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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “merigreenleaf,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
voJM(voJM)Adult (m)90836238
Rj2i(Rj2i)Adult (f)99044470
XEmR(XEmR)Adult (m)89842973
jDRV(jDRV)Adult (f)91148777
5CuA(5CuA)Adult (m)1,19844171
nsLE(nsLE)Adult (f)1,50155775
ucMl(ucMl)Adult (m)1,76262869
rpQc(rpQc)Adult (f)1,48060175
YG9O(YG9O)Adult (m)1,46961594
1OO8(1OO8)Adult (f)1,18861398
4J9x(4J9x)Adult (m)1,481662102
rnvN(rnvN)Adult (f)1,401569120
uniz(uniz)Adult (f)1,310563128
eFkx(eFkx)Adult (f)1,511626122
avQE(avQE)Adult (f)1,504680134
u4i8(u4i8)Adult (m)1,595758130
TIkk(TIkk)Adult (f)1,405664128
E9ea(E9ea)Adult (m)1,553690114
1vS9(1vS9)Adult (m)1,25359589
Rq8M(Rq8M)Adult (f)1,54160088
Tb5Z(Tb5Z)Adult (m)1,72063886
7eXg(7eXg)Adult (m)1,927693111
rIBr(rIBr)Adult (f)1,666630114
6sNn(6sNn)Adult (f)1,692670100
4aGi(4aGi)Adult (m)1,736705109
tZP5(tZP5)Adult (f)2,040719130
Vt5c(Vt5c)Adult (f)1,730639126
6wNf(6wNf)Adult (m)1,895704129
MMf9(MMf9)Adult (f)1,777641126
lFcB(lFcB)Adult (m)2,233621122
7hLW(7hLW)Adult (f)3,772833141
Z7WO(Z7WO)Adult (f)3,284817134
8cQi(8cQi)Adult (f)3,483814130
ZuIg(ZuIg)Adult (m)3,058754133
rG5J(rG5J)Adult (f)3,051755119
igXL(igXL)Adult (f)3,235821123
x14s(x14s)Adult (f)2,364857132
H9f4(H9f4)Adult (m)2,984956139
yEqx(yEqx)Adult (f)3,3431,037141
8RId(8RId)Adult (m)2,872896146
9V3d(9V3d)Adult (f)4,0791,143139
b3AJ(b3AJ)Adult (f)3,6881,033170
P7j2(P7j2)Adult (f)3,469946179
t96M(t96M)Adult (m)3,7381,124179
Nf9S(Nf9S)Adult (f)2,868862149
3Z34(3Z34)Adult (f)3,110915172
GmH8(GmH8)Adult (m)974396165
5hvL(5hvL)Adult (f)3,111971169
Pu5l(Pu5l)Adult (f)3,114887175
dKsG(dKsG)Adult (m)3,537931170
aAIl(aAIl)Adult (m)3,178857170
uyuM(uyuM)Adult (f)1,165392185
J8Ul(J8Ul)Adult (f)3,3261,008200
wGCC(wGCC)Adult (f)2,196799197
yjQM(yjQM)Adult (f)1,984674199
V7aF(V7aF)Adult (m)1,253444175
sHHO(sHHO)Adult (f)2,677871201
IhKi(IhKi)Adult (m)2,254770212
6pxY(6pxY)Adult (f)3,101985263
X5T3(X5T3)Adult (m)3,310951279
5qWr(5qWr)Adult (m)3,431857265
QSrA(QSrA)Adult (f)3,450966263
WLs8(WLs8)Adult (m)4,2311,049272
YeCE(YeCE)Adult (f)3,710859240
supW(supW)Adult (m)3,654849249
cO1G(cO1G)Adult (f)3,9161,050245
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