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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “mlle_beau,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
JuvSSAkatha d'Anconia 4EAdult (f)3,9361,1902
1GrN0Atthian d'Anconia 4E IBAdult (m)4,3421,0782
X4srJBerath d'Anconia CBAdult (m)3,1629425
T8dfsSolenya d'Anconia 5EAdult (f)6,7861,0931
N7HlqCamulus d'Anconia 2GAdult (m)3,0751,1175
XJLEVKelenga d'Anconia 3EAdult (f)4,2521,4234
5F3TjWelich Thuwed d'Anconia 5EAdult (m)4,1991,4212
rlpZDJinerich d'Anconia 5GAdult (m)6,5111,6322
qdHT6Olesia d'Anconia CBAdult (f)1,8666950
cZP5VFea d'Anconia CBAdult (f)3,2411,0053
cokZsKiatha d'Anconia CBAdult (f)2,6727961
WGmpoKiedicha d'Anconia 4GAdult (f)3,2591,0382
721h5Lozana d'Anconia 3EAdult (f)2,6941,0343
REZbqMalic d'Anconia CBAdult (m)2,1909111
a4MxFCherath d'Anconia 2GAdult (m)3,5271,0833
50lgvMalaine d'Anconia 2GAdult (f)3,3971,0591
dhIjpPirelle d'Anconia 4EAdult (f)3,6061,0972
z3qGnPyrthain d'Anconia 5E IBAdult (m)2,0628372
9dQ6gJattana d'Anconia 2GAdult (f)2,0445593
hI5CLOyali d'Anconia 3EAdult (f)2,0215782
TL1ImGerach d'Anconia 3EAdult (m)3,7181,1051
blkvOCossea d'Anconia 3EAdult (f)3,8121,1111
gvuDrFerun d'Anconia 4EAdult (m)3,7461,0942
tyk52Chelia Thuwed d'Anconia 9EAdult (f)3,8631,1142
e2sjCArumali d'Anconia 4EAdult (m)3,8281,0841
7qrpxOweka d'Anconia 4EAdult (f)4,1371,1920
28APODolin Thuwed d'Anconia 8EAdult (m)6,4381,0776
7tj0SRyneth d'Anconia 5EAdult (m)2,7028600
BKaCVEquaia d'Anconia 3EAdult (f)2,8958102
o9pPNOlerith d'Anconia 3EAdult (m)3,0988361
pVaS6Lydraim d'Anconia 2GAdult (m)3,0138451
GNNotAythe d'Anconia 7GAdult (f)2,9938163
RHpfrNyeth d'Anconia 7GAdult (f)3,0198182
Wb1TjLielle d'Anconia CBAdult (f)2,6155420
4vdwXSeirlin d'Anconia 2GAdult (m)6,0499881
fcvs1Lozen d'Anconia 4EAdult (m)5,9131,0012
waOvNRhaelin Thuwed d'Anconia 6EAdult (m)6,0659792
Z9HsIAlmani d'Anconia 3EAdult (m)5,9679832
bmSwyOrael d'Anconia 5EAdult (m)5,9951,0213
ILqMWOtek d'Anconia 4EAdult (m)5,9721,0003
Waew9Waeru d'Anconia CBAdult (m)4,9421,20514
BIaDlBladi d'Anconia 3EAdult (m)5,4719361
mauQzMaulen d'Anconia CBAdult (m)4,9589462
olZsaOlzen d'Anconia 3EAdult (m)5,2411,1535
RwnoLLothaer d'Anconia 5EAdult (m)5,0931,1603
VwahbTzenrhael d'Anconia 6EAdult (f)5,1841,1604
XtlspKaterina d'Anconia 4EAdult (f)4,5271,0844
X92KdMerryn d'Anconia 4EAdult (m)5,1819944
