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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “malfoyl,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
P2Et2(P2Et2)Adult (f)4,6134031
b4Yvk(b4Yvk)Adult (f)3,8544371
TTELI(TTELI)Adult (m)3,8894141
wd4b9(wd4b9)Adult (f)3,6924061
IPqpM(IPqpM)Adult (m)4,7948694
naS9e(naS9e)Adult (f)7,5159355
3kGoe(3kGoe)Adult (m)3,9413883
N0bsO(N0bsO)Adult (m)4,4374073
PwyCn(PwyCn)Adult (m)7,0675223
FeFUg(FeFUg)Adult (m)3,0124081
P4TVy(P4TVy)Adult (f)11,6461,4242
vr529(vr529)Adult (m)4,3824072
NUBji(NUBji)Adult (f)4,5013550
UgmsY(UgmsY)Adult (f)4,3183612
EEvGE(EEvGE)Adult (m)4,3593870
Mlyqb(Mlyqb)Adult (f)4,1613646
i7RWy(i7RWy)Adult (m)2,5055095
r8ylL(r8ylL)Adult (m)3,8843840
QjxM0(QjxM0)Adult (m)4,1963951
L6Z8A(L6Z8A)Adult (f)3,9143590
idk1D(idk1D)Adult (m)3,5294370
Qwh66(Qwh66)Adult (m)4,3344652
88NF4(88NF4)Adult (m)4,1524461
P47Y4(P47Y4)Adult (m)3,9954841
4k0jz(4k0jz)Adult (f)4,8693870
eoAAN(eoAAN)Adult (f)3,8903572
65TbD(65TbD)Adult (f)4,4554362
s7Rnt(s7Rnt)Adult (f)3,9833481
1oRzG(1oRzG)Adult (f)4,6213770
tpf5m(tpf5m)Adult (m)3,7704291
k1klG(k1klG)Adult (m)4,3673760
oB2oE(oB2oE)Adult (m)4,9053900
AvHAk(AvHAk)Adult (f)3,0853810
7HEhQ(7HEhQ)Adult (f)2,8093630
S98vL(S98vL)Adult (f)3,3534331
SU2E7(SU2E7)Adult (f)3,9213665
rdcTG(rdcTG)Adult (f)4,6784091
BJdUo(BJdUo)Adult (f)3,3253791
iMRrs(iMRrs)Adult (f)4,3234761
6X1DI(6X1DI)Adult (m)4,4304802
wonbq(wonbq)Adult (m)3,2904410
KZbJI(KZbJI)Adult (f)4,7044160
1oaIm(1oaIm)Adult (f)3,2064370
Ma0wf(Ma0wf)Adult (m)4,5304461
wcQKG(wcQKG)Adult (f)3,8244370
BacJj(BacJj)Adult (m)5,6844325
hMJ1Y(hMJ1Y)Hatchling (F)2,3202082
B7mnb(B7mnb)Adult (m)3,4234182
6ns5i(6ns5i)Adult (m)4,1079422
rGp9T(rGp9T)Adult (m)3,7974453
luVWr(luVWr)Adult (m)4,6513882
Dpz8mCB April Fool Cat KisaoAdult (f)4,1814962
gjAAg(gjAAg)Adult (m)3,8294022
Ul9qsCB Venus Cat KisaoAdult (m)4,0134002
JM43G(JM43G)Adult (m)4,3143403
fPEQE(fPEQE)Adult (f)4,1113674
leohH(leohH)Adult (f)3,7073991
m1NIN(m1NIN)Adult (m)3,5233893
zV6CX(zV6CX)Adult (m)4,3224060
ASHDP(ASHDP)Adult (m)3,9123594
WnE34(WnE34)Adult (f)4,3663373
WfFx3(WfFx3)Adult (m)4,9914222
8jklw(8jklw)Adult (f)4,0683742
0lPy5(0lPy5)Adult (m)4,4704482
ZD5nE(ZD5nE)Adult (m)4,4104502
CJL6q(CJL6q)Adult (f)3,7554032
