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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “lincoln6echo,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
bkOT0(bkOT0)Adult (m)4,7831,1293
njCzl(njCzl)Adult (m)5,4581,2256
EqOGN(EqOGN)Adult (f)4,6041,1223
N93iN(N93iN)Adult (f)5,5481,0694
PURuJ(PURuJ)Adult (m)4,1809814
ZJeAz(ZJeAz)Adult (m)4,2641,0051
HHGBP(HHGBP)Adult (f)4,1399982
JAn3s(JAn3s)Adult (f)4,3061,0003
Wu4up(Wu4up)Adult (m)4,2771,0162
Rrcvs(Rrcvs)Adult (f)3,8369962
Y0xU0(Y0xU0)Adult (f)3,6919980
ZMgFu(ZMgFu)Adult (m)4,1991,0081
67LS(67LS)Egg (F)
f7vVl(f7vVl)Adult (f)6,0331,1337
u4EIA(u4EIA)Adult (f)6,2751,3038
OQxXB(OQxXB)Adult (m)5,4781,1274
wwo8g(wwo8g)Adult (m)5,8561,2294
DfXbg(DfXbg)Adult (m)5,3211,1194
g4Cp5(g4Cp5)Adult (f)7,0051,1058
F0WXh(F0WXh)Adult (m)5,2789382
xywTo(xywTo)Adult (f)5,5391,0022
zwVPq(zwVPq)Adult (m)6,3941,1417
QZZ7Z(QZZ7Z)Adult (f)4,7991,2072
e1mr4(e1mr4)Adult (f)4,9529473
FNNHY(FNNHY)Adult (f)6,1491,1591
h5Eks(h5Eks)Adult (f)5,4011,0727
Uepxy(Uepxy)Adult (m)5,0811,0223
NCegl(NCegl)Adult (f)4,2718841
P5iyD(P5iyD)Adult (m)5,6511,1922
TcK1f(TcK1f)Adult (f)5,1861,0753
aR4sh(aR4sh)Adult (m)5,0031,0905
wiY9Y(wiY9Y)Adult (m)4,1038932
Esufj(Esufj)Adult (f)4,8389201
y9CXo(y9CXo)Adult (m)6,2711,1386
POV3J(POV3J)Adult (f)5,5321,0457
fb5BJ(fb5BJ)Adult (f)4,1599453
PAdJr(PAdJr)Adult (m)5,7301,1287
ByinP(ByinP)Adult (m)5,4351,1224
pccx7(pccx7)Adult (f)4,8921,0631
uuPA5(uuPA5)Adult (m)5,4261,0352
1SJju(1SJju)Adult (m)5,2361,0979
eGDcK(eGDcK)Adult (f)5,9451,0873
VZMR6(VZMR6)Adult (m)6,4841,1506
0zO7L(0zO7L)Adult (m)8,3121,1724
O5Tn4(O5Tn4)Adult (m)5,7811,0581
fzjZx(fzjZx)Adult (f)5,9991,1394
Uu8Ck(Uu8Ck)Adult (m)4,2899484
IUWKD(IUWKD)Adult (f)6,1871,0696
7OK40(7OK40)Adult (m)4,6611,0461
kAbsv(kAbsv)Adult (m)5,3931,0752
srGdB(srGdB)Adult (f)6,6751,1043
kZc8m(kZc8m)Adult (m)4,4021,1102
PZ4sp(PZ4sp)Adult (m)4,5029262
pfJeW(pfJeW)Adult (m)4,7479472
6IXHj(6IXHj)Adult (f)5,1801,1204
epoEU(epoEU)Adult (f)5,5469535
z8reVMY TINSEL COLLECTIONHatchling (f, F)4,8709139
O68K9Carreg SamsonAdult (m)5,0941,17322
0T3QcLinc's Black Rafaela 2Adult (f)3,8361,0445
jQ9KVLinc's Truffle Theresa 2Adult (f)6,0211,0428
6d4qPLinc's Pillow To Everglen 2Adult (f)6,3631,02010
SOUBpLinc's Floral Epica 2Adult (f)4,7261,10812
dasAlLinc's Red Fire G Gilmore 3Adult (m)4,5491,2195
BBdBsLinc's Diamond Isladine 2Adult (f)6,8771,1053
A5QFrLinc's Bolt Invicta 2Adult (f)6,2401,1491
R4IOkLinc's Arcana Jamais 2Adult (m)6,6289392
B35DQLinc's Rwrgw Aeon 2Adult (m)5,74468216
Wxy97Linc's Shiny Garland 2Adult (m)3,8991,0637
h8sqcLinc's Sudden Mistletoe 2Adult (m)3,7229709
ouIhfLinc's Azure Hraesvelgr 2Adult (m)6,7121,1965
MAcmNLinc's Green Fire Gem Joker 2Adult (m)5,1181,0481
QpcE3Linc's Celestial File 2Adult (m)4,3431,00510
zhSiDLinc's Sunsong Paxatran 2Adult (m)5,0371,1744
qpDafLinc's Witchlight Cameron 2Adult (m)6,2611,0423
Ms2InLinc's Silver Luna 2Adult (f)5,1409821
WG59WLinc's Holly Cestiel 2Adult (f)4,8439774
uzf8RLinc's Snow Daughter 2Adult (f)7,7506796
