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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “mandrakekeeper,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
GL80dSarah864's Christmas Gold CBAdult (f)2,1357996
yazaLNefarious Queen CBAdult (f)6,24594528
0pO6cNefarious Predator CBAdult (m)5,63940511
q251Brighter than the Sun  CBAdult (m)4,2211,99849
5yAFvNefarious Dark Kali 2PGAdult (f)3,9189635
xze0u(xze0u)Adult (f)3,5938622
Qwher(Qwher)Adult (f)3,4638410
c9App(c9App)Adult (f)4,5728853
CIN2I(CIN2I)Adult (m)4,5168832
Q9Pyd(Q9Pyd)Adult (m)5,8001,0364
a5c9Z(a5c9Z)Adult (m)6,1251,0326
qlfAi(qlfAi)Adult (f)4,2008652
7KDih(7KDih)Adult (f)4,5598515
hOmD3(hOmD3)Adult (m)3,7478191
8qZMXNefarious Memento CBAdult (f)5,8231,1013
UEMfM(UEMfM)Adult (f)3,6631,0971
rdGPXNefarious  Fashion CBAdult (f)3,6381,2152
rvzfINefarious Oath CBAdult (m)5,4711,2456
kCxL5Nefarious Promise CBAdult (m)5,3181,3923
cnGaSNefarious Vision CBAdult (f)6,2751,4074
FxcTKNefarious Battle CBAdult (m)6,5321,4748
3JuGdNefarious Offer CBAdult (m)4,5071,0762
5cbWUNefarious Sun Bright Seduction2GAdult (f)5,2436797
RO4ysNefarious CB femaleAdult (f)3,4759173
UVNwuNefarious Lady CBAdult (f)4,2359661
JEr6n(JEr6n)Adult (m)5,6491,3046
TF15ANefarious Force CBAdult (m)4,6681,5207
MM9JFNefarious Troublemaker CBAdult (m)7,4421,39815
fXaQNefarious Knight  CBAdult (m)2,14970924
i1g2eNefarious Mystery CBAdult (f)1,35444010
GXqA9Nefarious Heart CBAdult (f)7,7851,5838
ANL4Nefarious Seduction  CBAdult (f)2,05566823
vZyqNefarious Embrace  CBAdult (f)1,72593021
tC2CxNefarious Adventure CBAdult (f)4,4021,0475
SNGJmNefarious Marine Mitzie 2PGAdult (m)3,9409777
8Y8t5Nefarious Evil Minion 2GAdult (m)7,1091,2038
GbPMJNefarious ChocoLicorice2Adult (m)4,7431,2068
SY7qNefarious Deeds  2nd genAdult (m)2,1756426
GqZR6Nefarious Lady of the Night 2GAdult (f)4,5591,3334
a3bfhNefarious Seductive Force 2GAdult (m)5,8661,28611
pBBgxNefarious Shadows 2GAdult (f)4,4111,0317
oGjkNefarious Dusk to Dawn  2nd genAdult (f)3,17780614
j5ewNefarious Illusion  2nd genAdult (m)2,4471,07630
Bd7oNefarious Renegade   2nd genAdult (m)1,32757139
1u4D5Nefarious King 6th EGAdult (m)3,8818066
jlMbDNefarious Valentine 4th EGAdult (m)4,3861,4059
B4CYI(B4CYI)Adult (m)2,1328523
Bhhb6(Bhhb6)Adult (f)3,7121,2483
aj8lmNefarious Glare - 3G SSAdult (f)4,9181,1272
Im1xRidiculous Dragon's Oath 2GAdult (m)1,51143113
KZnmNefarious Gift    2nd genAdult (m)2,89172715
Y5zP2nd gen black x goldAdult (m)1,41249715
CgQSNefarious Golden Knight  2nd genAdult (m)2,5381,30531
w9m6Nefarious Alternative 2nd ev genAdult (m)3,8331,54051
qzatNefarious Reflection  2nd genAdult (f)1,39273636
iPg4Nefarious Gold 2nd even genAdult (m)1,82467141
yj5iNefarious Angel 2nd ev genAdult (f)2,4881,00013
LtL7Nefarious Golden Angel 3evenAdult (f)2,28682730
9ltYZNefarious Christmas 3rd even genAdult (f)4,8911,3697
asrzRidiculous Wrath 3rd EG goldAdult (m)2,1531,12011
3aS8h(3aS8h)Adult (m)3,04394816
Whk3Nefarious Abandonment 3rd spiralAdult (m)2,42382627
1ldC84eg gold x blackAdult (m)4,08175410
cerMNefarious Devotion 6thgen not evAdult (m)1,50758416
LBvZNefarious Love  5th gen not evAdult (f)1,15563314
