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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “ladyinpink,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
a0q3sChromidormi of Inexorable GroveAdult (f)3,7308112
lliWpKronadormu of the Endless WoodsAdult (m)7,3825102
Fc9s8Tentradormi of Flashfire MarshAdult (f)6,1268074
NARTA(NARTA)Adult (f)6,7405723
av3eG(av3eG)Adult (m)6,4975621
rXFls(rXFls)Adult (m)4,5453054
mUeL1(mUeL1)Adult (m)2,6706501
cB58Y(cB58Y)Adult (f)2,5976441
VhXgU(VhXgU)Adult (f)2,6816610
7y4Q7(7y4Q7)Adult (f)1,9295692
k7Csx(k7Csx)Adult (f)2,7037220
OafUK(OafUK)Adult (m)2,7696901
jSED5(jSED5)Adult (f)2,6506811
QVOEg(QVOEg)Adult (f)2,8517580
Yz4x9(Yz4x9)Adult (f)2,8867361
9WOcu(9WOcu)Adult (m)3,2497350
JDfWO(JDfWO)Adult (f)3,2547451
5Xb7H(5Xb7H)Adult (m)3,3117640
CxGvR(CxGvR)Adult (f)3,2267241
pxPcD(pxPcD)Adult (m)3,3527801
I5TXJ(I5TXJ)Adult (m)3,1917461
Xz2Ra(Xz2Ra)Adult (f)3,2527661
xqFAZ(xqFAZ)Adult (m)2,1243166
Q6FZoIvaran DaymajetAdult (m)4,4964540
2u1cATweitec of Shiverpine RangeAdult (m)2,9188170
Ofh9AHaniotl of Shiverpine RangeAdult (f)2,9438060
rPeFVFevtec of Shiverpine RangeAdult (m)3,0818790
8WPojMeiotl of the Dawnglow PeaksAdult (f)6,0941,2556
A3L4mIB CHILL BONGOSAdult (m)3,2408214
GWrx3Rubeye Tenebrae E3Adult (m)4,1216023
8Ozf6Ellen Dank'Memes E3Adult (f)3,2992445
SbXdS(SbXdS)Adult (m)3,0514654
CuiP3Kidd-AlbinoHatchling (m, F)4,9245691
mDs8GAlbino-LinaHatchling (f, F)4,9175721
e5oY6Dayrite of Faebright GladeAdult (m)3,5098080
a1VJwKaulow of Everbright GladeAdult (f)3,5008031
iE0zcAiezrite of the Twilight WoodsAdult (m)4,8506151
rfyNYNianalow of the Rosy HillsAdult (f)5,3366120
MkPYBMakenrite of the Dawn FoothillsAdult (m)5,5387682
2WvXBTallow of the Dawnglow PeaksAdult (f)5,5587701
nm2y0(nm2y0)Adult (m)4,9584974
zaxiC(zaxiC)Adult (f)7,3646152
YDndrDendir Roseor E3Adult (m)1,2603383
FN4cU(FN4cU)Hatchling (f, F)4,6695953
8rNK8Kaneotl of the Sugar ExpanseAdult (f)4,4127760
mf991GaiUmAdult (m)7,3336391
RjsHx(RjsHx)Adult (f)2,39229018
UPorN(UPorN)Adult (f)9,5697022
c2X2c(c2X2c)Adult (f)4,5329873
mI7bvKidd-AnagallisHatchling (m, F)4,3065572
NVZXbDaruszor of the Midnight SandsAdult (m)5,1966630
oeEN8Eonrite of the Sugar ExpanseAdult (m)5,4246410
RkUtDKaratar of the Midnight SandsAdult (f)4,5976661
uCjLQEralow of the Sugar ExpanseAdult (f)4,6256660
sc2yTGrave Dust Burtonesque IIAdult (m)4,0036634
DIofRDawnglow Kiyoshi the BlindingAdult (f)5,4226023
gwM1LSandina Third E3Adult (f)7,1475251
rvShLDaith Tenebrae E3Adult (f)3,5227113
aZvZa(aZvZa)Adult (f)4,7888393
J9zJm(J9zJm)Adult (f)2,8455754
0DGQl(0DGQl)Hatchling (F)1,7603290
M2VLw(M2VLw)Adult (f)2,9647505
nLw6g(nLw6g)Adult (m)3,0847363
QqtuMLady Katherine Pridesinger IIAdult (f)3,5034874
