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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “moensli,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ESRYXCB Two-Headed scare IIAdult (f)1,8467345
tedXDCB Two-Headed scareAdult (m)2,3275923
fWqdgCB Two-Headed Cuddle IIAdult (f)5,7141,3356
PDItf(PDItf)Adult (m)5,1706976
Xndt7(Xndt7)Hatchling (F)5842851
YTOIcCB LockstockAdult (m)5,0831,5099
MmN6LCB LockstockyAdult (m)1,7997891
SstkECB Lockstock IIAdult (f)2,3844972
KRvec(KRvec)Adult (m)2,4258051
gOURXCB Baloony IIAdult (f)3,6731,2894
t8GDQ(t8GDQ)Adult (m)2,7536904
4CWKvBlack snockAdult (f)4,6891,1814
XmU6FNicely BlackAdult (f)2,4534775
tOlOsNice BlackAdult (f)1,82267318
v91YWBlack Gold BlitzAdult (m)2,6288653
OWmAKCB Black wonderer IIAdult (f)6,2991,56911
OATElCB Black snapper IIAdult (f)2,7245223
0BstVCB Black Hugger IIAdult (f)2,6335013
KoD7SCB Black Dreamer IIAdult (f)2,7955568
udhCTCB Black HuggerAdult (m)3,0366895
mgEsuCB Black snapperAdult (m)2,3045692
ZSUFnCB Black ginger IIAdult (f)3,3285346
43S8NCB Black Sleeper IIAdult (f)2,9374316
8EIUpCB Black gingerAdult (m)2,9006676
esnjV(esnjV)Adult (f)1,6406692
YM5sL(YM5sL)Adult (m)3,0234512
vR5du(vR5du)Adult (f)3,2454872
sGnqk(sGnqk)Adult (f)2,4435113
vrG3j(vrG3j)Adult (f)4,5533137
eVPoQ(eVPoQ)Hatchling (F)1,6946092
ec2j1PB 3gen alt pAdult (m)3,1005483
nNiMM(nNiMM)Adult (f)1,4795413
UJV8p(UJV8p)Adult (m)6,5581,4512
lGQ2x(lGQ2x)Adult (m)2,8644901
rNaFn(rNaFn)Adult (f)1,8123783
LTG69(LTG69)Adult (m)2,7334053
4nVNH(4nVNH)Adult (f)2,9024146
7dgGACB Treeko DragonAdult (f)2,1678281
MBppK(MBppK)Adult (m)2,3355465
o2EXq(o2EXq)Adult (f)6,1855924
M08AA(M08AA)Adult (m)2,4875624
j4VLLCB cheesecakefactoryAdult3,4491,0971
ThDUXCB cheesecakeAdult2,0597882
o1k0EBottled cheeseHatchling (F)1,4092012
1OngABottled Big cheeseHatchling (F)2,1184952
ta2JPTick Tack Tock ChickenAdult (f)1,8364902
3JCOXBottled chickenHatchling (f, F)1,1843582
Z0c1GBottled baby chickenHatchling (F)377922
pGlnWGlitterdanceAdult (m)8,2991,9374
AXVGFAngelpuffAdult (m)8,7782,00810
NYJDIChristmas cherryAdult (f)4,7731,4125
ztPJY(ztPJY)Adult (f)2,5174431
ID97tMagic DuskAdult (f)8,4121,9584
v10XvClover DustAdult (f)6,2481,6413
n2OGpCB Banoffee no breedAdult (m)2,3208803
pWTtHCB Twinkle ToesAdult (m)2,3728714
fkaFn(fkaFn)Adult (m)2,1424971
aqwBx(aqwBx)Adult (m)3,9431,5050
KlFGN(KlFGN)Adult (f)7,0381,3942
wfubx(wfubx)Adult (f)6,8991,3631
aZdb5CB twoofuAdult (m)2,4163524
BqIoZCB twoofu IIAdult (f)3,1684754
vZi0tPlant VS chickensAdult (m)2,4256922
17csqCB Plant VS zombiesAdult (m)2,3326461
