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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “lightconcorde,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
WVb3mRatiasu CrinitusAdult (f)4,1826900
Ps6xlLateo CrinitusAdult (m)4,3207163
cqNV8Oracle CrinitusAdult (m)5,3916130
drp1YDeLorean To The FutureAdult (m)5,6046132
S2WGcTimehopper CrinitusAdult (f)6,1886451
zpdXdThe Doctor CrinitusAdult (f)5,6586626
STnykDejavu CrinitusAdult (m)5,2235924
55HpRTimezone CrinitusAdult (m)5,2926644
KFCU1(KFCU1)Adult (m)3,7206592
nkRsZReol DulcisAdult (m)5,9101,0596
yaQO6Era CrinitusAdult (f)3,3586302
5kAm5KamsAdult (f)3,8687914
TmeDTGloris CrinitusAdult (f)3,1915170
6wSJvMultiwings CrinitusAdult (f)3,3593842
a7L5LTwin ConstellationsAdult (m)3,4525341
gtxaaRods CrinitusAdult (f)2,8816873
w3uOoKanto Route 4Adult (f)3,5634825
vIcUjAether CrinitusAdult (m)3,7169274
OhbmFGale CrinitusAdult (m)2,93570910
Hfz5TGusty CrinitusAdult (f)5,6131,1593
9yvPBAethral GaleforceAdult (m)3,8008842
BymfiAetheric BymfiAdult (f)3,9159505
LV7viHurricane CrinitusAdult (f)4,7331,01010
ufAGM(ufAGM)Adult (m)6,2721,4045
ofALa(ofALa)Adult (f)5,5681,3771
JHIck(JHIck)Adult (m)3,1547933
6GKB9Gust CrinitusAdult (m)4,4873012
sPO0T(sPO0T)Adult (f)3,1204511
PeTsT(PeTsT)Adult (m)3,1035182
sKeW8(sKeW8)Adult (f)2,8794632
RFH0e(RFH0e)Adult (f)3,0705633
igWVRSix Messy RoomsAdult (f)4,0173771
gEUjMThree Days Until XmasAdult (m)4,0574201
tDOVV4 Glitches Now FeaturesAdult (f)3,8544181
u7asEDouble StormwindAdult (f)3,3524371
sC7PhAethereal CrinitusAdult (f)5,4859113
0fUeL(0fUeL)Adult (m)5,6768184
lMIL8Horned Owl CrinitusAdult (f)3,4168133
XAACiAlabaster Imperator DulcisAdult (m)5,4991,1253
H41B5Steps DulcisAdult (f)4,2503372
gTRxXBarn Owl CrinitusAdult (f)4,1073917
5jYl5I will be freeAdult (f)3,36444633
oOFNSPromise DulcisAdult (m)2,6547384
rAHHI(rAHHI)Adult (m)7,7828532
DlnjOApolitical Dooting NoodleAdult (f)5,7257027
nfsEx(nfsEx)Adult (f)5,7111,1345
UJvIUalbino bbyHatchling (f, F)2,7807792
kZrZ4Kingfisher CrinitusAdult (f)5,6601,0074
AlPBMAlp CrinitusAdult (m)2,6554751
XY69RAlcedo CrinitusAdult (f)4,4171,0271
0qiKfOqik CrinitusAdult (m)3,7239872
pnvKU(pnvKU)Adult (f)3,0454681
SBuRl(SBuRl)Adult (f)3,8467382
FFWfOGem Of The Woods CrinitusAdult (m)5,5015961
xrNsHXerneas CrinitusAdult (m)5,6478224
NbiyfDiamondback CrinitusAdult (m)4,8958993
YuDmqYudma CrinitusAdult (f)5,8466993
YIN8o(YIN8o)Adult (f)3,6898774
bJxz1Almerald CrinitusAdult (f)3,8229133
baNgf(baNgf)Adult (f)8,8071,4483
1TApE(1TApE)Adult (m)4,50566510
wgP5vUnicorn CrinitusAdult (m)4,1591,0392
rbfIqEinhorn CrinitusAdult (f)3,8829611
FrEH5Amalthean CrinitusAdult (f)3,6438851
