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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “leslieme,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
kFsGhCB Two Headed 1Adult (f)8,2131,4721
Jfg4yCB Two Headed 2Adult (m)5,6229890
JkpWwCB Two Headed 3Adult (f)4,5631,2532
Kd2qLCB Two Headed 4Adult (m)3,4388590
4NcX5CB Two Headed 5Adult (f)4,3241,3650
9Zn8pCB Two Headed 6Adult (m)4,0931,1080
xIyemCB Two Headed 7Adult (f)5,5681,3861
tPH7yCB Two Headed 8Adult (f)4,6001,2001
4TrPBCB Two Headed 9Adult (f)2,6308550
MrVmVCB Two Headed 10Adult (m)4,2341,1621
3rKLYCB Two Headed 11Adult (m)8,0941,4205
NYIn0CB Two Headed 12Adult (f)4,3537500
eUJ4nCB Two-headed Lindwurm 1Adult (m)5,1061,3522
RwirCCB Two-headed Lindwurm 2Adult (m)6,8511,3602
vZzLfCB Two-headed Lindwurm 3Adult (m)3,3835950
EAJYuCB Two-headed Lindwurm 4Adult (m)4,3371,6212
6X50sCB Two-headed Lindwurm 5Adult (m)3,7291,1830
OVbXCB Albino 3Adult (f)2,77033816
SuZ8CB Albino 2Adult (f)2,55931412
STmmCB Albino 1Adult (m)2,90433917
sd8A(sd8A)Adult (m)1,6554148
TnNhUCB Anagallis 1Adult (f)3,3911,0291
sEDxkCB Anagallis 2Adult (m)7,0471,3360
3tYHlCB Anagallis 3Adult (f)7,0431,3633
oGjRBCB Anagallis 4Adult (f)6,9531,3253
aAxUoCB Anagallis 5Adult (m)4,5311,0512
3YV9ZCB Anagallis 6Adult (f)4,5751,0791
oVe0KCB Anagallis 7Adult (m)5,0241,1802
ERleyCB Anagallis 8Adult (m)4,5819750
NfCWdCB Anagallis 9Adult (f)5,5661,0742
cIPZBCB Anagallis 10Adult (m)4,2489680
DvXsKCB Anagallis 11Adult (f)4,3397270
E8Dm5(E8Dm5)Adult (m)6,3551,2221
SwC5(SwC5)Adult (f)3,4752,3849
XtOLCB Balloon Dragon 1Adult (f)2,74031916
VCIACB Balloon Dragon 2Adult (f)72651327
MkjTJCB Balloon Dragon 3Adult (f)6,5601,5402
JUakXCB Balloon Dragon 4Adult (f)5,8411,5013
IexGyCB Balloon Dragon 5Adult (m)4,3709281
ih2U6CB Black Dragon 1LAdult (m)4,9111,3270
yTr6bCB Black Dragon 2LAdult (f)5,5021,3071
IonuZCB Black Dragon 4LAdult (f)3,9689651
zdFjrCB Black Dragon 3LAdult (f)2,2545621
ABC6(ABC6)Adult (m)3,17822113
tUKV(tUKV)Adult (m)1,50243423
e5bPk(e5bPk)Adult (m)4,9511,4374
c1YuOCB Black Tea 1Adult (m)6,9981,83256
uDtGMCB Black Tea 2Adult (f)7,3961,83167
DmiAiCB Black Tea 3Adult (f)6,4431,0942
XZwDRCB Black Tea 4Adult (m)4,3851,1921
kmCKGCB Black Tea 5Adult (f)3,3729430
c54qmCB Black Tea 6Adult (f)4,8491,2502
A6GaoCB Black Tea 7Adult (m)4,7641,2251
kuqigCB Black Tea 8Adult (f)3,7527890
Bi0zTCB Black Tea 9Adult (m)5,2431,4100
KmP1dCB Black Tea 10Adult (f)5,2581,6240
Lk53PCB Black Tea 11Adult (f)4,5361,3360
2PprICB Black Tea 12Adult (f)4,2841,4772
QF96ACB Black Tea 13Adult (f)4,0951,0951
1l2seCB Black Tea 14Adult (m)4,6071,0661
eBh7hCB  Blacktip 1Adult (f)5,9792,20110
YAfdwCB  Blacktip 2Adult (f)5,9682,2439
gtDjMCB  Blacktip 3Adult (f)4,3531,1652
yMRzkCB  Blacktip 4Adult (m)2,6098290
ZFK1MCB  Blacktip 5Adult (f)3,5701,0371
7KcqaCB  Blacktip 6Adult (f)5,0991,4824
