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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “mayheam,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
1UfZhJana's Black FemaleAdult (f)6,6501,1312
gOeVf(gOeVf)Adult (f)4,3849131
rCMNm(rCMNm)Adult (m)4,1989440
gFp6w(gFp6w)Adult (f)4,6189971
9peDk(9peDk)Adult (m)4,2889783
vKgzJana's Black MaleAdult (m)1,10154018
G5ugJana's Alt Black FemaleAdult (f)1,81695186
0P2keJana's Alt Black MaleAdult (m)5,8931,0473
zJrM1Jana's Green FemaleAdult (f)5,7821,1437
4xYOJana's Green MaleAdult (m)1,62039031
LbcsuJana's Mint FemaleAdult (f)6,3331,1323
27wMJana's Mint MaleAdult (m)1,31048139
WEnd5Jana's White FemaleAdult (f)6,0391,1083
X9eyjJana's White MaleAdult (m)5,3311,3133
YG67Jana's Magi FemaleAdult (f)2,5181,52634
6p1VJana's Magi MaleAdult (m)1,09653919
H66HJana's Purple FemaleAdult (f)1,60544322
uEVjJana's Purple MaleAdult (m)75852231
1JqpJana's Vine FemaleAdult (f)3,5281,62017
vQ4vJana's Vine MaleAdult (m)1,05448822
dzvqKJana's Alt Vine FemaleAdult (f)6,3341,0893
03KoSJana's Alt Vine MaleAdult (m)6,2691,0733
GjomlJana's Water FemaleAdult (f)6,4331,1272
pqGuMJana's Water MaleAdult (m)6,1561,1402
XP84Jana's Aria FemaleAdult (f)1,10154220
5Bzd8Jana's Aria MaleAdult (m)4,8121,2520
1A31Jana's Gold FemaleAdult (f)1,11682314
UKs8KJana's Gold MaleAdult (m)4,5951,0353
xxWxWJana's Gray FemaleAdult (f)6,1401,1341
FKNBJana's Gray MaleAdult (m)3,2281,47443
q7IB1Jana's Red FemaleAdult (f)7,1881,2893
WZQ1Jana's Red MaleAdult (m)3,1951,47541
HAyfjJana's Silver FemaleAdult (f)8,3848842
KzVDJana's Silver MaleAdult (m)3,0211,71832
Ioy8Jana's Stone FemaleAdult (f)1,01945527
TGzeJana's Stone MaleAdult (m)1,28677433
zHAjJana's Geode FemaleAdult (f)2,9671,73544
ZoLMUJana's Geode MaleAdult (m)6,0291,1583
MkgyZJana's Skywing FemaleAdult (f)5,6251,1784
bgibxJana's Skywing MaleAdult (m)6,0381,1494
S57OJana's Guardian FemaleAdult (f)1,18852123
gNzxVJana's Guardian MaleAdult (m)6,0381,1413
j5PKJana's Frilled FemaleAdult (f)1,14685214
DHcJJana's Frilled MaleAdult (m)1,6091,12614
tyWLoJana's Balloon FemaleAdult (f)7,4901,2396
DZbbJana's Balloon MaleAdult (m)1,6121,13319
99KnJana's Daydream FemaleAdult (f)1,5561,22026
MbfFJana's Daydream MaleAdult (m)1,16076231
3QRdEJana's Dorsal Purple FemaleAdult (f)2,9801,1614
JuHLJana's Dorsal Purple MaleAdult (m)2,1441,38339
TDVKJana's Dorsal Red FemaleAdult (f)2,2481,44133
hl2jzJana's Dorsal Red MaleAdult (m)6,6321,1214
vZhLtJana's Pink FemaleAdult (f)7,5611,3034
XyibIJana's Pink MaleAdult (m)5,5751,1454
5ZJ6Jana's Striped White FemaleAdult (f)1,6101,25329
W3lMJana's Striped White MaleAdult (m)2,7361,48130
hXL7Jana's Striped Red FemaleAdult (f)2,2371,31032
otai7Jana's Striped Red MaleAdult (m)6,0421,1323
sMKJJana's Striped Blue FemaleAdult (f)1,92795440
Cgsq5Jana's Striped Blue MaleAdult (m)5,7761,1203
MReMhJana's Striped Green FemaleAdult (f)6,4011,0932
fnsuJana's Striped Green MaleAdult (m)1,23873212
2VSK9Jana's Striped Black FemaleAdult (f)5,7731,0653
nh5HTJana's Striped Black MaleAdult (m)6,2621,1102
yGBmJana's Sunrise FemaleAdult (f)2,4351,43535
C4NIJana's Sunrise MaleAdult (m)1,8191,20520
8OObJana's Sunset FemaleAdult (f)1,8951,29733
0Ue6AJana's Sunset MaleAdult (m)14,2341,0029
