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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “marienine,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
XrHV9Plz don't freeze my dragons' bbsAdult (m)4,2167461
07dyk(07dyk)Adult (f)6,6966421
umpSQ(umpSQ)Adult (m)11,1119183
ZItpx(ZItpx)Adult (m)4,0586614
CJmhc(CJmhc)Adult (f)6,4876282
Omst6Same forum name as scroll nameAdult (m)5,3076521
6zIDLmarienineAdult (m)6,3906341
1fJqP(1fJqP)Adult (f)4,3707731
wRCjb(wRCjb)Adult (m)5,2586321
tRh9A(tRh9A)Adult (f)4,1285772
cJCNx(cJCNx)Adult (m)3,9156032
wQ3Ht(wQ3Ht)Adult (f)5,6865996
8gPnL(8gPnL)Adult (m)5,6135714
8XXdu(8XXdu)Adult (f)5,9846322
w3aoE(w3aoE)Adult (m)7,2356482
uzKhU(uzKhU)Adult (f)4,2398100
lRRJFOct 26 2017Adult (m)5,8216160
897vx(897vx)Adult (f)5,7627181
MLxK5Put Your Money On MeAdult (m)6,2886480
QZkU3(QZkU3)Adult (f)5,8955700
QifTu(QifTu)Adult (m)1,9216300
4a1fR(4a1fR)Adult (m)2,1717371
LUDnk(LUDnk)Adult (m)2,3137450
ywAQQ(ywAQQ)Adult (f)1,6867300
7ROEL(7ROEL)Adult (f)1,6727310
nfJquThe DiscordAdult (m)2,2948440
P4WMN(P4WMN)Adult (f)3,4129191
5TWks(5TWks)Adult (f)3,3999521
tCeIV(tCeIV)Adult (f)2,7909460
4enb2(4enb2)Adult (f)2,9709761
Y4hue(Y4hue)Adult (m)3,3028290
CLLsc(CLLsc)Adult (f)1,8956250
ktfzI(ktfzI)Adult (f)3,5139472
N202OHeroes of OlympusAdult (m)3,5907681
td7HiGelphieAdult (f)4,8026951
hx1G7AelphabaAdult (f)6,1206521
tAKdfMoody EmeraldAdult (m)4,9828013
1HylcSeeing Every DelusionAdult (f)5,2956191
h383lI Don't Want To FaceAdult (m)7,2506033
TUDRoYou Keep Me UpAdult (f)6,2525571
fOo4TYou Keep Me Up At NightAdult (m)7,3975842
QqI4oGreenbuckAdult (f)6,0786341
e9Zia(e9Zia)Adult (f)6,9105951
KpkWUFlowers Are Pretty ThoAdult (m)5,3807241
F2F0ELicorice FairyAdult (m)6,7045812
e9hm0(e9hm0)Adult (f)7,3856420
rspzmRecycling DragonAdult (f)3,7347191
dPYwuAyy My Parents Got NamedAdult (m)5,5897445
S389USt Easter's DayAdult (m)2,8329311
pBTM6Daris BornAdult (f)2,9979291
IuJMd(IuJMd)Adult (f)2,1127451
WvPzYA Badly Broken CodeAdult (f)4,5987322
hBKcF(hBKcF)Adult (m)5,4016071
yaQ2GInhuman ConditionAdult (f)5,9797300
iC3ujAccidentally co-PresidentAdult (m)4,6997211
c1N8e(c1N8e)Adult (f)2,5347042
44Y3U(44Y3U)Adult (m)2,9399540
5m35r(5m35r)Adult (m)2,2617571
tIzZA(tIzZA)Adult (f)2,2287481
UWdJ5(UWdJ5)Adult (m)2,1887610
IFfPr(IFfPr)Adult (m)2,6196800
OBMzy(OBMzy)Adult (m)3,0607910
LGRctRage Colored LiliesAdult (m)4,7166901
