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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2013 Valentine’s Day
  • 2012 Valentine’s Day
  • 2011 Holiday Event
  • Carrot Cave
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You pick up the scroll labeled “lake,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
s4i5T(s4i5T)Egg (F)
ib6ZWVampire Dodge 4Adult (m)2,78785422
JU2h2Vampire Dodge 5Adult (m)3,6051,0287
CiCmTVampire Dodge 6Adult (m)4,6501,0391
ADkd5Vampire Dodge 7Adult (m)5,1321,2072
1DhF8(1DhF8)Adult (m)3,2986551
5aXH7Heartseeker Dodge 1Adult (m)3,5581,2312
m3T8FStriped Dodge 2Adult (m)2,5915615
TSGJ0Striped Dodge 5Adult (m)2,6156585
guHY2Fire Dodge 3Adult (f)6,2011,5804
Zs44BVampire Dodge 1Adult (f)3,9378352
g1aBoVampire Dodge 2Adult (f)3,4788091
rfd16Vampire Dodge 3Adult (f)3,6209142
gQ7QZ(gQ7QZ)Adult (f)4,2189542
9BHLW(9BHLW)Adult (f)3,8638341
Cy2iw(Cy2iw)Adult (f)3,3036341
XrLCd(XrLCd)Adult (f)3,1816522
GusJZMagma Dodge 1Adult (f)3,9341,1232
2PCjY(2PCjY)Adult (f)5,0021,1303
mrlQoBronze Tincel Dodge 1Adult (m)5,0941,1075
8hm4COrange Dodge 1Adult (f)3,9601,1246
Rul5ROrange Dodge 2Adult (m)3,9701,1256
I8eyjOrange Dodge 3Adult (m)4,9006903
cpY3hOrange Dodge 4Adult (f)4,5837032
OOzK2Orange Dodge 5Hatchling (F)3,1636601
M0he2(M0he2)Adult (m)3,3501,0982
OJcjt(OJcjt)Adult (m)2,7517141
i2C1vStriped Dodge 3Adult (f)2,4246893
rVeAaStriped Dodge 4Adult (f)3,8956434
c9yC7CB Striped Dodge WhiteAdult (f)4,2039772
KRN1o(KRN1o)Adult (f)5,4481,1043
Yv0P9(Yv0P9)Adult (f)4,5369693
fkfoY(fkfoY)Adult (f)3,7639992
urKXaGold Tincel Dodge 1Adult (m)5,55193035
NdJ52Gold Tincel Dodge 2Adult (f)4,9131,0318
YbZiS(YbZiS)Adult (f)7,5401,0615
ecgNYSnow Angel Drag Dodge 1Adult (f)7,6441,3294
ssKb5Snow Angel Drag Dodge 2Adult (f)5,5321,6913
POWhmWinter Magi Dodge 2Adult (m)3,2468752
XvJ2pWinter Magi Dodge 1Adult (m)3,0628091
5QgUPillow Drag Dodge 1Adult (f)7,9812,0419
ev0qa(ev0qa)Adult (m)3,8499222
v0htA(v0htA)Adult (m)4,1561,2245
sbvw5Gold Chain Dodge 1Adult (f)5,2651,0123
ukK6YRibbon Drag Dodge 1Adult (f)7,1291,3123
m0pMMRibbon Drag Dodge 2Adult (f)5,4441,7293
vc9AcBlack Dodge 1Adult (m)3,5699139
e7f5hBlack Dodge 2Adult (m)3,9416543
eOQqPBlack Dodge 3Adult (m)3,0558752
U1YqTBlack Dodge 4Adult (m)3,0121,1715
3QZtY(3QZtY)Adult (m)3,6997542
5VOBjCB Black DodgeAdult (m)5,2269564
qGDQnChease Dodge 1Adult3,4126814
DICR6Black Dodge 5Adult (f)3,0945882
na7TS(na7TS)Adult (f)2,2547892
jdC6XPebble Dodge 1Adult (f)4,5166613
EARrBYulebuck Dodge 1Adult (m)2,5377013
cGL43Yulebuck Dodge 2Adult (m)2,6357512
MUt7YSeasonal Drag Dodge 4Adult (m)5,4981,5751
ViCQP(ViCQP)Adult (f)4,2916654
t4hGnStripe Dodge 6Adult (f)2,4355353
pVSSKwhere the red fern growsAdult (m)3,2468885
UxqquNebula Dodge 4Adult (m)4,3248142
uBAb8(uBAb8)Adult (m)3,7111,0184
bS7o8Dino Dodge 2Adult3,4184501
8K4ruBird Dodge 1Adult (f)4,4151,3541
FkBbuGuarder of The DodgeAdult (m)4,4707102
h3Sn6Seasonal Drag Dodge 1Adult (m)2,2647314
5ffp3Seasonal Drag Dodge 2Adult (m)4,4181,0733
tOhbZSeasonal Drag Dodge 3Adult (m)4,3741,0702
A01rUPoseidons envyAdult (m)4,9305273
PZ63RArtemis HunterAdult (m)4,0567041
B71yKFreeze Ray Dodge 1Adult (m)3,6361,3454
cop6HSilver Ticil Dodge 1Adult (f)5,5091,17118
lNcPuSilver Tincil Dodge 2Adult (m)5,7749221
