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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “laneen,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
QJS2(QJS2)Hatchling (m, F)1,7583585
vdjI(vdjI)Hatchling (m, F)1,2663465
VtY1(VtY1)Hatchling (F)8622255
8Tgn(8Tgn)Hatchling (F)8291992
0KY6(0KY6)Adult (f)1,9139197
xy3v(xy3v)Adult (f)1,7618595
jeOW(jeOW)Adult (f)2,1139875
am90(am90)Adult (f)1,0895994
x61q(x61q)Adult (m)1,3207094
SLR8(SLR8)Adult (f)1,5391,0122
ybuF(ybuF)Adult (f)1,6081,0463
QI4a(QI4a)Adult (f)1,3389282
BN6g(BN6g)Adult (f)1,2608881
Z7Kt(Z7Kt)Adult (m)1,1558285
NYun(NYun)Adult (m)2,5241,2425
PvIp(PvIp)Adult (f)2,5511,3314
7wRf(7wRf)Adult (f)2,6961,3716
ksdY(ksdY)Adult (m)2,6611,3606
Q5Bp(Q5Bp)Adult (m)2,2931,2675
84Az(84Az)Adult (f)3,2991,16211
FHgG(FHgG)Adult (f)2,7971,4427
wdLB(wdLB)Adult (m)2,8271,4459
qt1R(qt1R)Adult (m)2,9231,4499
hF0F(hF0F)Adult (f)2,6031,2705
OHMc(OHMc)Adult (m)1,7639455
gP0p(gP0p)Adult (m)1,5008693
QNq4(QNq4)Adult (f)1,6329062
Z6cG(Z6cG)Adult (f)2,7891,2775
66pH(66pH)Adult (m)1,45667218
xPrx(xPrx)Adult (m)9867552
uYqs(uYqs)Adult (f)1,2777814
ELrL(ELrL)Adult (f)1,3078833
i1Lg(i1Lg)Adult (f)1,1507954
nK6b(nK6b)Adult (f)1,5878843
Idlp(Idlp)Adult (m)9846493
1Enw(1Enw)Adult (m)2,5741,4032
eTYI(eTYI)Adult (f)6,7247365
qRJZ(qRJZ)Adult (m)3,00887217
U6P7(U6P7)Adult (m)3,8261,18411
3SgV(3SgV)Adult (f)3,5811,1249
fEzZ(fEzZ)Adult (f)4,2471,3609
M46F(M46F)Adult (m)3,7371,17610
hGPb(hGPb)Adult (m)3,1998493
klDg(klDg)Adult (f)2,3454441
cWDk(cWDk)Adult (m)2,0594331
aqVF(aqVF)Adult (f)1,7164325
9oXr(9oXr)Adult (m)1,7144264
ktQs(ktQs)Adult (f)1,5954143
DYsZ(DYsZ)Adult (m)2,9235732
Zmbs(Zmbs)Adult (f)2,8135782
vI9Q(vI9Q)Adult (f)2,8575933
0lO7(0lO7)Adult (f)2,8445851
hvET(hvET)Adult (f)2,5365286
Dbfn(Dbfn)Adult (m)2,2965352
Cu5m(Cu5m)Adult (f)2,0304703
qgFe(qgFe)Adult (f)1,9924624
cnGr(cnGr)Adult (f)3,4881,09913
kBRs(kBRs)Adult (m)3,7368574
FTMR(FTMR)Adult (f)2,1964321
FgHu(FgHu)Adult (f)1,91239410
Wrb8(Wrb8)Adult (m)1,5453827
dEQn(dEQn)Adult (m)1,9364815
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