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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “laertid,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
AHSc(AHSc)Egg (F)
W1eNu(W1eNu)Adult (m)2,5648801
3v4kM(3v4kM)Adult (m)2,4128660
IP8gf(IP8gf)Adult (m)2,5758760
PWVHD(PWVHD)Adult (f)2,6279042
sm2sO(sm2sO)Adult (f)2,6278960
KlB2y(KlB2y)Adult (f)2,5978960
NyOok(NyOok)Adult (m)3,2529140
ZlCS0(ZlCS0)Adult (m)3,2169171
pz7P6(pz7P6)Adult (m)3,0898520
VSYcN(VSYcN)Adult (m)3,1428531
Vmp2i(Vmp2i)Adult (m)3,4981,0193
VWVMy(VWVMy)Adult (m)3,3899940
r15CH(r15CH)Adult (f)3,4081,0130
WiTiw(WiTiw)Adult (f)3,3891,0101
91x4R(91x4R)Adult (m)3,4851,0541
HRkcE(HRkcE)Adult (f)3,5171,0421
yXzWQ(yXzWQ)Adult (m)3,5071,0260
LnPvt(LnPvt)Adult (f)3,6421,0530
X3bv1(X3bv1)Adult (m)2,2107921
k9jAU(k9jAU)Adult (m)2,3598050
59g3aNo Rock And ScissorsAdult2,2638784
0ic7Fold Me A DragonAdult3,7031,24117
ZKiWuPaper KiwiAdult6,2971,1895
YP8ErHaiku On OrigamiAdult3,26685211
yw2AEFrom The BookAdult4,2847012
ZmQWtLight as a LeafAdult2,9256521
DsvXmAirplan Named SergeAdult4,4631,13811
KsFSzI Can Has CheeseAdult6,0799954
nuLtCheese HoleAdult2,0806466
yhshJSay CheeeeeseAdult4,4069033
l2209Mintside UpAdult (m)2,5726904
auGZHen ThenAdult (f)2,2519769
7WhEOne Bite PleaseAdult (m)2,6241,17913
bP7BNight Light SeekerAdult (m)2,3119228
EOD9Halloween RocksAdult (m)3,6601,27314
ceS8Bare FangsAdult (m)3,2841,16914
WTmp6WrennaiAdult (f)3,3051,0123
WbasSee Me RoarAdult (f)2,1788169
19gx0Still EveningAdult (f)3,1117374
Xl8e1Scarlet PaleAdult (f)4,0571,1266
95FjuCave PumpkinsAdult (m)2,8067072
xLO77Cave Full Of PumpkinsAdult (f)2,6956620
hdeIQWhere Is PumpkinAdult (f)3,3201,0629
DBSsC(DBSsC)Adult (f)2,8897560
jXYRa(jXYRa)Adult (m)2,7156732
6YfCZFirefly OctoberAdult (m)2,6801,1332
XbyrhOctober FireflyAdult (f)3,4381,0885
cubxaCubby ThuwedAdult (m)4,0951,2606
ljGKm(ljGKm)Adult (m)2,2255970
g2Cow(g2Cow)Adult (f)2,8947491
QJSAyJeysayAdult (m)3,5451,1255
FYCkeKespikeAdult (m)2,7121,1407
7d6nnLady Zombie FighterAdult (f)3,8151,0924
JOsAzRed Rider CapAdult (f)4,3641,3494
3ifhbDark SweetsAdult (m)2,1541,0411
RQcXX(RQcXX)Adult (m)2,8116842
5r6NV(5r6NV)Adult (f)3,2308090
Mctta(Mctta)Adult (f)2,7977041
cPMjmI Am Not HereAdult (f)2,6641,1172
3F3qQFree FogAdult (f)2,8621,1551
Sb1ggGhost Without The ShellAdult (m)2,7021,1334
7GROXHide No SeekAdult (f)3,2279648
LWLULMoonlight LeolAdult (m)3,8321,2305
s2aEtMerry Goes RoundAdult (m)3,5733751
lm2URMerry WeathersAdult (m)4,3474171
