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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “moriconi,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Qssg6(Qssg6)Hatchling (f)4,5785693
A0ltRCB A0ltRHatchling2,7544641
3iWaGCB 3iWaGHatchling2,7624831
iv1alCB iv1alHatchling2,7774621
dQTAHCB dQTAHHatchling2,7874811
8meIMCB 8meIMHatchling2,7784572
Y2aVoCB Y2aVoHatchling2,7744642
t8Z4cCB t8Z4cAdult (m)10,3191,1714
H16zbCB H16zbAdult (f)10,1331,1615
ifIglCB ifIglAdult (m)10,1071,2094
H9QuACB H9QuAAdult (f)10,2111,1655
lNqESCB lNqESAdult (f)10,6081,2315
VENdMCB VENdMAdult (m)10,3671,1957
soOKDCB soOKDAdult (m)10,6411,1995
EYZw9CB EYZw9Adult (m)10,5991,2046
xaR5c(xaR5c)Adult (m)8,8931,2302
mqCaDCB mqCaDAdult (f)8,5591,1743
fdo8VCB fdo8VAdult (f)8,1261,1512
SbBV3CB SbBV3Adult (m)6,8898933
WqOxTCB WqOxTAdult (m)6,8599801
1ucAnCB 1ucAnAdult (f)5,8009451
31bVQ(31bVQ)Adult (m)5,2771,07112
LP88j(LP88j)Adult (m)5,9699353
uYFjr(uYFjr)Adult (f)5,7101,2294
jCgYb(jCgYb)Egg (F)
J3N0P(J3N0P)Adult (f)3,8111,0976
0aKeh(0aKeh)Hatchling (m, F)4,2071,2594
NT0COCB NT0COAdult (f)5,4181,4130
Q6hoECB Q6hoEAdult (m)4,5668558
xqK0QCB xqK0QAdult (f)4,3459581
cLkEvCB cLkEvAdult (m)6,6901,5622
3jSd8CB 3jSd8Adult (f)6,7681,4463
U2EHZCB U2EHZAdult (m)5,8451,1674
jsAajCB jsAajAdult (f)6,7491,2794
OVgjrCB OVgjrAdult (m)4,0608610
vD3l1CB vD3l1Adult (f)5,7781,1752
qjDMsCB qjDMsAdult (m)5,8869710
p3diYCB p3diYAdult (m)2,7831,0001
X3Pdr(X3Pdr)Adult (f)5,7999794
8LTTm(8LTTm)Adult (m)6,2808562
ZcE4c(ZcE4c)Adult (f)7,8211,1704
47SEV(47SEV)Adult (f)6,4831,1712
JcWyS(JcWyS)Adult (f)6,41698611
iNs5A(iNs5A)Hatchling (m, F)3,0057123
gkema(gkema)Hatchling (m, F)2,9596364
FDPGcCB FDPGcAdult (m)3,7501,8061
rpQI2CB rpQI2Adult (f)3,6201,0571
E4q37CB E4q37Adult (m)3,7491,8060
iDFe8CB iDFe8Adult (f)5,4708160
esQWaCB esQWaAdult (m)5,9528794
EReBW(EReBW)Adult (f)3,2446242
861J8CB 861J8Adult (f)6,7501,2641
SfXtUCB SfXtUAdult (f)6,7991,2672
mY1myCB mY1myAdult (f)7,8601,6235
RxGrTCB RxGrTAdult (f)7,2131,3617
iD1AX(iD1AX)Adult (f)2,1385858
iExvF(iExvF)Adult (f)3,9759181
N4rfDCB N4rfDAdult (f)6,6601,4641
muPozCB muPozAdult (f)5,0281,2912
IofpZ(IofpZ)Adult (f)5,9739083
