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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Silver Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2015 Valentine’s Day
  • 2013 Holiday Event
  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
  • 2012 Valentine’s Day
  • 2011 Holiday Event
  • 2011 Haunted House
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
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You pick up the scroll labeled “ladiefare,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
GpmsOBrimstone of the Wastelands CBAdult (f)3,17184012
33jXuLumina Narcissa 2Adult (f)3,40878110
KnrPMRoyal Blue Valentine 2Adult (m)1,92963510
3eKj0TriHorn Wyvern CBAdult (f)2,0166418
SB8IeTsunami Wyvern  CBAdult (m)2,1496509
H7dSePrincess Morchaint 3Adult (f)4,8251,0358
gkvR9SeaGlory Shimmer 4Adult (f)5,3611,08413
6doQRSho'Rens Glowing Shimmer 4Adult (m)5,2461,11414
kkDz7Another Dorkface 2Adult (f)1,67263720
BqZINJousting Black Capped Teimarr CBAdult (f)1,8546314
NKAxmRoll Red Fin Tidal CBAdult (m)1,9666554
2hVveBleeding Moon Barb CBAdult (m)2,0266633
ydiu0Speckle Throated Rooster CBAdult (m)1,8366233
V3pTMBad Butterfly Killer CBAdult (m)1,6195742
AE721Seagrammas and 7 CBAdult (m)1,9766592
KaFA9Kafa 2013Adult (f)1,3555972
aKAqzGriffons Dream Dorkface 15Adult (m)1,0965503
xj1XwGriffon Spyce Wrap Dorkface 5Adult (m)1,1435272
lrtizRah's Faith Dorkface 7Adult (f)1,3065709
HYEZdSerkan Luna CBAdult (m)1,7817233
ooMdwFreya Fiona CBAdult (f)2,8198234
WEqcwNhio Quad CBAdult (m)2,9088381
Vb6RMBlacktip Sub CBAdult (m)1,9456391
A7MtGAnwar Lumina CBAdult (f)2,7398061
POv1HBurrow Thief CBAdult (m)1,6676441
B1J6MBlacktip Beware 2Adult (m)2,1495762
QLJlVBlack Tea n Honey CBAdult (f)2,0556321
BZKEMSerra Nocturn CBAdult (f)1,8806083
lDVYXFalcons Flame CBAdult (f)2,2816452
u8OrzBurrowing Crown CBAdult (f)1,9686242
8gSPAFeverish Stalker CBAdult (f)2,3486581
tjqegSolo Blue CBAdult (m)1,8045703
KZUI5Solitary Brute CBAdult (f)2,2236272
nIFEZPassive Soul CBAdult (f)2,1916331
bXwZVRoyal Rojo CBAdult (m)2,2246652
PTC0mFrostbite Warm Heart CBAdult (m)1,8005562
Cs1rDADHD Speckle CBAdult (m)2,0676142
UhmsE(UhmsE)Adult (f)2,6437806
AuLzv(AuLzv)Adult (f)3,0938379
KkZ8Q(KkZ8Q)Adult (f)3,1058406
vr64F(vr64F)Adult (f)3,0218527
H4ICp(H4ICp)Adult (m)3,3378665
DspuH(DspuH)Adult (m)4,4851,2914
Terpq(Terpq)Adult (m)4,6131,2718
8rjqS(8rjqS)Adult (m)4,8641,3314
wHvpu(wHvpu)Adult (m)4,8441,3584
6bRuV(6bRuV)Adult (f)4,4181,2882
5MvFa(5MvFa)Adult (m)4,4551,2593
JitDw(JitDw)Adult (f)3,2286403
KmoVK(KmoVK)Adult (f)2,1125654
pSCJ8(pSCJ8)Adult (m)2,0316300
wkxrR(wkxrR)Adult (m)1,9516131
xtTww(xtTww)Adult (m)1,9486442
HgoagSpifire UV Dorkface 9Adult (f)1,9786239
qESxThe Original Midas DorkfaceAdult (m)9,6354,377956
1JLmThe Original ShallynaarAdult (f)5,7903,079317
X6R9NSilver Tinsel Gift 5Adult (m)1,51560493
DL6cStarry Night Dorkface 7Adult (f)73747340