6MipJana's Whiptail FemaleAdult (f)1,9031,47837
FTUSJana's Whiptail MaleAdult (m)89861328
p8QNJana's Albino FemaleAdult (f)1,25381753
47koJana's Albino MaleAdult (m)2,5341,39824
tKB0Jana's Deep Sea FemaleAdult (f)2,4081,38932
1DT1Jana's Deep Sea MaleAdult (m)1,7711,13630
GvEEJana's Horse FemaleAdult (f)1,23078333
HFjZJana's Horse MaleAdult (m)83654019
fSiBJana's Neotropical FemaleAdult (f)1,29782625
rsbeJana's Neotropical MaleAdult (m)1,34693930
bc1FjJana's Water Walker FemaleAdult (f)5,8691,1634
GT79Jana's Water Walker MaleAdult (m)1,31182327
8k1jJana's Water Horse FemaleAdult (f)1,7941,12738
CjiJJana's Water Horse MaleAdult (m)1,9381,28523
huOpjJana's Ice FemaleAdult (f)7,1841,1665
cLt5Jana's Ice MaleAdult (m)1,58587916
TLA3nJana's Magma FemaleAdult (f)6,3951,0426
5JFvQJana's Magma MaleAdult (m)5,7629922
kEnh9Jana's Thunder FemaleAdult (f)6,8471,1756
GcrByJana's Thunder MaleAdult (m)3,4916883
e7dfGJana's Guardian of Nature FemaleAdult (f)4,3131,2102
ZhuS4Jana's Guardian of Nature MaleAdult (m)6,4771,2615
JS669Jana's Avatar of Change FemaleAdult (f)6,9041,2034
1nIJKJana's Avatar of Change MaleAdult (m)8,3178824
40fMCJana's Avatar of Creation FemaleAdult (f)6,5111,2592
2nRkTJana's Avatar of Creation MaleAdult (m)6,1751,2765
FPBFHJana's Avatar of Destruct FemaleAdult (f)8,0309593
Z3ACKJana's Avatar of Destructio MaleAdult (m)7,4621,3723
LXKUJana's Canopy FemaleAdult (f)9896003
jskmJana's Canopy MaleAdult (m)9876058
cg6JJana's Electric FemaleAdult (f)1,5979618
olEYJana's Electric MaleAdult (m)1,63997111
ZPlCJana's Nocturn FemaleAdult (f)9785927
Q4qEJana's Nocturn MaleAdult (m)1,5309167
l9qEGJana's Bluna FemaleAdult (f)6,1931,1283
7jiY7Jana's Bluna MaleAdult (m)6,4541,1003
IGpGJana's Bright-Breasted FemaleAdult (f)3,51473811
DNABJana's Bright-Breasted MaleAdult (m)2,69576819
Ob3pJana's Hellfire FemaleAdult (f)2,40373116
BS7uJana's Hellfire MaleAdult (m)2,89282821
XvKRiJana's Sunsong FemaleAdult (f)6,0091,1543
SlsCJana's Sunsong MaleAdult (m)3,45591011
pSkTJana's Nebula FemaleAdult (f)2,43473513
FnR3pJana's Nebula MaleAdult (m)7,1401,1136
52JmbJana's Nebula Alt FemaleAdult (f)6,3651,2363
YUntYJana's Nebula Alt MaleAdult (m)6,5021,1134
JZW4Jana's Terrae FemaleAdult (f)2,74875017
9Y2fJana's Terrae MaleAdult (m)2,68675818
gmIT9Jana's Shallow FemaleAdult (f)7,0671,2412
PQ53zJana's Shallow MaleAdult (m)4,4071,0402
MJosJana's Coastal FemaleAdult (f)4,7431,42212
s7E0Jana's Coastal MaleAdult (m)5,1441,31718
CPnpJana's Spitfires FemaleAdult (f)4,6031,40315
gUPUJana's Spitfires MaleAdult (m)5,1381,3389
BSbMpJana's Purple Ridge FemaleAdult (f)4,1038515
fY5K4Jana's Purple Ridge MaleAdult (m)7,0131,2722
1C2wRJana's Tan Ridge FemaleAdult (f)6,2921,0653
KRXb3Jana's Tan Ridge MaleAdult (m)6,4131,2441
XjprJana's Flamingo FemaleAdult (f)4,5951,18014
YgDPJana's Flamingo MaleAdult (m)3,09290517
9R1nJana's Harvest FemaleAdult (f)2,86382120
1ffjJana's Harvest MaleAdult (m)2,82081416
0oKiJana's Ember FemaleAdult (f)5,6291,28125
4lb1VJana's Ember MaleAdult (m)5,3851,1493
fnaLVJana's Bronze Tinsel FemaleAdult (f)8,6491,0160
vvSCJana's Swallowtail FemaleAdult (f)5,9611,1462
hTBmXJana's Swallowtail MaleAdult (m)5,9521,1324
7uknJana's Pillow FemaleAdult (f)5,7511,0480