1ikcXCB Plant VS chickensAdult (m)2,1287272
rVB4A(rVB4A)Adult (f)2,8016602
VltiX(VltiX)Adult (m)3,0196552
E0Yck(E0Yck)Adult (f)1,9247504
YsLWM(YsLWM)Adult (f)2,5286340
UYS2g(UYS2g)Hatchling (f, F)4,7436433
EHWU0(EHWU0)Hatchling (F)1,6325861
dsGio(dsGio)Hatchling (m, F)1,8086472
alqCoPlant VS zombiesAdult (m)2,6958512
7iUAn(7iUAn)Adult (f)3,3474302
9kCJL(9kCJL)Adult (m)2,7864275
7WXCgCB Glitterdancer IIAdult (f)3,1804373
6gN6hCB GlitterdancerAdult (m)3,2385763
ccU52PB 2gen Minion IIAdult (f)2,2306415
YSuTO(YSuTO)Adult (f)2,4845693
ODYuX(ODYuX)Adult (m)3,6105604
BPmh7(BPmh7)Adult (m)3,3205763
LJAmFCB PurpietorAdult (f)2,7816882
gfhs1(gfhs1)Adult (f)2,1055373
vEaWXCB Red Runner IIAdult (f)2,8818092
Cq0HL(Cq0HL)Adult (f)2,8051,0175
v8N0cCB Red RunnerAdult (m)2,1825803
riK3gCB RickRollAdult (f)3,6111,1781
Yo6L9CB RickRollyAdult (f)2,9281,0522
lo1QcCB RickRoll IIAdult (m)2,6406813
DXhcsCB RickRolly IIAdult (m)1,9567662
6reTCCB Element of kindness IIAdult (f)1,6236781
VtQeCCB Element of kindnessAdult (m)2,4178518
msTUc(msTUc)Adult (m)3,9218435
ChRRPBottled FireHatchling (F)9191617
LoCWuCB flamingo wingo IIAdult (f)1,9104643
ELCfA(ELCfA)Adult (m)2,3355894
DThdu(DThdu)Adult (f)2,9594262
kg7SP(kg7SP)Adult (f)3,1219404
sqAKN(sqAKN)Hatchling (F)9213124
hgZrZCB day lightAdult (f)2,6297013
AO3XM(AO3XM)Adult (m)4,1756955
aCcZhCB Night shadowAdult (f)1,8477951
8vKff(8vKff)Adult (f)3,3645895
NAjMY(NAjMY)Adult (f)1,7196373
YYsTI(YYsTI)Adult (m)2,0777533
pLhhfCB ApplejackAdult (m)4,0965817
t4dmaCB Rose LuckAdult (f)2,9587637
SmQIhCB Carrot TopAdult (m)3,1848058
KboiUCB DJ PonayAdult (f)3,0068366
YivUYCB RarityAdult (f)2,4467563
UGqTPCB Sweetie BelleAdult (f)2,5038641
8SRfs(8SRfs)Adult (f)4,6666077
MaGFO(MaGFO)Adult (m)3,7195883
q8OBV(q8OBV)Adult (f)2,8386016
ikp8ICB DJ PonyAdult (m)2,6165909
3nlp7(3nlp7)Adult (m)3,1283128
WaHER(WaHER)Adult (m)2,7087097
mQljQSplish Splash SplaterAdult (m)1,9457652
mimpp(mimpp)Adult (f)2,2218133
HsDa5CB Grey devilAdult (f)2,8339643
Ujrmm(Ujrmm)Adult (m)2,3986032
D3gl8CB aardbeving IIAdult (f)2,9464283
BMJlcCB aardbevingAdult (m)3,2047042
uCdh0Bottled aardbevingHatchling (F)2,1066604
us2FZFlavyke inbreedAdult (m)3,6791,1583
h2P8D(h2P8D)Adult (f)2,9515593
k7UNN(k7UNN)Adult (m)2,9475244
ASRNhCB waterspuwerAdult (m)3,9915243
4diQLPB 2gen golden retriever IIAdult (f)1,7356264
aWu7YCB Element of laughter IIAdult (f)3,0335804
gCti6CB Element of honestyAdult (m)2,9986024
dLdRBCB Element of honesty IIAdult (f)3,1811,1155
JMorX(JMorX)Adult (m)2,5929744