E6AXpSilver Tinsel Gift Dorkface 8Adult (m)3,27385241
jRJKBlueberry Nebula CBAdult (f)4,1731,25845
QWOoDark Myst Mal CBAdult (m)2,8121,05212
7GguSeawyrm Wash CBAdult (m)1,40958634
OfnKDark Myst Jayne 2Adult (m)1,33858226
Jq1pDoctor Tamm Crimson Flare CBAdult (m)1,25354227
5UBpMisfit Kaylee 2Adult (f)1,40359530
f5ATNilia Serenity 3Adult (m)1,40661127
HHgoDark Myst Inara CBAdult (f)3,04649726
nfkqSeawyrm Zoe CBAdult (f)2,75147731
WoFXRiver Tamm Crimson Flare CBAdult (f)2,27849324
ovV5Nilia Book 2Adult (m)3,31250528
jIcmThe Original Midas Dorkface IIAdult (m)4,1561,735153
KVhwFionna Xiu CBAdult (f)2,54770271
SHWKThe Original Midas Dorkface IIIAdult (m)3,6811,361159
VFV4Fionna Xiu 2Adult (f)3,9782,326221
h9YVMighty Midas CBAdult (m)5,3992,764209
FC6nNastia Jin Dorkface 3Adult (f)4,2622,405256
SZsRThe Original Zlata CBAdult (m)5,4602,876182
HTYbShallynaar Dorkface IIAdult (f)1,09755965
2EE2Xara Eurwen CBAdult (f)4,9332,541208
EDKwDylan Scott Dorkface 2Adult (m)4,2632,454263
do3NXaya CBAdult (f)6,1152,852216
mEVdMighty Jin Dorkface 3Adult (m)78951655
EqCIWitch Legacy Dorkface 6Adult (m)4,4252,026112
WUXpBlush IB 3Adult (f)1,28557257
YruYWitch Legacy Dorkface 7Adult (f)4,5361,851145
gR1XZae 2Adult (m)1,89784333
SLdHGold Dorkface 5Adult (f)2,187872100
XOmwAragorn 5Adult (m)3,7032,241192
UgRBDreaming of a Dorkface 3Adult (f)1,26453483
ZMXYBo Waverunner CBAdult (m)99153917
RrNWGold Dorkface 4Adult (f)1,16351383
UDGASpitflame CBAdult (m)96854524
N7y2Aurora Borealis Dorkface 4Adult (f)4,1442,448172
Tg4YLaz Mur 2Adult (m)1,90283831
19MARForever 19 Dorkface 7Adult (f)2,60245246
NS25vMoonstoner CBAdult (m)68146828
bIuMMamas Girl 2Adult (f)4,7452,705158
AeKG4Ember Dorkface  6Adult (m)2,76653820
TkTjMamas Boy CBAdult (m)5,1122,769164
l23aSaffron Fabu Dorkwed 12Adult (f)83645568
rqtyBerezi Yin CBAdult (f)4,3182,392212
HiLbOHilbo Dorkface 5Adult (m)2,58550527
sd4vBirger 2Adult (m)6,2042,831127
G2mhaWhite Dorkface 3Adult (f)72640133
Bf5bZaya CBAdult (f)5,0702,658160
Oz1zAlternative B Dorkface 4Adult (m)3,7502,137230
FjDiZiya CBAdult (m)4,7102,701139
yNfMSuzanne Witch Legacy Dorkface 7Adult (f)1,40266968
HMYaGlowy Girl 2Adult (f)3,2842,061126
jvKcJStarry Tinsel Dorkface 7Adult (m)2,43051934
keWGGlowy Dorkface 3Adult (m)3,6962,209177
TljaShanta CBAdult (f)4,8182,758147
bGLWBe Glowy 3Adult (f)3,6252,362112
Q2QZBerry Dusk Dorkwed 12Adult (m)75748636
1YLDForver Yearling Glowy 3Adult (f)3,2311,901104
IDMSMidnight Dorkface 5Adult (m)3,3691,65095
wBtlErlantz Li 5Adult (m)3,0541,333116
4MIvRidgewing Dorkface 7Adult (f)54140935
tOg9Dark Glowy Dorkface 6Adult (m)1,01263285
1a6GStarry Night Nebula CBAdult (f)1,06356919
eBIVNikkoli Dorkface 7Adult (m)1,25552165
W4brCascades Dorkface  6Adult (f)2,8341,26293
ci9kYin Dorkface 4Adult (m)1,00256381
ahYTXiu Dorkface 4Adult (f)79953051
QXrXGlowy Fabu Dorkwed 10Adult (m)2,23648663
