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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “mngwa,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
6if0e(6if0e)Adult (m)5,0911,0521
fnJUD(fnJUD)Adult (m)2,8128524
gcs7q(gcs7q)Adult (m)3,6797482
qkkKh(qkkKh)Adult (f)5,5331,1134
72I7w(72I7w)Adult (f)2,7478582
ANH0fPhotoblepharonAdult (f)6,4571,3597
sHYEL(sHYEL)Adult (m)4,9578477
dFUox(dFUox)Adult (m)5,0281,0853
f8qt1Aufeis glaceAdult (m)6,4151,3935
o5oOr(o5oOr)Adult (f)4,7961,2206
XPlIV(XPlIV)Adult (m)6,9541,45310
2ko5d(2ko5d)Adult (f)6,7761,4839
pTpHu(pTpHu)Adult (m)5,9691,3132
NEnLL(NEnLL)Adult (m)3,8368750
aIsQsLampyris nAdult (m)3,2408897
Xkmln(Xkmln)Adult (m)4,8391,0427
yBTsZ(yBTsZ)Adult (m)4,2237462
HnQWC(HnQWC)Adult (m)4,6351,0926
wo5rl(wo5rl)Adult (m)2,8845371
qMx4a(qMx4a)Adult (m)3,8147662
sYHGt(sYHGt)Adult (m)3,4506962
7IS7a(7IS7a)Adult (f)4,4111,3263
GOvYL(GOvYL)Adult (f)3,8688620
SDVVl(SDVVl)Adult (m)3,9729735
ny3RF(ny3RF)Adult (f)4,6509683
McyO6(McyO6)Adult (f)2,7188543
xC4g6(xC4g6)Adult (m)7,2221,5906
q1Da1(q1Da1)Adult (f)5,1281,0006
3PpYM(3PpYM)Adult (m)6,3541,3478
s53D9(s53D9)Adult (m)3,7218731
jNu6S(jNu6S)Adult (f)5,2661,1722
WQFl4(WQFl4)Adult (f)5,4731,0955
ZDiKV(ZDiKV)Adult (f)5,0581,0371
ab7T8(ab7T8)Adult (m)4,1437221
djIke(djIke)Adult (m)4,3539903
908ze(908ze)Adult (m)5,2851,1772
Nw1hW(Nw1hW)Adult (m)4,1847402
y2brk(y2brk)Adult (m)5,6201,3033
ne3hm(ne3hm)Adult (m)5,1421,0976
qSzSK(qSzSK)Adult (m)7,3401,5983
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