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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “like-a-ghost,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
xxp45On Tides Of Red Summer DiesAdult (m)5,4548403
wjP12She Stops The SeasonsAdult (f)5,1591,0413
6zehTMagistrate OracleAdult (m)6,0771,1491
T5lFQStripes of TimeAdult (m)6,4231,2441
3DWrU(3DWrU)Adult (f)6,7481,3131
t2Yep(t2Yep)Adult (m)5,6711,1291
Juszr(Juszr)Adult (f)5,6861,1331
HXAm5(HXAm5)Adult (f)5,6021,1610
Qrezl(Qrezl)Adult (m)5,5241,1190
XoiCA(XoiCA)Adult (m)6,6721,2270
f8aZE(f8aZE)Adult (m)7,0331,5894
I8B8z(I8B8z)Adult (m)7,3501,5833
JNvPr(JNvPr)Adult (m)5,4191,1981
rU8LjShe of See Through SkinAdult (f)5,0411,3902
g8wQAHis Sickly ShineAdult (m)5,3361,1862
wB7ybFrosted SquirrelAdult (f)5,9271,1314
PgUcnFree The SkinAdult (f)6,9261,0484
zaGxrBlondes Are Really AlbinoAdult (f)5,6616102
aufZoTransparent EmpressHatchling (f, F)4,4681,0335
l4yxIWould You Could YouAdult (f)4,8887792
wTX6GTake The BiteAdult (f)5,3509393
CXy0WOf An Apple Late At NightAdult (m)4,8029351
KDYy6May I MatchAdult (m)6,4208543
Vf8hFDancing On Green GemsAdult (f)6,1125460
pheMKI MATCHEDAdult (m)5,7195552
LmlC0Little Miss LincolnAdult (f)4,8816571
W8gWvWait For WavesAdult (f)4,8516631
zIlMFOaken LassAdult (f)4,2541,2702
pN17GOaken LadAdult (m)4,3741,2462
iqYTJLady Paint BucketAdult (f)4,4831,2572
VID3hSir Painted PawsAdult (m)4,2501,2711
xrDg2Oaken WayAdult (m)6,3089772
RbcyySand Dusted CactusAdult (m)7,0301,0992
f90cTThe Reddest CactusAdult (m)5,6228781
rkXQxSo You ThoughtAdult (m)6,7969134
esR44Snow DippedAdult (f)6,6849852
3BEsaProtecting the GreensAdult (m)7,7248533
GMBNJDipped in the SnowAdult (f)6,9401,0422
T6gA7Whispy GreensAdult (m)6,9161,0622
GPaxpPainted Gaia's PawsHatchling (m, F)5,6138784
hZHcGMade me sad to think it was deadAdult (m)5,7821,1261
CzgkdAnd the story it toldAdult (f)5,8661,1250
05K5eof a river that flowedAdult (m)5,6201,0752
WbcmxAfter three days in the desertAdult (f)5,5791,0800
QCuXTI was looking at a river bedAdult (f)5,1436630
OpTEHSlightly Toasted In The DesertAdult (m)5,2919901
yXHkaMistress FoxineAdult (f)6,4971,0542
FYy8aMy skin began to turn redHatchling (m, F)4,9429602
ROGvOAfter two days in the desert sunHatchling (F)2,1242100
Cj5eS(Cj5eS)Adult (m)4,6498824
8cWbt(8cWbt)Adult (f)4,7791,3300
2Nlh5(2Nlh5)Adult (f)4,7381,3053
BKzhj(BKzhj)Adult (m)4,5921,2710
iCngK(iCngK)Adult (f)4,6041,3251
51Dsj(51Dsj)Adult (m)4,6871,3041
iFo5U(iFo5U)Adult (m)4,5911,2980
gLkCo(gLkCo)Adult (m)4,6961,2932
vnqav(vnqav)Adult (f)4,6301,2982
gakdpDreams Float Like Cotton CandyAdult (f)5,2211,1673
tWyIHOn A Sea Of Pink Not BlueAdult (m)4,9701,1574
EUTqIRegal Prince GumballAdult (m)4,8107753
LywhtDoes Marshall Lee Like MeAdult (m)4,2551,1152
NIhIkGoody Pink GumdropsAdult (m)5,0978063
P1KnZP1KnZAdult (f)3,5429582