Vhr2lWinter JoylightAdult (m)3,4788425
Sb5DwBronze HolliaAdult (f)3,9009754
HDOZGDeoson ThuwedAdult (m)2,95941719
xoXUOTwelve ThuwedAdult (m)3,12942320
3sCFkWinter Tara ThuwedAdult (f)3,9819505
eGkZlRemember OctoberAdult (m)4,6088124
J5uAuPink CelebrateAdult (m)3,3688064
z4ZCaJinni HollyAdult (f)3,9719205
8A30Minty FestiveAdult (m)2,3148929
Ofa4fHot Winter TeaAdult (m)3,6546805
sFoSHalloping CheersAdult (m)2,0308056
AUCzsRudogAdult (m)4,0003782
oIp0FRudonlyAdult (m)4,0103571
jnmDkJoyliAdult (f)3,9223602
aDuMnJollaiAdult (f)3,9573643
gbn9pSnowing FeatherAdult (f)3,6713964
V9rBFirefly AngelAdult (f)2,33290410
6ENJFirefly CupidAdult (f)2,0448277
uxJN0(uxJN0)Adult (m)4,2943942
X2FzD(X2FzD)Adult (m)4,1113831
GXm30(GXm30)Adult (m)3,8733651
HoODFirefly DancerAdult (f)2,3295146
fE7OFirefly PrancerAdult (f)2,3335256
o2XZX(o2XZX)Adult (f)3,7454042
Nqsn0PriantaAdult (f)4,1073881
73d63PrincettiaAdult (f)4,1953842
UuzoeKind Winter SoulAdult (m)3,0867281
6tpxeAngry Winter SoulAdult (m)3,3777872
ZRXvwFrost BlockerAdult (m)2,2836482
svxEKFrost WallAdult (m)2,2986153
YUG4FDreamy YummyAdult (f)3,4878343
RgrqvPetabruteAdult (f)4,2259363
8oxP3Love Carved in StoneAdult (f)3,8478034
QV1OHPink All OverAdult (f)3,1507483
k1pei(k1pei)Adult (f)3,1713461
qoFfF(qoFfF)Adult (f)3,3283891
wDx7vRare ValentineAdult (f)3,0416508
RISMGTotally RoseAdult (m)3,1696871
AAOEkThird PetalAdult (m)3,8727220
SrZy3(SrZy3)Adult (m)3,0293241
glyVx(glyVx)Adult (m)3,3663571
4rqLjRidge RosenAdult (m)3,7508244
9NyQDHearts StormAdult (m)3,0329777
Qi2DFirefly AmneAdult (m)2,4205967
b2q4Firefly TopazAdult (m)2,2175306
KKyEWPurple Dusk CityAdult (m)3,8467071
BHI4ePink SundownAdult (m)3,4337958
7jJD7Dark JianAdult (m)3,9337401
vfr73Ferro ThuwedAdult (m)4,0058932
iWPPIWeathers ThuwedAdult (m)4,6918574
hIBrFirefly RosieAdult (f)3,7435016
pcNoFirefly RoseradeAdult (f)3,2574585
uMtusStone and FlowerAdult (f)3,8397282
2eYeNRosemitAdult (f)3,4058162
DKZyZSeek AllAdult (m)2,8295721
LZV6gSeek YouAdult (m)2,8425791
sq14kChoco RollAdult (m)3,8437932
VOtJpRuler of LatteAdult (m)4,0287913
zVLlq(zVLlq)Adult (m)3,8977342
SZldJFirefly SeekerAdult (m)4,0981,2424
9iSdCSid SeekerAdult (m)4,0258363
RV7F4Firefly HeartAdult (m)3,9291,1518
n1RFaFirefly NiroAdult (m)4,9081,3995
Cn88MArsa MajorAdult (f)2,3925151
ORsXhArsa MinorAdult (f)2,5515271
gEgqrHeartie MagicAdult (f)4,2841,3174
pPeUELunar ArsaAdult (f)4,2149303
Qys96I Fly And SmileAdult (f)3,9637762
