722
s8B4q(s8B4q)Adult (m)3,2659063
g0Xfz(g0Xfz)Adult (f)3,4271,0570
hTlB9Holly Go Lightly M'XAdult (f)2,9131,0033
1XiKaLast Moment Of Clarity M'XAdult (f)2,8268935
5ZB24Motionless in White M'XAdult (f)3,5071,1182
m37bvGreat Big White World M'XAdult (f)5,4171,3045
D020JCarte Blanche M'XAdult (m)4,1471,1518
7Ym1AWe Are Glitter M'XAdult (m)4,4841,51714
cIMhsBeyond the Wizards M'XAdult (m)5,9741,4759
J2D21J2D21Hatchling (m, F)5,6761,0168
IGkQOFelt Mountain M'XAdult (m)8,5511,8296
KghSDFondue Knight M'XAdult (m)5,6281,1206
PUbvsRide A White Horse M'XAdult (f)4,9949037
tl8RShiny and Warm M'XAdult (m)4,50782917
XlhLmxtineHatchling (f, F)7,5861,1489
cV3GOoh La La M'XAdult (f)9,4091,27810
0UUFMonster Love M'XAdult (m)5,7911,1489
A9NbSatin Chic M'XAdult (f)7,9571,18610
ORZFT(ORZFT)Adult (f)4,2261,0762
gl6SI(gl6SI)Adult (f)3,7529891
Y4jI6(Y4jI6)Adult (m)3,6871,0192
zzQ6O(zzQ6O)Adult (m)3,7739953
vr3gTGlittering Sands M'XAdult (m)2,1738627
KbCS1Glowing in the Dark M'XAdult (m)2,1688095
KH961Glitter Goth M'XAdult (m)5,91489910
5Dcec(5Dcec)Adult (f)2,3878973
VpGgNseiks yrucremAdult (f)4,6271,33616
GP2W6All That Glitters M'XAdult (f)5,8091,53512
aL2iA Teaspoon of Glitter M'XAdult (f)2,59984017
tYzQg(tYzQg)Adult (m)4,8308443
Yqixi(Yqixi)Adult (m)4,7878452
I4sBB(I4sBB)Adult (m)2,4558190
6tZxC(6tZxC)Adult (m)2,5368360
yvASg(yvASg)Adult (m)3,4969373
jRFae(jRFae)Adult (m)3,5111,0001
dI25R(dI25R)Adult (m)1,9686780
2bhEu(2bhEu)Adult (m)2,0726910
owIHE(owIHE)Adult (f)1,9317151
rEqYJ(rEqYJ)Adult (f)2,0626942
8N9yF(8N9yF)Adult (m)2,2958470
TJjHw(TJjHw)Adult (m)2,0197000
c8JOF(c8JOF)Adult (f)2,4017521
uyj45(uyj45)Adult (f)2,1316941
jC8o9(jC8o9)Adult (f)2,7126662
3bOGL(3bOGL)Adult (m)3,8749461
B14CkB14CKAdult (m)2,5789493
wJF8j(wJF8j)Adult (f)2,9507740
VTa4j(VTa4j)Adult (f)4,7929232
V6h5U(V6h5U)Adult (m)5,9081,0281
EBWNG(EBWNG)Adult (m)3,7358992
aIZwv(aIZwv)Adult (m)4,3521,1150
5iwkn(5iwkn)Adult (m)3,6631,0863
yETbz(yETbz)Adult (m)2,9627491
O26mDBPAL TwilightAdult (f)8,8421,1206
dZqj4BPAL Wings of AzraelAdult (m)8,7151,17610
UEM8HBPAL Embalming FluidAdult (m)4,7529876
RLja9BPAL EpitaphAdult (f)4,0478108
rqV7MrqV7MHatchling (F)2,5755763
c8nUlSmells Like Teen Spirit M'XAdult (m)4,4027388
5roNThe Sacred and Profane M'XAdult (f)4,4987636
bP88bP88Hatchling (f, F)6,0829553