tkoYwHe Of The Second Dream At SeaAdult (m)4,2271,0900
Z6OkjCheer Up Gum DropsAdult (m)5,4878284
4uHicHe Is Super PinkAdult (m)5,6841,3102
5pDg6She Lovingly TendersAdult (f)4,9018763
TpuohSong of Blissful BountyAdult (f)5,0398621
eW4szHealing CherryAdult (f)2,7071,2321
sQBWKHidden CherryAdult (f)2,7671,2301
1hNsQHealing EmAdult (f)6,4621,0771
cZ0LDBlissful MischiefAdult (f)6,5259951
LF1IPFrozen Love DropsAdult (f)4,8779512
M0zGzMore IQ HealingAdult (f)6,5781,0563
vjm1k(vjm1k)Adult (f)6,8441,3571
GcWUK(GcWUK)Adult (f)7,2181,3942
CMOqK(CMOqK)Adult (f)6,2291,0392
7jMXAA Lady PaladinAdult (f)4,9941,1591
RBvuzFor Honor or For NotAdult (m)5,0851,1871
wFjhCShe Protects Her LadyAdult (f)5,0521,1911
isF6QHis Knightly DutyAdult (m)5,3271,2210
BhoUFLadies Are Better KnightsAdult (f)5,0611,2050
Hd69L(Hd69L)Adult (f)3,8441,0752
QkQOs(QkQOs)Adult (m)3,7941,0591
djEPQI Be Very blueAdult (f)5,0499490
PSlOcblue Is What I BeAdult (m)5,0069190
jyCBXHungry Nom NomAdult (m)5,5887541
EdAyxI Want Some FoodAdult (f)6,3381,1101
vbJZlMistress FreshwaterAdult (f)6,2951,0951
5avAuHunting the WatersAdult (f)5,8719320
3pqCxMaster FreshwaterAdult (m)5,7819610
3ZBc0Baklava PleaseAdult (m)4,9617101
yJ3CxThere Are ManyAdult (m)4,9917112
qBodhSpeckled Red WatersAdult (f)5,0667110
FMMrxGive Me Sweet TreatsAdult (m)5,2707100
bK4hzProwling The SaltwaterAdult (m)7,9841,1502
evgy5Linina and TininaAdult (f)6,2449464
qW8oiZak and PatAdult (m)5,5961,1421
CQOrLFloating On Fall AirAdult (m)6,7611,1424
kPCQrBubbled BluHatchling (f, F)4,1619847
BIZRTEmily and JenniferAdult (f)7,1161,3162
ZuMAVCharles and ForestAdult (m)7,0661,3466
uW3ntJulia and CatalinaAdult (f)9,4771,1262
zWAHySilent PeteAdult (m)4,8361,3095
YEVOpSplash Paint PrideAdult (f)5,9261,1171
7pqxjPainted Wing PrideAdult (m)5,7371,1292
wRMT8Wings of a Painted CanvasAdult (f)5,7901,0842
McZ79Mixed Up HogwartsAdult (f)5,9241,0041
tucAEStain and VarnishAdult (m)6,8281,0824
2KrEp(2KrEp)Adult (f)5,8301,2442
6bazh(6bazh)Adult (f)6,1231,2752
gHzWc(gHzWc)Adult (f)5,9591,2411
vyXbUMaster AlecAdult (m)4,2399935
2fzboPerfetterrorAdult (f)4,3051,0667
gJxB1Count RenoldAdult (m)6,4469844
cwkzsNo EviI Shall Escape My SightAdult (f)5,6925821
TNG2PGreen Emeralds On Midnight's EveAdult (f)5,8021,1765
cLtJ1Sea Emeralds At NightAdult (m)5,7671,1482
SPcXwHe Rules The Nightime BluesAdult (m)2,8226354
lJ61kFrom The LanternAdult (f)6,2171,0962
766H5He Stalks The Coast LineAdult (m)7,1861,1343
Lj5e6Alaskan MidnightAdult (f)4,9241,1354
cvBpHDaddy Enraged MeAdult (m)6,7389112
FelRsDark Silver RosebudsHatchling (m, F)4,3259311
dhIkjDelicate Leap Across the SkyHatchling (F)2,5777824
6JpOOPerfect LifterHatchling (f, F)4,4751,1483
juTqvI Am Green Lantern's LightAdult (m)4,47476410
7GtsvThe Sweetest KriAdult (f)4,7981,36411
F0UNPBloody HolidayAdult (m)4,1291,4581