h3hysRadiant RayAdult (m)3,2301,0063
e3rK5Master MushiAdult (m)4,0051,1923
7XAsFShiny SakuraAdult (f)2,7407643
takMoFacet CrystalAdult (f)2,8847875
q76SrCrocoloveAdult (m)3,7438253
RW3BcCroconautAdult (m)3,5758442
MOqJ0(MOqJ0)Adult (f)2,1266721
CBhAj(CBhAj)Adult (f)2,1456680
YzV7y(YzV7y)Adult (m)3,6837421
v8HIt(v8HIt)Adult (m)3,7608051
TVKLk(TVKLk)Adult (f)2,9577191
IBPbm(IBPbm)Adult (f)2,9077200
5ki7AWS Petals FallingAdult (m)2,51397815
9iNESakura Lots Of SakuraAdult (m)2,6831,05410
t0JYPLong Days Short NightsAdult (m)4,8641,2433
sR4IWS April BornAdult (f)2,6219117
qHqVSenpai Look At MeAdult (f)1,98379914
6belIApril BellAdult (f)2,1247283
cYmbHere Be SpringAdult (f)1,9011,0014
5ISHGAWS Young SunAdult (f)1,9687021
1jf36(1jf36)Adult (m)3,6397600
R1lW9Hot Springs NowAdult (f)3,3356732
b1atWBeach and BallAdult (f)3,3336874
T0aF3Hooray HolidaysAdult (f)3,4487231
fu86cHot Too HotAdult (m)3,0836842
6ItBLeaves Falling DownAdult (m)3,7144052
oZ3pColourful ViewAdult (m)2,2494942
q5E5Maple Syrup NowAdult (m)3,9275322
j0RcWarm Tea And BlanketAdult (f)1,9395654
IHEHSSA Leafy LeafyAdult (m)2,3336443
Xtc99SA Look At The RainAdult (m)3,6599034
FQJ3What To Do On A Rainy DayAdult (f)2,4077083
jEG5October Is NearAdult (m)2,6207433
C67SShould I Go To SchoolAdult (f)2,8493913
vQbKAW Once Upon A DecemberAdult (m)2,4347673
nt5oAW Let It Go Let It SnowAdult (f)3,0131,0022
pkkYEach Snowflake Is UniqueAdult (m)2,7787635
IvHFLet's Go SkatingAdult (m)2,4577292
SMV5Snow Never Bothered MeAdult (f)3,2611,1623
FROpAGet Me Off This IceAdult (f)3,3121,00824
3pKTBuilding A SnowmanAdult (f)2,1957253
5ESfWW Too Much Snow Error Try AgainAdult (m)2,1108633
F1hfElectro Cutie PieAdult (f)2,02285413
oHv3Father Was Little TooAdult (m)2,5071,02310
4N5PSimple And GreenAdult (m)2,7591,1728
UbupLittle Lilly LizaAdult (f)2,7061,19010
IKf4I'm From JungleAdult (f)2,0969439
Gu5RPink Puzzled DorkfaceAdult (m)2,9291,0819
07DjLea DorkfaceAdult (f)2,6421,00212
8baRFluttery ShyAdult (f)2,6481,0458
LoESLeatter QAdult (m)2,6841,0497
uP1IVolt Tackle HitAdult (f)4,3891,39020
tjg5Silvery LugiaAdult (f)3,7851,30518
8knXGold Ho-OhAdult (m)3,3311,13016
FJPOMagneliaAdult (f)3,4221,15211
MCDPMaytenusAdult (m)3,4251,19611
rLOJStone Of StonesAdult (m)2,92798313
LCGULucy LeuAdult (f)3,6771,22718
QXZGAlta LongroadAdult (f)2,8981,14314
L414Kerren AkbeAdult (f)2,9681,16310
VFvBSpike FlyingAdult (m)2,08589711
3WBRCapucchinoAdult (f)3,0151,26719
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