dBuzWOdette d'Anconia 5EAdult (m)5,9599514
0PB2oOpila d'Anconia 4EAdult (f)4,9821,1605
n3euvHelios d'Anconia 4EAdult (f)2,5966762
56m3LMelchior d'Anconia 4EAdult (m)4,9128525
yKQ9GTzenlin Thuwed d'Anconia 7EAdult (f)4,9178523
VK7Y4Varek d'Anconia 5EAdult (m)5,6761,0612
JLJ3FHillaire d'Anconia 2GAdult (f)6,3729932
jPvpkIeoca d'Anconia 3EAdult (f)5,1491,3474
ZleF2Jiabbi d'Anconia CBAdult (m)3,4288861
hIyeYBeni d'Anconia 4EAdult (m)3,5519343
QsgcdSambeon d'Anconia 3EAdult (f)5,3141,1762
tZP1EDinysia d'Anconia 4EAdult (f)4,7731,2575
UgDtXKano d'Anconia 3EAdult (m)3,8406916
FJANiAminerr d'Anconia 2EAdult (m)4,2756865
Ar4l7Makala d'Anconia 4EAdult (f)3,4578093
T666JByatas d'Anconia 4EAdult (m)3,5138243
4dBXJFiorela d'Anconia 6EAdult (f)3,9199060
EsIxrKumeli d'Anconia 5EAdult (m)5,0758821
YkMryPachelia d'Anconia 3EAdult (f)4,3619181
WhdGHKisigan d'Anconia 5EAdult (m)2,8856523
Jq9uUFesina d'Anconia 3EAdult (f)2,8106741
kZyerKylar d'Anconia 3EAdult (m)2,7816270
9PbbBKama d'Anconia 4EAdult (f)3,6437954
QjZmU(QjZmU)Adult (f)4,6441,1833
FZtfX(FZtfX)Adult (f)6,1281,0053
e1mQE(e1mQE)Adult (m)6,0437101
NnKRt(NnKRt)Adult (m)5,9977122
uAyjy(uAyjy)Adult (f)4,4916840
C1q43(C1q43)Adult (f)6,0296350
TM6L6(TM6L6)Adult (f)4,7971,1553
8UKZ4Ryja CiqalaHatchling (F)1,6023774
Pc7Uz(Pc7Uz)Adult (m)5,0401,1174
sW1nPShuylith d'Anconia 4EAdult (m)5,2498342
ED1oNKazidel d'Anconia 2GAdult (m)2,8725815
yZRpHYezeran d'Anconia CBAdult (m)5,0665922
SoAeNSoaka d'Anconia 4EAdult (f)5,6735701
oTuN3Okuna d'Anconia CBAdult (f)4,7967120
bbYDj(bbYDj)Adult (m)2,9948121
NixuG(NixuG)Adult (f)4,7371,0595
sW1Jd(sW1Jd)Adult (f)5,8155561
Ysds3(Ysds3)Adult (m)5,4921,1521
vUQgd(vUQgd)Adult (f)4,6451,0655
LNgkk(LNgkk)Adult (m)5,2171,1273
Ww3yW(Ww3yW)Adult (m)5,3651,1373
TNI6V(TNI6V)Adult (f)5,8521,1991
YnsfW(YnsfW)Adult (m)5,7221,1712
ULY6d(ULY6d)Adult (m)6,4271,1771
yi4iB(yi4iB)Adult (m)5,8151,2130
5cdIU(5cdIU)Adult (m)5,9601,1230
udmA3(udmA3)Adult (f)6,3081,1212
ThfeN(ThfeN)Adult (m)3,5837793
1EDEC(1EDEC)Adult (m)5,8091,2023
A7ZtAzul CiqalaAdult1,74750423
WAfveAzulenth CiqalaHatchling (F)6,0781,1604
uZfIOran CiqalaAdult2,6161,44442
IJj5bViol CiqalaAdult6,6501,3793
OodTRojo CiqalaAdult3,0934688
649SNapezi CiqalaAdult1,59583935
ttBZgAmarillo CiqalaAdult5,1136581
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