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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “magicaldragon98,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
wRGaAqua ShieldAdult (m)2,54021751
Sx9sStony HopeAdult (f)2,2131,04614
V27rDusky HopeAdult (m)1,5011,03381
ogDBWhite SourcererAdult (m)1,72831145
oBK9Garden HopeAdult (f)73651710
Hi95Greenfield HopeAdult (f)2,10549729
BA5XLittle Pink DreamAdult (f)2,45235434
fzPCWarrior's HopeAdult (m)3,06942319
gXRiGarden BeautyAdult (m)1,4371,04120
74R2Cloudy DawnAdult (f)8354296
bmrlGoodnight SunAdult (f)7574539
6ut9Shadow EquinoxAdult (m)4,80851115
3RqjOrchid HopeAdult (f)2,9276295
O0WoSunrise of HopeAdult (m)1,6918034
NtCdDesert  WandererAdult (f)2,27360011
m71sMarsh WandererAdult (m)2,4984816
cBDqDusk  EquinoxAdult (f)5,7058852
1F7rWaverunner HopeAdult (m)8,6731,1038
qY2OTiny DreamAdult (f)1,9318169
kAJrHope UndeadAdult (f)4,8911,06912
aKgbDaytime DreamAdult (m)69942826
ktCjHope of the Seven SeasAdult (f)2,0145492
2v1GDorsal HopeAdult (f)1,71555317
mNS2Lilac HopeAdult (f)4,9731,1343
WcAlResolute HopeAdult (m)6,2691,3417
5ehsNoctournal HopeAdult (f)3,8738383
fbSmSkyward HopeAdult (m)3,76195115
fcqZPtera DreamAdult4,3279253
P6pBHope Au GratinAdult4,4478775
C9daSparked HopeAdult (f)3,3226656
9ndOAutumn TrustAdult (f)3,3454312
YFBIEternal Glowing HopeAdult (m)3,7017144
goNpPumpkin HopeAdult (f)2,3039023
YivDMarred HopeAdult (m)2,0397124
N62nHope UnforseenAdult (m)2,11042510
vFgiAeon HopeAdult (f)3,06566911
jLUDBaluna BabyAdult (m)3,7801,00014
FcdJHopeful  HeartAdult (m)2,6307177
NZ4gLittle Pink HopeAdult (m)4,9101,11610
2G2NValentine's DreamAdult (f)4,8461,1927
ltILShining DreamAdult (f)2,78893217
0A8iDiamond HopeAdult (m)5,0121,4226
McX4Terrain HopeAdult (f)4,8111,3668
h4DYLeetle FirtreeEgg (F)
nHr5Sweetly DreamedAdult (m)4,8321,4113
MEKrCanopy HopeAdult (m)4,2101,26811
SlApRosy HopeAdult (f)3,4971,0804
q7AFKindled HopeAdult (m)4,52384458
G9KJLightning DreamAdult (f)4,0811,1376
kAT9Lighting HopeAdult (f)3,2377924
n3AkTransparent HopeAdult (f)12,6168719
vfldIcy HopeAdult (f)3,5489366
RX0bHope of GoldAdult (m)3,5941,02313
n0AEHope of the OceanAdult (f)3,8198378
04HGIncarnidine HopeAdult (f)2,1655713
cQWrIce- HeartAdult (m)8,6311,3725
ddo6A Winter's StoryAdult (m)4,4471,2244
gCXASail on SilvergirlAdult (f)2,3338689
HAGCFlamingo HopeAdult (f)1,9736275
vhFLMagma HopeAdult (f)1,7706378
shi1Patterned DreamAdult (f)1,9536896
YLdZParrot HopeAdult (m)1,9996803
p5mdFluffy HopeAdult (m)2,0017243
L5HBA Spring's TaleAdult (m)1,8496193
QNThDark- DragonAdult (m)2,6144731
rqTLMisfit HopeAdult (f)2,8035021
pSUNFlaming-StarrAdult (f)2,7025022
hc7FShing-HopeAdult (f)2,7074931
bH02Pygmy-SeaAdult (m)2,7764723
8GhuProtector of HopeAdult (f)5,32893017