vUDsaAdmiral Daelin Pridesinger IIAdult (m)3,3914614
DeghEUnbowed Horadrius Nethermane IIAdult (m)5,0139547
P7WYcThe Pride of Kul'TirasAdult (f)7,0331,0994
VfqvaVaffis Blue E4Adult (m)3,4555175
VLZJp(VLZJp)Adult (f)4,2776522
wH6BS(wH6BS)Adult (f)4,3866122
feT8GThe Light of a Thousand MoonsAdult (f)4,0517911
OOEBu(OOEBu)Adult (m)2,2894142
S1Kae(S1Kae)Adult (f)2,0774130
7zRE1(7zRE1)Adult (m)2,0954840
sqwTuBellotec of the Firebird TangleAdult (m)3,0548401
gjo1gCraiotl of the Firebird TangleAdult (f)4,5497694
U4GM2(U4GM2)Adult (m)4,8446021
TAPicPercival Bleach E3Adult (m)6,5054991
1bZPfConstance Bleach'Kroc E4Adult (f)6,5965910
AymFhParridus Pure'Valentine E5Adult (m)5,2956932
xzh0qSkylark Hallowed'Valentine E6Adult (f)6,6035451
ciLou(ciLou)Adult (m)7,4405662
Ibajg(Ibajg)Adult (f)5,9335372
lf5Zc(lf5Zc)Adult (m)6,2435033
BGwSt(BGwSt)Adult (f)6,8635142
n6TkE(n6TkE)Adult (f)7,5536371
fB1DI(fB1DI)Adult (m)5,5775903
Qh4FX(Qh4FX)Adult (m)6,3375452
VQQEu(VQQEu)Adult (f)5,6417772
G9fWXBold Lusifee Kroc IIAdult (m)3,5883335
Cq6seBeatrice Kroc E3Adult (f)7,6076723
VavrZTyrande Bleach'Kroc E4Adult (f)4,5196623
HTTey(HTTey)Adult (f)10,8751,2237
pNenK(pNenK)Adult (m)3,0413625
eu3kS(eu3kS)Adult (f)3,9055401
jqJZUGladion Kroc E3Adult (m)2,9024393
AX6FTOperatic Talia Nethermane IIAdult (f)3,86933510
a4rLuPetunia Altcana E4Adult (f)2,9494934
VDJVQoOo Darling Duos oOoHatchling (f, F)4,7714813
s7UyooOo Splendid Specimens oOoHatchling (m, F)5,9435331
Wp55QoOo Rosastrasza on Forums oOoHatchling (F)4,1604392
kx1NjoOo Lauded Lines oOoHatchling (f, F)4,8464892
CellX(CellX)Hatchling (F)3,0832983
X0vshTwilight Sparkle of Lover's PeakAdult (f)4,6183951
MQQr3Mi Amore Cadenza of Lover's PeakAdult (f)5,2183901
COwhc(COwhc)Adult (f)5,3776260
FVUXfFlexigosa Time the AmiableAdult (f)5,0058268
Gdo3V(Gdo3V)Adult (f)6,1195991
xxVwO(xxVwO)Adult (f)3,8127061
utzVxCadence Elemental E3Adult (f)4,3016742
Z4HPxFlurry Heart Holy'Day E4Adult (f)3,8114842
sKxJ7(sKxJ7)Adult (f)3,1113442
1oUXO(1oUXO)Adult (f)3,3243663
Xz4ZG(Xz4ZG)Adult (f)3,3014245
GC90lCordia Mari'yei E3Adult (f)2,9585512
xtyywoOo 2nd Gen Spriter's Alts oOoHatchling (f, F)5,2946951
OWRVBoOo Caveborn Dragons oOoHatchling (f, F)3,4906312
c2OS8oOo Lineaged Dragons oOoHatchling (F)1,7145233
ja7dR(ja7dR)Hatchling (F)2,2174042
vixek(vixek)Adult (m)3,9356851
eSQOJ(eSQOJ)Adult (m)2,2963160
cPfCr(cPfCr)Adult (m)2,3133130
BroXt(BroXt)Adult (m)4,3174387
zKaEr(zKaEr)Adult (m)4,7895361
ToLqRTolaotl of Starlight GroveAdult (f)5,1466671
9oHZHAxolotl of Everbright GladeAdult (f)3,6125756
zx2zS(zx2zS)Adult (f)5,2917921
y9rPr(y9rPr)Adult (m)5,6698700
a9uXf(a9uXf)Adult (f)5,8568540
GIejTenkani of the Whistling PeaksAdult (f)3,6975318
