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Dragon pixel art

Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Platinum Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2022 Valentine’s Day
  • 2021 Holiday Event
  • 2018 Holiday Event
  • 2018 Halloween Event
  • 2017 Holiday Event
  • 2017 Halloween Event
  • 2017 Valentine’s Day
  • 2016 Holiday Event
  • 2013 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “maplecrft,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
2frCJ(2frCJ)Adult (m)3,2407511
4cYoT(4cYoT)Adult (m)3,2727832
5G6RE(5G6RE)Adult (m)3,4107711
5sJ2z(5sJ2z)Adult (f)4,7741,0021
BKRQY(BKRQY)Adult (f)3,2537411
CeEwT(CeEwT)Adult (m)3,3597530
FBcMf(FBcMf)Adult (f)3,2627491
QAlqL(QAlqL)Adult (m)3,2487570
Qwv2o(Qwv2o)Adult (m)3,2947400
T8YQP(T8YQP)Adult (m)3,2727730
TO115(TO115)Adult (m)3,3757731
WQwd4(WQwd4)Adult (f)3,3277860
eLFXE(eLFXE)Adult (m)3,2597531
q19XU(q19XU)Adult (m)3,3247572
ulK5T(ulK5T)Adult (m)3,2757641
ysCDD(ysCDD)Adult (f)3,2117501
17Hg1st and Only Leetle TreeEgg (F)
mA51i1st CheeseAdult5,6969653
Wk5T1st ChickenAdult (f)62338458
91kq1st PaperAdult1,14151027
FMvx1st Undead Female AAdult (f)79556539
BWm51st Undead Female Frozen AHatchling (f, F)1,66625412
BMKg1st Undead Male Frozen AHatchling (m, F)4,71931818
uODl41st Zombie Pygmy Female AAdult (f)6,2021,0842
GTxV82007 Christmas AAdult (f)2,5427341
kjvDz2007 Christmas BAdult (m)2,4657373
UeZD2008 Christmas AAdult (m)3,08650314
xp8Z2008 Christmas BAdult (m)3,0855088
QV1Fj2008 Halloween 1 UHatchling (F)2,4627935
4TcuX2008 Halloween 2 UHatchling (F)2,0095571
yAK7S2008 Halloween 3 UHatchling (F)2,5117174
rSNaJ2008 Halloween F 1Hatchling (f, F)3,2059272
gkQr2008 Halloween F AAdult (f)4,68331522
JQMN2008 Halloween F BAdult (f)3,88631611
B3kFs2008 Halloween F CAdult (f)4,1939432
tr93o2008 Halloween M 1Hatchling (m, F)4,0416211
BfiL32008 Halloween M 2Hatchling (m, F)3,1136811
8TRb2008 Halloween M AAdult (m)3,32629314
c4iI2008 Halloween M BAdult (m)7,3081,51714
H9nYP2008 Halloween M CAdult (m)4,3711,0982
pDNf2009 Christmas AAdult (f)79551626
CeTh2009 Christmas BAdult (f)82552628
gINeB2009 Halloween F AAdult (f)1,9066710
HGEac2009 Halloween M AAdult (m)2,2916833
2Ge6S2009 Valentine F AAdult (f)3,7201,2565
auhJf2009 Valentine F BAdult (f)2,9841,0933
YHtT2010 Christmas AAdult (f)1,3676012
SgjL2010 Christmas BAdult (f)1,1075791
KyV5s2010 Halloween F AAdult (f)2,2446813
mcCAb2010 Halloween F BAdult (f)1,8276141
Y3DDw2010 Halloween F CAdult (f)3,1368671
e7dme2010 Tinsel I F AAdult (f)5,5731,1876
Jks9S2010 Tinsel I F BAdult (f)6,4881,0134
dsUYa2010 Tinsel I F CAdult (f)3,9001,1162
XR8PH2010 Tinsel I M AAdult (m)5,3361,1592
tkMtK2010 Tinsel I M BAdult (m)4,0351,1433
VQ88x2010 Tinsel I M CAdult (m)4,2451,1170
n18ur2010 Tinsel II F AAdult (f)4,0591,2472
AMqtU2010 Tinsel II F BAdult (f)4,8218381
jGSrd2010 Tinsel II M AAdult (m)3,6951,2133
6YTA62010 Tinsel II M BAdult (m)4,6611,2012
