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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “kshandra,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
BfQYKshandra's EvelynEvelyn CBAdult (f)1,59585327
BaujKshandra's Chang and Eng IIAdult (m)1,47687538
fe80Kshandra's Giacomo-n-Giovanni CBAdult (m)2,55081833
MtKKKshandra's Biddenden Maids CBAdult (f)1,31361133
XAAtgKshandra's Napkiraly CBAdult (m)3,5234563
L3cKvKshandra's Tunder Ilona CBAdult (f)1,81343128
S5r3qKshandra's Szelkiraly CBAdult (m)6,5741,45532
3YDsXKshandra's Szelanya CBAdult (f)7,0091,58616
1Bp2KKshandra's Aegon CBAdult (m)2,99578330
ig97Kshandra's Pale RiderAdult (f)3,22162527
CebjKshandra's Clear SkiesAdult (m)1,8691,17840
pfCSKshandra's Pale Shelter CBAdult (f)3,19692229
k6rDKshandra's Clear Winner CBAdult (m)1,21660525
0m1xiKshandra's Kosmochlor CBAdult (m)3,04278026
XDzaPKshandra's Marguerite St JustAdult (f)4,22888131
4zodZKshandra's Percy BlakeneyAdult (m)3,69287421
KXKwCKshandra's Armand St JustAdult (m)3,69986721
RnBYIKshandra's Andrew FfoulkesAdult (m)3,61286429
10DyVKshandra's Suzanne de TournayAdult (f)3,68586320
HhP6GKshandra's Mam'zelle GuillotineAdult (f)3,67787024
dTP6DKshandra's Alpha Scorpii CBAdult (f)3,93782624
t3hUDKshandra's Johann Tobias Burg CBAdult (m)4,02580924
pDUqZKshandra's Nessun Dorma CBAdult (m)2,94481913
IV5k5Kshandra's Voce di Donna CBAdult (f)3,72468418
DIPCwKshandra's Lazarev CBAdult (m)3,38272326
nyd9vKshandra's Novolazarevskaya CBAdult (f)3,39672026
5cCzKshandra's Taryth CBAdult (m)2,4061,07677
cW5vKshandra's Black VelvetAdult (f)1,57388232
TJKbKshandra's Mistress of the DarkAdult (f)2,47993129
p6Bp3Kshandra's Black Magic Woman CBAdult (f)5,49395532
Yz3y3Kshandra's Lapsang Souchong CBAdult (f)1,46647842
OCKF6Kshandra's Oolong CBAdult (m)1,15638629
ztQBWKshandra's Garabogaz CBAdult (m)2,31267421
9qBBHKshandra's Solnitsata CBAdult (f)4,58795328
s7SYaKshandra's Hun Hunahpu CBAdult (m)1,90058722
xV4FCKshandra's Xbaquiyalo CBAdult (f)4,5551,27025
NBH6NKshandra's Gregor Eisenhorn CBAdult (m)7,10165831
QulqBKshandra's Lilith Abfequarn CBAdult (f)7,1041,58934
zcPJbKshandra's Haliaetus CBAdult (f)2,61594816
ajKjgKshandra's Cristatus CBAdult (m)2,55592031
UjpIpKshandra's Khabarovsk CBAdult (m)4,97463420
GVqnxKshandra's Krasnodarova CBAdult (f)4,92463325
Ta4uKshandra's Countess MarrowskyAdult (f)1,62561426
pafOKshandra's Reverend SpoonerAdult (m)1,25374227
rnNEKshandra's Shoving LeopardAdult (m)1,44765934
npjuKshandra's Queer DeanAdult (f)1,87060335
iSqICKshandra's P Garnotii CBAdult (m)5,6111,44321
JpjLtKshandra's P Magellani CBAdult (f)5,1141,30618
zw7ykKshandra's Ral Zarek CBAdult (m)3,30974519
RIu5NKshandra's Selenia Dark Angel CBAdult (f)3,30172928
6mIIaKshandra's Zendikar CBAdult (f)3,31874320
Hg0hGKshandra's Jarkeld CBAdult (m)3,33673621
dJAyzKshndra's Lady Renna CBAdult (f)4,52258424
qkmKXKshandra's Steinar Icefist CBAdult (m)4,10564617
X8HfKshandra's Selasphorus Rufus CBAdult (m)1,62581824
oR0pKshandra's Clytolaema CBAdult (f)1,52394127
W14FpKshandra's G Cleopatra CBAdult (f)3,03399930
phFU3Kshandra's G Mahaguru CBAdult (m)2,83999930
1CpSIKshandra's Fezzik CBAdult (m)3,3821,15721
ZGAQaKshandra's Bestla CBAdult (f)3,3491,16420
GGHkWKshandra's Araucaria CBAdult (m)2,90280727
ONEUPKshandra's Extra Life CBAdult (f)1,76953528
W36YKshandra's Laurisilva CBAdult (f)2,05295849
d351Kshandra's Pteridophyta CBAdult (m)1,83194638