oSE8Saturnine M'XAdult (m)6,1831,0887
DfLpThru the Eyes of Ruby M'XAdult (f)4,0758786
wkxeG(wkxeG)Adult (f)4,2609130
vm6YQ(vm6YQ)Adult (f)3,1479121
CFroL(CFroL)Adult (f)3,9557891
YNV9h(YNV9h)Adult (m)4,2348060
4I5Kk(4I5Kk)Adult (f)4,3928380
E8fWO(E8fWO)Adult (m)4,3028491
BIgux(BIgux)Adult (f)3,6679174
Z9B8c(Z9B8c)Adult (f)2,5566291
Ez9tc(Ez9tc)Adult (f)2,0295750
9So0TA Little Bit LostAdult (f)2,2666323
UaiEVBPAL Hell's BelleAdult (f)3,5207495
KNQTPBPAL HellcatAdult (f)3,2961,0444
HsfUOBPAL Baobhan SithAdult (f)5,8121,6138
QHu9gQHu9gHatchling (f, F)3,4956667
tp95Medellia of the Gray Skies M'XAdult (f)3,8888796
97h8Stars Fallin M'XAdult (f)5,8721,0087
uIEThBPAL GoblinAdult (m)4,0871,20910
hfUOtZekil HayaletAdult (m)8,1811,4445
KvY4UBPAL Serpents KissAdult (m)2,7629884
RmTIQEverett the Gray HayaletAdult (m)8,5801,6057
f5sM1BPAL PhobosAdult (m)4,2391,0424
DiO33BPAL Fenris WolfAdult (m)5,6631,5456
KFlgcPulseczar Dorkface M'XAdult (m)4,6738025
65YYMarquis in Spades M'XAdult (m)4,1509406
gnWTo(gnWTo)Adult (m)4,5989294
IS8Ua(IS8Ua)Adult (m)4,6538501
Xkn5l(Xkn5l)Adult (f)3,4529421
KOaTH(KOaTH)Adult (f)2,8511,0251
PvaG2(PvaG2)Adult (f)3,6848432
Q0Xr0(Q0Xr0)Adult (m)4,2708841
Zf8K6(Zf8K6)Adult (m)2,8381,0062
ItrNdSkeletal Rosebud Bliss M'XAdult (m)3,3431,06013
hW60UThe Black Marrow M'XAdult (m)4,6561,1959
DZhSThe Goblin King M'XAdult (m)8,0031,30216
UsZRO(UsZRO)Adult (m)5,7579763
xSCwY(xSCwY)Adult (m)6,1311,0110
jl6R6(jl6R6)Adult (f)2,5631,0223
9ih4rCelestial Rock M'XAdult (f)4,5431,1429
tRWGCelestial Skeletons M'XAdult (f)6,9941,19711
bEC38(bEC38)Adult (f)3,0646621
COb0c(COb0c)Adult (m)2,3267080
yBXtL(yBXtL)Adult (f)2,3577031
dPEo6(dPEo6)Adult (f)2,3077042
W2qs7Acidburn M'XAdult (f)1,6765622
lj3jnWednesday Mourning M'XAdult (f)2,2637676
dCundGothica Dorkface M'XAdult (f)2,8031,16619
damQkDiamond in the Rough M'XAdult (f)6,1971,3926
L4iN9Diamond In The Dark M'XAdult (m)3,6589357
ubRtDementor's Kiss M'XAdult (m)5,68296210
UPVx6(UPVx6)Adult (m)3,6881,0370
27dWn(27dWn)Adult (m)2,7069507
n9Voq(n9Voq)Adult (f)3,9301,24031
Io8gYVelvet Underground M'XAdult (f)5,3481,1132
FiM4NSizzurp M'XAdult (m)5,85987111
ndMAvStrawberry Cough M'XAdult (f)4,18794210
iij3m(iij3m)Adult (f)3,2347451
JL6wS(JL6wS)Adult (m)2,9417300
6Cyfe(6Cyfe)Adult (f)2,9087000