uJkGQ2010 Tinsel II M CAdult (m)4,2881,1291
1cZMP2010 Tinsel III F AAdult (f)5,0191,2935
aZkYd2010 Tinsel III F BAdult (f)4,9031,2330
t8RgB2010 Tinsel III F CAdult (f)4,2871,2214
kqYsM2010 Tinsel III M AAdult (m)7,2379265
ELiq22010 Tinsel III M BAdult (m)6,5037862
RuFOX2010 Valentine F AAdult (m)3,7011,2177
2rMuQ2010 Valentine F BAdult (m)2,9091,0593
q76V02011 Christmas AAdult (m)6,2011,6981
vtOeV2011 Christmas BAdult (m)6,2131,6872
XDTPb2011 Halloween F AAdult (f)2,3456982
9bZ0Y2011 Halloween F BAdult (f)2,1696130
zpQT32011 Halloween F CAdult (f)1,9906201
0JK462011 Halloween M AAdult (m)1,9796261
l5sgr2011 Halloween M BAdult (m)2,0736511
mhfVG2011 Halloween M CAdult (m)3,7861,0701
hl4fI2011 Valentine F AAdult (f)3,8031,2665
OMmlF2011 Valentine F BAdult (f)3,7481,2205
1OEkq2012 Christmas AAdult (m)6,2791,6981
jbtvv2012 Christmas BAdult (m)5,9961,6781
XDFkJ2012 Halloween 1 UHatchling (F)1,0231353
ckPtx2012 Halloween F AAdult (f)3,8889131
NdXOs2012 Halloween M AAdult (m)2,2656892
KYzqm2012 Halloween M BAdult (m)3,7868961
0lVqP2012 Halloween M CAdult (m)3,9529201
CFV7B2012 Valentine F AAdult (m)3,6921,2025
LSJch2012 Valentine F BAdult (m)3,8221,2836
wQHU32013 Christmas AAdult (f)2,5537401
QUqf92013 Christmas BAdult (f)2,1426252
MuAkC2013 Halloween F AAdult (f)2,2456862
FG9kY2013 Halloween F BAdult (f)2,1206261
NrL062013 Halloween M AAdult (m)2,2766803
a7f3U2013 Halloween M BAdult (m)2,8029260
Xk33T2013 Valentine F AAdult (f)3,1561,1140
GZQGS2013 Valentine F BAdult (f)3,1371,1414
ddx7v2014 Christmas AAdult (f)2,5317561
h4j0g2014 Christmas BAdult (f)2,4607452
g5f9p2014 Halloween F AAdult (f)1,6755991
AiHDU2014 Halloween F BAdult (f)3,3439242
fjF7i2014 Halloween M AAdult (m)1,7656082
9IIg02014 Halloween M BAdult (m)1,8276191
IRLJj2014 Valentine F AAdult (m)3,0348011
aTDBO2014 Valentine F BAdult (m)2,6097741
Si2aH2015 Christmas AAdult (m)2,4236890
GQ5b52015 Christmas BAdult (m)2,5017471
RM92m2015 Halloween F 1Hatchling (f, F)5,0751,0743
sh7QI2015 Halloween F AAdult (f)1,6525751
KqWs22015 Halloween F BAdult (f)1,9736062
MlTJl2015 Halloween F CAdult (f)2,2976611
Y0o382015 Valentine F AAdult (f)3,1047711
hG95M2015 Valentine F BAdult (f)3,2298060
ooTML2016 Christmas AAdult (m)2,6537500
v9sYF2016 Christmas BAdult (m)2,7057422
t0egC2016 Halloween F AAdult (f)2,3477590
BT4nV2016 Halloween F BAdult (f)2,3997702
tupPm2016 Halloween M AAdult (m)2,3217650
DrASN2016 Valentine F AAdult (m)3,0417980
rWcpR2016 Valentine F BAdult (m)3,2008161
dLyOY2017 Christmas AAdult (f)5,1551,1520
o7ZtP2017 Christmas BAdult (f)5,0291,1571
bDHjO2017 Halloween F AAdult (f)3,1907811
dUFbo2017 Halloween F BAdult (f)3,3248390
QsZk22017 Halloween F CAdult (f)3,4208510
m07d62017 Halloween M AAdult (m)3,2318060
gpsTO2017 Halloween M BAdult (m)3,3578630
t0utN2017 Halloween M CAdult (m)3,4138460
iytFZ2017 Valentine F AAdult (f)2,6437780
DL6o42017 Valentine F BAdult (f)2,6527810
