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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2015 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “ludwig8989,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
j6lby(j6lby)Dead Egg000
a6mnsFfion's DarkAdult (m)4,3372987
EMJbeFfion's LightAdult (f)3,15857310
zXjnu(zXjnu)Adult (f)4,4394377
DckLB(DckLB)Adult (f)2,8375020
H3KFc(H3KFc)Adult (m)3,5296326
Pw5r4(Pw5r4)Adult (m)5,4881,0331
4Hfja(4Hfja)Adult (m)3,0054374
2OpNcFfion's Green-Eyed GirlAdult (f)6,5091,0025
NilH0Ffion's Shiny AbsolAdult (f)3,0353223
n8YkbFfion's Green-Eyed BoyAdult (m)2,3722654
3P7plFfion's Shiny Mega AbsolAdult (m)2,5892244
oM1I0Ffion's Jasmine TeaAdult (f)2,6263634
WOp8eFfion's Peppermint TeaAdult (m)3,1943918
jgjOLFfion's Black Tip ReefAdult (f)2,7713705
z7I0bFfion's ToothAdult (m)2,9794017
IfraVFfion's ClawAdult (f)3,2924268
OLGKiFfion's TigerAdult (m)2,3033947
si1BJFfion's CelebrationAdult (f)2,6012926
L4AP9Ffion's LifeAdult (f)3,9763257
bFdqnFfion's SulferAdult (m)4,7283918
I6yIQFfion's DioxideAdult (f)6,1545677
chuSWFfion's Rich RedAdult (f)3,9853946
6oqig(6oqig)Adult (m)1,9923676
sPXbO(sPXbO)Adult (f)2,9055872
313J4Ffion's YulebuckAdult (m)2,3822825
JsCEgDoubleYulebuckAdult (m)1,6115571
jHjRLFfion's Snow AngelAdult (f)2,4523155
5Zd61Ffion's Ribbon-DancerAdult (f)2,3562855
8h7POFfion's Winter MagiAdult (m)2,3422985
fepWiFfion's Wrapping-WingAdult (m)2,4702499
D0P2y(D0P2y)Adult (f)2,4852697
phSVE(phSVE)Adult (f)2,4632717
oYs8GFfion's SoulAdult (m)3,9113869
qyPUn(qyPUn)Adult (f)2,4722214
9UZ8yFfion's DaydreamAdult (f)3,1063932
CQ778Ffion's DepthsAdult (f)4,4893526
kMPxg(kMPxg)Adult (f)3,6006376
niE7aFfion's ThorntonsAdult (f)2,3253066
QLnV7Ffion's Dark ChocolateAdult (m)4,02339510
yXOUlFfion's Plain ChocolateAdult (f)3,8135372
ZHMicFfion's Inner SelfAdult (m)4,2603065
5sugNFfion's HopeAdult (m)3,3462656
jG4HI(jG4HI)Adult (m)3,2536555
ZRNz7(ZRNz7)Adult (m)4,1754584
LplSP(LplSP)Adult (f)2,8153705
g56WBFfion's Molly MadonnaAdult (f)2,67953210
VgD0v(VgD0v)Adult (f)2,2754092
oaQ0G(oaQ0G)Adult (m)3,4553954
V7YyXFfion's SpoopAdult (m)1,9243582
kjRrKFfion's GemAdult (m)3,3755643
1avLaFfion's Iced LavaAdult (m)2,6543637
JatO9(JatO9)Adult (f)1,9403569
ut1k9Ffion's Grand GoldenAdult (m)3,72834414
p7isnFfion's SpyroAdult (f)2,1723523
994F6Ffion's Silver LiningAdult (f)4,3172945
Cw55w(Cw55w)Adult (f)2,9735281
tiekWFfion's NeoAdult (f)3,5305301
em3YFFfion's Dark SideAdult (f)2,88140512
arQWEFfion's JoyAdult (f)2,8034017
mNnjaLondon 2012Adult (f)2,9062485
5lCchFfion's Jack O' LanternAdult (m)3,39836810
WbI57Ffion's ShadowAdult (f)3,35136010
Fj985FfionAdult (m)3,46035511
o6fVvFfion's Summer's EveningAdult (f)3,3954089
nrTtIFfion's Deep DesireAdult (m)3,4572646
phwCfUnwanted Hellfire LOLAdult (m)2,6963064
EnpB8Ffion's AmbitionAdult (f)2,0953646
2WSam(2WSam)Adult (m)2,2813639
KtA74The Frost of FfionAdult (m)2,5955154
vkv2WFfion's Second HiccupAdult (m)3,3533903
VQHdFFfion's IcicleAdult (f)3,6673875
oI0bV(oI0bV)Egg (F)