0qyvS(0qyvS)Adult (f)3,6104153
HZgpO(HZgpO)Adult (m)4,3773533
UmzeR4G C von Lindair Cat KisaoAdult (f)4,8694311
jz6Lz(jz6Lz)Adult (f)3,9964302
hdg8y(hdg8y)Adult (m)3,9024241
pBLPN(pBLPN)Adult (m)3,53232410
DQxbF(DQxbF)Adult (f)3,6964081
Wsu1U3G von Freaky Topaz Cat KisaoAdult (f)4,1574152
2KRTz(2KRTz)Adult (m)5,9201,0985
OJ7Kp(OJ7Kp)Adult (f)3,5503314
6LdfZ(6LdfZ)Adult (f)5,0053772
Lkowy(Lkowy)Adult (m)3,8854042
9sXNU(9sXNU)Adult (f)4,4893902
CmCHU(CmCHU)Adult (f)5,0613552
Zb9LXZ Code Lindair III Cat KisaoAdult (m)4,9114151
MuMg2(MuMg2)Adult (f)4,3254181
lPELX(lPELX)Adult (f)3,9503312
GTdC3(GTdC3)Adult (m)4,4743913
VyfwX(VyfwX)Adult (f)4,1363863
pVx8C(pVx8C)Adult (m)4,3203342
bZoQs(bZoQs)Adult (m)4,0273393
uOmOo(uOmOo)Adult (f)4,5054073
8xhZ2(8xhZ2)Adult (m)2,2786662
0nYt0(0nYt0)Adult (m)4,9324224
VjtEv(VjtEv)Adult (f)3,6083861
owf8q(owf8q)Adult (m)4,7203532
WuTmh(WuTmh)Adult (f)3,9153514
5NvSP(5NvSP)Adult (f)4,1064081
ZSfIt(ZSfIt)Adult (m)3,8774011
vyrmG(vyrmG)Adult (f)4,2923842
XOkbs(XOkbs)Adult (f)6,1405272
bxC6Z(bxC6Z)Adult (f)6,5148623
zD7sa(zD7sa)Adult (f)3,3524561
4mD1cCB Red Nebula Cat KisaoAdult (f)4,9244392
CZ0cT(CZ0cT)Adult (m)4,8694401
FfAX5(FfAX5)Adult (m)3,8593721
0Umfv(0Umfv)Adult (f)3,8144282
DNsHH(DNsHH)Adult (m)4,9564321
5NtMW(5NtMW)Adult (m)4,0433693
rVmgJ(rVmgJ)Adult (m)4,5924102
MrPfQ(MrPfQ)Adult (m)4,1754402
n4WEH(n4WEH)Adult (f)2,7234732
ULMrGMess MrG sAlt Cat KisaoAdult (f)3,6433702
KLLJZ3G C KILL Goldheart Cat KisaoAdult (f)3,7063772
MVS00(MVS00)Adult (m)3,3324693
k3Nes(k3Nes)Adult (f)4,1464423
cxYbL(cxYbL)Adult (m)3,9833488
OCJq75G C sAlt Nigan Cat Kisao ThuwedAdult (m)4,0774291
lRWgW(lRWgW)Adult (f)4,5373901
d1M94(d1M94)Adult (m)4,8384251
VFV5r(VFV5r)Adult (m)3,6003881
2cish4G C sAlt Delar Miun Cat KisaoAdult (m)3,9753711
cgwRS(cgwRS)Adult (m)4,8614211
7513t5G St Spring Cat KisaoAdult (f)4,3793993
ddvTg(ddvTg)Adult (m)5,5514641
apguKCB Blue Nebula Cat KisaoAdult (m)4,9784201
vvsoK(vvsoK)Adult (f)3,6563851
wJEh4(wJEh4)Adult (m)4,0204193
JdbcG(JdbcG)Adult (f)3,1994371
ecNDh(ecNDh)Adult (f)3,9253891
9zIYw(9zIYw)Adult (m)3,5297162
BTOFD(BTOFD)Adult (f)3,8684892
Hxr5i(Hxr5i)Adult (m)3,5188441
TXV0MTexas VOM Cat KisaoAdult (f)4,64734710
A1d74(A1d74)Adult (m)4,1784371
7NIQv4G C Nick Cat Kisao ThuwedAdult (f)3,48044312