K7J5E(K7J5E)Adult (m)2,7039924
9Xo8b(9Xo8b)Adult (f)2,6649642
eis6P(eis6P)Adult (m)2,6179684
4YR2g(4YR2g)Adult (m)2,6699454
fptIY(fptIY)Adult (f)2,7051,0103
f695l(f695l)Adult (f)3,1745874
sJj3Z(sJj3Z)Adult (m)1,6376534
LNJ2e(LNJ2e)Adult (f)2,3106262
PQTVp(PQTVp)Adult (m)2,1216081
aKTV3(aKTV3)Hatchling (m, F)1,8207644
l5Ep7CB dragon fireAdult (f)2,3439763
2Qd0jCB dragon fireoAdult (f)3,3084593
aSCRkCB fire dragonAdult (f)2,5966527
ffueB(ffueB)Adult (m)2,4526001
qMoRh(qMoRh)Adult (f)2,9957191
qqik0(qqik0)Adult (m)3,7748465
rjSfJ(rjSfJ)Hatchling (F)1,2121683
Que0SCB Darigan horseAdult (f)2,8019394
hZWL6CB Darigan horseyAdult (f)3,7235152
soQ5J(soQ5J)Adult (f)3,1086252
FPvAJ(FPvAJ)Adult (m)3,0915663
DlIbcFrieze FrosterAdult (m)1,9426815
XPkqnConfusing IceAdult (f)1,6366652
rauQFPB 2gen Icestickle IIAdult (f)1,9285642
Sfl9fCB Elements of Harmony IIAdult (f)4,4351,3308
SHBCoCB Elements of HarmonyAdult (m)3,1761,0697
LQ2BnCB Element of generosityAdult (m)2,0536915
maJCuCB Element of laughterAdult (m)3,3478048
ht2DgCB Element of laughter 2Adult (f)3,3535244
PZ7b2CB Cherry DelightAdult (m)2,7713763
FSFDi(FSFDi)Adult (m)3,9001,5050
ZcoDS(ZcoDS)Adult (f)5,0326123
IklhH(IklhH)Adult (m)4,3109655
4lMjV(4lMjV)Adult (m)6,6471,3922
6fim2Tele Skippy inbreedAdult (f)2,5159203
CoJvnPB 3gen herks giftAdult (f)2,4188845
CAdFlDirty lineageAdult (m)2,9469972
L2atiShipping SetAdult (m)3,7351,0767
pmITuShipping Set IIAdult (f)3,5091,0543
WRhkpTele vliegerAdult (f)5,0351,1073
ghFAjTele porterAdult (m)3,5671,0807
8aljSCB Shippers FirstAdult (m)4,0334334
E61f1CB Shippers 3Adult (m)2,6217003
heSYjCB Shippers SecondAdult (m)4,2378483
3TeA4CB Shippers First IIAdult (f)1,9427592
sFMF5CB Shippers Second IIAdult (f)1,3856031
dfMBpCB Shippers 3 IIAdult (f)1,3575541
e1cKiCB Shippers 4 IIAdult (f)6,4281,8213
uu5DnCB Shippers 5 IIAdult (f)3,1154433
MEJ5bCB Shippers 4Adult (m)2,7876054
B7BlTCB Shippers 6 IIAdult (f)2,2756745
5FRrUCB Shippers 7 IIAdult (f)2,0077295
BSCh6CB Shippers 5Adult (m)2,3105552
hAT9kCB Shippers 6Adult (m)2,2055197
vAvto(vAvto)Adult (f)2,4906550
uVIv1Song of SilanceAdult (m)2,0047703
M22KLRed Magma 2gAdult (m)1,9197091
JRrBHCB Sound of silenceAdult (m)3,4495716
SMtLWCB Sound of silence IIAdult (f)2,4506583
4Ghb7(4Ghb7)Adult (f)2,6434743
OrHN7(OrHN7)Adult (f)2,8135103
BUEQf(BUEQf)Adult (f)2,4146421
ndIX7(ndIX7)Adult (m)2,9346697
nCsUT(nCsUT)Adult (f)3,1227197
noRrr(noRrr)Adult (f)2,4785534
OJWJf(OJWJf)Adult (m)2,3875963
Acaho(Acaho)Adult (m)2,4016063
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