YW2l8(YW2l8)Adult (f)5,6799412
G05Zu(G05Zu)Adult (f)2,0897832
M9cmO(M9cmO)Adult (f)4,8078092
RD1Yy(RD1Yy)Adult (f)7,1871,4135
iLPMY(iLPMY)Adult (f)4,6381,0941
v1gnu(v1gnu)Adult (f)5,2691,1301
1YTEECB 1YTEEAdult (m)5,0011,2182
HxfjDCB HxfjDAdult (f)5,5201,2120
2wrU5CB 2wrU5Adult (f)4,6381,2401
efp23CB efp23Adult (m)3,8981,1101
nQ2S(nQ2S)Adult (m)7,9001,20710
qMbcF(qMbcF)Adult (f)3,3741,2552
rbdwnCB rbdwneAdult (m)3,4941,0643
JNh5TCB JNh5TAdult3,9999480
Yk5ilCB Yk5ilAdult4,4371,0674
HGVMh(HGVMh)Hatchling (m, F)2,7151,0283
MnsvA(MnsvA)Hatchling (f, F)3,3541,0692
vk6hzCB vk6hzAdult (m)4,8999661
7wit7CB 7wit7Adult (f)6,7571,0893
thoJLCB thoJLAdult (m)7,6421,2972
cWFqACB cWFqAAdult (f)5,4519032
SqPE(SqPE)Adult (m)1,8394522
6ECO1gen 6ECOAdult (f)6,5041,2706
eop00(eop00)Hatchling (f, F)6,2331,2962
tCSndCB tCSndAdult (m)6,4051,1202
PQclnCB PQclnAdult (f)6,7811,0156
nRfUrCB nRfUrAdult (m)11,0801,6773
nVqXHCB nVqXHAdult (f)5,7431,0433
euki4CB euki4Adult (m)6,1831,0063
S4nL1gen S4nLAdult (f)2,7259326
R9SCpetit R9SCAdult (m)6,6251,1716
WHCyqCB WHCyqAdult (f)5,3821,0981
5g8mjCB 5g8mjAdult (m)5,4961,0143
nLaZQCB nLaZQAdult (f)6,4361,1610
vl1MtCB vl1MtAdult (m)3,3561,0601
0QVqpCB 0QVqpAdult (f)4,0701,1280
fCPBeCB fCPBeAdult (m)6,4571,2741
wnAvsCB wnAvsAdult (f)4,6458692
Yi6cXCB Yi6cXAdult (m)4,6487142
Y7rVYCB Y7rVYAdult (f)3,1569250
mKfOWCB mKfOWAdult (m)6,6291,2244
IkK1rCB IkK1rAdult (f)5,2051,1921
32iHNCB 32iHNAdult (m)6,9511,0474
w4vkiCB w4vkiAdult (f)8,0611,1092
MXmAdCB MXmAdAdult (m)11,1561,4024
Mw6jyCB Mw6jyAdult (f)7,8831,1244
CX2M5CB CX2M5Adult (m)7,1641,0561
Y3gRbCB Y3gRbAdult (f)6,6171,1891
6LOOfCB 6LOOfAdult (m)6,7761,2581
D0CnBCB D0CnBAdult (f)3,7124042
6emDTCB 6emDTAdult (m)5,9289631
3w0tvCB 3w0tvAdult (m)4,3217151
RLlRC(RLlRC)Hatchling (f, F)3,8201,1184
5vAPm(5vAPm)Hatchling (m, F)3,6661,1202
Xha15CB Xha15Adult (f)4,3171,1791
hYcwtCB hYcwtAdult (m)7,1881,0802
VQ6SnCB VQ6SnAdult (f)5,8511,0543
rQLjh(rQLjh)Adult (m)3,6571,2603
0lk61gen 0lk6Adult (f)6,8889795
i6WTOCB i6WTOAdult (m)7,7611,0081
AkhZHCB AkhZHAdult (f)5,4156775
geEPp(geEPp)Adult (f)10,6891,0326
PWuKv(PWuKv)Adult (m)5,9601,1914