lnNbnRoasted RavioliAdult (f)5,8691,2062
vE3ffRed Death BitesAdult (f)5,1281,4003
vJZ5YFunniest MarrowAdult (m)5,1401,4022
p3nI2Healing MarrowAdult (f)5,4491,0642
uiGMLElixir of MarrowAdult (f)5,1911,1583
aII79Brute of The MarrowAdult (m)4,2081,0183
Fok6UMy Marrow Runs DeepAdult (m)4,0561,0102
liCbhScreedoAdult (m)5,0971,3840
JUQweCacawalAdult (f)5,1781,4000
ATYwNPlayful SparrowAdult (f)4,7991,2052
B6JfyMarooninaAdult (f)5,6231,3264
kw8hU(kw8hU)Adult (m)7,2331,6550
7Ik4m(7Ik4m)Adult (f)7,1071,6071
UXsFr(UXsFr)Adult (f)3,5541,0892
gy5l9Blood BloopHatchling (F)2,9848581
h5ZE8Shrieking DownHatchling (m, F)4,7071,1671
N6uGF(N6uGF)Hatchling (f, F)3,4171,0062
tQckkSweet Raspberry TeaAdult (f)4,6009005
9EeCfA drop of Sugar Sweetens TeaAdult (f)3,9381,0112
qTfs2No Honey PleaseAdult (m)3,9771,0062
KhPUZOh Sweet RaspberryAdult (f)5,9166082
T5F6aTeeeeefaAdult (m)7,2411,1662
lrWKC(lrWKC)Adult (f)5,1369762
AJhJ0Darkest Rainbow ManAdult (m)7,6861,2572
XDKFcAccenting the DarkAdult (f)3,6606870
gICxcRoyal FisherAdult (m)5,2351,3444
Ndrq1Full Moon's EnvyAdult (m)5,4041,1231
ZTcnxZ' Tipped GentlemanAdult (m)5,8161,1542
4ZbQmSaltstone On The SeaAdult (f)5,8759992
lSIxWSalt Lake SaltAdult (m)5,7451,1011
9U18RPenk Ain't A ThuwedHatchling (F)2,5314196
7ilcS(7ilcS)Adult (f)6,3071,2072
m4SVNMoonstone of the WorldAdult (m)3,9471,4669
hFpYwClouds of AugustAdult (f)5,3731,0251
GobDdHe Rides the Waves at DawnAdult (m)5,7001,2646
CvX1iRainbow Waves At DawnAdult (m)6,1049738
dDMwZDainty Little Brine BiscuitAdult (f)7,1597901
Av35MShe Whispers to WavesAdult (f)7,7769951
aNdkcTidal DipperAdult (m)6,2999599
saIVb(saIVb)Adult (m)5,7181,2192
MQjMVSnivel LivelAdult (f)4,4749511
CRZkoMud A TivelAdult (m)4,6199793
nO8RASnack On MeadAdult (m)4,7489690
K0uAwIn A Snake TreeAdult (f)4,7609962
r6D5R(r6D5R)Adult (m)5,1401,2090
qIfj7(qIfj7)Adult (f)5,1121,2282
DRr6l(DRr6l)Adult (m)5,0221,1820
M23Bq(M23Bq)Adult (m)3,1327629
rRPMsTropical Poison DartAdult (m)4,3491,3132
Q77a0Bask I sayAdult (f)5,4611,1302
AA0hcRockin Green KoolaidAdult (m)4,5621,4392
xoBEgTropical Summer StormsAdult (m)4,6907232
n9h5bHe Who Dwells in the VolcanoAdult (m)6,1111,1394
55LfAStone Cold BrinkAdult (m)6,2941,2513
44Qcz(44Qcz)Adult (m)8,2771,2630
GfjaBYmir's ThunderAdult (m)4,5561,2562
WXgfQBighorn MarshmellowAdult (m)6,2471,0705
bv5GOSmack and PackAdult (m)6,2821,0724
W1vtGHemitesiaAdult (f)4,1941,3751
LL1OdPodagerAdult (m)4,2071,3473
tieVAPodicaAdult (f)4,2041,3801
Ri5B6EremomelaAdult (f)4,1721,3725
5FlAWEremiornisAdult (m)4,1201,3722
ofprAHemixosAdult (m)4,1781,3762
gnowKPod of Grave GoldAdult (f)5,1881,1341
lz0FNHowardinaAdult (f)6,1969213
hM6aPIahagerAdult (m)4,9741,2162
Z4NC8Skittering In The NightAdult (m)4,0481,1232
E6RhTRuined By NinjasAdult (f)4,1211,0402
WYiUZDr Blue WingsAdult (m)2,9498503
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