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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Silver Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
  • 2012 Valentine’s Day
  • 2011 Holiday Event
  • 2011 Haunted House
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
  • Beat the Heat Summer
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You pick up the scroll labeled “mickiloo97,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
uw8WB(uw8WB)Adult (f)2,6375051
PJwN5(PJwN5)Adult (m)2,7125120
cDfOd(cDfOd)Adult (m)2,5855030
grFiQ(grFiQ)Adult (f)2,7585515
YceZk(YceZk)Adult (f)2,6485072
gPFbx(gPFbx)Adult (f)2,7675500
z3aq4(z3aq4)Adult (f)1,8695320
FUvv8(FUvv8)Adult (f)3,2464374
3tZjp(3tZjp)Adult (m)2,3855221
CPcdr(CPcdr)Adult (m)2,8025271
iTd8ZThe Guard of Hell's GatesAdult (f)2,5124911
fpVc6(fpVc6)Adult (f)2,7524230
cF38UPurpley CastellAdult (m)2,3754571
i02O9Fairy-Tale EscalaAdult (m)3,7304691
V2svLeo EscalaAdult (f)2,2647534
0m0vTower EscalaAdult (m)3,2341,0877
YE3cFuego EscalaHatchling (F)54225414
SfNdrMirror EscalaAdult (f)2,9795002
Sk9sBriquette EscalaAdult (m)2,1264142
8Y8OBon EscalaAdult (m)2,9095310
TqlPkCampfire EscalaAdult (m)3,7923095
PJYbBonfire EscalaAdult (m)2,2704743
rSkBXNighttime BurningAdult (f)4,4223451
IQ6dArmy of FirebransAdult (m)3,2525563
Pe9ZDevil FirebranAdult (f)3,6397854
6OqLWInferno FirebranAdult (f)2,5645192
ZMNGThe FirebranAdult (f)3,7978144
CS8VCurrent EscalaAdult (m)2,9244533
scFPConductor EscalaAdult (m)1,48763130
59JZLightning-Storm EscalaAdult (m)1,6086566
UH4pMEli  SaunAdult (m)4,5683712
mWCYXCharge EscalaAdult (f)2,5015540
G2AvGWork divided by TimeAdult (f)3,0993953
F1gitFligit EscalaAdult (f)2,5255350
ANv7Generator EscalaAdult (f)3,3341,21614
iFMZjNanowatt EscalaHatchling (m, F)2,1974822
G8VKWings EscalaAdult (f)2,4994531
l942Sky-Flier EscalaAdult (f)2,8729742
KBVboShop Class FailureAdult (f)2,7734654
sXh3Ulotki EscalaAdult (m)1,2664843
kuFbQA Craft EscalaAdult (m)2,7594392
EL9WZephr EscalaAdult (f)1,34760230
alN9Zongan EscalaAdult (m)2,0997139
q54YMBluebird EscalaAdult (f)3,5004953
a5P0eKamikaze EscalaAdult (m)4,0013574
VZVh1(VZVh1)Adult (f)3,7034761
tjEFKite EscalaAdult (f)3,2714256
tfQR6Glider EscalaAdult (f)1,1873182
LuvvTSwallow EscalaAdult (f)5,1343741
kJ43Stratus EscalaAdult (f)1,7225735
CTSfgBillowing Shadow EscalaAdult (f)4,2074631
al1BCumulonimbus EscalaAdult (m)1,82463614
1C3uCloud-Runner EscalaAdult (m)2,4095112
VoIZDreamer EscalaHatchling (F)1,8931351
l7D5Golden-Stripe EscalaAdult (m)1,7786625
Ks6XRayas EscalaAdult (m)1,6903782
glRRMantis EscalaAdult (f)2,3975373
c859WCobra EscalaAdult (m)2,6945092
vPHOWirtho EscalaAdult (f)1,9066665