B1Xjh2G Walkthrough Matrix Cat KisaoAdult (f)4,4514042
0FVdI(0FVdI)Adult (m)3,0774342
YGkip2G Rage of Prospero Cat KisaoAdult (f)4,3354072
7AhVZ(7AhVZ)Adult (m)5,4383702
gYk1Q(gYk1Q)Adult (f)4,8674303
3JoMY(3JoMY)Adult (f)4,3864551
eRV4b2G Non Binary Kegly Freaky KisaoAdult (f)4,1004012
IDTb9(IDTb9)Adult (f)4,0684032
IeBQI(IeBQI)Adult (m)3,9364172
HvDxN(HvDxN)Adult (f)3,7933941
Prtsl(Prtsl)Adult (m)3,6973880
vONoC(vONoC)Adult (m)3,9254371
EmxJ2(EmxJ2)Adult (m)7,4946164
nvwDs(nvwDs)Adult (f)4,2934242
aRTgw(aRTgw)Adult (m)4,0323811
zgORc(zgORc)Adult (m)3,8804141
X9pUC(X9pUC)Adult (m)4,0353555
0uPmK3G Poloso4ka Cat Kisao ThuwedAdult (f)3,0284632
8gPdQ(8gPdQ)Adult (f)4,0044312
GHnCi(GHnCi)Adult (f)3,4903371
y52OU(y52OU)Adult (m)4,6303880
ghJBO(ghJBO)Adult (m)4,2884170
TdoZL(TdoZL)Adult (f)4,1014022
h3cp6Mess Thuwed Cat KisaoAdult (m)8,3211,07715
3h7ix(3h7ix)Adult (m)4,6523115
S3116(S3116)Adult (m)4,2434777
9yI5J(9yI5J)Adult (m)4,6154543
Oaerm3G St sAlt Kurosaki Cat KisaoAdult (f)3,6304632
XKkEXXKkEXAdult (f)4,5634255
ghhHw(ghhHw)Adult (m)7,2421,0768
XGLfU(XGLfU)Adult (f)4,2664422
OZvLN3G sAlt Sinner Man Cat KisaoAdult (m)4,7324922
5oKaG(5oKaG)Adult (f)4,6244333
lQHUk(lQHUk)Adult (m)8,3185987
qvLbW2G Wintermaster Cat KisaoAdult (m)8,8525914
JIUvm3G St Tarasik Cat KisaoAdult (f)10,0676726
vtH3T3G St Silver Cat KisaoAdult (f)9,1016496
HFd503G Satanic Omen Cat KisaoAdult (f)10,5177029
ogZQR3G MekAdult (f)10,4056945
t76p23G St MUSHKA Cat KisaoAdult (m)10,4706987
H6xAt(H6xAt)Adult (m)7,49093614
esaSy3G sAlt Easy Cat KisaoAdult (f)10,6207083
01gDr(01gDr)Adult (m)9,6326433
MAoYi4G Meewooweewoo Cat KisaoAdult (m)8,0847926
jS10r(jS10r)Adult (m)9,8166589
M96Y0(M96Y0)Adult (f)10,3956935
qCUdU(qCUdU)Adult (f)4,8275564
2bfOQ2G Golden Shim Wolf Cat KisaoAdult (f)5,5684684
lsa834G Silver Kisa Cat KisaoAdult (m)5,3145323
qSvhBLL Freezy Furry Cat KisaoHatchling (F)2,9162451
pShdA(pShdA)Adult (f)3,1324201
2ygeO(2ygeO)Adult (f)4,2084614
7IpIKCB 7 DuckPik Cat KisaoAdult (m)3,4604772
wOiIs(wOiIs)Adult (m)3,9583973
EGQ0C(EGQ0C)Adult (f)2,4804833
v9wyB(v9wyB)Adult (f)4,1894901
XfycQ(XfycQ)Adult (f)2,6454776
woeiP(woeiP)Adult (m)3,7864661
Q62L3(Q62L3)Adult (m)2,8714624
Y4lIq(Y4lIq)Adult (f)3,4394331
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