sTv9wLinc's Tan Ridge Legends 2Adult (m)5,6691,0459
CHWh3Linc's Erador Omelette 2Adult (f)5,8001,1194
f0EmXLinc's Gold Allerod 2Adult (m)5,5991,1047
gaaIDLinc's Caligene Trathuil 2Adult (m)5,4241,1523
WWtiOLinc's Red Gemshard Sun 2Adult (m)4,7829712
hhAZdLinc's Wintertide Pomponne 2Adult (f)5,2171,0814
cnV5WLinc's Kohraki Samson 2Adult (m)4,1889478
Wt4fHLinc's Red Copper Elvonien 2Adult (m)3,7369873
TJy7qLinc's Black Tip Pomponne 2Adult (f)4,1541,0684
nhuXaLinc's V48FR Omen 2Adult (f)3,6009628
QSi9bLinc's ARMYrand 2Adult (m)4,7299084
jD5p3Linc's Undine DrAmA 2Adult (f)4,5571,05418
E6ajELinc's Silver Kaylobee 2Adult (m)9,6421,19623
2xxE9Linc's Autumn Fool 2Adult (f)6,19378914
sS5fCLinc's Blue Ilvermorny 2Adult (f)4,4761,0557
CylWpLinc's Axoheka Astrapi 2Adult (f)7,0937196
BFy7GLinc's Winter Magi Tinselle 2Adult (f)6,0211,1256
bn7zKLinc's Virdigris Banana 2Adult (f)4,5769518
37ckdLinc's Moonstone O9y0s 2Adult (f)5,1961,0467
CphMHLinc's Sakuhana QWZZJ 2Adult (m)5,7369364
eAgohLinc's Nhio Hypnotizing 2Adult (f)4,6641,11825
ybrZCLinc's Golden Empress 2Adult (f)5,0001,0503
VAnqyLinc's Striped Cross 2Adult (m)5,6071,0246
79zyjLinc's Bleeding Gilgameish 3Adult (m)5,5301,03310
3qDQXLinc's Gold Mugwump 3Adult (m)6,0821,1939
pvrNpLinc's Pooky Teimarr 3Adult (m)5,5101,0623
QrU9lLinc's Crowned Licht 3Adult (m)5,1541,0303
k4FKcLinc's Sunsong Pa1kH 3Adult (m)5,0761,0445
hrXxkLinc's Coastal Hea1er 3Adult (m)5,6411,0204
XFkv8Linc's Klavira Yellow Zyu 3Adult (f)6,0001,0194
bnFY1Linc's Plated Pretiola 3Adult (f)5,4669304
EZV67Linc's Blue Gem Claw 3Adult (m)4,6041,1443
mVDs2Linc's Black Tea Lord 3Adult (m)6,4401,1075
WohbcLinc's Gold LH Gilgameish 3Adult (m)5,5601,0059
Zxa2ELinc's Undine Draenarys 3Adult (m)5,5658847
hh2XnLinc's Snow Alycia 3Adult (f)5,2921,0355
S0do0Linc's Fitzy Ridgewing 3Adult (m)4,7829174
mLNoTLinc's Water Walker XeNOs 3Adult (f)5,9071,0937
VXyvSLinc's Pyro Fortuna 3Adult (f)4,5851,03716
s4J46Linc's Pyro  E t e r n i t y 3Adult (f)4,1009882
3BaEWLinc's Balloon Pendant 3Adult (f)5,7761,0192
IHQ8XLinc's Gold Burn Out 3Adult (m)5,9419485
3meh5Linc's Bluesang S-Artoria 3Adult (f)3,9079142
HqcfJLinc's Goldmoon Lunar H 3Adult (f)4,4029283
REWziLinc's Floret Gardenia 3Adult (m)4,2711,0011
mhahZLinc's Aeon 'Cueran 3Adult (f)4,8571,1404
i5SdULinc's Red h8dgh 3Adult (m)5,3409905
XCotmLinc's Radiant Prized 3Adult (f)6,2598575
01U4VLinc's Pooky Fell 3Adult (m)4,0537224
1WsgdLinc's Gold Floria 3Adult (f)5,0651,0012
vuBamLinc's Arcana Lola 3Adult (f)5,3541,1063
76AYCLinc's Holly T h e i a 3Adult (f)5,3731,0466
V29xuLinc's Pyro Butts 3Adult (m)5,2381,0765
5aCoaLinc's Loquat Spessartine 3Adult (m)7,2569645
ghSxsLinc's Sapphire Fuchsbau 3Adult (f)5,4349845
gXexXLinc's Turpentine Ammy 3Adult (f)5,4721,0785
6j7aXLinc's Gold LH Mudzy 3Adult (m)6,5211,0867
GIZKyLinc's Terrae Aurelix 3Adult (f)4,8861,0244
Iq3BfLinc's Golden Sin 3Adult (f)6,5169472
5dVrRLinc's Iriria Sweetling 3Adult (f)6,3531,34814
CZ4CcLinc's Red Cop Samhain 3Adult (m)6,0421,1386
B6aNWLinc's Clio's Shadow Walker 3Adult (f)3,7668022
