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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “lola92,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
0nC2GBH Guardian of Lola92's ScrollAdult (f)7,56371617
lSAwh(lSAwh)Adult (f)5,0156763
eCeoX(eCeoX)Adult (f)3,5567161
Ws6Yy(Ws6Yy)Adult (f)3,3687371
S8yOD(S8yOD)Adult (m)3,4267051
JAnOY(JAnOY)Adult (f)5,0436442
zkAFO(zkAFO)Adult (f)3,5156873
XLrpD(XLrpD)Adult (f)3,4266862
yucmW(yucmW)Adult (f)2,5656351
CfGCw(CfGCw)Adult (f)4,2227522
8d6Sb(8d6Sb)Adult (f)3,1037242
qMnF7(qMnF7)Adult (f)2,7527151
GKxwg(GKxwg)Adult (m)3,6067561
dxkvs(dxkvs)Adult (m)2,7967141
4XlAO(4XlAO)Adult (f)2,6996891
htA79(htA79)Adult (f)3,2937064
SHn9O(SHn9O)Adult (f)2,9586272
8YOUc(8YOUc)Adult (m)3,1356062
YwtJV(YwtJV)Adult (m)3,1857102
YC4Vc(YC4Vc)Adult (m)3,5077121
V4z0b(V4z0b)Adult (m)3,6407491
UnA8P(UnA8P)Adult (f)3,5807382
Mrk1t(Mrk1t)Adult (f)3,3817031
SMyAP(SMyAP)Adult (f)2,8636512
F7FbY(F7FbY)Adult (m)3,2236911
5HErn(5HErn)Adult (m)3,1527242
JDVSO(JDVSO)Adult (m)2,6717772
uRvXu(uRvXu)Adult (f)2,6568141
8TyWF(8TyWF)Adult (m)2,7758141
wRIsF(wRIsF)Adult (m)2,7558141
zBtMB(zBtMB)Adult (f)3,1788041
iQwf6(iQwf6)Adult (f)2,7036472
3blaw(3blaw)Adult (f)2,6356392
D94ON(D94ON)Adult (f)4,9658352
41Q5k(41Q5k)Adult (f)2,7476153
4dXxT(4dXxT)Adult (m)2,6426521
5kqkg(5kqkg)Adult (f)2,7926241
d74Z2(d74Z2)Adult (m)2,7816361
ZZVsp(ZZVsp)Adult (f)2,4806462
8gpGL(8gpGL)Adult (f)2,4746411
d1Moo(d1Moo)Adult (m)2,6266460
CWaal(CWaal)Adult (m)2,4786291
sSGJq(sSGJq)Adult (f)5,1211,0783
8prG5(8prG5)Adult (f)3,6768533
GIIqR(GIIqR)Adult (m)2,7476252
muJJq(muJJq)Hatchling (F)1,9823063
ZMdyK(ZMdyK)Adult (f)5,4911,0773
71oYK(71oYK)Adult (f)4,6821,0806
wK0zW(wK0zW)Adult (m)4,3699797
bkGdt(bkGdt)Adult (f)3,3225705
tj9iY(tj9iY)Adult (m)3,3625555
Ez3yM(Ez3yM)Adult (f)4,7637203
5bBLS(5bBLS)Adult (f)3,0086570
q68Yu(q68Yu)Adult (f)2,8676361
0cPyX(0cPyX)Adult (f)2,8136382
lDPae(lDPae)Adult (m)2,8726091
Iqc1o(Iqc1o)Adult (m)2,8546113
R4MFo(R4MFo)Adult (f)3,1606660
ZgIXP(ZgIXP)Adult (f)3,2186651
Vga9L(Vga9L)Adult (f)3,0376361
m5REn(m5REn)Adult (m)2,9168962
MYgAa(MYgAa)Adult (m)3,2806496
gznRF(gznRF)Adult (m)3,3186847
GbigW(GbigW)Adult (f)2,8856735
6Ja1h(6Ja1h)Adult (f)3,0626755
Bbqoa(Bbqoa)Adult (m)3,6787091
36r26(36r26)Adult (f)3,6427113
Hsa8y(Hsa8y)Adult (m)3,1809491
Oqfek(Oqfek)Adult (m)3,7361,0700
DhGBh(DhGBh)Adult (m)2,3427341
NZYpS(NZYpS)Adult (m)2,5007570