QoMeDKshandra's Zapoteca CBAdult (f)2,54591934
XpEIYKshandra's Burana CBAdult (m)2,59593227
sl44cKshandra's Alizebeth Bequin CBAdult (f)2,53394022
nSKoVKshandra's Ferik Jurgen CBAdult (m)2,60094522
7Z9NKKshandra's Gianfar CBAdult (f)3,73382628
beaueKshandra's Etamin CBAdult (m)3,81182725
yDlQhKshandra's Edasich CBAdult (m)3,79782126
SwpnjKshandra's Aldhibah CBAdult (f)3,77385427
F8WABKshandra's Aldibain CBAdult (f)3,76684524
dPLuTKshandra's Rastaban CBAdult (m)3,86985319
b7XUKshandra's Eternal EmmentalerAdult1,29374023
eeQzmKshandra's Mystical MaasdamAdult4,7861,16532
xv6LAKshandra's Gruesome GreveAdult4,39576314
OjUiKshandra's Pullet SurpriseAdult (f)1,78991246
DDgbEKshandra's Electric BarbarellaAdult (f)3,87498330
I3koSKshandra's Princess Leia D'HouxAdult (f)4,13177323
aPEjKshandra's Buck OwensAdult (m)1,76586320
KE4aKshandra's Buck ShawAdult (m)1,78986415
LyJLmKshandra's Buckaroo BonsaiAdult (m)1,19440535
9wXNAKshandra's Buck Rogers CBAdult (m)2,00538837
OKhmPKshandra's Buck Henry CBAdult (m)2,09339637
20MOKshandra's Seraphina PenitenteAdult (f)1,76480914
ZOY1Kshandra's Angelica DendriteAdult (f)1,79387315
hdZkHKshandra's Combo BreakerAdult (f)3,9041,04428
SvbP5Kshandra's Tenshi Yukimarimo CBAdult (f)2,15841631
IEIokKshandra's Olga Zastruga CBAdult (f)2,08238327
6Y6KKshandra's Daria Kondakova CBAdult (f)1,70472524
roLMKshandra's Evgenia Kanaeva CBAdult (f)1,79777925
GIIcrKshandra's Shuo Zhang 2GAdult (f)4,49093026
tfp6nKshandra's Saint Sylvester CBAdult (m)1,46169428
mrK7bKshandra's Saint Basil CBAdult (m)1,67372923
J1v7UKshandra's Saint Caspar 2GAdult (m)4,43394923
hv9D7Kshandra's Bojagi CBAdult (m)2,61582812
Xk0kuKshandra's Furoshiki CBAdult (m)2,29180120
zcPlJKshandra's Crimson Fukusa 2GAdult (m)3,8261,02624
tBKRqKshandra's Pfeffernusse CBAdult (f)1,21041936
hD0uqKshandra's Sandbakkel CBAdult (f)1,11842841
XhfaOKshandra's Circus Dragon 2GAdult (f)4,1511,05231
ODDaBKshandra's Socratina CBAdult (f)3,28291831
ujcGLKshandra's Tristerix CBAdult (f)3,20293632
4xk5xKshandra's Fafnir CBAdult (m)3,36483324
6KJvOKshandra's Alberich CBAdult (m)3,44583227
WUTtnKshandra's Schnee-Drache CBAdult (m)2,85564118
8bi82Kshandra's Tourbillon deNeige CBAdult (m)2,85663517
QUFIXKshandra's Liza Minelli CBAdult (f)1,70936022
JmXz8Kshandra's Lorna Luft CBAdult (f)1,71132924
ervoKshandra's Clapotis CBAdult (f)1,36286626
ItIsKshandra's Tsunami CBAdult (m)1,13274326
fwhloKshandra's Decebalus Rex CBAdult (m)3,8891,11218
PPYq9Kshandra's Athena Promachos CBAdult (f)3,8591,12325
zkdmQKshandra's Penny Dreadful CBAdult (f)6,5941,46127
iVxjjKshandra's Queen Lisa 2GAdult (f)6,03667315
QfAjhKshandra's Copper Kettle 2GPBAdult (m)4,76990244
35siqKshandra's King of Spain 2GAdult (m)6,81568421
25MUKshandra's Briar Rose CBAdult (f)2,131436109
5qHHKshandra's Gipsy BoyAdult (m)5,2671,41940
WCYfKshandra's James MasonAdult (m)1,12569928
EZCIKshandra's Crimson Blush CBAdult (f)1,65179627
6QdrLKshandra's Don Juan CBAdult (m)7,8671,52129
kAOcbKshandra's Marie Henriette CBAdult (f)4,6871,14426
TPXiKshandra's Daydream BelieverAdult (m)1,86297355
7i0nKshandra's Unexpected ThuwedAdult (f)1,8851,16544
5BaWiKshandra's Moonage Daydream CBAdult (m)98036241
H5nmPKshandra's Sunshine Daydream CBAdult (f)5,6581,07023
emCkKshandra's Leviathan CBAdult (m)1,11863756
uDj9Kshandra's Aphrodite CBAdult (f)1,34669045
FGX0AKshandra's Daria-i-Noor CBAdult (f)3,04678727
QyXXDKshandra's Noor-ol-Ain CBAdult (m)2,97478932
