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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “lolipop17374,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
PnCpd(PnCpd)Dead Egg110
tDRYSDaughter 1Adult (f)8,5131,2773
10MNgSon 1Adult (m)8,4251,2216
gTGuDSon 2Adult (m)3,4067182
LYsU4Daughter 2Adult (f)4,3169282
THLenSon 3Adult (m)7,1831,0424
yoRQ6Daughter 3Adult (f)7,4121,0472
37TcNSon 4Adult (m)7,1761,0422
ab5CLSon 5Adult (m)7,1351,1182
FxybFSon 6Adult (m)8,2171,0693
ED8tCSon 7Adult (m)8,2881,0485
BXwJYSon 8Adult (m)8,4631,0255
PQK0mDaughter 4Adult (f)8,2361,0683
FFJq4Son 9Adult (m)7,7651,2251
tknD9Son 10Adult (m)7,9781,2011
8LlWzDaughter 5Adult (f)7,9551,2351
y9eEhDaughter 6Adult (f)7,7571,2153
ySQQnSon 11Adult (m)8,7451,0531
kMmHaDaughter 7Adult (f)8,7051,0812
sw98ZSon 12Adult (m)8,6381,0903
yjbKZSon 13Adult (m)8,8571,0483
RBrWnSon 14Adult (m)8,0351,2209
3z0nLDaughter 8Adult (f)9,5871,3484
TboCtSon 15Adult (m)9,6241,3606
M1y8CDaughter 9Adult (f)9,4941,3353
Dcln7Daughter 10Adult (f)8,5661,1461
oLOPYSon 16Adult (m)8,1711,1431
sOohsSon 17Adult (m)8,4941,1071
vonO0Son 18Adult (m)10,6051,3804
fBhTlDaughter 11Adult (f)9,2721,1275
JkAvRSon 19Adult (m)9,4671,1171
MW9DzSon 20Adult (m)9,8371,3225
vwkIpDaughter 12Adult (f)9,5491,3052
nL2HKDaughter 13Adult (f)8,1991,1386
KBDLKDaughter 14Adult (f)7,8041,3051
DYeFtDaughter 15Adult (f)7,4701,2973
SdzsxDaughter 16Adult (f)7,5181,2901
5kZGqDaughter 17Adult (f)7,5581,5952
fQCD5Son 21Adult (m)7,6921,5842
BvhIfSon 22Adult (m)7,5321,5924
2oOW8Son 23Adult (m)7,6861,6541
SRCpODaughter 18Adult (f)5,6021,2812
veVQSSon 24Adult (m)5,6711,2962
v9vIqDaughter 19Adult (f)8,2941,5381
DMJTxDaughter 20Adult (f)6,9191,2442
pf1KmSon 25Adult (m)6,7501,2274
BvXpLDaughter 21Adult (f)6,8781,2442
3AVIaSon 26Adult (m)8,4169565
ag0THDaughter 22Adult (f)8,5061,0831
Gz58NDaughter 23Adult (f)8,5491,0493
s2n6cSon 27Adult (m)8,4141,0651
jH2H4Son 28Adult (m)8,1481,0595
pPIZhSon 29Adult (m)8,1321,1023
ljDVtDaughter 24Adult (f)8,0261,0577
l8G4xSon 30Adult (m)3,9467391
m2M2ESon 31Adult (m)4,0047341
vBbdeSon 32Adult (m)4,0597612
CvLTZDaughter 25Adult (f)4,0887662
0PhfcDaughter 26Adult (f)4,0877451
3tZphDaughter 27Adult (f)9,0921,1112
YUL9cSon 33Adult (m)9,0441,1125
dBwLpDaughter 28Adult (f)9,2041,1032
qDQhyDaughter 29Adult (f)8,6881,0943
s2U7TSon 34Adult (m)8,7301,1034
Th9GsSon 35Adult (m)9,4111,2881
mfKC6Son 36Adult (m)9,5791,3442