PFmtgCB  Blacktip 7Adult (f)4,2351,4454
qjw0NCB  Blacktip 8Adult (f)7,1841,3933
nrOxyCB  Blacktip 9Adult (f)7,2991,4075
XbmTVCB Bleeding Moon 1Adult (m)4,1271,1622
eYPZOCB Bleeding Moon 2Adult (m)4,0631,1312
49wASCB Bleeding Moon 3Adult (m)5,4441,3031
6KUzPCB Bleeding Moon 4Adult (m)3,5381,0831
IpJs7CB Bleeding Moon 5Adult (m)4,1351,6570
TiR3SCB Bleeding Moon 6Adult (f)5,9391,6361
pYJGACB Bleeding Moon 7Adult (m)6,3441,9604
nEFe8CB Bleeding Moon 8Adult (m)5,1061,4811
kEGqtCB Bleeding Moon 9Adult (m)4,1571,4293
VQS1hCB Bleeding Moon 10Adult (m)4,2861,4975
3kIw7CB Bleeding Moon 11Adult (f)4,0731,0972
d21W8CB Bleeding Moon 12Adult (m)3,7269471
a0UELCB Bleeding Moon 13Adult (m)6,9461,3532
FiyazCB Bleeding Moon 14Adult (f)4,6501,0765
mSlZ0Lord Emperor of the BloodscaleAdult (m)6,6761,58238
5EILKLady Empress of the BloodscaleAdult (f)7,4501,64676
Hsh23Princess of the BloodscaleAdult (f)6,0341,0601
VvnfsCB Gilded Bloodscale 1LAdult (m)5,0161,3622
oEf4MCB Gilded Bloodscale 2LAdult (f)4,7491,5271
DhrobCB Gilded Bloodscale 3LAdult (f)8,1321,4165
I5xTJCB Blue-Banded Dragon 1Adult (f)4,6661,3161
8FEdDCB Blue-Banded Dragon 2Adult (f)4,7891,3030
RkoJdCB Blue-Banded Dragon 3Adult (m)4,7971,2930
ksCxUCB Blue-Banded Dragon 4Adult (m)4,7471,2933
x2C9ZCB Blue-Banded Dragon 5Adult (m)4,6071,3430
f0u7vCB Blue-Banded Dragon 6Adult (m)5,1741,2663
EBD3QCB Blue-Banded Dragon 7Adult (f)2,5988631
J52gVCB Blue-Banded Dragon 8Adult (m)4,6831,1261
thlCiCB Blue-Banded Dragon 9Adult (m)4,6871,1271
G5w1WCB Blue-Banded Dragon 10Adult (f)5,5251,1432
Wln28CB Blue-Banded Dragon 11Adult (m)7,1951,5789
e5ZU4CB Blue-Banded Dragon 13Adult (m)4,5291,23511
ZFVHcCB Blue-Banded Dragon 14Adult (m)4,6501,0165
IOYm(IOYm)Adult (f)66645931
V2ea(V2ea)Adult (m)4,5651,0362
3CG0(3CG0)Adult (f)2,8126183
FBqS4Omnia OceanaAdult (f)7,6341,4168
wyUlfPelagic WingsAdult (m)4,6701,2732
KbJBIBlusang WingsAdult (f)6,3741,3823
tn9DBergamia BrillianteAdult (f)3,26392514
XqTfCB Bright-Breasted Wyvern 1Adult (m)3,25390311
ATh8CB Bright-Breasted Wyvern 2Adult (f)3,0851,08925
XCU7CB Bright-Breasted Wyvern 3Adult (f)5,4371,3258
Q0ASCB Bright-Breasted Wyvern 4Adult (f)5,7391,03915
huBZUCB Bright-Breasted Wyvern 6Adult (m)9,3081,6593
OKNUoCB Brimstone 1Adult (m)4,4731,2761
eGC85(eGC85)Adult (f)5,9101,0321
CD0COCB Brimstone 2Adult (m)5,4561,5433
J3uQECB Brute 1Adult (m)3,7561,1720
20z8fCB Brute 2Adult (m)3,6951,1530
hglPrCB Brute 3Adult (m)3,6971,2420
Eigi8CB Brute 4Adult (m)3,8771,2593
xzq2YCB Brute 5Adult (f)3,7591,1111
ii6bCCB Brute 6Adult (f)3,5751,1962
ehomECB Brute 7Adult (m)5,1701,1741
9I88xCB Brute 8Adult (m)6,5731,4041
IdWw2CB Brute 9Adult (f)2,5368192
BeSCCB Canopy 1LAdult (f)1,5714593
bBbuCB Canopy 3LAdult (m)80657126
2JApCB Canopy 2LAdult (m)74353533
7uf2QCB Carmine Wyvern 1Adult (m)4,5181,3761
M4GJhCB Carmine Wyvern 2Adult (m)4,6321,3520
2HPazCB Carmine Wyvern 3Adult (m)4,5991,3220
