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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “lamoxlamae,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
4KQhbLamoxlamae's ScrollAdult (m)6,7531,0125
IdK5SBurning down the Town PB 2Adult (m)2,4326082
uxoE3Sleepy Red CBAdult (m)5,3441,4433
FT6q4Lazy Red CBAdult (f)5,4751,4873
yXJeEWave Tracer CBAdult (f)3,8061,0881
kclwrMr Wet CBAdult (m)3,9671,1921
wtN2nStars Like Ice 2Adult (m)6,2641,0763
tIRhLSnowfeather CBAdult (m)4,9121,2703
xgMwlMr Lazykin CBAdult (m)6,6191,1234
IZdmIMrd Lazikin CBAdult (f)6,7201,0901
I29L1Mrs Snowyback CBAdult (f)7,7261,4301
F67rGWaverider CBAdult (f)4,2928111
FudQzFade to Spring 2Adult (f)6,2897616
kUbopBreaking Winter 2Adult (m)5,8177717
jmJhlDark Draco 2 PBAdult (f)5,8931,1332
HPJH1Emberli Le Fey 2 PBAdult (m)6,0261,1302
v0oiiWinter Seas 3Adult (m)6,1161,0412
oJSpkHere Fishy Fishy CBAdult (m)4,1017322
AjvfpHierophant Kieress 2Adult (f)4,0417353
bI97sSwim on CBAdult (f)4,6199720
phulOTideskitter CBAdult (m)3,5948904
I7Z6ETidewing CBAdult (f)3,6728863
V7SINBart and Bruce CBAdult (m)6,3091,3683
eTJy2Katya and Anya CBAdult (f)6,1511,3993
HCDbvBlack Tea Dream CBAdult (m)5,2541,5182
iOmM1Green Tea Dream CBAdult (f)5,1951,5254
fPfFLHonk Honk CBAdult (m)3,0021,3061
2eV5STotally not a Goose CBAdult (f)2,9991,2973
sBvoOBattlewyvern CBAdult (m)1,9239770
1x89ISword Maiden CBAdult (f)3,7801,5290
M6iomDeath Magician 3Adult (f)4,2597957
ZvOsCTorn Wings of Night 2Adult (f)3,7797152
1KQWUTear the Night 2Adult (m)3,7237211
m7iyrLazy Regality CBAdult (m)4,0586670
mZFzBRed Star Shimfail 6Adult (m)4,4025552
f2LkUCult of Wind 4Adult (f)4,3605803
A5wiQBurnination CBAdult (m)4,2936051
MxuzLHealyth Dreamfail 2Adult (m)4,2135960
lVE7XMorren de Kefren Dreamfail 2Adult (m)4,1745750
6pbKNSnowpelt CBAdult (m)4,5565991
A2MgsTidefoam CBAdult (f)4,6035661
jVoDQSalubri Prince TristramAdult (m)3,5177611
4hDkWSalubri Elder MarcellusAdult (m)3,5467540
2YxAhMalkavian Elder GrigoryAdult (m)3,5427490
tWKfnSalubri Ancient TroubleAdult (f)3,4937591
YQa8MSalubri Prince RosemaryAdult (f)3,5357540
pjHA1Salubri Elder BrentAdult (m)3,5587490
9VotCGiovanni Ancient MeraAdult (f)4,4246041
brb7WDark Wish 4 PBAdult (m)3,4517731
8pZumSalubri Elder SunnyAdult (f)3,4327711
9F9AjSalubri Prince BrentAdult (m)3,4497720
Exl4BLady of Shadows CBAdult (f)3,4677651
DZndrNot a Turp CBAdult (m)3,3987731
ZgFDvUh Oh CBAdult (m)3,4557690
XlabOPure Fantasy CBAdult (m)4,5576151
Q1lv8Glowing shallowfail 2Adult (m)4,6556682
GmCMEShining Angel Dreamfail 2Adult (m)4,3476501
JzghiSalubri Inconnu EnochAdult (m)4,6066601
YBtrMMalkavian Elder FernAdult (f)4,6856571
o0QnRMalkavian Antedeluvian ShadowAdult (f)4,6026531
rMN1WMalkavian Ancient TwiceAdult (m)4,7366460
AVMd2Salubri Antedeluvian FaeAdult (f)4,5786620
OtIKYSalubri Ancient RitaAdult (f)4,5056680
2gcoOPurely Snowy CBAdult (m)3,5387111
3L4ovGiovanni Elder RicardoAdult (m)3,3288310
47mRrSalubri Elder MaraAdult (f)3,7337632
QrA7wSalubri Ancient SaraAdult (f)3,6027881
nGjwgSalubri Elder MartyAdult (m)3,7607832