AL7naGatekeeper of LifeAdult (m)3,3876544
KIaeQMoonstone EonAdult (f)2,4495022
MYH3iStarshine HopeAdult (f)2,2904881
1SUKXSprinkled HopeAdult (m)1,2614661
rgushHappy Green GiantAdult (f)1,3424561
aelOnAealonAdult (m)3,2055673
YQhhBPrized HopeAdult (m)4,4059456
cK75nDistant HopeAdult (m)5,4681,3743
XI7jgStormy HopeAdult (m)7,6271,8273
2gogEDual HopeAdult (f)3,0081,0143
l74rTPrecious DreamsAdult (f)10,9571,7506
GK2GuGleaming DreamAdult (m)9,2856194
lPjAILaced DreamAdult (f)6,0791,7806
O2H0nHope of ChristmasAdult (f)5,9991,7621
8fh6OCandycane DreamAdult (m)5,9451,7944
rJIqUFestive HopeAdult (m)4,2791,4134
I0fq7Hope RoyaltyAdult (m)4,1421,3962
FliG0Dream Held CloseAdult (m)2,7698904
hSHs3Shimmering HollowAdult (f)4,1011,2183
ecdFfCrafted DreamAdult2,4891,1367
HjQK0Dusky DespairAdult (f)1,2696062
J0uRNJournAdult (f)4,73763111
ka6ObYellow DreamAdult (f)3,3805023
dAaePOlive HopeAdult (f)2,2066630
oJfeKJolly WishAdult (m)2,1946700
pQ7IPRevitalAdult (f)3,9218605
1EZnGGorgeous JoyAdult (f)3,9099353
95r22Shadowly LegendAdult (m)3,8259353
ZWqQNSea Green LoveAdult (m)5,4923944
fz0sIColdfire HopeAdult (f)3,9317909
UWqCdGem HopeAdult (f)4,4597463
EXRqYCandy Corn HopeAdult (m)3,2119852
Q1nZmDouble HopeAdult (f)2,9321,0305
IBkxHColorful HopeAdult (f)3,0619692
SEEXuHalloween HopeAdult (f)2,7549753
C9SURCorsola HopeAdult (m)3,5407603
9Ur9kOrangey DracoAdult (m)2,8789554
RVZ1lAuraflameAdult (m)3,2939582
Oww5mHaku HopeAdult (m)4,4619255
MSQl8Space HopeAdult (m)6,3991,2967
wfjrIPeacekeeper HopeAdult (f)4,1249282
7UDWPSea Green HopeAdult (f)3,7317503
qhOTXFairy HopeAdult (m)4,3518352
UgetSGoloreAdult (f)4,8838545
GzdscCopper  HopeAdult (m)4,6988663
OPZ95Precious Dreams IIAdult (f)5,5771,0272
Y4STrXenowyrm HopeAdult (m)4,3168692
yk7plSoarin' HopeAdult (f)5,2661,1507
nGyDMEastern HopeAdult (m)7,5451,0892
EAIPbMoonrise HopeAdult (m)4,2248764
iJ03BDaylight  HopeAdult (m)5,3116312
aX2miEastern Bronze HopeAdult (f)6,4371,0327
GVTP1Forest HopeAdult (m)4,5068371
XxogdCactus DreamAdult (f)4,6777423
P7vomRoseate HopeAdult (m)5,8059842
KMPssSilver  LakeAdult (m)6,0711,0864
P9bQMAstra the Solstice DragonAdult (f)3,6468851
UVUZUGeorge the Holiday WreathAdult (f)3,6418931
x1uU4Janus the DragonAdult (m)3,6658902
TgQioSnowy HopeAdult (m)2,7958671
lFrGzBlizzard HopeAdult (m)2,8128690
gudmXHowling HopeAdult (m)4,8918611
Dy7oRHallow's  EveAdult (f)2,4809051
3QGgADeep SwirlAdult (m)5,5337510
PYUDmApple  TurnoverAdult (f)5,2217733
M82LzUndine  HopeAdult (f)6,3015696
NJBUgBlue EmblemAdult (f)7,1276493
vE6BISilver SoulfireAdult (f)7,2826555
KHixRCopper BirdwingAdult (f)6,9276964
qG6sVFuture  HopeAdult (f)5,8927077
2uM16Emerald SpitflameAdult (f)5,6738705
tonGj(tonGj)Adult (f)2,3193992
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