z1tX9Jana's Pillow MaleAdult (m)5,5901,16114
PvRt6Jana's Moonstone FemaleAdult (f)2,6019241
XN51PJana's Moonstone MaleAdult (m)4,7029172
KRLNLJana's Sunstone FemaleAdult (f)2,4748681
CnDFqJana's Sunstone MaleAdult (m)2,4638771
2q1drJana's Greenwing FemaleAdult (f)2,5589433
Jm1ZfJana's Greenwing MaleAdult (m)9,0691,5172
204eZJana's Gold Horned FemaleAdult (f)9,0551,5432
hXRj8Jana's Gold Horned MaleAdult (m)9,1351,5431
F1LPvJana's Royal Blue FemaleAdult (f)1,9748661
qVq7rJana's Royal Blue MaleAdult (m)2,3661,0170
20nvkJana's Golden Wyvern FemaleAdult (f)8,1671,2632
Fe1j8Jana's Golden Wyvern MaleAdult (m)6,1261,1212
mni3FJana's Turpentine FemaleAdult (f)3,8051,0421
8Nc4QJana's Turpentine MaleAdult (m)4,1899732
ZxXSSJana's Lumina FemaleAdult (f)6,4391,1963
O9LckJana's Lumina MaleAdult (m)4,7811,0477
EwphpJana's Dark Lumina FemaleAdult (f)5,6681,2305
xBBqNJana's Dark Lumina MaleAdult (m)5,6871,2324
9HP95Jana's Tsunami FemaleAdult (f)5,9201,2042
nASsLJana's Tsunami MaleAdult (m)6,3291,1044
cugVOJana's Ultraviolet FemaleAdult (f)3,5749680
oXCo6Jana's Ultraviolet MaleAdult (m)3,6301,0001
xKHTMJana's Olive FemaleAdult (f)5,3081,1073
dN0AAJana's Olive MaleAdult (m)6,5511,1305
1apdjJana's Brimstone FemaleAdult (f)6,3531,2412
nxX1nJana's Brimstone MaleAdult (m)4,7051,2913
g6jOGJana's Blusang FemaleAdult (f)6,2301,0272
jKb0cJana's Blusang MaleAdult (m)7,0369536
3OGIWJana's Tri-Horn FemaleAdult (f)2,4167733
lWD7JJana's Tri-Horn MaleAdult (m)2,3207554
MIRNKJana's Speckle Throat FemaleAdult (f)3,4231,1692
mFZ3kJana's Speckle Throat MaleAdult (m)3,5061,2043
y9wUrJana's Soulpeace FemaleAdult (f)6,2571,1736
PEdovJana's Soulpeace MaleAdult (m)4,4501,2346
ZRssQJana's Royal Crimson FemaleAdult (f)6,3001,1573
gMLwAJana's Royal Crimson MaleAdult (m)4,3491,2813
pTUTeJana's Black Cap FemaleAdult (f)6,8001,1442
8CIiAJana's Black Cap MaleAdult (m)5,7871,1154
aF6H9Jana's Black Tea FemaleAdult (f)5,9011,1454
Pb9DeJana's Black Tea MaleAdult (m)6,4071,1293
Hpm2tJana's Hellhorse FemaleAdult (f)5,4241,2694
cZnNsJana's Hellhorse MaleAdult (m)4,7141,2937
RykszJana's Copper Sulfur FemaleAdult (f)7,3008402
qaobRJana's Copper Sulfur MaleAdult (m)5,3759515
EVJdvJana's Copper Rainbow FemaleAdult (f)6,4209078
yfKs0Jana's Copper Rainbow MaleAdult (m)4,4569284
9QtrLJana's Copper Verdigris MaleAdult (m)4,67697621
ZSgiAJana's Blacktip FemaleAdult (f)5,9471,1963
V0ofvJana's Blacktip MaleAdult (m)6,0931,1511
mbWfUJana's Seragamma FemaleAdult (f)6,1851,1224
yRjzqJana's Seragamma MaleAdult (m)6,0851,1632
9hza0Jana's Bleeding Moon FemaleAdult (f)6,7871,1303
jeNYqJana's Bleeding Moon MaleAdult (m)6,0781,1475
XXAXHJana's Fleshcrowne FemaleAdult (f)7,0991,2272
RwRIoJana's Fleshcrowne MaleAdult (m)6,3191,1783
nE4PzJana's Red-Finned Tidal FemaleAdult (f)6,6621,1303
HARlbJana's Red-Finned Tidal MaleAdult (m)5,9281,1672
o3cfLJana's Yellow-Crowned FemaleAdult (f)6,1491,1942
QXpM3Jana's Yellow-Crowned MaleAdult (m)6,3781,1454
1Rq2ZJana's Nhiostrife FemaleAdult (f)6,0631,2285
1pGxlJana's Nhiostrife MaleAdult (m)6,6721,2044
psUeZJana's Fever Wyvern FemaleAdult (f)5,7651,1944
aj7NbJana's Fever Wyvern MaleAdult (m)7,4211,3946
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