Phg4Tiny Snowflake EscalaHatchling (m, F)1,7306793
kg1uFlora EscalaAdult (f)1,6325649
UDYbEaster EscalaAdult (m)1,8858225
8oRGbHammer-Time EscalaAdult (m)2,7265542
nE76Sun EscalaAdult (m)2,0132888
L5OCSummer EscalaAdult (m)2,1265575
B0u4Halloween EscalaAdult (m)2,3784853
qmKLAuturn TiseliAdult (f)1,4724127
gS1HPequena EscalaAdult (m)1,4905117
5ZhmZazzy EscalaAdult (m)6,2836172
LCPqPomocnika EscalaAdult (m)1,56565311
E2taKitteh EscalaAdult (f)2,0617863
hgSSImonan EscalaAdult (f)1,4365514
3HHmDynik EscalaHatchling (f, F)2,10333811
BM88Tiny Fireball EscalaAdult (f)4,1684840
XDFcjMatchead EscalaHatchling (m, F)2,0596633
T56rMBlue EscalaAdult (m)3,3695082
vZV9pRingtone EscalaAdult (f)4,6933770
vlHQSnowball EscalaAdult (m)4,4074921
cd5DjHomebody EscalaAdult (f)3,6204241
lFiDPearl EscalaAdult (f)2,5664852
9sqQZSenior Prank NightAdult (m)5,0103842
9JZuFlight PatternAdult (m)2,4994061
jKqcaHooligan's LeaderAdult (m)2,8515181
78TlAMosquito EscalaAdult (f)4,0574220
2kvgShadow EscalaAdult (f)2,5534011
jFD1Orbit CommercialAdult (f)1,3443337
flnYChoco Chip EscalaAdult (m)2,4254811
4rMRPeppermint EscalaAdult (f)1,3693426
rqQWHoncho EscalaAdult (f)2,1218484
cILGCouts EscalaAdult (f)1,3974013
TXUVPazzo EscalaAdult (m)4,2942883
rIfBDrake EscalaAdult (m)1,7615272
ZbUtWho Called the DOCTORAdult (f)2,2394471
M7YFYou're no doctorAdult (m)1,4995463
UTD4Opicak EscalaAdult (m)1,9637417
j2pCFDutchess EscalaAdult (f)2,0646782
LlfQDusk EcsalaAdult (f)3,4349092
RTDO5Sunset alreadyHatchling (m, F)2,0346641
TMlVuGentle Goldie EscalaAdult (m)2,8975232
sAN3p(sAN3p)Adult (m)2,4495431
b6h2Dawn EscalaAdult (f)1,9235812
9IdDZerwone EscalaAdult (m)2,1268758
2SR8Blood-Dorsal EscalaAdult (f)1,4293907
itisLove Me PleaseAdult (f)2,7126031
WN04Dasall EscalaAdult (m)3,4392472
N1GNHidden-Serpent EscalaAdult (m)2,0488563
OpWdMoon EscalaAdult (f)3,0265924
PNFaStarlight EscalaAdult (m)2,8868341
vHKIq(vHKIq)Adult (m)4,0025021
VHgvOberon EscalaAdult (f)2,9325505
qWkuMorgan EscalaAdult (m)2,8382659
ENfgCheval EscalaAdult (f)1,6415486
4b6OQuarter Horse EscalaAdult (m)1,5355517
QKtmAnaeka EscalaAdult (m)2,0147558
osRGoCattle RoperAdult (m)3,5325662
LBaJDressage PonyAdult (m)4,7553933
WRt4EWestern PleasureAdult (m)2,6125430
R13fJeweled EscalaAdult (f)2,1185544
reLJLavender EscalaAdult (m)2,7991,0809
Sd18Emerald-Frills EscalaAdult (m)1,4304892
hcDnFogsic EscalaAdult (f)2,5474005
uNKFSwirlled Grrana EscalaAdult (m)1,8597305
ZCAXSolcis-Is-Love EscalaAdult (f)4,39752818
nL5tTwin EscalasAdult (f)2,4488234
eLvuQKing's Stash EscalaAdult (m)3,0374861
W9M0tCharile EscalaAdult (m)2,9694420
oOjK7After-night Light EscalaAdult (m)2,6194203
Ig2Kk(Ig2Kk)Adult (f)3,9434931
0V79M(0V79M)Adult (m)2,1976270
RIbIeCanyon EscalaAdult (f)3,1804742