UZ0T6th not even gold x blackAdult (f)3,0125274
XOqdNefarious Essence 6th gen not evAdult (m)1,4388027
YQboNefarious Passion 4th gen not evAdult (f)1,4077887
VGc8Nefarious Golden Beauty 4 not evAdult (f)1,19067823
eEHHBuckskin Beauty 4th unevenAdult (f)2,2381,22351
OS3M7(OS3M7)Adult (m)3,9574355
NACuAStormy Weather CBAdult (m)3,6608673
fRGQABlessing in Disguise CBAdult (f)3,5878593
Wm8NwLittlest Undine CBAdult (m)4,0899844
pVUofSound Blessing CBAdult (f)5,8041,0825
KIvU8Blessed Steam CBAdult (m)4,6791,1015
GH46nWater Blessing CBAdult (f)3,9358984
619hTUndine in Action CBAdult (m)4,2211,0244
x0AvDRaindrop Blessing  CBAdult (f)3,5971,0192
M6fhNBlessed Protection CBAdult (m)5,4511,1344
WIQqnSeaside Blessing CBAdult (f)4,2641,0274
bBETwMist Blessing CBAdult (m)4,9351,1653
0JRVcWaterfall Blessing CBAdult (f)5,0901,1275
5lJ1BMountain Stream Blessing CBAdult (m)5,3171,1597
ZW7m7Mountain Lake Blessing CBAdult (f)6,3411,0599
hj6cxAqua Blessing CBAdult (m)5,5591,1607
EsAfFBlue Blessing CBAdult (f)5,7361,1125
gMHOrMoutain River Blessing CBAdult (m)5,2361,1577
fQZBeBlessed Water CBAdult (f)5,8941,1457
hjKh4Mountain Rapids Blessing CBAdult (m)5,3961,1427
mO40HTidal Blessing CBAdult (f)4,3461,1314
6NNsvTempest Blessing CBAdult (m)4,5361,0325
ud54TRunning River Blessing CBAdult (f)6,1581,1052
DqxFCWave Blessing CBAdult (m)6,3471,0726
q872ZStrange Water Blessing CBAdult (f)7,3481,1095
rZK4JSurf Blessing CBAdult (m)6,5091,0666
S9vvUStill waters run deep  CBAdult (f)5,3641,1918
jfdy7Surge Blessing CBAdult (m)5,7521,0443
CYIRMAlpine River CBAdult (f)3,8245913
LWakw(LWakw)Adult (m)6,1981,2154
oExRZSound Serge Blessing 2GAdult (m)5,1429896
dTEpJBlessing in the Storm 2GAdult (f)4,3149395
iTiV3Blessed Uhura Dago 2EGAdult (m)1,8672762
GEQ8tAlternate Blessing 2GAdult (f)4,2081,0586
RaQu9Lakeview Blessing 2GAdult (m)4,5981,1144
oDOhXLittlest Water Blessing 2GAdult (f)5,9041,0945
SeB7DRaindrop in Action 2GAdult (m)5,9161,0798
Hax6WPure Undine 2GAdult (m)3,8219802
wpFbvWild Undine Blessing 2GAdult (m)4,7451,02510
Js5bYOceanic Blessing 2GAdult (m)3,6439076
iCSYaGolden Undine 2GAdult (f)3,9871,0042
bbMM1Imperial Sea 2GAdult (m)4,6191,2978
ynfu5Imperial Ocean 2GAdult (f)4,7071,2468
KExs1Imperial Gulf 2GAdult (m)4,9681,24112
GwKy5Imperial Lake 2GAdult (f)4,9621,26613
4m0t8Undine APing It 2GAdult (f)3,5438774
q7k1ZPure Blessings 3EGAdult (m)5,1731,1106
bQr3HRaindrop Blessing 3EGAdult (f)4,6448325
onGIAArctic Boreal Blessing 3EGAdult (m)4,5921,04111
sm95IBlessing of the Sound Storm 3EGAdult (f)5,7529656
5CKhONaughty Silver Undine 3EGAdult (m)6,6361,0134
rbpxHGold Blessings 3SSAdult (f)6,5079964
9F7uLFrozen BlessingHatchling (F)2,0585392
wHgfDNaughty Silver Marrow 4EGHatchling (m, F)4,1729553
uGCzRidiculous WomanAdult (f)1,40687866
MkYmRidiculous ManAdult (m)2,6651,57338
AEleRidiculous and JulietAdult (f)3,6171,69850
CZPDRidiculous ChildAdult (m)2,99276726
yebmRidiculous Pleasures 3rd EGAdult (f)2,60387149
uWBcRidiculous Incubus DreamsAdult (f)1,63164335
jMKJRidiculousAccidentalTriumvirateAdult (m)1,50565314
bG9dRidiculous Nimir-Ra of the PardAdult (f)2,6691,33613
nSS5Ridiculous Nathaniel GraisonAdult (m)1,9091,03419