nWWB5(nWWB5)Adult (f)2,7095514
No8bC(No8bC)Adult (f)2,6505474
a5Vxv(a5Vxv)Adult (m)2,8655783
WxrpV(WxrpV)Adult (m)2,7475633
bsQUT(bsQUT)Adult (f)2,8256035
5Rfq2(5Rfq2)Adult (f)2,9388051
8lFGg(8lFGg)Adult (m)3,1098261
isS8Q(isS8Q)Adult (m)3,2778411
2YnW3(2YnW3)Adult (m)3,4596454
txL1D(txL1D)Adult (f)2,7126232
EdXnB(EdXnB)Adult (m)4,3088803
GC9hU(GC9hU)Adult (f)4,2649201
jI1D2(jI1D2)Adult (m)2,9096210
gv4x0(gv4x0)Adult (m)2,6866110
KrCiX(KrCiX)Adult (m)2,7216142
h4NB4(h4NB4)Adult (f)4,3868871
2p9SZ(2p9SZ)Adult (m)3,1316277
Qmzk0(Qmzk0)Adult (m)3,5596352
yvhC2(yvhC2)Adult (m)5,0046684
8uuaw(8uuaw)Adult (m)3,6736502
YIRKQBH In Honor of Aiden 11-6Adult (m)7,03692423
WYC2LBH Guardian Of The ScrollAdult (f)5,6661,05512
j45sBH Welcome to Lola's ScrollHatchling (m, F)1,01562324
eKVqKBH No I will not gift Holly'sHatchling (F)3,8572625
GcFu7BH Named but not on website yetAdult (f)1,7176654
p00wVBH Poo almost a birthday dragonAdult (f)3,7863655
pcM4BH Bri's Neglectful BirthdayAdult (f)3,53463946
lonpBH Lonely Lost LoveAdult (m)3,2451,111164
njKnBBH Unknown ThuwedAdult (f)2,7383884
tViGBH Lola's Lucky Catch ThuwedAdult (f)6,72685821
HYdbSBH Wedding Gift ThuwedAdult (f)3,5471,29621
PhZbBH Bri's 18th Bday ThuwedAdult (f)4,4971,36644
J7erBH White Tiger ThuwedAdult (m)2,25672310
2jMJBH Aoi Ocean Poseidon ThuwedAdult (m)2,3367369
frO4g(frO4g)Adult (m)3,4163267
IEBkzBH Lola's Easter FunAdult (m)8,72860818
YwfXmBH Nasty ParentsAdult (f)7,07579314
hA5gBH ARES the godAdult (m)8,9851,72286
YBZvEBH Summers Purple CaveAdult (f)3,9351,1025
ZOPDKBH Summers NightAdult (m)4,1898745
78wYX(78wYX)Adult (f)2,9786237
WE9Mt(WE9Mt)Adult (m)3,3345702
VzFk7(VzFk7)Adult (f)2,3346321
ENg8CBH July NightsAdult (f)4,5201,2413
6yhvcBH July PainsAdult (m)3,1627732
jkuwgBH July FiresideAdult (m)2,8727455
dwyKC(dwyKC)Adult (f)3,5308671
kLgdP(kLgdP)Adult (m)2,9717511
Fiml7(Fiml7)Adult (m)3,4778862
a7KWQ(a7KWQ)Adult (m)3,3427361
50CvBH What Should I Be NamedAdult (f)1,7453737
qTv9BH Marissa BensonAdult (f)4,50661127
6SDRBH AlbinoAdult (m)3,14929613
oEhh5BH  Daniel GastoAdult (m)3,1181,20610
jERcBH Odd Della  RobbiaAdult (m)4,4193608
q8WNH(q8WNH)Adult (f)2,7287123
oJ09k(oJ09k)Adult (f)3,8677640
Ohelg(Ohelg)Adult (m)3,9216001
us55n(us55n)Adult (m)3,8877891
u27oM(u27oM)Adult (f)4,3386080
ykJfl(ykJfl)Adult (f)3,4168203
67jaR(67jaR)Adult (f)3,1637853
eOx7v(eOx7v)Adult (m)2,9097814