pl62U2018 Christmas AAdult (f)4,8781,2164
RHg6r2018 Christmas BAdult (f)6,0621,2947
Nfjol2018 Halloween F AAdult (f)3,7831,1640
96cSo2018 Halloween F BAdult (f)3,8978243
jGsEd2018 Halloween M AAdult (m)3,7261,1230
BS1jH2018 Halloween M BAdult (m)3,8081,1640
fZp492018 Halloween M CAdult (m)3,6841,1230
6tT6U2018 Valentine M AAdult (m)4,2631,1023
Iu1812018 Valentine M BAdult (m)4,2071,1143
Ua6YQ2019 Christmas AAdult (m)4,7561,1674
E98vq2019 Christmas BAdult (m)5,3461,2853
RJyPR2019 Halloween F AAdult (f)4,9591,3573
OhuII2019 Halloween F BAdult (f)4,9881,3372
e23wA2019 Valentine F AAdult (f)3,9311,0505
QG9TK2019 Valentine F BAdult (f)4,0001,0743
G97qk2020 Christmas AAdult (m)3,9541,0303
0uQKZ2020 Christmas BAdult (m)4,8101,1836
suX6F2020 Halloween F AAdult (f)4,8991,3061
Llz4g2020 Halloween F BAdult (f)4,9111,3491
j0vBh2020 Valentine M AAdult (m)3,9281,0662
6GdH72020 Valentine M BAdult (m)4,2201,1306
YuIoi2021 Christmas AAdult (f)4,1981,1392
cO3g02021 Christmas BAdult (f)4,3161,1030
OljH92021 Halloween F AAdult (f)5,1641,3870
KK6VM2021 Halloween F BAdult (f)5,2881,4700
1ohac2021 Halloween M 1Hatchling (m, F)4,4981,2741
3bALG2021 Halloween M AAdult (m)5,1671,4022
JHJdK2021 Halloween M BAdult (m)5,0011,3300
O5whQ2021 Halloween M CAdult (m)5,2441,3970
RFK7S2021 Valentine F AAdult (f)4,2781,0953
SDILc2021 Valentine F BAdult (f)4,0491,1263
IEyAb2022 Valentine M AAdult (m)5,4331,2724
JRyCM2022 Valentine M BAdult (m)5,5541,3162
rZMgjAeon A FAdult (f)2,9675722
UZvbyAeon F BAdult (f)5,1768026
zljzvAeon F CAdult (f)3,3257101
D1nLLAeon M AAdult (m)3,1646862
HyVfJAeria Gloris F - AAdult (f)4,3818143
QW8eoAeria Gloris F - BAdult (f)3,3188284
2kcnkAeria Gloris F - CAdult (f)3,2497963
N8fMmAeria Gloris M - AAdult (m)4,3101,0033
SHO8CAether F AAdult (f)3,3288593
bkjOiAether F BAdult (f)4,0119581
vvNKOAether F CAdult (f)3,1757111
l7bVgAether M AAdult (m)4,2289143
xEDWAAether M BAdult (m)5,0149781
MNIOWAether M CAdult (m)4,0978523
6c0dAlbino F AAdult (f)1,09463953
s5E4Albino M AAdult (m)1,30768122
p7h1Albino M BAdult (m)9,35463716
fNCHCAlcedine - Blue F AAdult (f)5,4379853
Xuao5Alcedine - Blue M AAdult (m)4,2577540
brB7HAlcedine - Blue M BAdult (m)4,4219762
iSvV5Alcedine - Red M AAdult (m)4,0108513
ZVDvBAlcedine - Red M BAdult (m)4,3269932
DViROAlcedine - Red M CAdult (m)4,4311,0093
SG450Almerald F - AAdult (f)3,7647751
JVPjUAlmerald F - BAdult (f)3,7827960
JJ7urAlmerald F - CAdult (f)11,0551,6672
f7BzsAlmerald M - AAdult (m)3,8587940
KgNgCAlmerald M - BAdult (m)2,9975731
okndwAnagallis F - AAdult (f)3,2515851
ydtgbAnagallis F - BAdult (f)4,7577112
3P726Anagallis F - CAdult (f)5,2679571
OUs6xAntarean F - AAdult (f)3,8666731
Hwp93Antarean F - BAdult (f)3,7447671
njb46Antarean M - AAdult (m)2,9096524
Ii2QfAntarean M - BAdult (m)3,9848924
P8VAVAntarean M - CAdult (m)4,2007031
5v9KZAqualis - F AAdult (f)3,6269712
n10OkAqualis - M AAdult (m)3,4908772
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