S6GPBellatrix Li 4Adult (f)4,5402,298168
O6J5Glowing Dorkface 4Adult (m)91154847
bttDZSpott CBAdult (f)1,9375458
Ph1VZSpotted Dorkface 5Adult (m)1,8695067
5qd6iMoonstoners Fireheart Dorkface 5Adult (f)2,61352623
iZuiaKhaleesi Drogo CBAdult (f)69246133
dMpn5Moonglowy CBAdult (f)74748631
NY67sKhal Drogo CBAdult (m)70747530
jsaeCornucopias Dorkface 4Adult (f)75846637
UATrlDoreah CBAdult (f)75450131
Lu7WkDork of Dorkface 3Adult (m)2,4854976
v530BKhals Bloodrider 2Adult (m)1,73538335
SvgORSaffron Dorkface 9Adult (f)69937040
ZPTVHMoonstoners Fireheart Dorkface 6Adult (m)61435532
Q8GvbRosies Toast 3Adult (f)69037735
leL5UMoonstoney Dorkface 5Adult (m)2,1015723
mrVBjTurpentiney CBAdult (m)3,1874067
tXA5Icestorms Fireheart Dorkface 4Adult (f)1,58759137
EbT9Sherard CBAdult (m)5,6563,061193
ZK3KBriannas Icestorm Dorkface 3Adult (f)1,65059931
emEINigel Gunnar 4Adult (m)2,9631,30797
YIFOIcestorm CBAdult (m)1,23160963
IE4pBrianna Dorkface 2Adult (f)3,0491,894137
GdNfIcestorms Dorkface 3Adult (m)76345854
lXgKRosies Fireheart 3Adult (f)88957435
nHleBoom Boom CBAdult (f)1,05753938
ciRPYWitch Legacy Dorkface IB 8Adult (m)1,01638925
3JRTIHarvest Dorkface 6Adult (m)1,8995075
qeQmSpitfire Dorkface 14Adult (m)64845525
s3SM5Spitfire Glasier CBAdult (f)1,2846497
5QN7Thunder Dancers Dorkface 5Adult (m)1,61384336
pQzCSaffron Taika CBAdult (f)4,8522,700199
dYrMMagma Dorkface 8Adult (m)1,27672452
oW5XBibity Alt 2Adult (f)99546769
JiaaMagma Flow CBAdult (m)1,20862971
O6bXSaffron Fabu Dorkwed 13Adult (f)93260237
OldgMagma Fabu Dorkwed 14Adult (f)2,36989323
vojnNight Owl CBAdult (m)1,27272544
AXkbEmbers Xan Dorkface 5Adult (f)61444135
5O6BBoogeloos Dorkface 6Adult (m)94859039
Uky6(Uky6)Adult (f)4,0802,346178
uTSgElectric Boogeloo CBAdult (m)1,38675842
248kSox Dorkface 4Adult (f)3,1931,936155
qGVQMagics Dorkface 6Adult (f)1,03171845
W0gtFlamingo Noir CBAdult (m)75052135
WN6sStar Swallowtail Dorkface 8Adult (m)68145138
wiQ1Indigo 3Adult (f)4,1942,319186
8KKpSwallotail Papi CBAdult (m)85150642
78ALFluffy Dorkface 15Adult (f)67845528
KXbX4(KXbX4)Adult (m)2,3305674
5vE4(5vE4)Adult (m)76447444
T68f(T68f)Adult (f)97058972
8JN5(8JN5)Adult (f)70145929
ok427(ok427)Adult (m)1,62665211
UT0A(UT0A)Adult (m)1,26963479
EC9o(EC9o)Adult (f)88251944
tr1Q(tr1Q)Adult (m)1,05646937
se07(se07)Adult (f)62745935
TiXJ(TiXJ)Adult (m)77649648
THR5(THR5)Adult (m)86151722
6Elv(6Elv)Adult (f)65042634
UL0h(UL0h)Adult (f)75151836
tlt5(tlt5)Adult (m)84649738
ojf6(ojf6)Adult (f)1,06750883
iU4I(iU4I)Adult (m)61545831
e2We(e2We)Adult (f)69647727
5eaA(5eaA)Adult (f)78949338
jG7a(jG7a)Adult (m)1,02159824
lrIESomerled Draco CBAdult (m)3,8332,139196
YJcdS(YJcdS)Adult (m)2,45954329
T8kKEmbers Glow CBAdult (f)77547222
LNSY(LNSY)Adult (m)62846038
pQjPCornucopia CBAdult (m)76149933
daLI(daLI)Adult (f)91235274
7KEqvSouthern Baptist CBAdult (m)3,23655420
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