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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “leseratte12,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
lDOQ9Dva CB LuanAdult (f)1,24451532
9Sig7Pinky and Brain LuanAdult (m)3,6341,35510
STREDTresd CB LuanAdult (m)98640728
VNBm6Bim Jr LuanHatchling (F)66433635
ngjPCAlbina  CB LuanAdult (f)1,75638546
XFWJEBalao LuanAdult (m)58234050
LJ1q9Liji Jr LuanHatchling (f, F)68237331
0dmgbAmulgo II LuanAdult (m)69937839
p0bbBIrasa LuanAdult (f)92843128
078FUFuna CB LuanAdult (f)79236633
dlr2nRel CB LuanAdult (m)2,67046127
VU5vCVuvca LuanAdult (f)60632844
D3a3kDraka LuanAdult (f)1,41242827
g5vIU(g5vIU)Adult (f)8,0588517
p5S6z(p5S6z)Adult (m)5,9527745
FGd7s(FGd7s)Adult (m)5,9627754
1ztzZ(1ztzZ)Adult (f)7,2148204
FrTCy(FrTCy)Adult (m)7,2208199
LESPkDuas Bluna LuanAdult (f)2,01768519
XLiu3Filipa LuanAdult (f)64335629
pGv0eFin LuanAdult (m)69135936
n07UuCor CB LuanAdult (m)74339829
WVZ5XCorie CB LuanAdult (f)78240337
ZGg24Bada Benna Williamina  LuanAdult (f)58932041
1shJWBrangelina Banana Wonderful LuanAdult (m)73641631
qiZDSBig Bad Walabi LuanAdult (m)61534928
ZCNdTBig Bohn Wayne Jr LuanHatchling (m, F)69037337
XjZEaBanjo Billy Wonder Jr LuanHatchling (m, F)66937027
FrrrVBig Bad Wolf  Jr LuanHatchling (m, F)69437733
WD1UUBitte Burger Werfen Jr LuanHatchling (F)48829324
paKlRBitburg Bier Wurm Jr LuanHatchling (m, F)57433238
B2Z8hBing Bud Wonny Jr LuanHatchling (m, F)64232632
tXGNm(tXGNm)Adult (f)3,70068219
tDZ0OFloresta CB LuanAdult (f)81438339
EFp2oFloresto LuanAdult (m)68436742
eWQ5uRudolpho II LuanAdult (m)1,56754021
vWoTXEve LuanAdult (f)98342134
joOUFRuby LuanAdult (f)1,09945039
62NT8Saint Sylvestre LuanAdult (m)1,54255830
nOO8RNouvel An LuanAdult (m)1,60157120
cb6EOndo CB LuanAdult (m)77940638
9ZHeVSeaget II LuanAdult (f)3,24652616
2Eq0lPlanta Thuwed LuanAdult (f)64633941
DFUgVFleur LuanAdult (f)72437345
OhPWgSonnentau LuanAdult (m)66835135
6U1t3Ulto LuanAdult (m)72236618
7dmfWFlora LuanAdult (f)59832931
Ip3N8Ipa LuanAdult (f)73232934
GbZCiZici CB LuanAdult (f)1,61534320
84Xn6Xena CB LuanAdult (f)4,39364710
Fh2vJFiv Jr LuanHatchling (F)57033023
QAblGDiasonha CB LuanAdult (f)71436647
66TgNDiasonho CB LuanAdult (m)61438349
JZiBMar CB LuanAdult (f)66538326
i5cQrNessie LuanAdult (f)77840742
p65UMFragilis LuanAdult (m)74235839
70qKKPurpura Jr LuanHatchling (f, F)59532440
aAuTmAutami CB LuanAdult (f)4,42650321
XhaHuRaia CB LuanAdult (f)87340832
lQUTaFlash LuanAdult (m)68736143
JlNiCCinza LuanAdult (f)72339151
5M38iAsh LuanAdult (m)1,85057020
GmOScMad Hatter LuanAdult (m)3,0511,11030
I2WhLVulcanicshadow LuanAdult (m)75236331
