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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “leseratte,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
hNb0(hNb0)Adult (f)72543535
ZT05(ZT05)Adult (f)74143428
Ra9a(Ra9a)Adult (f)1,25648624
o3DY(o3DY)Adult (m)61141627
PcCX(PcCX)Adult (f)2,18041215
Jv5c(Jv5c)Adult (m)78348934
W58P(W58P)Adult (m)82549440
djaq(djaq)Adult (m)80045844
aPaq(aPaq)Adult (f)85849558
gMKC(gMKC)Adult (f)76944440
Qhla(Qhla)Adult (f)86152044
pNvM(pNvM)Adult (f)2,97849128
XjX8(XjX8)Adult (m)87751437
SB43(SB43)Adult (m)95455327
KXCK(KXCK)Adult (m)1,05358645
2GMP(2GMP)Adult (m)97853732
YR0J(YR0J)Adult (f)93051741
CqbL(CqbL)Adult (f)95554935
3XbY(3XbY)Adult (f)70943626
SqCV(SqCV)Adult (m)75244738
8svi(8svi)Adult (f)70444134
T3FI(T3FI)Adult (m)73744328
cu91(cu91)Adult (m)76644527
ifs1(ifs1)Adult (m)73744831
Et61(Et61)Adult (m)69645729
XsFA(XsFA)Adult (m)2,10673527
FhTJ(FhTJ)Adult (f)2,42880918
SELE(SELE)Adult (m)2,30478529
1Xk9(1Xk9)Adult (m)1,88166620
qIW9(qIW9)Adult (m)1,79966626
0RWF(0RWF)Adult (m)1,40152222
cSG1(cSG1)Adult (f)4,53244926
mnST(mnST)Adult (m)1,4696344
40Qq(40Qq)Adult (f)2,26680915
lvjc(lvjc)Adult (f)1,8421,12712
HDPU(HDPU)Adult (m)9525235
eboc(eboc)Adult (m)1,4906473
9MgY(9MgY)Adult (f)1,2605142
AOj5(AOj5)Adult (f)1,3425173
Y1Ov(Y1Ov)Adult (m)1,3225142
FMuF(FMuF)Adult (f)1,64797016
iu0B(iu0B)Adult (m)1,3806755
kSve(kSve)Adult (m)1,4125243
noQI(noQI)Adult (m)1,3034594
aVDg(aVDg)Adult (m)1,7246055
4Cdg(4Cdg)Adult (f)1,4795173
cXH1(cXH1)Adult (m)1,5495466
t7YF(t7YF)Adult (m)1,28848628
3e0O(3e0O)Adult (f)2,58380510
geGI(geGI)Adult (f)68940036
lKar(lKar)Adult (f)1,6407815
0Hr8(0Hr8)Adult (f)74143231
oNf9(oNf9)Adult (m)1,6678034
BpFj(BpFj)Adult (f)1,6127817
9puF(9puF)Adult (f)1,6671,00820
mPam(mPam)Adult (f)1,1805325
ih3P(ih3P)Adult (f)1,6407925
AgaW(AgaW)Adult (f)1,5395907
A7WM(A7WM)Adult (f)1,8276383
GOFa(GOFa)Adult (f)1,68067210
EyAo(EyAo)Adult (m)1,1285697
pO7O(pO7O)Adult (f)1,1585834
hDyG(hDyG)Adult (f)1,1515824
EbFN(EbFN)Adult (m)1,0834897
kWQZ(kWQZ)Adult (f)1,1985823
F0Ni(F0Ni)Adult (f)1,4365042
PjX5(PjX5)Adult (f)1,0814888
L8Za(L8Za)Adult (f)1,0704787
U3BQ(U3BQ)Adult (f)1,21048010
9ubq(9ubq)Adult (f)1,4485567
Qa7E(Qa7E)Adult (m)1,4125437
LcTX(LcTX)Adult (f)1,0724768
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