TrIj9(TrIj9)Adult (f)5,1741,1222
cHf1d(cHf1d)Adult (m)5,2721,1152
9wqX5(9wqX5)Adult (m)2,3658301
tNA8H(tNA8H)Adult (m)5,0651,5033
LiUKCGeode Dodge 1Adult (f)4,8681,1555
K2XSOWater Dodge 1Adult (f)5,1826761
MBKpZ(MBKpZ)Adult (m)4,2776802
PBK4TNebula Dodge 1 CBAdult (f)3,8128685
alZMp(alZMp)Adult (f)3,9899594
sFj8LElectric Dodge 1Adult (f)5,1971,5892
KNeWUThunder Dodge 1 CBAdult (m)2,6735833
bl04BNebula Dodge 5Adult (m)3,1434922
Xj2rZRoyal Blue Dodge 1Adult (m)2,9135473
r763lRoyal Blue Dodge 2Adult (m)2,8515748
BYEAFRoyal Blue Dodge 3Adult (f)6,2841,5716
TGi5j(TGi5j)Adult (f)3,8588602
7X0KSStriped Dodge 6Adult (m)3,9666952
9Q6IY(9Q6IY)Adult (f)3,0034951
4hfUQStriped Dodge 1Adult (f)4,3227931
iqTJM(iqTJM)Adult (f)4,2806571
3qPiVDino Dodge 1Adult3,4838186
NPjTSunlight Doge 1Adult (m)2,8601,1046
o9m0A(o9m0A)Adult (f)4,5157042
36v4J(36v4J)Adult (m)4,3436953
K3yUd(K3yUd)Adult (m)4,2726751
0O6pCPurple Dodge 1Adult (m)3,8739993
xgywX(xgywX)Adult (m)5,2701,5512
eLDrqPink Dodge 1Adult (f)5,2881,2653
AVDTmPink Dodge 2 CBAdult (f)2,9307801
Jv4IIPink Dodge 3Adult (m)3,1367094
viFpOPink Dodge 4Adult (m)4,7646887
TUTDN(TUTDN)Adult (m)3,3797141
pmA6eRosebud Dodge 1Adult (f)3,6238595
576ZNRosebud Dodge 2Adult (f)3,8917772
lssHISweetling Dodge 1Adult (m)3,4948921
3Qco2Sweetling Dodge 2Adult (m)3,7119873
1gXUCFire Dodge 1Adult (m)1,45453711
sVuDkFire Dodge 4Adult (m)6,3931,6502
2iso9Fire Dodge 2Adult (m)5,9091,5483
Xppxt(Xppxt)Adult (m)5,1161,1113
XVMnRed Dodge 3Adult (m)5,7019656
v8PTRed Dodge 2Adult (f)3,8198979
sbMYRed Dodge 1Adult (f)1,24562315
GOqC9Red Dodge 4Adult (m)5,9971,9164
chUMRRed Dodge 5Adult (m)6,0921,3582
kaeApRed Dodge 6Adult (m)3,5301,10311
rGsSjRed Dodge 7Adult (f)2,7388253
jeQSHRed Dodge 9Adult (m)2,7177604
Whv9HRed Dodge 8Adult (m)2,6217333
WCfJgRed Dodge 10Adult (m)2,5487272
VW8udRed Dodge 12Adult (f)4,5081,0742
GSnQFRed Dodge 11Adult (m)2,5089452
d7WIVRed Dodge 13Adult (f)3,5288641
hF6IORed Dodge 15Adult (f)2,3606092
0soJqRed Dodge 14Adult (m)2,4196214
iVgKtRed Dodge 16Adult (f)4,9131,2796
bZc9DRed Dodge 18Adult (m)4,6976606
kP00qRed Dodge 17Adult (m)6,9901,3473
Pv231Red Dodge 19Adult (f)3,5307465
QKVUFRed Dodge 21Adult (f)4,1497270
MFaX5Red Dodge 20Adult (m)4,0277082
hdGOrRed Dodge 22Adult (f)4,2007000
n15RFRed Dodge 23Adult (f)3,7157253
l8SvjRed Dodge 24Adult (m)3,5967362
0M7U3Red Dodge 25Adult (m)3,4287152
c9tNTRed Dodge 26Adult (f)4,1378651
I8WlhRed Dodge 27Adult (m)3,7317460
aJaNERed Dodge 28Adult (f)3,4868192
WMttcRed Dodge 30Adult (f)3,5648173
hMedpRed Dodge 31Adult (f)3,5778340
TN2KnRed Dodge 32Adult (m)3,6318460
YtIquRed Dodge 33Adult (m)4,0647761
WIEM0Red Dodge 34 CBAdult (f)4,5808941
BJkbu(BJkbu)Adult (m)3,8419014
vROsE(vROsE)Adult (f)3,7559882
Am8jk(Am8jk)Adult (m)2,3908221
JemlCRed dodge zAdult (m)3,4718772
PO9yt(PO9yt)Adult (m)2,4648402
ndWBKD Gray Man Dodge 1Adult (f)5,37855915
hSZSoD Gray Man Dodge 2Adult (f)4,4251,4355
SNS4mD grey man dodge 3Adult (m)3,9029313
CGYmqD grey man dodge 4Adult (m)2,8058413
Zqor8White Dragon Doge 1Adult (f)1,64160615
qOAmXWhite Dodge 2Adult (m)6,3321,6301
hHl91White Dodge 3Adult (m)3,0737243
wgsdX(wgsdX)Adult (f)4,2046952
QXVllChicken Dodge 1Adult (f)2,0834062
RoFz5(RoFz5)Adult (m)2,5717613
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