tGcAuRosaria CB LuanAdult (f)67137935
vUmc2Mr Pink LuanAdult (m)1,29041637
Pt76VPete LuanAdult (m)63435840
4XUgZGloria Dia CB LuanAdult (f)57233840
QsSQVGlorio Noite CB LuanAdult (m)79438829
F3TPdBaixo LuanAdult (m)64533245
IeT6cSplash LuanAdult (m)72837640
4SOOVArielle LuanAdult (f)66736741
Hl1jIPrincesse Hijla LuanAdult (f)73037429
U09VMKapa Jr LuanHatchling (m, F)58233443
38ioXXia Jr LuanHatchling (f, F)68636136
FiV2Nevoeiro CB LuanAdult (m)1,21141533
WDWkvCloudine LuanAdult (f)56635438
9MZRHMazra Jr LuanHatchling (f, F)60834422
11igBGlobo CB LuanAdult (m)69237026
H796nGloba LuanAdult (f)79842444
MmpD2Iro CB LuanAdult (m)64936134
E2AbRRab Jr LuanHatchling (m, F)67437225
V3KbpKoby Jr LuanHatchling (m, F)73639738
kuB7lGreen Aso CB LuanAdult (m)76940740
9230dEscuda CB LuanAdult (f)91042636
PsNg2(PsNg2)Adult (f)3,32862016
WJg2K(WJg2K)Adult (f)2,89759427
74lbmPumpkin Jack LuanAdult (m)61437947
0NCjJWeena LuanAdult (f)97241938
NH47oSombra CB LuanAdult (f)98141438
MvQbgSombro CB LuanAdult (m)68439841
EQOuO(EQOuO)Adult (m)1,90357822
5UPAY(5UPAY)Adult (m)1,89757325
iYu7Y(iYu7Y)Adult (f)1,92958617
JGAFB(JGAFB)Adult (f)1,98958620
hoWW5(hoWW5)Adult (m)2,24963115
7caTKTika CB LuanAdult (f)1,61666722
vsKdmPorro Jr LuanHatchling (m, F)67335441
ZMCo0Inferna Foga CB LuanAdult (f)80540329
dDu4rBlue Hella CB LuanAdult (f)67037430
Lto9UInferno LuanAdult (m)1,63056015
hiLVS(hiLVS)Adult (m)3,95472318
ooqCaCaoa Jr LuanHatchling (f, F)61034328
47fHe(47fHe)Adult (f)6,1347833
DlWM5Havalo 5 LuanAdult (m)71637741
nd8MQEurfyl II LuanAdult (m)79039233
UQYjxUquy CB LuanAdult (m)4,40649919
sFPRHFrpa Jr LuanHatchling (f, F)71636227
JnUGRCachoeiro LuanAdult (m)74938835
CAFjDMr Blue LuanAdult (m)66637145
ZYTctZyta LuanAdult (f)73440028
uJhTSRoi Juhts LuanAdult (m)1,38151726
gB2uOBug LuanAdult (m)1,87955528
BOgZUDuc Zubo LuanAdult (m)1,46337929
7q18WDrake Jr LuanHatchling (m, F)62034035
Qr4ARLumina CB LuanAdult (f)4,97662826
60qHFortuna CB LuanAdult (f)1,53042934
iJT2VReine Magidu LuanAdult (f)65338234
FnUZ5Fuz CB LuanAdult (m)1,90649624
sjO7PMintie Dusk Thuwed LuanAdult (f)1,68958720
vdi7pVivil LuanAdult (m)62633738
IKdKl(IKdKl)Adult (m)2,32056417
dt6WuLunarpedra CB LuanAdult (f)71238634
bVnXYLunarpedro LuanAdult (m)57131143
JrsogNebula LuanAdult (f)75239638
rDbGVFunkel LuanAdult (m)68638949
82HVYHavy Blue LuanAdult (f)72635527
wP7pI(wP7pI)Adult (m)4,07361024
c2R1hR2Ci Jr LuanHatchling (m, F)68835131
hRHmlGreen Starlight LuanAdult (m)2,36157739
XHP8LGreen Lantern LuanAdult (m)75937535
08gGGGiant Red Star CB LuanAdult (f)79435727
7N3A0Tropica CB LuanAdult (f)78240143
tSM1gTropico LuanAdult (m)1,19346324
