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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “mpolo,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
wqtvx(wqtvx)Adult (f)5,4927431
Gj3er(Gj3er)Adult (m)5,4897620
3vfdW(3vfdW)Adult (m)4,2148211
bxikZ(bxikZ)Adult (m)4,5828481
z5BMO(z5BMO)Adult (f)4,3378741
wYU6s(wYU6s)Adult (f)3,3689991
AftwQAstrapths DiosAdult (m)6,4307673
kkP3y(kkP3y)Adult (f)4,4979153
8yjJV(8yjJV)Adult (m)6,1267085
VNnx0(VNnx0)Adult (f)5,1387132
DX5J3(DX5J3)Adult (f)2,1784033
5K1el(5K1el)Adult (f)5,1226662
GibrU(GibrU)Adult (m)6,4706221
YufNg(YufNg)Adult (f)5,9185741
lBYBS(lBYBS)Adult (f)4,2244551
rBfBt(rBfBt)Adult (m)4,0678191
dUSrS(dUSrS)Adult (f)6,1317062
b72HtChronomantiaAdult (f)3,1718053
Y8nH6Chronovermis ab sancto secretoAdult (m)6,2746112
xj90P(xj90P)Adult (m)4,7068001
2HvjY(2HvjY)Adult (f)5,0446811
JnMZD(JnMZD)Adult (m)5,9936151
YCbFb(YCbFb)Adult (m)4,1839002
4aNIc(4aNIc)Adult (m)3,9418260
uGskX(uGskX)Adult (m)3,5067803
DNQQa(DNQQa)Adult (f)5,5217472
vHQjj(vHQjj)Adult (f)4,3637754
uJQyiGaia euphoricaAdult (f)5,0369353
zPihXDrako gaiasAdult (m)4,8407601
puNRU(puNRU)Adult (f)5,4887641
xFMWt(xFMWt)Adult (f)4,7896451
1zAaA(1zAaA)Adult (f)4,7008661
eCIXY(eCIXY)Adult (m)2,6206501
8F1kB(8F1kB)Adult (f)3,8978121
5jWfnXenos mageios duogenosAdult (m)4,6277494
VtW3RMageia exquisitaAdult (f)4,9357302
xHxa2(xHxa2)Adult (m)4,4338805
MICqP(MICqP)Adult (m)6,9556793
GxHHw(GxHHw)Adult (f)5,0418354
byKDl(byKDl)Adult (f)6,4116983
J2lgg(J2lgg)Adult (m)6,1865995
rmIJ2Magos xenosAdult (m)5,9698405
y0MWx(y0MWx)Adult (f)6,5927632
pnKaR(pnKaR)Adult (m)5,1857171
klCOQPyromanthsAdult (m)3,3317822
qaMGu(qaMGu)Adult (f)5,6646351
SVeEl(SVeEl)Adult (m)6,4975915
pGzU9(pGzU9)Adult (m)5,8287011
iB7ZfPyromanicus sanctusAdult (m)4,9628432
R15zTEk ThalasshsAdult (m)4,9947791
wnKzj(wnKzj)Adult (f)5,8007173
sFRRn(sFRRn)Adult (m)4,8837245
lVn1v(lVn1v)Adult (m)4,6307330
d8UKj(d8UKj)Adult (m)4,9876631
AHvbn(AHvbn)Adult (m)6,3246141
HFjZx(HFjZx)Adult (f)5,7795391
nL7Bk(nL7Bk)Adult (m)3,9819100
BjoyF(BjoyF)Adult (m)3,2638782
gIxjC(gIxjC)Adult (f)2,8888762
UCmM4(UCmM4)Adult (f)2,9958732
aL0Yh(aL0Yh)Adult (m)4,7489932
pJgQg(pJgQg)Adult (m)4,1819082
9mpNE(9mpNE)Adult (f)4,9019463
