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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “luxemis,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
CDVmtwo headed troubleAdult (m)1,6316035
zvWUbJake The Two Headed TerrorAdult (m)2,1376641
NUh3oForwards in TimeAdult (f)4,6909212
e6ZmQDistant FutureAdult (f)4,8629974
RJHC5GICCGIAdult (m)6,1058822
gugy0Green and Owning itAdult (f)4,1018181
KgXzFCaptain of the SS FabulousAdult (m)4,3819252
BOomV(BOomV)Adult (m)6,0107704
6Vhithe green eyed monsterAdult (m)1,36562212
difiVI C GreenAdult (f)1,9826035
Ux8L3Visions of MurderAdult (m)5,7507512
4i8y9Mr Steal yo EggsAdult (m)5,9217562
i6xe4So Yeah MurderAdult (m)5,8027452
a6tXCThe Color SevenAdult (m)5,2229975
77dnVThe Letter PurpleAdult (f)2,8557544
3derWDarth UrdererAdult (m)4,2734712
yIuIQ(yIuIQ)Adult (m)4,4889611
S4e1J(S4e1J)Adult (m)4,7687182
NTHYnTitan's Blood DragonAdult (m)1,8246721
dbyikKing of the Bloodscale ScwabblesAdult (m)5,5131,4517
GXxzW(GXxzW)Adult (m)4,1739141
eU8WT(eU8WT)Adult (f)4,1738951
qhM2f(qhM2f)Adult (m)4,6819810
Chwc1(Chwc1)Adult (m)5,5267752
vPXAderjuAdult (f)1,6826025
zOrY5(zOrY5)Adult (m)4,6859234
6qEguBuckwalledAdult (m)5,7966166
Nl0Ktropicana awesomenessAdult (f)2,5705783
lOB7BSparkle in the snowAdult (m)3,66051916
MErZT(MErZT)Adult (m)2,9748844
pDETI(pDETI)Adult (m)2,8008772
4aWrchristmas morning giftAdult (m)1,8126463
QGONXChristmas AwesomenessAdult (m)2,2387466
rdYTk(rdYTk)Adult (m)2,4129080
IBAHi(IBAHi)Adult (m)2,4438850
aDVqchristmas morning smileAdult (f)2,2675775
KMoGAWinter Spirit of ChristmasAdult (f)2,2537306
VIwa7(VIwa7)Adult (f)2,9709181
p0UZ9(p0UZ9)Adult (f)2,8699122
yNVWf(yNVWf)Adult (f)2,4047522
S38v0(S38v0)Adult (f)2,6217991
XIeXh(XIeXh)Adult (f)2,4307611
5PNFF(5PNFF)Adult (f)2,5127651
kjUechristmas morning miracleAdult (f)2,0555824
ZYNae(ZYNae)Adult (f)2,5426322
i0dXb(i0dXb)Adult (f)2,7658831
mWEqeGold ChirstmasAdult (m)2,2857549
hZ3o9Gilistening ChristmasAdult (m)2,8476533
Iqo0IFestive Wrapping PaperAdult (m)2,0816185
lZ1AVOh Look It's ChristmasAdult (m)2,5146385
inr9K(inr9K)Adult (f)2,8978862
vxhRz(vxhRz)Adult (f)2,3468801
IIe7h(IIe7h)Adult (f)2,4508861
upLs2(upLs2)Adult (f)2,6209041
aw0lL(aw0lL)Adult (m)3,2689058
Fhmcb(Fhmcb)Adult (m)2,8248912
x3C4E(x3C4E)Adult (m)2,5188971
esyfA(esyfA)Adult (m)3,1209042
EzpW5(EzpW5)Adult (m)2,8729012
KiS2p(KiS2p)Adult (f)2,3748760
XYejv(XYejv)Adult (f)2,4768951
7aEtk(7aEtk)Adult (f)2,1278371
IIYkl(IIYkl)Adult (f)2,4358460
8ijZsky cutterAdult (f)3,01748818
aYGWRPretty PenniesAdult (m)1,6775643
HV70dark green ivyAdult (m)3,12256311
CmxxBPart of Earth Part of CrewAdult (f)6,0287313
