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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “ladymatch,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
9YSiJoseph and Micah D'OrionAdult (m)2,7941,26126
qiwnRiley and Ava M'AdocAdult (f)4,51293942
DiQmCaleb and Pogue D'OrionAdult (m)9175366
8ha9Sarah and Kate M'AdocAdult (f)1,8614997
kFE0Jacob and Edward D'OrionAdult (m)2,0524831
t6pkjRenesmee and Bella M'AdocAdult (f)2,3926692
JEenNKatniss and Madge M'AdocAdult (f)3,0075905
Cl8eVPeeta and Gale D'OrionAdult (m)2,7277222
tAcvHRon and Harry D'OrionAdult (m)1,7656623
R4Jno(R4Jno)Adult (m)1,7566760
U752d(U752d)Adult (f)2,6076403
1Mhe1(1Mhe1)Adult (f)3,3796874
HTDJe(HTDJe)Adult (m)4,2957495
bWteRLucca and Leo D'OrionAdult (m)3,2137914
Lto1VTrina and Kat M'AdocAdult (f)2,4936872
U9QHsHermione and Ginny M'AdocAdult (f)3,1736481
ElHVmFlint and Steve D'OrionAdult (m)3,2889824
ZhZCZDi and Liz M'AdocAdult (f)3,0741,0326
ZcYz1Shaun and Ed D'OrionAdult (m)2,7118803
gztlV(gztlV)Adult (m)2,2436961
sySBLady's Tiny and TinaHatchling (f, F)2,1324924
u6M1Lady's Frick and FrackHatchling (m, F)3,17199313
eg4WsLady's Little WhateverHatchling (F)1,8205192
f9YaJMari and Eve K'DahAdult (f)2,3178073
DaK59(DaK59)Adult (m)1,9715454
nxXHg(nxXHg)Adult (m)1,5156533
G9xHRRa and Set O'DahAdult (m)1,7396812
OWvQlZachariah UpxemsAdult (m)2,4978142
VJsUzMiri and Mora K'DahAdult (f)3,2551,0498
dz4KzBastet and Sekhmet K'DahAdult (f)2,8369185
jtaam(jtaam)Adult (f)2,9879324
uXEil(uXEil)Adult (f)2,9847412
jIthVAnubis and Osiris O'DahAdult (m)1,6525923
FfQn3Virginia Potts CBAdult (f)3,32571111
i8vTiAngel of Virginia 2GAdult (f)2,0866032
UYzvRPowered AeonAdult (f)3,4509032
UcBzt(UcBzt)Adult (f)2,9477271
ghXlC(ghXlC)Adult (f)2,7246721
Lt37u(Lt37u)Adult (m)1,6455691
JOLqb(JOLqb)Adult (f)1,7055231
7yHcy(7yHcy)Adult (f)1,6875612
fpogu(fpogu)Adult (f)2,0275501
x4QoA Phantom CBAdult (m)1,92977112
AlHdAnd Death FollowedAdult (m)2,8701,01013
s80F(s80F)Adult (m)1,8956407
gh56(gh56)Adult (f)1,7104715
SKN6(SKN6)Adult (f)1,3615754
ce13(ce13)Adult (f)3,3826038
U4fC(U4fC)Adult (f)2,0312949
QNV4(QNV4)Adult (f)1,7914924
iAVk(iAVk)Adult (m)2,2986624
eFSo(eFSo)Adult (f)2,3116564
5q9R(5q9R)Adult (f)2,0925284
mZqW(mZqW)Adult (f)1,9055943
gSI03(gSI03)Adult (m)2,3076402
pET70Windy D1Adult (f)2,2875791
vXgOP(vXgOP)Adult (m)2,8714506
riZsZPale RidersAdult (f)4,7261,2306
mNjJMAn Albino FreakAdult (f)2,8007769
L91KlPure Heart GuardianAdult (m)2,0746234
