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You pick up the scroll labeled “kyrielle,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
yTJp(yTJp)Adult (f)1,886553184
I2tN(I2tN)Adult (m)1,895559180
kXWf(kXWf)Adult (m)1,883549178
I5LX(I5LX)Adult (m)1,864537182
59gX(59gX)Adult (f)1,334432157
vZD1(vZD1)Adult (f)1,438457178
sXGC(sXGC)Adult (f)1,426456177
Oxs6(Oxs6)Adult (f)1,637480170
ZVpx(ZVpx)Adult (m)1,731416156
6GkK(6GkK)Adult (m)1,310400155
1z9s(1z9s)Adult (f)1,299400155
TGMA(TGMA)Adult (f)1,842427142
5IoW(5IoW)Adult (m)1,447411147
hN8D(hN8D)Adult (f)1,441404153
Y4zA(Y4zA)Adult (f)2,479846127
4v6t(4v6t)Adult (m)1,376368129
J7Mv(J7Mv)Adult (m)1,414376133
MQsq(MQsq)Adult (f)1,332369143
VX2v(VX2v)Adult (m)1,328349136
Ijvm(Ijvm)Adult (f)1,262341138
ek9t(ek9t)Adult (m)1,252338136
RLWo(RLWo)Adult (f)1,454367153
gSCh(gSCh)Adult (f)1,242323130
BGTE(BGTE)Adult (f)1,226316139
AypB(AypB)Adult (f)1,280330151
6oN2(6oN2)Adult (f)1,361319129
JqU3(JqU3)Adult (f)1,284321130
rk1i(rk1i)Adult (m)1,614406133
P6zY(P6zY)Adult (f)1,254278103
F4Rb(F4Rb)Adult (f)1,35828895
6pmU(6pmU)Adult (f)1,35628894
2n48(2n48)Adult (f)2,58525389
9b5K(9b5K)Adult (f)2,56531190
hlLR(hlLR)Adult (f)2,51125186
1p6z(1p6z)Adult (f)2,71925190
dz6j(dz6j)Adult (m)2,18219577
AZwE(AZwE)Adult (f)2,06518780
8hRj(8hRj)Adult (m)1,92721081
lVQ6(lVQ6)Adult (m)2,01519980
uM3i(uM3i)Adult (m)2,42520677
yVux(yVux)Adult (m)2,41520083
M3qT(M3qT)Adult (f)2,73827163
1bUF(1bUF)Adult (m)4,53068535
Qieh(Qieh)Adult (f)6,8831,48087
lWEH(lWEH)Adult (m)89537224
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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