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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “lincoln6echo,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
u4trLinc's Nilia LassAdult (f)3,0147343
1XvSLinc's Nilia LadAdult (m)3,1027203
2E8aLinc's Misfit LadAdult (m)3,2136862
umi5Linc's Misfit LassAdult (f)3,3596883
dgGTLinc's Crimson LadAdult (m)3,4356922
mBF9Linc's Crimson LassAdult (f)3,9468351
Wto2Linc's Seawyrm LassAdult (f)2,9226961
LArMLinc's Seawyrm LadAdult (m)3,4627103
RXrtULinc's Magelight UrtAdult (f)3,3949922
ZHSuoLinc's Magelight ZhsuoAdult (f)2,7839520
ubxk6Linc's Magelight KsixAdult (m)3,3579771
ioGl0Linc's Magelight IogloAdult (m)2,9039380
tXZtALinc's Red-Tailed ZtaAdult (m)4,5098041
n9Y0sLinc's Red-Tailed YosAdult (f)4,3757960
AMZpfLinc's Red-Tailed AmzAdult (f)3,5678310
GGewPLinc's Red-Tailed GewAdult (m)3,9488481
N53ciCallaway's CCC KyaniteAdult (f)2,9187650
tICDVCallaway's CVD KyaniteAdult (f)2,9907601
PhVBWCallaway's Cobalt BlueAdult (m)2,9157661
HF73ECallaway's Marine BlueAdult (m)2,9067580
ZmyY1Lic's Mimic ZimyAdult (m)4,3278521
cx2NgLinc's Mimic XTwoAdult (m)6,4199040
0ASTmLinc's Mimic OastAdult (f)6,4389491
AYAx2Linc's Mimic AyaxAdult (f)4,0718102
R9uSACallaway's Chicken GirlAdult (f)2,62097010
uMu6Callaway's Green ParasaurolophusAdult2,8499763
qvOVCallaway's Purple PterodactylusAdult2,8589278
YYKbCallaway's Yellow ApatosaurusAdult1,6458125
dvf3Callaway's Blue TriceratopsAdult2,3981,0167
tVlOCallaway's Red StegosaurusAdult2,5789278
CndvhThey will join meHatchling (f, F)3,2485104
OZtU5(OZtU5)Adult (m)3,2229762
4Xgg3(4Xgg3)Adult (f)3,8101,0990
Gmwi2(Gmwi2)Adult (m)3,7381,0751
pF4Ns(pF4Ns)Adult (f)3,8891,0970
KPGK9(KPGK9)Adult (m)2,6688652
I7XPO(I7XPO)Adult (f)3,5971,0236
HcOyO(HcOyO)Adult (m)2,9767632
Zgzvy(Zgzvy)Adult (m)4,1899281
xemsO(xemsO)Adult (m)5,5121,2182
uaRDY(uaRDY)Adult (m)2,2469514
jRzeW(jRzeW)Adult (m)3,6417643
QJDcG(QJDcG)Adult (f)9,3241,4502
jBoLC(jBoLC)Adult (m)2,6316441
5Aw3N(5Aw3N)Adult (m)2,4447552
VGPv5(VGPv5)Adult (f)5,8421,0531
5vbNc(5vbNc)Adult (m)6,8039052
PQGD8(PQGD8)Adult (m)5,9559900
0owuq(0owuq)Adult (m)2,8526273
e4O14(e4O14)Adult (m)2,2197611
V9dEj(V9dEj)Adult (f)7,9631,3501
iGT8L(iGT8L)Adult (m)4,3541,0562
YnPO6(YnPO6)Adult (m)3,8098895
ZfFwP(ZfFwP)Adult (f)3,0545685
G8EaR(G8EaR)Adult (f)2,9936611
pT1SX(pT1SX)Adult (f)2,9366421
ALAWE(ALAWE)Adult (m)2,9406764
PORKO(PORKO)Adult (m)4,6539512
IUa1q(IUa1q)Adult (m)2,9326162
dNxdD(dNxdD)Adult (f)3,7471,0501
RLZ0a(RLZ0a)Adult (f)3,5241,0842
yIvx6(yIvx6)Adult (m)3,5781,3401
M2T2m(M2T2m)Adult (m)2,3576872
6PGSR(6PGSR)Adult (f)3,8906592
MKRxa(MKRxa)Adult (m)3,5617051
TXFnq(TXFnq)Adult (m)3,1567261
6uXmn(6uXmn)Adult (m)3,1977530
nHgqt(nHgqt)Adult (f)3,3768321
j7mWO(j7mWO)Adult (m)3,5328230
POtWR(POtWR)Adult (m)3,2986931
EjcvT(EjcvT)Adult (f)6,5119922
JAYTv(JAYTv)Adult (m)2,9366612
1BlUO(1BlUO)Adult (m)3,3137244
YyVZ6(YyVZ6)Adult (m)4,1828625
Fzn5m(Fzn5m)Adult (f)4,6351,1334
d2GZw(d2GZw)Adult (f)2,8596401
948Yi(948Yi)Adult (f)5,0231,1603
mvZB4(mvZB4)Adult (m)3,7028360
qzwsT(qzwsT)Adult (m)3,1738860
lWk2x(lWk2x)Adult (f)4,1621,0214
vNzQ7(vNzQ7)Adult (m)3,4727651
XgaGp(XgaGp)Adult (m)3,2377603
anR5K(anR5K)Adult (f)4,9571,0312
qvZXU(qvZXU)Adult (f)3,1948450
vhmud(vhmud)Adult (m)3,2377260
xhaAu(xhaAu)Adult (m)3,1727470
w4VWS(w4VWS)Adult (f)3,2337770
Mp3ge(Mp3ge)Adult (m)3,2619100
13jLe(13jLe)Adult (m)3,8706595
pqNuJ(pqNuJ)Adult (m)5,1941,0190
t7lZY(t7lZY)Adult (m)5,5211,0602
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