31RPoCouple-ishAdult (f)5,6106332
9F3Z3(9F3Z3)Adult (m)5,9925691
QpIOmSprawl IIAdult (f)5,5965943
9485d(9485d)Adult (m)6,1597180
Swf7HStole My HeartstealingAdult (m)4,9827310
MFpYSOnyx AriaAdult (m)5,6416742
MMBMRNico ApolloAdult (f)6,4766051
77L7mSamhain SorrowAdult (m)7,4446311
cwt0QAurigami TinsilAdult (m)2,7087051
n56CNI Won't Say WhenAdult (m)2,7887791
XqcYcDessariaAdult (m)3,2257032
4mxPPSnow Queen SongAdult (f)3,1328641
6ugulHea1er SongAdult (m)2,8288190
pcyiz(pcyiz)Adult (f)2,5808080
COJVACojvaAdult (m)2,6478060
MnEKaMnekaAdult (m)2,5928030
8Bxzz(8Bxzz)Adult (f)2,5708090
56rBBI Swallow The DiceAdult (f)3,8706921
e7AzwI Make My Own Luck NowAdult (f)3,1726931
bCDqPSnowflake UncheckerAdult (f)6,1207411
iAFaq(iAFaq)Adult (m)5,9605881
YlX4uPeriwinkle SapphicAdult (f)5,7406052
lKhfZPink OstrichAdult (f)4,8166392
Vq1yBCodeless LoveAdult (f)3,5197572
y3Dn3Cover My Eyes Electric BlueAdult (m)5,9155960
PCqYK(PCqYK)Adult (m)6,0137012
4zMGTThe Golden EggsAdult (m)3,6139013
IegxjThe Ice RavenAdult (m)2,8447052
OGEM0(OGEM0)Adult (f)4,2156372
dtxcY(dtxcY)Adult (m)5,1886481
bgeW6red OGEMAdult (f)3,3569530
mP57R(mP57R)Adult (m)2,6207930
rc6wF(rc6wF)Adult (f)2,8257840
w7SXR(w7SXR)Adult (f)2,5449411
k4o8z(k4o8z)Adult (f)4,7486251
hFoLK(hFoLK)Adult (m)3,6817370
Ig1dL(Ig1dL)Adult (m)2,2567890
8PQGE(8PQGE)Adult (f)5,4616671
dV3Ba(dV3Ba)Adult (m)6,1986404
gP5rM(gP5rM)Adult (m)3,0308091
SVVRWLavender ScaredAdult (f)4,6357270
eZU6iFae and FuschiaAdult (m)4,7947321
yyBHr(yyBHr)Adult (f)5,6587162
QredU(QredU)Adult (m)3,2167560
zzFei(zzFei)Adult (m)2,6617632
LKE4I(LKE4I)Adult (f)4,3376711
X9P6h(X9P6h)Adult (m)5,3347911
x5Dgf(x5Dgf)Adult (f)4,5217521
TUNdA(TUNdA)Adult (m)4,7087221
bDBujPosterity Can Bite MeAdult (f)3,4567641
oq1hXCorvaeAdult (m)6,1566491
Q7MxwBare-Faced At Your MasqueradeAdult (f)5,7606872
fXjsx(fXjsx)Adult (m)3,3197740
T3hxIGospel Gossip SlanderAdult (f)3,0807020
kLK45Florence and the ArcadeAdult (m)2,9478631
ZRQPx(ZRQPx)Adult (m)3,4778131
ejiFg(ejiFg)Adult (f)3,0458210
UAMwT(UAMwT)Adult (m)2,6767170
N3Je9(N3Je9)Adult (m)2,1577060
t7e4rThe Dark WifeAdult (f)6,2716272
I5LQE(I5LQE)Adult (f)5,8875641
eiNDWYay for GayAdult (m)5,0277841
v1opnFair CeliaAdult (m)5,5246111
0wMmNRainbow SockAdult (f)5,6295821
mPNOIThe Female GazeAdult (m)3,2707090
0f4nmYays for PlaysAdult (m)2,3797051
dJoHeSilver'd TeaAdult (m)2,4547092
Ng78YWild Black CurrantAdult (m)3,8179131