jXtLhighflying skydiverAdult (f)1,7086047
vjvuhigh sky diverAdult (m)1,6306043
eBRrdark water shadowAdult (f)2,4366514
xQubdBeast of the Dimond WingsAdult (m)5,1299446
cWZNS(cWZNS)Adult (f)6,8711,0632
IM7zL(IM7zL)Adult (m)5,9751,0674
L3Je0(L3Je0)Adult (f)6,8381,0302
i2QOt(i2QOt)Adult (f)6,9101,0492
riG3C(riG3C)Adult (m)6,6831,0851
t4Ksk(t4Ksk)Adult (f)5,6791,0141
cgAmM(cgAmM)Adult (f)6,6051,0562
9I0nt(9I0nt)Adult (m)7,1071,0431
WQF2k(WQF2k)Adult (m)5,9141,0791
bGche(bGche)Adult (f)7,2401,0394
SHqJthunderous sparksAdult (m)1,9686062
ql40thundorus stormAdult (f)2,0474812
71iMlightning stalkerAdult (m)2,3665054
TNEXinner flaming spiritAdult (m)2,2155853
qJI49Cousin FlowAdult (f)1,7106847
19kMHChristna FlowAdult (f)1,1406074
3hraDCurtis FlowAdult (m)5,7467332
xkloRThe Tom Brady of Fire GemsAdult (m)7,6721,3418
rlx6qGem's CreationAdult (m)5,7081,0267
2xmu2A manly pinkAdult (m)1,7586181
m66aeI Wear your Grandad's FrillsAdult (m)6,1858123
LphhGShiny Frosty ThingAdult (f)1,6416783
qGAnIMegan IceAdult (f)1,7615952
pYkamI'm red double de double dumAdult (m)5,0518571
nnHlCdouble de double dum double deAdult (f)4,7769171
b9y5UOh Look a Lovely RockAdult (m)1,5355603
8Y3Qprotector of timeAdult (f)2,46662514
dDs6Laurina LothAdult (f)2,64765518
RqNk3nithhogarAdult (m)2,49676915
aX7e0Golden Globe PrincessAdult (f)2,0016887
vZZZZSun's Golden ScaleAdult (m)2,73474811
0DYevSun's Golden ArrowAdult (m)2,4377555
K5eyCSun's Frosted GoldAdult (m)2,5266306
Obna1ObanajAdult (f)5,7339228
G9755LilithaireAdult (f)5,79492211
ZbiTYHeart of ThuwedAdult (m)4,8211,0018
a9GHqOrange Dragon of the Open WatersAdult (f)2,0025514
x1xVHBob   my name is BobAdult (f)5,4001,0296
gmMpKtogarAdult (f)1,8656197
XRtgHgreat golden beastAdult (f)1,21554012
IhDTMGlistening BeastAdult (f)1,3425394
L2RuMSammie DavisAdult (m)1,6475561
mo2ODGolden MolassesAdult (m)2,4836121
AeyBeAeybeAdult (f)1,75966210
qqgKiJoc La Gold GrandeAdult (m)1,8157014
H0JI5blue night fieryAdult (f)4,33992410
VnmJOBlue Fire RevivalAdult (f)1,5986149
pQR2rising frostAdult (m)2,30652917
i3o51The Gift of FrostAdult (m)1,8475453
YyJdlThe Gift of IceAdult (m)1,8115642
qICxzKing Crowne of ScalesAdult (f)6,4747853
7sMSg(7sMSg)Egg (F)
LLTNdark water abyssAdult (m)2,5735576
SqsSdark water stalkerAdult (m)2,3735372
2u91fKeeper of Lux's DragonsAdult (f)7,3171,0846
xzN48Titan BlackAdult (m)5,2601,0075
j6S3mTitan GoldAdult (f)4,5019607
ZrjY2Titan BlueAdult (m)4,1699122
EwAOn(EwAOn)Adult (m)7,1981,0262
l7iobLuminimAdult (m)3,6548326
MfcXeLuminerAdult (f)3,2037723
dYXohDe-luminatorAdult (m)5,0089584
771Vi(771Vi)Adult (m)5,4279743