ea1zBFfion's ShedderAdult (m)5,2184594
bdvgYFfion's HurtAdult (f)4,1533103
hlmYGThe Flame of FfionAdult (m)4,0092914
4dp3S(4dp3S)Adult (m)6,4741,0982
RdE5EFfion's CompassionAdult (m)4,6523123
srQWa(srQWa)Adult (f)1,9585814
2Rnq8Ffion's Milky Way GalaxyAdult (m)4,1893648
pgkXK(pgkXK)Adult (f)3,7633737
qrQqqFfion's CB Milky WayAdult (m)2,4714107
q5LBYFfion's Pleasant AccidentAdult (m)4,0054487
ZUWXsFfion's Paper AeroplaneAdult3,0067359
UWFr2Ffion's RestAdult (f)4,0242797
9VT1eFfion's LazinessAdult (m)3,4873963
OoCMYFfion's RelaxationAdult (f)3,3423816
bbQn3Ffion's 1st Place GoldAdult (f)7,05767310
eN4F8Ffion's 1st Place TinselAdult (m)5,3861,00121
oZmHtFfion's 2nd Place TinselAdult (m)6,96077110
BK3HZFfion's 2nd Place SilverAdult (f)3,5071,0216
v8XUqFfion's 3rd Place TinselAdult (m)8,0626238
z6m9K(z6m9K)Adult (f)4,79459712
PbT9RFfion's LavenderAdult (f)3,6875774
KWYSiFfion's CoreAdult (f)4,3822978
df1ibFfion's EvilAdult (m)4,4833067
3CWdsFfion's GuidanceAdult (m)2,4843082
HZc0ZFfion's GuideAdult (f)2,8703582
Hsium(Hsium)Adult (f)3,0384034
tGE7ZUnwanted BR LOLAdult (f)2,8824012
5KmOR(5KmOR)Adult (m)3,4694182
kI8lu(kI8lu)Adult (m)3,4134023
KQYXQFfion's SummerAdult (m)4,9729176
ub4rtFfion's Bright LeafAdult (f)3,97230510
vsWX3Ffion's Seasonal FirstHatchling (f, F)2,9102368
eWn6SFfion's AutumnAdult (m)2,8502753
Z3n9SFfion's WinterAdult (f)3,3252634
O42B2(O42B2)Adult (m)2,1823245
VzPPC(VzPPC)Adult (f)2,7893741
qNinW(qNinW)Hatchling (F)1,2052564
BpJt7Ffion's Silver SnakeAdult (f)5,65537724
MHAFeFfion's HeartAdult (m)2,8293888
cMYui(cMYui)Adult (f)2,5563687
ySBda(ySBda)Adult (m)2,5455692
IytsgFfion's Silver SpeckleAdult (f)3,2154045
QxFZ3(QxFZ3)Adult (m)2,1413096
eptZ9Ffion's PurityAdult (m)2,4993624
nB0XqFfion's LoyaltyAdult (m)5,0283377
C7VgnFfion's BloodAdult (m)4,0222746
usIKhFfion's Lucky ShammrockAdult (m)4,5669183
S9m2kFfion's OblivionAdult (m)6,5986816
JFYhY(JFYhY)Adult (m)2,5423594
0EtkK(0EtkK)Hatchling (F)6781747
vAEXUFfion's SunsriseAdult (m)3,4012285
AggegFfion's SunsetAdult (m)7,0768117
c6vrj(c6vrj)Adult (f)2,6103277
CWFVPFfion's Sun SparkleAdult (m)3,6562856
PQY9lFfion's Sun ShimmerAdult (f)3,3583855
WdlBKFfion's PassionAdult (f)2,0063653
E23Q5Ffion's Big 50Adult (m)4,00336310
J7Ou9Ffion's Big 50's MateAdult (f)2,6462736
FyyIG(FyyIG)Adult (f)4,3876595
L6j8UThe Thunder of FfionAdult (f)3,18729612
eG5Ej(eG5Ej)Adult (f)1,9303754
Pb4P1Ffion's Fault LineAdult (m)4,1354295
ZZJ3LFfion's Barbed WireAdult (m)2,38229211
2xoqX(2xoqX)Adult (f)4,4945868
rW72MFfion's Wave-Tipped DreamAdult (f)2,4223118
ttnbYFfion's ArsaniAdult (f)2,8503645
qtSp0Once RejectedAdult (m)3,8614748
loZl0(loZl0)Adult (m)3,1694422
5oH9QFfion's BeautyAdult (m)2,18368810
NC6EnFfion's Sea ButterflyAdult (f)3,0992276
ppI7WFfion's PrideAdult (f)2,2993798
18LjmWhich Way Ffion FliesAdult (m)2,0913575
lL761Ffion's InnocenceAdult (f)3,9494303
TH91AFfion's SketchAdult (m)3,6394138
XFYohFfion's BrachiosaurusAdult12,5511,2688
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