HQRFp(HQRFp)Adult (m)3,2747371
LsWiH(LsWiH)Adult (m)4,7707361
ekHpignissik wodahsAdult (m)3,6821,2865
gGYF6(gGYF6)Adult (m)4,1761,3916
5JYnL(5JYnL)Adult (m)3,8901,1351
SHIpuecneuqes iccanobifAdult (m)4,4051,3835
auvDjjd eht esiarpAdult (f)1,8156022
9v0mastlov eninAdult (f)2,6368324
Sjr98(Sjr98)Adult (f)4,5471,3195
801LYevol fo egaAdult (f)1,9977272
TbHEftsenoh eb otAdult (m)2,9866923
bZuoTehcuotAdult (m)3,5521,0314
QORbJdaeh daorAdult (m)6,2621,7105
W7ASRmaeb resalAdult (m)5,4811,1744
T4oVJgnihc et oatAdult (f)6,3371,5226
5hDKunoisnemid htfifAdult (m)6,0651,3035
cpPJ2racsagadamAdult (f)7,3591,0766
u62dAnoiduaAdult (f)5,6009383
t0tQVtoht a eruoyAdult (m)3,9211,11212
tFHKoyako si gnihtyreveAdult (f)4,1897177
PRBAroma ed sarbalapAdult (m)3,1365508
Mvr5rekahs revomAdult (f)2,6556628
Wev2gninihs si nusAdult (m)3,9178567
Zsg7tsiegtiezAdult (f)10,5951,31212
0aXdnisiar laemtaoAdult (m)9,2511,2739
f4rPecalp yawa rafAdult (f)4,4239169
D6Kp2(D6Kp2)Adult (m)3,5649140
aesEi(aesEi)Adult (m)3,5579290
wIRAT(wIRAT)Adult (m)1,7666421
J1ATe(J1ATe)Adult (m)1,9586471
GSTYU(GSTYU)Adult (f)3,4558191
1De0G(1De0G)Adult (m)2,9997300
ZMiZh(ZMiZh)Adult (f)3,2607510
3kCRj(3kCRj)Adult (m)3,2727771
5IEWZ(5IEWZ)Adult (f)2,0307043
2qO4W(2qO4W)Adult (f)3,6528586
QtiZx(QtiZx)Adult (f)4,1478333
PVtTt(PVtTt)Adult (m)2,0856253
DGunb(DGunb)Adult (m)2,3577031
PgJR2(PgJR2)Adult (f)3,0329032
4n6c9Beware  the  Ides  of  MarchAdult (f)3,6909872
ql1SaWith   LoveAdult (f)3,8139625
ycMrc(ycMrc)Adult (f)4,5001,0392
Vk0QA(Vk0QA)Adult (m)4,9399380
Hy4AW(Hy4AW)Adult (m)5,0629621
J6j8bFrom Russia With Love M'XAdult (f)8,5581,8076
oIYjaVelvet Pink KittyAdult (f)7,7691,6916
8YefCA La Peche M'XAdult (f)2,4777354
E98IbLast Tango in Paris M'XAdult (f)4,2081,3501
hPIEYLes Chrysanthemes M'XAdult (f)2,7821,0714
BYrYTHello Mademoiselle M'XAdult (f)9,8172,08612
GmVeChateau Rouge M'XAdult (f)5,9149716
hJEZLa Neblina Del Verano M'XAdult (f)6,7411,2189
3mY16(3mY16)Adult (f)4,0739551
DURf2(DURf2)Adult (f)3,5707462
4e64fHot Like Sauce M'XAdult (m)2,6578241
5Trd7The Promethian Groove M'XAdult (m)3,2269444
nOJQ0Embers in the Dark M'XAdult (m)3,3321,0882
V6Z7lBlack Fire M'XAdult (m)4,5061,1787
IWgTJHow To Destroy Angels M'XAdult (m)7,0231,5257
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