3CFgBDaughter 30Adult (f)9,4651,3103
GtcdwDaughter 31Adult (f)9,4951,3453
2fCNeDaughter 32Adult (f)9,3421,3712
bE087Daughter 33Adult (f)6,9401,1414
kThyUSon 37Adult (m)6,7791,0934
nc7KnSon 38Adult (m)6,7601,0722
hY8G0Son 39Adult (m)6,8091,3061
Tz7IRSon 40Adult (m)6,8011,3151
olKQeSon 41Adult (m)6,8801,3180
vUqv2Son 42Adult (m)3,4636453
226v2Son 43Adult (m)7,4221,3701
YS7HqDaughter 34Adult (f)4,0998422
m931LDaughter 35Adult (f)5,1338671
YKoUKDaughter 36Adult (f)7,9471,1985
3zDWyDaughter 37Adult (f)4,9881,0683
rvjeZDaughter 38Adult (f)7,1961,3023
feozoSon 44Adult (m)7,7021,3421
KiEclSon 45Adult (m)7,8251,3833
XoqYJDaughter 39Adult (f)7,0701,2223
maPUOSon 46Adult (m)7,5061,2922
XoxSKDaughter 40Adult (f)9,0521,4524
xe3h3Daughter 41Adult (f)9,1471,4594
Z2DeGDaughter 42Adult (f)9,1921,4535
AM87XDaughter 43Adult (f)5,1441,0724
5ek2qDaughter 44Adult (f)6,8439561
62yOzDaughter 45Adult (f)6,7709401
wYYmRDaughter 46Adult (f)7,4401,0443
OwctNDaughter 47Adult (f)7,5749701
XVCziDaughter 48Adult (f)8,1411,0903
fmLdjSon 47Adult (m)11,7411,5986
FBVP5Son 48Adult (m)11,9611,6282
HqrbCSon 49Adult (m)4,6287502
v65T0Son 50Adult (m)4,0047751
XEBf2Daughter 49Adult (f)5,1149321
x8BaySon 51Adult (m)7,6381,0274
KHHPdDaughter 50Adult (f)6,8391,1206
NqLA5Daughter 51Adult (f)8,4731,2094
rNxRrDaughter 52Adult (f)8,4851,1973
5kp9mDaughter 53Adult (f)5,7197721
m6uLlDaughter 54Adult (f)6,2278141
GLoadDaughter 55Adult (f)5,7288961
tmJPe(tmJPe)Adult (m)3,2437283
LDLmX(LDLmX)Adult (f)5,4671,0393
MyEj5(MyEj5)Adult (f)5,5641,0761
pqdLx(pqdLx)Adult (m)3,9908493
v7UoA(v7UoA)Adult (m)6,2721,1093
ECHgY(ECHgY)Adult (f)6,3331,1712
7xPiX(7xPiX)Adult (m)6,3411,1262
WLt25(WLt25)Adult (f)6,2901,0986
ehnN8(ehnN8)Adult (f)3,3427362
ZryMR(ZryMR)Adult (m)5,0369871
8hvf6(8hvf6)Adult (f)4,9859650
m7XLQ(m7XLQ)Adult (m)4,9629630
amhjV(amhjV)Adult (f)6,2781,0663
3irEH(3irEH)Adult (m)3,6367891
2zuiW(2zuiW)Adult (m)6,8008763
8rrEg(8rrEg)Adult (f)6,7568753
G1DSX(G1DSX)Adult (m)6,7558684
gWGrn(gWGrn)Adult (f)6,6978821
MOgs4(MOgs4)Adult (m)5,3819884
4NYGE(4NYGE)Adult (m)5,4689742
YjE3G(YjE3G)Adult (m)5,6401,0272
zXFa1(zXFa1)Adult (m)5,6031,0111
iplQK(iplQK)Adult (m)3,6766821
vAqJw(vAqJw)Adult (f)3,7796903
0LyfK(0LyfK)Adult (m)3,2737681
T3YM8(T3YM8)Adult (f)4,1486682
3mnzR(3mnzR)Adult (f)4,5817230
HH50u(HH50u)Adult (m)4,3096731
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