OZGcETaikong of the Whistling PeaksAdult (m)3,6697150
NWaYBEmZaoAdult (m)5,0575220
RANGaCevil NebulaAdult (f)5,0515170
8WUbYTsuralon of Breezeway CoastAdult (m)2,3728712
FptPtKaitong of the Whistling PeaksAdult (m)2,9288110
HT0V9Haioron of the Shiverpine RangeAdult (m)3,0308840
CBGJ2Grekon of the Flutter FoothillsAdult (m)3,2721,0120
GfGigIB LOFTY BONGOSAdult (m)5,1476142
sX4stoOo PB Spriter's Alts oOoHatchling (m, F)4,1239172
hpcky(hpcky)Adult (m)6,0276371
EoVpy(EoVpy)Adult (f)6,0305870
aWt8o(aWt8o)Adult (f)5,4816110
a8o1E(a8o1E)Adult (m)5,5846120
SnYbk(SnYbk)Adult (f)6,0156551
bntQDValera of the Glittering PoolsAdult (f)2,3645890
n03kiIansre of Yavimaya CoastAdult (f)2,7758310
sJRXHDominus of Flashfire MarshAdult (m)3,2922650
L5UQOYanirus of the Glittering PoolsAdult (m)6,1181,1981
5l2NgEranikus of Yavimaya CoastAdult (m)3,4579400
MhRrpMephasera of Flashfire MarshAdult (f)5,7037241
P2sMNKrilla Bresipis E4Adult (f)7,1244913
fnOxoErius of the Glittering PoolsAdult (m)8,8489753
fhi4LKeisera of Breezeway CoastAdult (f)8,7609762
UPwiaPiwu Altcana E3Adult (m)2,8145242
8Lbkg(8Lbkg)Hatchling (m, F)4,5486392
Vvn4IB DAYSPA BONGOSAdult (m)10,5831,62210
j9DRIB SPIRIT OF CASUAL BONGOSAdult (m)10,7591,5927
MirDIB BUCKSKIN BONGOSAdult (m)3,82050311
SG5iOTiyas RhedaAdult (f)7,3141,4923
U2pbRIB EXOTIC BUTTERSAdult (f)3,9033581
tgHQDDawnshy JassithAdult (m)7,0649427
6p7daAlleria Sephs'Meteor E3Adult (f)5,6136322
E0zRzUmbriss Felimeyr'Sepheor E4Adult (m)5,5286220
yPOp7Silencia Felimeyr'Sepheor E4Adult (f)5,3016240
tbOBlVolioku of the Laughing WastesAdult (m)5,5755850
wWA7B(wWA7B)Adult (m)5,7126632
cctOqTwilight Derpance'Sepheor E4Adult (f)5,5245811
OrjbAOrajoku of the Midnight SandsAdult (m)4,2068092
OAFr2(OAFr2)Adult (m)2,6708233
pNlSO(pNlSO)Adult (f)5,2305541
ueyoy(ueyoy)Adult (f)3,8495013
haHFm(haHFm)Adult (f)6,6784612
vwTlVEpiriaku ApocalypseAdult (f)6,0245772
LAaGpYvana Radiant'Ghost E5Adult (f)6,5165014
Vc3OiRealaiz Red E3Adult (m)6,1885223
r4Rou(r4Rou)Adult (f)5,6097552
Bu6mq(Bu6mq)Adult (f)5,6867542
898ABIllidan Cloudly'Sepheor E4Adult (m)7,2265741
HGT4i(HGT4i)Adult (f)8,0945561
DAXCTUltija Sephs'Meteor E3Adult (m)4,8647549
HGQxm(HGQxm)Adult (f)6,6775831
b8xre(b8xre)Adult (f)7,5475821
uhYcM(uhYcM)Adult (m)2,5774341
NQ68G(NQ68G)Adult (m)3,5827741
e7c0j(e7c0j)Adult (m)2,0174002
ygnqx(ygnqx)Adult (f)6,8666022
lkCpoNight Fury Dank IIAdult (m)5,66362412
gyHM6Charon Tenebrae E3Adult (m)2,4997074
cK9vmRathar Cloudly'Sephior E4Adult (m)4,3156735
DSKy6(DSKy6)Adult (m)2,2104623
C29OpBlack-LinaHatchling (f, F)4,1059200
tDboM(tDboM)Hatchling (F)4,5493857
SwzHE(SwzHE)Hatchling (f, F)3,8708432
3DJQQ(3DJQQ)Hatchling (m, F)3,6915943
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