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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “marcuscat,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
f8poNaotaAdult (m)4,3423,12550
Ilvi(Ilvi)Adult (f)1,9751,02130
lz7L(lz7L)Adult (m)1,8231,19016
T42X(T42X)Adult (m)66651712
XmTI(XmTI)Adult (m)1,40292613
WGZS(WGZS)Adult (f)6,3383,29032
jMEQ(jMEQ)Adult (m)1,08870740
b9ml(b9ml)Adult (f)8646276
RvGR(RvGR)Adult (m)9996998
1rdo(1rdo)Adult (m)1,00169810
xJjt(xJjt)Adult (m)7815247
qlKt(qlKt)Adult (f)1,51766330
PRDP(PRDP)Adult (m)2,02954739
GTFW(GTFW)Adult (f)1,36687916
sjTm(sjTm)Adult (f)1,70332026
VTGd(VTGd)Adult (m)1,2279114
rifq(rifq)Adult (m)1,2259086
cQH6(cQH6)Adult (f)1,2239063
HDdL(HDdL)Adult (f)2,1051,28213
eGJF(eGJF)Adult (m)2,1431,28627
d6or(d6or)Adult (m)1,8043698
iuZE(iuZE)Adult (m)1,80336810
n5XQ(n5XQ)Adult (m)3,1601,2399
qoCR(qoCR)Hatchling (m, F)3,1251,23510
etDF(etDF)Adult (f)1,3549445
cFQn(cFQn)Adult (f)1,3859409
GuhT(GuhT)Adult (m)5814878
e6W3(e6W3)Adult (m)83069726
chr8(chr8)Adult (m)81366810
d3Ao(d3Ao)Adult (m)8156667
Clj9(Clj9)Adult (f)63252210
b239(b239)Adult (f)8386455
kueo(kueo)Adult (f)8356428
S3Oq(S3Oq)Adult (m)8996853
iDIk(iDIk)Adult (m)8566508
Q05P(Q05P)Adult (f)86265010
G8LW(G8LW)Adult (m)1,4844679
27Av(27Av)Adult (f)1,1438081
7A3P(7A3P)Adult (f)1,1398020
cPab(cPab)Adult (m)1,1378011
Jjz3(Jjz3)Adult (m)1,1398012
pI95(pI95)Adult (f)5844403
JwYQ(JwYQ)Adult (f)6915495
Skgt(Skgt)Adult (f)5975064
oLUo(oLUo)Adult (f)6015085
Klgg(Klgg)Adult (m)5995064
dTp6(dTp6)Adult (m)5464364
WrzB(WrzB)Adult (m)5704321
LhWA(LhWA)Adult (m)6464902
X0dd(X0dd)Adult (f)5924783
UD9j(UD9j)Adult (f)8316474
a7AK(a7AK)Adult (m)8076295
R0JU(R0JU)Adult (m)1,0207218
g6cN(g6cN)Adult (f)9256429
88lc(88lc)Adult (f)1,20987111
WjWJ(WjWJ)Adult (m)1,1288264
UkpH(UkpH)Adult (m)1,2398875
cczT(cczT)Adult (m)7565755
LKAV(LKAV)Adult (f)1,0868358
lrLN(lrLN)Adult (m)9537534
70HM(70HM)Adult (m)1,0087987
tL7H(tL7H)Adult (f)8466082
W1sk(W1sk)Adult (f)1,3378874
YecV(YecV)Adult (m)8826303
5Izt(5Izt)Adult (m)7015033
Vx8U(Vx8U)Adult (f)7025025
p6Ch(p6Ch)Adult (f)1,1797417
KaG7(KaG7)Adult (m)2,2851,33610
VkfM(VkfM)Adult (f)2,4421,4297
PlCH(PlCH)Adult (f)1,1776163
5SQQ(5SQQ)Adult (m)1,2666413
RCfo(RCfo)Adult (f)7754523
oLmW(oLmW)Adult (m)6914173
KA57(KA57)Adult (m)7094571
QvnV(QvnV)Adult (f)7624873
qLF0(qLF0)Adult (m)6594174
NPf8(NPf8)Adult (m)7424344
5YdS(5YdS)Adult (f)6684263
EId5(EId5)Adult (m)5924211
VQCZ(VQCZ)Adult (f)1,91940613
N0MJ(N0MJ)Adult (m)7234400
N0iR(N0iR)Adult (m)6454032
VE6p(VE6p)Adult (f)6474042
BvGd(BvGd)Adult (f)1,1535442
NMpO(NMpO)Adult (f)9395391
WF8j(WF8j)Adult (m)9185253
KrUa(KrUa)Adult (f)1,46188919
wqOO(wqOO)Adult (f)2,00591930
nPmD(nPmD)Adult (m)1,46388617
w8lc(w8lc)Adult (m)1,50199313
nElo(nElo)Adult (m)2,1451,31720
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