NMRXdTropicana Jr LuanHatchling (f, F)66934730
hdvVLNocturno CB LuanAdult (m)68037433
mqQreNightmare LuanAdult (m)61334131
3ts2gIsis Thaleron II LuanAdult (f)67835836
NgANtOcrafuria CB LuanAdult (f)75738930
VQv6FQava CB LuanAdult (f)71037228
kAjTDKaija CB LuanAdult (f)78135731
lCTBJOrchy  Jr LuanHatchling (m, F)77238242
AAvPHOliver CB LuanAdult (m)1,22845228
yH7hk(yH7hk)Adult (f)3,89859525
TKveaAlmofado CB LuanAdult (m)69136442
hQZWePuschel LuanAdult (f)83932634
tahc9Mannie the Mammoth LuanAdult (m)69636544
XMUD7Wolle CB LuanAdult (f)76035638
vHfWNLisboa Jr LuanHatchling (f, F)71939628
TN8m5Pinky LuanAdult (m)1,06448038
FEn0GFeny LuanAdult (f)80038324
BIWgvPurple Moustache LuanAdult (m)74238347
bJv8nMr Purple LuanAdult (m)69435235
tDkdLAileana II LuanAdult (f)69236046
DESD4Desmoda CB LuanAdult (f)2,87254624
90tuBLittle Vivi LuanAdult (f)67238535
DrEURLittle Dreuko LuanAdult (m)65036144
BfRXtLittle Rafter LuanAdult (m)2,02546224
JmtDuLittle Tivabi Jr LuanHatchling (f, F)74840142
ZlLm2Little Rapidez LuanAdult (m)2,91137713
1LM10Little Flare LuanAdult (m)2,9981,02218
eaaOGLittle Escuro LuanAdult (m)68437031
2flJbLittle Blacky LuanAdult (m)3,33060822
SmFGGLittle Samy LuanAdult (f)67534022
aqknYLittle Exto LuanAdult (m)80442329
aRSMWLittle Raswom LuanAdult (m)1,34250124
RI52CLittle Risca LuanAdult (f)1,38644822
D3VqjCuss 'The Forgotten Frozen' LuanAdult (m)75637731
T3hUpAdele II LuanAdult (f)63136037
SqSTiStiqs LuanAdult (m)1,24041126
BaOcRBacro LuanAdult (f)2,01847121
DHIkvSaint Ridges LuanAdult (m)3,10555033
lmfWJWongtua LuanAdult (f)71139740
SP6KgMiano II LuanAdult (f)64835438
2IYUdDayu CB LuanAdult (f)74736631
LwGztLewz CB LuanAdult (m)98241524
hnno7Snowridge LuanAdult (m)63935139
2nS2oSnoho Jr LuanHatchling (F)54831618
d6xDnItihl CB LuanAdult (m)1,27939420
v7SAVSav CB LuanAdult (m)4,58966721
6w2jX(6w2jX)Adult (f)2,41159423
IpoD9Ipodo Jr LuanHatchling (m, F)68136122
kN8tJKnajt Jr LuanHatchling (F)52531016
5pTkCTicara CB LuanAdult (f)2,13971213
kgZST(kgZST)Adult (m)3,95069116
3JUQV(3JUQV)Adult (f)2,57749525
XpHJKPrimavera CB LuanAdult (f)4,42150418
ropju(ropju)Adult (f)3,32962017
4KXoZ(4KXoZ)Adult (f)6,1357835
rjeNFSarda CB LuanAdult (f)78142037
omaXOutona CB LuanAdult (f)4,49152540
VfgP0Crowna LuanAdult (f)61535539
UQTL1Outono LuanAdult (m)66034934
36EeDEd LuanAdult (m)61033834
AJ7gIRoanoke Jr LuanHatchling (F)69335024
JAFY8(JAFY8)Adult (m)5,5167153
kFlTc(kFlTc)Adult (f)5,5947202
m2Ab8Ciel LuanAdult (m)1,22237730
Ztvp7Haven CB LuanAdult (f)74240832
3CsX1A Fly to Lisbon Jr LuanHatchling (m, F)73039221
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