CvV8B(CvV8B)Adult (m)3,2386271
mJCiLady's PowderHatchling (F)6143363
pJT0HIn Jaded Skys CBAdult (m)1,9886384
gJNF3Jarvis D3Adult (m)3,4898183
4PWhYLady's JadeHatchling (f, F)2,8628552
Gl9R2(Gl9R2)Adult (m)2,3784962
nBykqStill D1Adult (m)2,2995630
XbRkYAnymila CBAdult (f)2,2966933
WTd6J(WTd6J)Adult (m)2,2005833
arYpP(arYpP)Adult (f)3,5165715
07v1Q(07v1Q)Adult (m)2,3287042
iOcVPink Lady LoverAdult (f)4,0561,66270
eSr8(eSr8)Adult (f)4,7771,61216
JvbhRidiculous PinkAdult (f)4,62285422
MzcG(MzcG)Adult (f)5,0251,15413
MGpr(MGpr)Adult (f)1,8888228
mY9J(mY9J)Adult (f)3,9781,10415
QHd3(QHd3)Adult (f)3,6641,04613
DuVfVAdira CBAdult (f)3,4075703
4ttLuLittle Latu CBAdult (m)2,0545633
U2Oxq(U2Oxq)Adult (m)2,1926821
Em8BA(Em8BA)Adult (m)3,2009872
S1dQi(S1dQi)Adult (m)2,5546921
hNhb(hNhb)Hatchling (f, F)10,3811,16529
gyMG(gyMG)Hatchling (f, F)2,33335213
d2V6c(d2V6c)Adult (m)1,4706231
vA7LP(vA7LP)Adult (f)2,2136723
UBheN(UBheN)Adult (m)1,8595881
1t2Sa(1t2Sa)Adult (m)1,6865601
I3H74(I3H74)Adult (m)1,7345531
zuUFs(zuUFs)Adult (f)2,4037050
0nsVJ(0nsVJ)Adult (m)2,0977022
T5Pr(T5Pr)Adult (f)2,26699013
Qjxe(Qjxe)Adult (m)2,7961,38410
lNMG(lNMG)Adult (m)2,52222912
VtaC(VtaC)Adult (f)2,0454422
YX8m(YX8m)Adult (f)1,7443971
Anrd(Anrd)Adult (f)2,0775333
qwAxo(qwAxo)Adult (m)1,8446231
4atscHarvey D2Adult (m)1,8466293
y4V7tLady's Frozen HeliumHatchling (f, F)2,7855081
RFPTQ(RFPTQ)Adult (m)2,0937040
ORnw(ORnw)Adult (f)5,2672,30822
ZEwc(ZEwc)Adult (f)4,18096629
6uaz(6uaz)Adult (f)6,6492,00118
z8ZE(z8ZE)Adult (m)3,7791,45621
EWDx(EWDx)Adult (m)6,2341,91129
evBf(evBf)Adult (f)5,4591,53828
RtFd(RtFd)Adult (f)10,7931,08928
jxxT(jxxT)Adult (f)6,4101,38919
Igpd(Igpd)Adult (m)6,5381,19816
jQPx(jQPx)Adult (m)4,4131,42426
LJvJ(LJvJ)Adult (f)4,3351,51115
rZaS(rZaS)Adult (f)2,8731,16016
nXyQ(nXyQ)Adult (m)2,32984815
7pv3(7pv3)Adult (m)3,7861,48617
i9JY(i9JY)Adult (m)2,22199315
EV6C(EV6C)Adult (f)2,3361,04613
4H8H(4H8H)Adult (m)2,4091,2737
gwGW(gwGW)Adult (f)2,3191,05213
Hr0p(Hr0p)Adult (m)2,4811,41417
Ekvn(Ekvn)Adult (m)2,71198913
aSDg(aSDg)Adult (m)1,2346646
OF4H(OF4H)Adult (m)1,4674835
RbG4(RbG4)Adult (m)1,6274603
vRhI(vRhI)Adult (f)1,1773643
liBH(liBH)Adult (f)1,4805933
tPTc(tPTc)Adult (f)2,1823758
MFmt(MFmt)Adult (f)2,05860313
5oQE(5oQE)Adult (f)2,0864573
aIrt(aIrt)Adult (m)1,4784251
56rg(56rg)Adult (m)2,3496576
2RkH(2RkH)Adult (m)2,6914523
PFR8(PFR8)Adult (f)1,7065434
64SrP(64SrP)Adult (f)1,9095492