HtjzCircus of the RidiculousAdult (f)1,0855029
TIJMRidiculous Edward the AssassinAdult (m)1,8831,09514
rOiYRidiculous Narcissus in ChainsAdult (f)1,35769712
6W5FRidiculous MicahAdult (m)1,46845219
RWTfThe Ridiculous HarlequinAdult (f)2,21626812
iTI5Ridiculous Malcolm-Head of CofELAdult (m)1,25052211
J8ffRidiculous Skin TradeAdult (m)8365408
Tgt8Ridiculous Marmie NoirAdult (f)9425566
LCFuRidiculous FlirtAdult (f)2,26567810
iMgTRidiculous NecromancerAdult (f)1,74888832
8i1URidiculous DamianAdult (m)88561438
glXKRidiculous Lunatic CafeAdult (f)1,1434949
e4neRidiculous Marcus - Wolf KingAdult (m)3,2601,68536
IbIZRidiculous  Blue  MoonAdult (f)2,7431,25326
jpmLRidiculous AsherAdult (m)1,69158851
PmeJRidiculous Declared HumanServantAdult (f)1,60851110
O7cnRidiculous Vampire TriumvirateAdult (m)1,72445117
P3fMRidiculous Haven-Lion RexAdult (m)2,3666895
w9piRidiculous MotherofDarkness 2ndAdult (f)1,69179019
EaXkRidiculous Vampire Meng DieAdult (f)1,6716258
qZ6iThe Ridiculous CorpseAdult (m)3,14189939
vZ3CRidiculous Cerulean SinsAdult (m)3,42175252
jZk9Ridiculous Jean-ClaudeAdult (m)2,35285333
0uJtRidiculous Anita BlakeAdult (f)1,36855726
9r9lRidiculous  Obsidian  ButterflyAdult (f)8554117
V28nRidiculous Father of the DayAdult (m)1,5996386
XRn2Ridiculous Lioness  ReginaAdult (f)1,5786479
XvvL(XvvL)Adult (m)5,6491,3879
LJSnt(LJSnt)Adult (m)2,57982114
lhPS(lhPS)Adult (m)6714498
nICc(nICc)Adult (m)3,75096414
6VEI(6VEI)Adult (m)2,76088431
9t3N(9t3N)Adult (f)4,5046567
YuJA(YuJA)Adult (m)2,08129613
CX60(CX60)Adult (m)1,11754313
JJas5th gen stairstep randomAdult (m)96860812
66cw(66cw)Adult (m)2,0271,0518
DgOi(DgOi)Adult (m)1,72039411
gzNd(gzNd)Adult (m)2,63698254
HCAHRidiculous Party HopperAdult (f)1,71368317
TjLh(TjLh)Adult (m)1,5535407
0had2nd gen pure stripe greenAdult (m)2,75586422
4KXG(4KXG)Adult (m)2,40391814
ajPVRidiculous Im the Head Frog HereAdult (m)1,8541,18713
JoLaRidiculously Stoned ParentsAdult (m)1,14282924
awQPRidiculous Half Vamp StarAdult (f)2,9891,62729
HCabThe Queen of the RidiculousAdult (f)2,4591,08333
MI4sInterview with the RidiculousAdult (m)1,9811,08328
2yGaRidiculous I Want Some More CBAdult (f)2,3101,49840
Gd2YThe Ridiculous Vampire Lestat CBAdult (m)2,4001,00523
RmeGRidiculous Vampire Child 2GAdult (f)1,20247711
Cp7HRidiculous Vampire ClaudiaAdult (f)99166313
35leThe Chronicles of RidiculousAdult (f)1,6321,01342
tY8ELord of the RidiculousAdult (m)2,9461,28057
vdzKTheLiontheWitchandtheRidiculousAdult (f)1,42859125
a5MaThe Fellowship of the RidiculousAdult (m)1,8819537
zVU7The Two RidiculiAdult (m)1,17042614
UdO0Ridiculous Prince CaspianAdult (f)1,38368631
L8ZnThe Return of the RidiculousAdult (m)1,1374607
m2BITheVoyageoftheRidiculousTreaderAdult (f)1,77357614
GSP3(GSP3)Adult (m)5,3161,2439
8QIfJurassic RidiculousAdult (f)3,4751,65342
vBQAThe Lost RidiculousAdult (m)1,27282230
usEhRidiculous Hermione GrangerAdult (f)1,23556545
Wvj5HarryPotterandtheRidiculousStoneAdult (m)2,5371,08431
1e6bH Potter andtheChamberofRidiculiAdult (f)1,36969355
GiduRidiculous Harry PotterAdult (m)98350413
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