OLp2PLinnaeus CrinitusAdult (m)2,6749003
rJdmPDiversity CrinitusAdult (f)2,5188540
myFmdSerene Meadows CrinitusAdult (f)2,6248734
KDcTnPrimulaceae CrinitusAdult (f)2,5058741
N2Zn8Peaceful Fields CrinitusAdult (m)2,5068621
5vcawAna CrinitusAdult (f)2,3567201
mLgnyForma Azurea CrinitusAdult (f)2,4447390
QVk62Pimpernel CrinitusAdult (m)2,3127011
QoThYNiebieska CrinitusAdult (f)2,5607611
RctjTSocks CrinitusAdult (f)2,6508692
66veZPie CrinitusAdult (f)2,8297801
c2AkECake CrinitusAdult (m)2,7027503
UuJuoConure CrinitusAdult (m)2,7217790
6yFIxMacaw CrinitusAdult (f)2,7897602
pVCYeFieldsong CrinitusAdult (f)2,7737601
gH3bhFlower Child CrinitusAdult (m)6,3506693
PFlOrFlower Power CrinitusAdult (f)5,8666872
1O9fCTribal Chant CrinitusAdult (f)5,6265892
J33PLJungle Beats CrinitusAdult (m)5,4945620
hhgpTHeaven's BouquetAdult (f)6,3359978
3iPHO(3iPHO)Adult (f)5,1761,1316
D0ntk(D0ntk)Adult (f)5,0559372
jmDuhKurzyslad CrinitusAdult (m)10,6681,4198
gIdnwGreen--TalentAdult (m)3,6537942
okyD0Green--HerbAdult (f)5,0678173
RROPpJade--LawnAdult (m)3,8678436
PlwNnanagallis bbyHatchling (F)1,1312761
04qCRPulsar CrinitusAdult (m)5,2856240
7Laaw(7Laaw)Adult (f)5,3956110
eYqpJA Dying Star CrinitusAdult (f)5,2256990
IuXJoIux Jo CrinitusAdult (f)4,3207131
GYVaPBut It Was Aliens CrinitusAdult (f)4,7816313
rfZdeIDK If It Was Aliens CrinitusAdult (m)4,7637131
xcgZuStarchild CrinitusAdult (m)4,9746261
wDuG8at the core of my cityAdult (f)5,7315981
wEo4ISpatial Noise CrinitusAdult (f)5,2646500
FT228228 ft Above Ground CrinitusAdult (f)4,9406830
TrIlb(TrIlb)Adult (f)7,0278875
CTuRn(CTuRn)Adult (f)5,5676966
oorNo(oorNo)Adult (f)5,4269934
jST4r(jST4r)Adult (m)4,5718433
4bUg7(4bUg7)Adult (m)4,0526814
AeHh3Red Dwarf CrinitusAdult (f)7,4257173
NB6S8Antares CrinitusAdult (m)3,7575314
CuMCN(CuMCN)Adult (f)3,7344262
AL4wN(AL4wN)Adult (f)4,4838914
rNW2VAqua CrinitusAdult (m)4,5698942
vpjsYSeahorse CrinitusAdult (f)4,8261,2432
l8sQ7Seaprism CrinitusAdult (m)5,0431,2243
qUSA7(qUSA7)Adult (m)4,9831,1983
VSobC(VSobC)Adult (m)5,0961,2394
HQ5nsHikkens CrinitusAdult (m)3,9134393
mD3F3Madefepffi CrinitusAdult (f)3,9024435
CaABi(CaABi)Adult (m)4,8221,2243
Wql1SWaqallis CrinitusAdult (m)2,5505001
k52eiKessetei CrinitusAdult (f)4,7101,11521
YoUOs(YoUOs)Adult (m)4,8661,16619
j2hzjJiahzii CrinitusAdult (f)4,3057213
goLWCGolwasc CrinitusAdult (f)4,2207273
9LJBvNilibver CrinitusAdult (f)3,0214430
se4s2(se4s2)Adult (f)2,9684531
nd51INydssli CrinitusAdult (m)3,2404870
6ObTcSobtacc CrinitusAdult (f)2,9634214
jziXlJuzixxi CrinitusAdult (m)3,3044541
DzUQPD'zuqqop CrinitusAdult (m)3,0294232
vGHgxVighexeg CrinitusAdult (m)3,7074690