g8j3lSalubri Prince LitaAdult (f)3,6787652
th5WASalubri Prince RonAdult (m)3,1238132
uCoSjSalubri Established RajAdult (m)3,4027951
fhmPCMalkavian Prince RatAdult (m)3,1385940
CtpZfSalubri Established RetconAdult (m)3,3025900
T7dxyMalkavian Ancient StoneAdult (m)3,1005901
pK5mjNy'awhin Dreamfail 2Adult (m)2,8526550
fhMptSalubri Elder MarigoldAdult (f)3,3906710
IxcIWSalubri Inconnu MagpieAdult (f)3,0296790
Y2PmWSalubri Prince PandoraAdult (f)3,1886650
br7vvSalubri Primmogen CatAdult (f)3,4356790
mH2kDSalubri Prince SusanAdult (f)2,7866780
tVbwFSalubri Primmogen AndreaAdult (f)2,9726750
zOmM8Silver check 3Adult (m)4,0647771
1VzazSalubri Elder KristenAdult (f)2,0076770
TSsrxSalubri Prince RicardoAdult (m)1,8916890
HR2GPCappadocian Regent ThressaAdult (f)2,1197030
7LMuzSalubri Ancient RosalieAdult (f)1,9846690
hcKW6Cappadocian Ancient RhodaAdult (f)1,9986700
KyoWuMalkavian Ancient RomulusAdult (m)1,9886901
XSZsyJen's Return of Quietus 5Adult (f)4,1381,0091
srULoSalubri Established CandiceAdult (f)2,9629590
7PIYfSalubri Established MarcellaAdult (f)2,5559060
gncNjChurringly Cheerful CBAdult (m)1,8197040
FWEpdLittle Frillcrown CBAdult (f)1,9047000
JwPySMrs Pinkie CBAdult (f)1,8247680
EgRRABattle Cry CBAdult (m)1,7737790
78OAOMoon of War CbAdult (m)2,2599282
qBVNdTobos Elgenubi Dreamfail 2Adult (m)2,3977710
LvKvBWhispy PanderAdult (m)4,0678750
aOic2Whispy Guardian PanderAdult (f)4,3158863
shZ5OMigumi PanderAdult (f)4,5518581
i75ZbNotblack Gold Checker 3Adult (m)4,5048671
sDwx2Salubri Elder RicellaAdult (f)2,5079210
LZIYvSalubri Ancient MarchallesAdult (m)2,4889040
4JDxyMalkavian Inconnu StrellaAdult (f)2,4899030
tYcwuSalubri Elder RoseannaAdult (f)2,5589281
vuI3CJen's Pale Dreamfail 2Adult (m)2,4559131
ZoG9TJen's Elminister 2 PBAdult (m)2,3889150
h9t8DJen's Nightbringer 2 PBAdult (m)2,7079652
uPVpwGiovanni Ancient RosaliaAdult (f)3,5916721
8S15cVampiric Thuwed PanderAdult (f)3,5556761
EV5DBGiovanni Ancient CielliaAdult (f)3,4316621
Gc5srJen's Slavic Blackness 2 PBAdult (m)4,2131,2212
OxMVNJen's Nerdy Blackness 2 PBAdult (f)4,1751,2320
d6rn9Jen's Hawaiian Blackness 2 PBAdult (m)4,3461,2450
tvH4KJen's mayan Blackness 2 PBAdult (f)4,2521,2390
Nk399Jen's Aztec Blacknes 2 PBAdult (f)4,1731,2180
SaG6qJen's Indian Blackness 2 PBAdult (f)4,2011,2372
KLBuSPuer Black of India 2 PBAdult (f)4,2071,2130
ZCo88Kumoshoku Dreamfail 2Adult (f)2,4955310
jTZRDWondersnow Dreamfail 2Adult (f)2,8074830
jsGgrSnowy Kamrusepa Dreamfail 2Adult (m)3,2054950
BwBtiSurrender Dreamfail 2Adult (f)3,5295301
M01p7I'm a Wizard CBAdult (f)3,8591,0120
TOaPnGreen Nebulae CBAdult (m)3,8679920
Kw2VMGolden Witch CBAdult (f)4,1171,0370
DZRk7Salubri Inconnu RiverAdult (f)3,1621,0501
CXW0hTidal Bore CBAdult (m)3,1061,0601
ycCNlFfffire CBAdult (f)3,0441,0552
MglfNSalubri Ancient TristanAdult (m)3,7138603
154XlGiovanni Elder MarilitaAdult (f)4,1622991
IcaVbSnowheart CBAdult (f)5,3143792
c0nldCloudchasing CBAdult (m)5,1413675
ZF9ztSalubri Prince CanaryAdult (f)2,9614240
YsIrKSalubri Ancient AmarraAdult (f)3,4254410