NIt6EPlant LesbianAdult (f)3,6078790
go9te(go9te)Adult (f)2,6999100
z1XVD(z1XVD)Adult (m)1,9217251
rW17Y(rW17Y)Adult (f)2,4247761
vWFSm(vWFSm)Adult (f)2,0797070
VNI3v(VNI3v)Adult (m)3,0599301
azfzN(azfzN)Adult (m)3,1499252
rZoj2(rZoj2)Adult (f)3,1319371
togXE(togXE)Adult (m)2,8909250
g73dM(g73dM)Adult (f)2,0166620
tTHDF(tTHDF)Adult (f)2,2077901
dcYRx(dcYRx)Adult (m)4,1247821
DsaYt(DsaYt)Adult (f)5,7641,0211
cvvEt(cvvEt)Adult (f)5,0226721
3nhRy(3nhRy)Adult (m)4,8897220
HYQ2T(HYQ2T)Adult (f)4,4566521
4Zmz4(4Zmz4)Adult (m)4,5706371
7Uwzt(7Uwzt)Adult (f)4,3697241
sTyTVBad News on the TelevisionAdult (m)2,5277901
ygzZ6(ygzZ6)Adult (f)3,4739221
fQViuAqua Blue FinAdult (f)5,0756742
VeV5bInto the SpinAdult (m)5,3394882
Ba2oGPanera BredAdult (f)2,6647810
UHBiOThe WaterbringerAdult (m)3,1918270
LArJd(LArJd)Adult (f)2,8327032
uYFFv(uYFFv)Adult (m)2,2407031
iSnZZ(iSnZZ)Adult (f)2,2886812
xuNZ8(xuNZ8)Adult (f)2,1826440
TKmVFThe Song of the DepthsAdult (f)4,5585732
UXDBR(UXDBR)Adult (m)5,7155725
9GJ4lMako MermaidsAdult (f)5,6406122
gYF0COcean's AngerAdult (m)8,0456214
dmfB8(dmfB8)Adult (f)7,6165961
V05TvBlueberry QuartzAdult (f)6,7045234
mw2HeSea TwilightAdult (m)5,9296973
nXyjK(nXyjK)Adult (f)4,5108290
VrYls7th time's the charmAdult (m)5,3338681
pkfzd(pkfzd)Adult (f)4,4091,0690
5H4aj(5H4aj)Adult (m)3,3267422
wUQHxHow SweeetAdult (f)6,1566152
nwog4Aethereal LightningAdult (m)7,6886273
MaIUn(MaIUn)Adult (f)5,1067190
w7GCjThe Fangless WonderAdult (m)5,0516622
O160hIs Not Within MeAdult (f)3,7678910
Bpfri(Bpfri)Adult (m)3,3177411
NzHYH(NzHYH)Adult (f)2,5748060
UGeTWU get WAdult (m)2,6368050
pmg0x(pmg0x)Adult (m)2,6158040
XPX1AUne Deux TroisAdult (m)3,3188972
AYixy(AYixy)Adult (f)3,1498631
IVnDG(IVnDG)Adult (m)3,0069990
yanny(yanny)Adult (f)7,2055960
YebGZ(YebGZ)Adult (m)5,9676681
si0j7(si0j7)Adult (f)5,5166312
9xGAy(9xGAy)Adult (m)4,8986980
z4XI2AllismAdult (f)7,2266580
BQzQB(BQzQB)Adult (m)5,4256481
Pt8x2(Pt8x2)Adult (m)5,3915730
Ego20(Ego20)Adult (f)4,1447795
ogcNB(ogcNB)Adult (m)5,5937510
qorXMAO3Adult (m)5,4667100
U6sTXXena AmazonAdult (m)2,4747241
Djiip(Djiip)Adult (m)2,7847074
hGgsC(hGgsC)Adult (f)1,8686750
BtwLd(BtwLd)Adult (f)5,0017533
Vbg0QBisexual WerewolfAdult (m)4,7568132
JmoX7Yellow GraveAdult (f)4,2798704
G1NABLong live the Evil QueenAdult (m)4,4366351
k2mvQSome sort of PhilosophyAdult (f)5,4326553
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