wVOOm(wVOOm)Adult (f)3,6774661
yyah4Yaaha CrinitusAdult (m)3,0244211
sM50HDuo PebblesAdult (f)3,4844783
kVPrDKvaprid CrinitusAdult (m)3,3855261
drWh9Dr When CrinitusAdult (f)3,3085570
vsxUSVixxus the SecondAdult (f)3,7505161
fFnAG(fFnAG)Adult (m)3,4656261
Ks9UTKsalut CrinitusAdult (f)3,3065681
dwB51Dwurb CrinitusAdult (f)3,7426321
nh4FfNhfilaf CrinitusAdult (m)3,7296412
qjChBQuichab CrinitusAdult (f)3,6816261
n46VrNavrar CrinitusAdult (f)2,7184470
7MVr0Tres MevroAdult (m)3,1214181
XsPd0Xsisipodd CrinitusAdult (f)2,9634340
eSD49Esde CrinitusAdult (m)3,2114790
p7sjfP'zisif CrinitusAdult (m)3,4894751
FeXx0Fexxo CrinitusAdult (m)3,1664722
g0DDc(g0DDc)Adult (f)3,3264981
hJpR4Hajira CrinitusAdult (m)3,4844940
FzpW4Fizzap CrinitusAdult (f)4,4129641
4toya(4toya)Adult (f)5,1171,1463
YvoV8Yvovo CrinitusAdult (m)2,4756590
Z6Q9KZikek CrinitusAdult (m)3,3764472
kDkb3Quattro ChocoAdult (f)3,2384631
MnOHJMinnoh CrinitusAdult (m)2,9578231
zbemsZ'bems CrinitusAdult (m)3,1518793
6OtoMSotom CrinitusAdult (m)5,0399392
eU7VRHex OceanAdult (m)4,2777315
IqegxIlqeg CrinitusAdult (m)2,8524481
vdifBVifdib CrinitusAdult (f)6,1918415
F4wESFawes CrinitusAdult (m)4,0264531
D4I2JDofraji CrinitusAdult (f)3,5625051
gu7NCTwozencAdult (f)3,7404192
qbeGs(qbeGs)Adult (f)1,4035351
vo5QhVosoh CrinitusAdult (m)3,4403862
6rDxdSrixdo CrinitusAdult (f)7,0341,1052
ph3ryPhery CrinitusAdult (m)3,0894830
PolYo(PolYo)Adult (m)3,3445101
FSDooFlisdoo CrinitusAdult (m)3,4798113
mEZUFDuo MezufAdult (f)4,4591,0293
lSBazNoob Noob LysbazAdult (m)4,7271,0523
IMid6Vibrant ReflectionsAdult (f)3,6244022
mzJ1bMuzzijib CrinitusAdult (m)7,2981,0874
Ji8FzJi'ifz CrinitusAdult (m)1,5974751
vIVx7Vivixy CrinitusAdult (m)1,5004472
YVvgHYvvghinor CrinitusAdult (m)1,9245191
z9GzXZeggixx CrinitusAdult (f)1,6594771
tYg2cTyggco CrinitusAdult (m)3,2134203
B0D89Bodeinine CrinitusAdult (m)3,3204252
02CvPTwocvupAdult (f)3,8904132
TJQcrTjijuquer CrinitusAdult (m)3,3765352
iYf0jIyefjo CrinitusAdult (f)2,5424921
nbEg5(nbEg5)Adult (m)2,5374582
kSYljOne One AcirAdult (f)3,0744721
UCnVjUcciveneh CrinitusAdult (m)3,1214693
45SAiSai 5Adult (m)3,0145272
fI5eqFiseq IIAdult (m)2,9374421
IaEmpEmp RyuuAdult (m)2,6764031
9AxR8Narx CrinitusAdult (m)3,0555081
zAF0wDual ZafowAdult (f)3,3383893
K07qoKotro CrinitusAdult (f)3,2973852
T71ZSTiazas CrinitusAdult (m)3,4273851
BBH3yBby 5Adult (m)3,7233501
u7MaWDouble MawAdult (f)3,3223611
l1qkZDripping Spirit IIAdult (f)3,4193731
uwcSGSalty Burst IIAdult (f)3,3393732
GM6x3Gmesee CrinitusAdult (f)3,7534182
kFLL0K'fllo IIAdult (m)3,7033912
iiZKyIzky CrinitusAdult (f)3,7974540
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