4s3k8CB Carmine Wyvern 4Adult (m)4,6871,3941
YtEjwCB Carmine Wyvern 6Adult (m)4,8791,3250
yKXIKCB Carmine Wyvern 5Adult (f)4,6231,3001
kV7otCB Carmine Wyvern 7Adult (m)5,2141,2761
kIRikCB Carmine Wyvern 8Adult (f)5,1381,2510
C8wWdCB Carmine Wyvern 9Adult (f)5,1191,2700
qX914CB Carmine Wyvern 10Adult (m)2,5328211
mGOBUCB Carmine Wyvern 11Adult (f)5,6001,1193
6fdNYCB Carmine Wyvern 12Adult (m)4,6691,1053
fOAl3CB Carmine Wyvern 13Adult (f)5,9731,2294
4N9hnCB Cassare 1Adult (m)4,8181,3150
tbC5YCB Cassare 2Adult (f)2,5888270
dSnYBLochicktus of BorgAdult (f)4,4681,2683
Wy27rMirthful HolidayAdult (m)4,9981,2621
GelGLColdest Season of the YearAdult (m)7,1501,67113
LBsQGPepperminty PopAdult (m)5,6761,5931
MfCH4Holly Jolly MintAdult (m)4,1811,5196
vLrXCB Holiday 2009Adult (f)1,0464261
B0NjCB Holiday 2009-1Adult (f)1,0574281
OMtZ2Ashes of Christmas PastAdult (f)6,1791,5967
djEX1Red Ribbons and Green BowsAdult (f)5,5361,5392
3Dg0fGreeting GifterAdult (m)5,6521,5951
Zl7A7Gilded Ribbons and BowsAdult (m)5,4391,5541
U6X7mGilded Flight of RibbonsAdult (m)4,5601,5340
34qNSGilded YuletideAdult (m)5,4691,5600
dfGyORed and Green BowsAdult (m)5,1131,2272
QOPlmGolden Ribbons and BowsAdult (m)4,8901,2391
zVUxh(zVUxh)Adult (m)6,2711,3780
CWiZcFretted RibbonAdult (m)5,5811,4122
psrI7CB Holiday 2012Adult (m)6,3781,4763
ggcqVWinter QuiltAdult (m)4,4931,5382
sjs7qWinter Solstice ColoursAdult (m)4,8591,1641
ViZaVChristmas Flight of ColoursAdult (m)4,7141,1891
CyUVrCB Holiday 2013-1Adult (f)4,5491,5061
cc2W6CB Holiday 2009-2Adult (f)4,5141,5011
LpzKO(LpzKO)Adult (f)6,1481,3561
fOKs8CB Holiday Dragon 2014-1Adult (f)3,8679252
gAEQoCB Holiday Dragon 2014-2Adult (f)3,8479441
iGvxo(iGvxo)Adult (f)6,0481,3762
aBI8CB Coastal Waverunner 1Adult (m)6,4711,2058
EWMBCB Coastal Waverunner 2AAdult (f)6,8941,2825
er6hCB Coastal Waverunner 3Adult (m)6,0861,1351
XNjCCB Coastal Waverunner 4Adult (f)9,0591,7963
cZzW9(cZzW9)Adult (f)4,9289370
Fa68d(Fa68d)Adult (f)5,0461,4913
YlVIC(YlVIC)Adult (f)5,6231,1744
4y5YW(4y5YW)Adult (m)4,9411,4512
irR4M(irR4M)Adult (m)5,0901,4741
2hInH(2hInH)Adult (m)5,0561,4542
PMuJP(PMuJP)Adult (f)5,0191,4992
FAmkR(FAmkR)Adult (f)4,0101,2493
tozmU(tozmU)Adult (m)4,1441,1901
A5nDKHidden in Shadows BronzeAdult (m)6,2462,0198
ImEiwHidden in Shadows SepiaAdult (m)6,4352,2718
EZQAu(EZQAu)Adult (f)3,7871,1593
YYt3XHidden in Shadows MalachiteAdult (f)6,0292,28710
xhvV9(xhvV9)Adult (m)7,2281,0801
8qtL(8qtL)Adult (f)3,4532,37710
hmNEDark Green 1AAdult (f)2,9031,7288
dFCt(dFCt)Adult (f)2,7801,6517
dUjj(dUjj)Adult (f)1,3005012
dgKG(dgKG)Adult (m)4,4819426
dmMWCB Dark green 2Adult (f)2,9156172
I3r4rCB Dark green 3Adult (m)4,7771,3334
LqCBs(LqCBs)Adult (f)4,5439701
XEtqw(XEtqw)Adult (m)3,2179080
AeYFY(AeYFY)Adult (f)5,8841,6081
mIO0q(mIO0q)Adult (f)6,3391,9101
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