OgCYwLinc's Gold Anankos 3Adult (m)5,4831,0008
TTmC4Linc's Celestial Trouvaille 3Adult (f)7,0221,1735
pjfwaLinc's Marrow JIih6 3Adult (m)6,4871,0204
Nps6CLinc's Aurigami Garland 3Adult (m)5,5821,07410
Gw3HhLinc's Anders Harvest 3Adult (m)5,7931,05610
mJfNCLinc's Pacified Aegis Luck 3Adult (f)6,0239711
AKvP5Linc's Anagallis Queen 3Adult (f)5,1859612
K81ZBLinc's Blue LH Snape 3Adult (m)4,6001,0505
ovtHPLinc's Epic Enraged Aegis 3Adult (f)5,4871,0173
lwxiqLinc's Albino Seras 3Adult (f)6,1241,1374
vAjiULinc's Stone Fortuna 3Adult (f)4,5261,1675
tAS60Linc's Mathias GON 3Adult (m)5,3611,2053
3oF7ZLinc's Electric Apollo 3Adult (m)6,09497810
0tU63Linc's Ridgewing Luck 3Adult (f)6,4981,2773
hK913Linc's Living Flamingo 3Adult (f)3,5401,2416
qDkExLinc's AGYI Br Copper 3Adult (f)5,3181,6768
nyLr6Linc's Spinel Aoife 3Adult (m)5,9361,1555
QNgnjLinc's Alt Sweetling Tilly 3Adult (f)6,3341,00926
i3FJ6Linc's Nymeria Heartseeker 3Adult (f)4,2909692
MHlJVLinc's Silver Lunar Dawn 3Adult (m)8,38478310
kenbILinc's Moonlight Rosebud 3Adult (m)5,3999976
ZNVYOLinc's Almandine Zee 3Adult (f)5,4591,0717
7WZEdLinc's Argentium Guardian 3Adult (m)5,2341,0416
SfC3KLinc's Radiant Menelinium 3Adult (f)4,9121,1004
arEXXLinc's Arsani Joker 3Adult (m)5,1241,0394
exHU4Linc's Moonstone Timii 3Adult (m)5,3008183
JAhJhLinc's Spitfire Joker 3Adult (m)8,9118354
kQvbYLinc's Red Gem Tilly 3Adult (f)5,6557494
6Tl02Linc's Fever Dream 3Adult (f)5,0698970
NSL23Linc's Valentine Joker 3Adult (m)4,8189956
uNs6ALinc's Astrapi Tango 3Adult (m)4,4381,11013
ry3H7Linc's Moonstone Midnight 3Adult (f)4,6009142
ZCSC6Linc's Tan Ridge Fevral 3Adult (m)4,7309713
4zyAELinc's Upside Down Jonny 3Adult (m)5,2509834
OOrtZLinc's January Gaia 3Adult (m)4,4431,0061
mbHeqLinc's Miracle Magi 3Adult (m)4,7729881
sPSY2Linc's Piggy's Brown LH 3Adult (m)4,1901,0242
H2NQKLinc's Green Neb Amadore 3Adult (f)4,6629963
ApbsXLinc's N'ensi Sakuhana 3Adult (m)4,0478744
LXI1TLinc's Speckle Gir 3Adult (f)5,2501,1424
LfSpNLinc's Monarch Bobby 3Adult (m)4,6169755
mfw9ALinc's Aegis Stellarum 3Adult (f)3,8941,0803
ggbbGLinc's Aeon Anjeo 3Adult (f)4,2631,0884
7fn1qLinc's Antarean Jewel 3Adult (f)5,2141,0202
ehT6pLinc's Blue Lunar Tilly 3Adult (f)4,7089233
Ag9hbLinc's Kelnan Green Gem 3Adult (m)6,4701,0215
f1aAILinc's Hellfire Gloomy 3Adult (m)5,3391,0202
VocQkLinc's Swallowtail Lady 3Adult (f)4,7929098
WbJshLinc's Red Copper Marth 3Adult (m)6,6571,2735
NuD5ULinc's Tri-Horn Requiem 3Adult (f)4,5841,0473
w1pAaLinc's Argentae Lumina 3Adult (f)9,4741,1777
3QL93Linc's Water Cassandra 3Adult (f)6,9329784
9obDtLinc's GON Cave 3Adult (m)4,2319904
H3dKGLinc's Sunsong King 3Adult (m)5,4811,0923
Os17BLinc's Koenig Anagallis 3Adult (m)7,7019971
alAaGLinc's Glorious Pebble 3Adult (m)5,9001,0005
Qp2JNLinc's Depisis ZZUUL 3Adult (f)6,9301,1742
2u7GXLinc's Spotted Morchaint 3Adult (f)4,9591,1104
wgiAPLinc's Royal Blue Francigenum 3Adult (m)4,8141,2225
xzdh7Linc's Green Nebula's Joy 3Adult (f)8,4368501
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