Ikhar(Ikhar)Adult (m)1,9655893
1HcIK(1HcIK)Adult (m)1,9456382
gWBEsLittle Lady DorkfaceAdult (f)2,8819854
ipu3t(ipu3t)Adult (m)2,6286411
bVqSw(bVqSw)Adult (m)1,7066280
X2Vk6(X2Vk6)Adult (f)1,5366324
LIRX8Sinful Green GlowAdult (f)1,7326322
VJz8PRock 'n' Roll TrainAdult (f)3,6976722
gUwMxBlacklight HeavenAdult (f)4,5701,3242
0AlbQCast in ShadowsAdult (f)2,1566464
FRXNWLove's Embracing HeartAdult (m)21,0521,6935
RXOuB(RXOuB)Adult (m)3,4661,1962
92zEh(92zEh)Adult (f)1,9526434
Btqbt(Btqbt)Adult (m)2,8974936
hKvrQXBox Live GoldAdult (m)3,9431,05415
V1bBVSilver's FlappyAdult (f)2,9997558
DoNHSSarah McCarthyAdult (f)2,2647105
8sYB8(8sYB8)Adult (f)1,9215174
cK1ivBlack Wing WishesAdult (m)2,3297726
X8KNdNight Star WishAdult (m)3,5286644
aElSzProtecticaAdult (f)5,1309243
IMjXVBlacktop RoadAdult (f)3,0009117
EZhGuXbox KinectAdult (f)2,9919257
r0so9Early ReleaseAdult (m)2,9709537
L3ZazWireless ControllerAdult (f)2,7469025
dN7cQRidley the Rogue of DarknessAdult (f)4,0888844
PRx4FPress the A ButtonAdult (m)2,3427604
NQ9kW(NQ9kW)Adult (f)5,5158676
olhoYA Blackened BirdAdult (f)3,0498033
6HvWU(6HvWU)Adult (m)2,9716153
8sxa4(8sxa4)Adult (m)3,7721,0509
qqRQD(qqRQD)Adult (m)3,9611,0883
1gAj1(1gAj1)Adult (m)2,6647785
Thy7bThy Luciferz Be DoneAdult (f)1,9206412
33vW9Early WirelessAdult (f)1,9176271
tewwHProtect the GoldAdult (m)2,0836591
rfc2VBlack Ops SpecialAdult (m)4,1709387
vK5oe(vK5oe)Adult (f)4,3219465
mhqyY(mhqyY)Adult (f)2,3285912
hXJQySurvive the ArkAdult (f)3,7085944
PlBO9Christmas Ribbon BlackAdult (f)2,1185792
27xV6Burg AlleyAdult (m)3,1357673
rqY6T(rqY6T)Adult (m)1,8026052
MdQXo(MdQXo)Adult (m)3,5378492
quBvw(quBvw)Adult (f)2,0557031
0QPDTMalark 3GAdult (m)4,5296614
58sZuPS4Adult (m)2,3736332
ATrPqMadcatzAdult (f)2,4586552
2xafFTai MuuAdult (f)4,8515462
gTYycQueen FoolishAdult (f)4,6775233
F5J2IMrs ThornderAdult (f)5,0085472
eFcx22nd HandAdult (m)3,5957882
RsNXr(RsNXr)Adult (m)2,2395731
AefuV(AefuV)Adult (f)2,6946940
a5OPR(a5OPR)Adult (m)2,7327040
0FjEl(0FjEl)Adult (m)3,1386241
FKmPJ(FKmPJ)Adult (f)2,9574972
rk1os(rk1os)Adult (m)3,0485172
jh6eG(jh6eG)Adult (f)2,5347062
cOzALady's OrphanHatchling (f, F)2,8021,04512
3aFjLady's WondermentHatchling (F)1,1521966
ua1NLady's Little ManHatchling (m, F)1,47595222
02xzlLady's DilemmaHatchling (m, F)3,9339801
5veghLady's ShadowdancerHatchling (f, F)3,9759971
s4lYMLady's MaahesHatchling (m, F)3,5078735
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