HTp3o(HTp3o)Hatchling (f, F)5,5151,0936
RL5B5CB RL5B5Adult (f)4,5455304
KZ9bGCB KZ9bGAdult (m)12,4991,0884
3DKTA(3DKTA)Adult (f)6,1941,0912
dSYuJ(dSYuJ)Hatchling (m, F)4,4435314
iCfgWCB iCfgWAdult (f)5,7078782
FBmhRCB FBmhRAdult (m)3,6481,0884
UDz9GCB UDz9GAdult (f)7,9071,0893
KkSCYCB KkSCYAdult (m)7,9609012
ioggf(ioggf)Adult (f)6,8601,4895
Nc4Ct(Nc4Ct)Adult (m)7,8821,2843
P04nfCB P04nfAdult5,8738870
g9YMqCB g9YMqAdult5,6841,4491
eH24XCB eH24XAdult3,7281,0875
JdkDUCB JdkDUAdult (f)4,4857113
ntW7oCB ntW7oAdult (m)6,1989427
dRBX9CB dRBX9Adult (f)6,2099328
DEjapCB DEjapAdult (m)7,4381,0212
8v6veCB 8v6veAdult (f)7,0839924
eBBpoCB eBBpoAdult (m)11,4171,0812
VxnmICB VxnmIAdult (f)8,1309894
LHN9ICB LHN9IAdult (f)8,8919783
eSeICCB eSeICAdult (m)1,8747071
oJF4SCB oJF4SAdult (m)1,7436581
iN4wB(iN4wB)Adult (m)4,4451,0201
5Yqmr(5Yqmr)Adult (m)4,4231,0222
LsUEu(LsUEu)Adult (m)4,6849703
Qstbj(Qstbj)Adult (m)4,7281,0792
kK2dhCB kK2dhAdult (m)5,5481,0743
fuaupCB fuaupAdult (f)6,7871,1281
UBGkoCB UBGkoAdult (m)3,3016223
R9bwHCB R9bwHAdult (f)3,8028333
HMs7vCB HMs7vAdult (m)3,5558892
LJGIBCB LJGIBAdult (f)4,6459740
fc1msCB fc1msAdult (m)7,0671,1361
Z4yZnCB Z4yZnAdult (f)3,8789030
NK7Yb(NK7Yb)Hatchling (f, F)3,4781,2192
3fQYdCB 3fQYdAdult (m)9,0062,1021
G3mTgCB G3mTgAdult (f)5,3851,2552
a2upR(a2upR)Adult (m)5,1361,7343
Srt5M(Srt5M)Adult (f)2,4321,0761
XRYs1(XRYs1)Adult (m)3,2031,0322
uOQi7CB uOQi7Adult (f)7,2411,3611
CsWLV(CsWLV)Adult (m)3,1971,0232
wzGv5(wzGv5)Adult (m)3,4639072
tfQsyCB tfQsyAdult (m)6,2036952
VBlirCB VBlirAdult (f)4,4678631
42Eh2CB 42Eh2Adult (m)8,0351,1341
o5EpGCB o5EpGAdult (f)2,5499291
eb39CB eb39Adult (m)6,5411,3374
afnKL(afnKL)Hatchling (m, F)4,2679179
mHOrh(mHOrh)Adult (m)5,6848435
wExIWCB wExIWAdult (m)5,2251,2393
s6yai(s6yai)Adult (m)3,1475706
ZBjZ6(ZBjZ6)Adult (m)3,5308471
QdkNH(QdkNH)Adult (m)4,9629643
KGlF7(KGlF7)Hatchling (f, F)3,3321,1260
D92HXCB D92HXAdult (m)5,2938531
HKTPgCB HKTPgAdult (f)3,3351,1462
WIKG8CB WIKG8Adult (m)6,5821,0022
BacAfCB BacAfAdult (f)7,7591,0201
tz3SH(tz3SH)Adult (m)8,4251,2403
D66z2(D66z2)Adult (f)8,7031,2503
ijuEN(ijuEN)Adult (m)6,6581,2711
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