51L58(51L58)Adult (f)3,0957702
YPlCR(YPlCR)Adult (m)2,7598164
NIxXT(NIxXT)Adult (m)2,1476174
812h9(812h9)Adult (m)1,6414643
R38tN(R38tN)Adult (m)3,1917991
R4Fjd(R4Fjd)Adult (f)2,8896891
Ass4V(Ass4V)Adult (m)3,7517651
riB9T(riB9T)Adult (f)3,0916222
paqBZ(paqBZ)Adult (m)3,3336373
X4ios(X4ios)Adult (m)3,5176613
7AlPF(7AlPF)Adult (m)4,4638250
7EIZO(7EIZO)Adult (m)4,2937781
0ePrF(0ePrF)Adult (m)4,0247921
WqYua(WqYua)Adult (m)2,8426980
TuAZ7(TuAZ7)Adult (f)3,8437611
xtim2(xtim2)Adult (f)4,0307791
incT3(incT3)Adult (f)3,5537330
eOQx8(eOQx8)Adult (f)3,4786912
KE98r(KE98r)Adult (m)4,6888761
1OGeq(1OGeq)Adult (f)3,4989021
Rh4E6(Rh4E6)Adult (f)3,9996633
JNYOX(JNYOX)Adult (f)3,3357211
F52gL(F52gL)Adult (f)3,2477202
vcw3N(vcw3N)Adult (m)3,0987631
b45XU(b45XU)Adult (f)3,3725541
0vTN1(0vTN1)Adult (m)3,5945610
UeVW3(UeVW3)Adult (f)3,5455700
ZMssBH Noboy likes meAdult (f)1,8168247
McZ1BH helium fixAdult (f)1,47536713
6Zm1BH Watermelon Bubble GumAdult (m)2,8852908
S3awsBH Bubblegum SawsAdult (m)3,2007982
6g23BH Strawberry Bubble-GumAdult (m)5,13342413
CVdkBH X-Justin-XAdult (m)2,0983295
QyiHC(QyiHC)Adult (m)3,1286691
gBetBH Darkest Cb GiftAdult (f)6,8951,20814
jpIsZBH JP iz hereAdult (m)2,4616993
FYT6FBH  MiyakoAdult (f)3,9998307
d8P9BH Kali OdessaAdult (f)9,5141,20630
FZhcBH I Survived the Down timeAdult (f)1,45562635
6aQMBH Midnight Christmas GiftAdult (m)1,50644324
IDk0BH Cb Kuroi AkumuAdult (m)1,92755634
55knBH Dark JudasAdult (m)2,5811,18944
uOYazBH O yazAdult (m)2,8931,0903
tkoiBH RosaleenAdult (f)4,29844610
cRf56BH Glyn TheophanesAdult (m)4,7391,3154
gYCoP(gYCoP)Adult (m)3,9986786
ZtBhZBH Jasmina AksinyaAdult (f)3,4881,2352
WaVABBH Nessa GertrudaAdult (f)3,6491,2132
BSg3d(BSg3d)Adult (m)4,2448314
X5BxdBH Tip WingAdult (m)1,9386031
rBBTPBH YoukoAdult (f)2,9011,1435
YqKxQBH KaitoAdult (m)3,6371,4884
jCZCOBH Bleeding LunaAdult (f)1,9967731
zyJAzBH SerkanAdult (m)2,3106241
gnKmLBH ChandraAdult (m)2,1375922
EDBy5BH SeleneAdult (f)2,1775780
kVFm7BH Bleeding MoonAdult (f)3,2157284
BhxqjBH Bleeding IahAdult (m)1,9535611
toGVjBH Winter MoonAdult (m)2,0725942
VUY6ABH Bleeding PurnamaAdult (m)1,7287132
A38OfBH Bleeding HalaAdult (f)2,6456422
DyKUm(DyKUm)Adult (m)3,6275831
xtPOPBH Pop goes the weaselAdult (m)3,9209342
jisqUBH Emmie MetaAdult (f)3,6551,1753
mWuBsBH Jon WynneAdult (m)4,5901,2492
nI2irBH DarklightAdult (m)2,0946902
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