TELAe(TELAe)Adult (m)3,0655691
cf2VqDesert EscalaAdult (f)3,0344661
KK0fj(KK0fj)Adult (m)2,5985341
C5BhH(C5BhH)Adult (f)2,3285181
s8Fuq(s8Fuq)Adult (f)2,7435302
pL1mkBlang EscalaHatchling (f, F)2,1334952
dLXBHusk EscalaAdult (m)2,0483484
LGriWheat EscalaAdult (m)1,5003372
LtJXWBear of All SeasonsAdult (m)3,1954151
ANZBIPik-a-nic EscalaAdult (m)3,6683271
Cg8UCrop EscalaAdult (f)3,0845202
vQEnGrizzly EscalaAdult (f)2,3684865
DJT08(DJT08)Adult (f)5,1223653
kGKIOImpress MeAdult (f)2,8185642
FEmkWest EscalaAdult (f)2,3954711
JmH5Ridgewing EscalaAdult (m)2,8483446
L2u6Gymnastic EscalaAdult (m)2,0674193
ph5unSuede EscalaAdult (m)4,3773632
vV9HDFaux Fur EscalaAdult (m)4,0453441
4FeoPNap Time EscalaAdult (f)1,5424401
BenDFluffy EscalaAdult (f)2,8283868
H68lInsomnia EscalaAdult (f)4,0544732
hqfnpAlphabetSoupAdult (f)1,4823934
EeZEBithday Party EscalaAdult (f)1,5806245
Y1b1G(Y1b1G)Adult (m)3,2744442
vvblFloating into the OzoneAdult (f)4,35252317
G6a3Helium EscalaAdult (m)1,6654303
9kp3Don't Let Me Hit The GroundAdult (m)2,3314432
GHSXBalon EscalaAdult (f)1,5885946
AAhFtPitch EscalaHatchling (F)1,4082591
V93jREAL MEN DON'T WEAR PINKAdult (m)1,5636948
gcftCannem EscalaAdult (m)2,0674564
Uf8QCarnation EscalaAdult (f)1,39659424
4S99Pinkey EscalaHatchling (m, F)2,1358094
opPZI'M PURPLE BUT MANLYAdult (m)2,3144944
DSWfWhisker EscalaAdult (m)2,1575703
f5bkPurple EscalaAdult (f)2,34424110
aIv6Purpurowe EscalaAdult (f)2,0557797
SVY6Punupa EscalaAdult (f)2,6101,0109
KNi9Arco Serpiente EscalaAdult (m)2,1075355
CqZPLight-Saber EscalaAdult (m)2,0104124
pQS44Hydrogen EscalaAdult (m)3,9788026
GXJWSunshine EscalaAdult (f)2,4934654
dvUn4Violet Clouds EscalaAdult (f)5,2286763
lbE6Furnem EscalaAdult (f)2,0598624
qm9lDon EscalaAdult (f)2,8595212
LVeFYOrange Peak EscalaAdult (f)2,7565725
8emqIHudson EscalaAdult (f)1,9445582
YbLQRaneen EscalaAdult (f)2,5559185
SfDrPlastic Lawn OrnamentAdult (m)2,4103005
2GTGFlamingo EscalaAdult (m)3,0613781
aj0W3Flock EscalaAdult (m)3,2106741
IilrFuchsia EscalaAdult (f)3,0043823
CqpHo(CqpHo)Adult (f)2,8286003
FJXkAllegro EscalaAdult (f)2,6834974
pq0AGonzales EscalaAdult (m)1,4424126
IsXfBurdam EscalaAdult (m)2,6379065
HDEoiThoroughbred EscalaAdult (m)3,6145601
mKBvHRacer EscalaAdult (f)2,7374301
3b9ABeware Of PlantAdult (m)2,8634969
k9BPVenus EscalaAdult (m)1,5464459
5AX4Flytrap EscalaAdult (m)1,4623543
HSidSeedling EscalaHatchling (F)1,5272404
ngCXdNearly CannibalisticAdult (m)2,8625321
oOMU5(oOMU5)Adult (f)3,8684913
jtfiQ(jtfiQ)Adult (m)2,4924771
r7hZsSpot EscalaAdult (f)2,7595181
9F16Jungle-Runner EscalaAdult (m)3,2041,5594
P2NALanuna EscalaAdult (f)2,0217746
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