NSKYESalubri Ancient PeterAdult (m)3,4364430
bDptVLuminous De Ashera 3 PBAdult (f)5,8771,2266
KC9xJDo not Want CBAdult (m)5,4111,1973
guJJrHope of Morning CBAdult (m)5,7261,0524
7qp56Sleet Winterbird Dreamfail 2Adult (f)2,9996694
2zBqOSong Winterbird Dreamfail 2Adult (f)3,0436963
jjlcDLovely Black tinfail 6Adult (f)3,0286854
4wZmQSalubri Ancient LisaAdult (f)3,1288550
kEI4pSalubri Elder BettyAdult (f)3,3268620
1xfCWSalubri Elder MackAdult (m)4,7751,0932
dpItnSalubri Prince RosealieAdult (f)3,1178410
v3a5VSalubri Prince CastrianAdult (m)3,0898821
emYemSalubri Prince CherryAdult (f)3,1821,0293
irG2FBlue Nebular CBAdult (m)2,9517990
frtq7Lacey and Tessa CBAdult (f)3,1368111
m57l9Henry and Kevin CBAdult (m)3,1798111
HQCrdBurning Ambition CBAdult (m)2,8717922
7Ibs3Golden Answer Checker 3Adult (f)3,4235474
r7oXJGiovanni Elder MarcellaAdult (f)3,3935491
JV4FhGiovanni Antedeluvian CherileeAdult (f)3,1175101
5NvPqSalubri Elder TraceAdult (m)4,9888453
fzWt6Salubri Prince CheeileeAdult (f)5,0908131
rxyMfHealing Thought CBAdult (f)3,5295892
Fv1TOTarquin Kyriakos Dreamfail 2Adult (f)2,8957022
YFdWfYou Are Now my PrisonerAdult (f)2,9437006
vjtCkLady Dreams too Much CBAdult (f)2,8286282
NYXhqNo not Again CBAdult (f)3,0156171
acvBLSalubri Ancient DaisyAdult (f)2,9151,0002
qiSmbGiovanni Prince MarcosAdult (m)3,9379485
i1aEmGiovanni Ancient EmeillioAdult (m)4,0069312
BnvN0Salubri Prince MarblesAdult (m)4,0329535
bcLhJBlack CruorAdult (m)4,1909334
fnMTTTrouble Maker CBAdult (f)3,9989453
B4CnHSo Pale CBAdult (m)2,9058412
dqRDMFound In Snow CBAdult (m)2,9648540
5o4sBThorn Tangle CBAdult (f)2,9088451
hUWXaMr Fuscia CBAdult (m)2,8928750
U7A4JFound in Ice CBAdult (f)2,9418890
lXzDaSalubri Prince SarraAdult (f)3,7136890
jJOOiSalubri Ancient RedAdult (f)3,7356760
Xjs0PSalubri Inconnnu BrookAdult (f)2,4748001
4naQ5Salubri Inconnu RichardAdult (m)2,5848271
xoLI6Malkavian Ancient Spider PlantAdult (f)2,5528343
tNcCDSalubri Ancient RockyAdult (m)3,3739912
03rvtSalubri Elder VestaAdult (f)3,4339812
7Pl0zSalubri Elder RiccardoAdult (m)3,3549801
VqKIhSalubri Prince RollandAdult (m)3,4311,0181
vdiFoJen's Silver Remionder 2Adult (m)2,7836842
IWKirJen's Silver Memory 2Adult (f)2,6156861
PiATgSalubri Ancient PattersonAdult (m)2,1516182
edOOYGiovanni Ancient RomeoAdult (m)2,1126160
G2dRDSalubri Elder FionaAdult (f)2,2726312
ePLy8Salubri Elder ParsonAdult (m)2,1876061
wE3zASalubri Ancient FeatherAdult (m)2,1506161
FPjHcSalubri Ancient KarenAdult (f)2,2186220
81bWsSun Spots CBAdult (m)3,3883160
fBHb3Solar Panneling CBAdult (f)3,2013210
bF6vaCrimson Dancer CBAdult (m)2,8973130
qUbGCRed Dancer CBAdult (f)3,0763160
qVeJ4Katrina and Bess CBAdult (f)3,4486942
4vBwiGinger Purple CBAdult (f)3,3197405
OawgMWe Return  to TranselvaniaAdult (m)3,7177271
PqcSvSalubri Prince ShadowAdult (f)3,6397351
RdxPVMalkavian Inconnu SkylarAdult (m)3,0477921
q0CyaSalubri Inconnu XuliaAdult (f)2,9758014
HHcAaGiovanni Antedeluvian RaulAdult (f)3,6027281
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