5VRlUKshandra's Karateya CBAdult (m)6,78195624
rSklqKshandra's Kirigas CBAdult (f)7,85698116
7OSodKshandra's Modok CBAdult (m)5,45495122
sVImWKshandra's Haruka CBAdult (f)7,90090713
llnGuKshandra's Suzuishi CBAdult (f)6,76898816
ix6nZKshandra's Yasuo CBAdult (m)8,65691217
WT12uKshandra's Tasuku CBAdult (m)5,51495119
oLRDKshandra's Tommy DorsalAdult (m)1,45279653
iT5rKshandra's Fifi d'Orsal CBAdult (f)1,7591,05231
ntDCKshandra's Gerry DorsalAdult (m)2,37385727
5RHZzKshandra's Tony Dorsall CBAdult (m)7,2421,62732
slpfKshandra's Candas Jane DorsalAdult (f)1,40980243
E4heKshandra's Dorsal DorkfaceAdult (m)1,44183436
ZskrKshandra's Gail Ann Dorsal CBAdult (f)1,80081526
uRtKKshandra's Jimmy DorsalAdult (m)1,65664625
IqI3pKshandra's FitzSimmons CBAdult (f)1,37741831
62NaIKshandra's FitzWallace CBAdult (m)4,4011,12528
o6KrKshandra's Hammer of Thor CBAdult (m)2,48346733
LsMLKshandra's Madame Curie CBAdult (f)1,46480748
EXBTKshandra's Nicolai Tesla CBAdult (m)1,37654123
FCRbKshandra's Agatha Heterodyne CBAdult (f)1,48391024
QdlAKshandra's Lina Mayfleet CBAdult (f)1,1635399
LbiWKshandra's Doon Harrow CBAdult (m)2,00663127
WtNbrKshandra's Fred Rogers CBAdult (m)3,0821,06637
Jebz6Kshandra's King Friday XII CBAdult (m)4,89798022
usCIJKshandra's Queen Sara CBAdult (f)3,8141,02417
BOEEaKshandra's Miss Paulificate CBAdult (f)3,59690319
wbCaeKshandra's Al-Haaqqa CBAdult (m)3,42872520
b4mHUKshandra's Al-Qaria CBAdult (f)3,33972131
Y5r4pKshandra's Oophaga CBAdult (m)3,3591,15125
MAO4EKshandra's Ameerega CBAdult (f)3,3441,14619
qPYJKKshandra's Imperial Topaz CBAdult (m)4,94285119
xjDYbKshandra's Blue Spinel CBAdult (f)4,88582522
SshVOKshandra's Sphalerite CBAdult (m)4,76785129
YFuztKshandra's Dominican Amber CBAdult (f)5,87777227
648DKshandra's Placido Flamingo CBAdult (m)1,41357717
8vm8Kshandra's Teresa Stratas CBAdult (f)2,04177322
NIrWbKshandra's Gsptlsnz CBAdult (f)2,32568025
i5xrSKshandra's Mxyzptlk CBAdult (m)5,13178225
6bgzs(6bgzs)Adult (m)1,84533937
3v4xl(3v4xl)Adult (f)1,96838336
RlBdKshandra's View To A FrillAdult (f)1,64348234
3N64Kshandra's Frill of the ChaseAdult (m)1,7871,01838
mKddEKshandra's Frill of Victory CBAdult (m)2,81882625
OBfOAKshandra's Alfred Ernest CBAdult (m)3,1601,08419
V8GXTKshandra's Ward Hunt CBAdult (m)3,96895419
fJL7iKshandra's Zubchatyy CBAdult (f)3,6071,04525
cPAUCKshandra's Voyeykova CBAdult (f)3,47388527
0NMnYKshandra's Chanthaburi CBAdult (m)3,8051,00217
DDdlwKshandra's Kanchanaburi CBAdult (m)3,5211,05020
50f0Kshandra's Crystal LynneAdult (f)1,9821,00341
9DogKshandra's Rock HoundAdult (m)1,58563417
9mbS4Kshandra's G Marginatus CBAdult (m)4,2621,33829
hiI7SKshandra's Glaucilla CBAdult (f)4,5001,31717
PHAXCKshandra's G Atlanticus CBAdult (m)4,5141,35425
oO9mHKshandra's Dadone CBAdult (f)3,57282534
fSTmKshandra's Convolvulus CBAdult (m)1,60380721
MEJHKshandra's Merremia CBAdult (f)1,31584826
r7lVKshandra's HylocereusAdult (f)1,17077818
NOaoKshandra's Huo Long Guo CBAdult (m)1,09576122
ImhiKshandra's KawarimonoAdult (f)1,00648923
YVuoKshandra's Orenji OgonAdult (m)1,55294835
alAMeKshandra's CarassiusAdult (m)1,12846713
A0HfjKshandra's NishikigoiAdult (f)2,94999932
HMgwKshandra's Black PearlAdult (f)2,5321,19115
7wRuKshandra's AmmoniteAdult (m)53430464
vChPCKshandra's Storm Dancer CBAdult (m)5,0621,14630
YQAFsKshandra's Halbmondblaser CBAdult (m)3,73675631
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