kQENo(kQENo)Adult (m)5,0389451
hN0L2(hN0L2)Adult (f)5,1049461
V8IrF(V8IrF)Adult (f)5,1538220
iioiA(iioiA)Adult (m)5,9587120
CVW3B(CVW3B)Adult (f)5,6275870
5CwIa(5CwIa)Adult (m)5,3166210
11MHD(11MHD)Adult (f)5,3476240
lOruw(lOruw)Adult (f)5,3216150
Z5ADt(Z5ADt)Adult (m)6,2406000
ReMRP(ReMRP)Adult (m)3,9707961
oHWV9(oHWV9)Adult (m)3,8288120
EIpw0Ovum tolle ovum poneHatchling (f, F)2,0957542
NBQVi(NBQVi)Adult (f)7,4198195
nRYwz(nRYwz)Adult (m)10,3037992
8aRog(8aRog)Adult (f)9,7677633
EwQXd(EwQXd)Adult (f)8,6587301
ce3qm(ce3qm)Adult (m)7,4949954
iEruF(iEruF)Adult (f)7,6519872
6lHrU(6lHrU)Adult (f)8,1108024
i7IjZ(i7IjZ)Adult (m)10,1786912
I8tQh(I8tQh)Adult (m)9,1246771
oZOzW(oZOzW)Adult (f)8,5266460
XJPB9(XJPB9)Adult (m)10,9577370
wlCADZyumorphicus a sancto secretoAdult (m)8,9499493
flm3f(flm3f)Adult (f)8,2108242
Z3FuN(Z3FuN)Adult (m)9,3128812
OR6JK(OR6JK)Adult (f)8,7786690
TefxI(TefxI)Adult (m)8,4576774
buI88(buI88)Adult (m)7,5251,0074
MZw91(MZw91)Adult (m)7,6268871
rEZqT(rEZqT)Adult (f)5,9571,0241
iNX6I(iNX6I)Adult (m)8,1021,1037
nTCIQ(nTCIQ)Adult (m)6,2891,0411
mjlqp(mjlqp)Adult (m)8,5098073
WmWK3(WmWK3)Adult (f)7,2479853
Fs3as(Fs3as)Adult (m)7,7866901
y5yqb(y5yqb)Adult (f)7,8167412
mxL0NZyumorphicus selvaticus flavusAdult (m)8,6799566
F7KiO(F7KiO)Adult (f)6,3411,0404
eVvov(eVvov)Adult (m)4,4019733
ZIbiw(ZIbiw)Adult (f)7,9648042
2emQP(2emQP)Adult (m)5,6099692
AYQkr(AYQkr)Adult (f)7,9176921
MNGLK(MNGLK)Adult (m)9,5787361
RK22I(RK22I)Adult (f)9,2861,9671
mnegTZyomorphica alpinaAdult (f)6,9148926
ZjjYG(ZjjYG)Adult (f)5,4451,2125
YIJRe(YIJRe)Adult (f)9,6088532
7QsaU(7QsaU)Adult (m)10,6737380
woBVX(woBVX)Adult (f)8,9856871
ykrqd(ykrqd)Adult (m)10,8117381
nR572(nR572)Adult (m)9,3656391
0733eZyomorphica vulcaniAdult (f)5,6841,1503
eNMKApatosaurus flavusAdult1,59950416
0HnZAvis raraAdult (f)5,5071,94646
5UxLW(5UxLW)Adult (f)7,1727173
4EVnG(4EVnG)Adult (f)6,9766601
0vjW5(0vjW5)Adult (f)3,4638193
M6EtXPullus parvulusHatchling (F)2,1921972
2H4tParasaurolophus viridisAdult3,94199334
n0jEPterosaurum porphyriumAdult2,34460117
LZGuStegasaurus ruberAdult4,17585038
QRBNuDinosaurus minimusHatchling (F)4,3973786
2WOETriceratops caeruleusAdult4,2861,21320
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