ZD25PThose Wings ThoAdult (f)4,2208578
ZZn9Q(ZZn9Q)Adult (m)6,3359341
wZL2h(wZL2h)Adult (f)5,7768163
u66Bthe great rising flameAdult (m)2,6925426
S02mEbad sun burnAdult (f)1,8415817
l7PkWWhoah Great Lineage of FireAdult (m)5,2637692
h6vlQSir Needs More SunscreenAdult (m)4,8119412
IhRdi(IhRdi)Adult (f)5,2937791
B85pdarkening flameAdult (f)2,17255511
8M4KxThe Gift of LavaAdult (m)1,8755657
2QTG6The Gift of MagmaAdult (m)1,9266445
HFzwVThe Gift of AshAdult (f)1,5635914
WYa30(WYa30)Adult (m)
rIfXGholy mint of antiochAdult (f)1,9436552
aQBJEllluyankasAdult (f)2,0215661
cBMLBCrimson BluAdult (f)4,8901,45514
BWDasNeptune's BackdropAdult (f)8,3981,2717
ennpDThe Night's ChameleonAdult (f)5,3139323
6Oh6whispering darknessAdult (f)1,9885816
gfYTdark wandering shadowAdult (m)2,68558523
D3O8Bemperor of the dark skyAdult (m)1,9545328
S7XfOGreen SurpriseAdult (m)1,9715755
MgLvr(MgLvr)Adult (f)5,2898962
ebaBp(ebaBp)Adult (m)7,0121,2127
b1FWuAlter of the Night SkyAdult (m)4,67689112
oI6pfAn alters dilemmaAdult (f)5,7229334
FkshjAlt in our StarsAdult (m)5,7976705
3z5cM(3z5cM)Adult (m)5,0139983
PnJrb(PnJrb)Adult (m)5,4288481
fglK3The one who altsHatchling (m, F)4,1028832
oJOvWYellow Spotted TyradactalAdult (f)1,8706373
p8k8shimmering desertAdult (m)2,1746455
4rOpfloating paper macheAdult2,39161811
6SeGfluffy pilowAdult (m)2,3576246
3lYApink protectorAdult (f)1,4407518
AgT4pI am the one who nurturesAdult (f)5,3089405
4KiXTThe NurturatorAdult (m)5,8059121
8t76YI am InfluencerAdult (f)5,7639301
HbPmOmal vanimAdult (f)4,1631,02013
bjLHWThat One ShinyAdult (f)4,4969784
R8Oqoceleb vanimAdult (m)4,3589737
ytbssOh Look A Shiny ThuwedAdult (m)3,75597311
jXtpmbaru vanimAdult (m)9,63370610
uklCaHypnotizing Night StarAdult (m)6,1821,0915
x1UsGOne Prize to Rule Them AllAdult (f)6,6411,0623
PomwQMiss GoldscaleAdult (f)4,6269175
gPyLQMiss BrightscaleAdult (f)4,8189038
vm3C5(vm3C5)Adult (f)6,8111,0325
bQGbJMiss ShimmertonAdult (f)4,1751,07614
Mc4jXMC SilverAdult (f)5,9281,0933
IPbrBMiss BronzerAdult (f)3,9831,05713
z1vE5Mr Bronze ArrowAdult (m)3,4541,0588
c0itz(c0itz)Adult (m)5,4851,0763
OvbhCrimson the SaviorAdult (f)2,87352810
p8VE4Spyro the SaviorAdult (m)5,5559094
Vu4jQ(Vu4jQ)Adult (f)5,9449001
ESqRE(ESqRE)Adult (m)5,7729031
DTHJinfinite echoAdult (f)2,50348910
oTC4screaming echoAdult (f)2,0086243
N8c7tlittle fireballAdult (m)2,0735580
B9Kiglittle spirit of new beginningsAdult (m)2,5986001
EClUAlittle spirit of agesAdult (f)2,2865121
DsJNdark dementorAdult (m)2,5365043
ygrGfIncubator of AntiochAdult (f)5,1808712
tS5HoMurtagh's ThorneAdult (m)5,3097941
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