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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “kradraef13,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
2UQr(2UQr)Adult (f)3,2621,63747
4BQ8(4BQ8)Adult (f)6094867
4dpV(4dpV)Adult (m)2,09549218
4sLm(4sLm)Adult (f)1,1137025
5Sdu(5Sdu)Adult (f)1,2198813
5XUo(5XUo)Adult (m)3,22262132
6Tk6(6Tk6)Adult (f)4,68491543
7Mph(7Mph)Adult (f)1,0598166
7eIa(7eIa)Adult (f)1,3339953
7kTE(7kTE)Adult (f)1,65755130
9Cuy(9Cuy)Adult (f)1,65046119
9ZuO(9ZuO)Adult (m)1,62547016
9wcq(9wcq)Adult (m)1,1808014
A2Z4(A2Z4)Adult (m)9677475
AkrQ(AkrQ)Adult (f)1,71646613
CFIQ(CFIQ)Adult (f)97273014
CRPe(CRPe)Adult (m)1,3249864
DQoS(DQoS)Adult (f)1,3299904
DxFT(DxFT)Adult (m)1,60354736
E1kW(E1kW)Adult (m)1,0057685
F2PO(F2PO)Adult (f)1,24286113
FPgv(FPgv)Adult (f)6855174
IeBE(IeBE)Adult (m)2,5851,35246
JRcy(JRcy)Adult (m)4,17385442
JjLI(JjLI)Adult (m)3,2711,36430
Jti4(Jti4)Adult (f)4,42187940
MJTi(MJTi)Adult (f)3,5251,40430
MNGE(MNGE)Adult (m)7345864
NMHY(NMHY)Adult (m)9997414
O7MP(O7MP)Adult (f)1,2009036
OR5e(OR5e)Adult (m)3,25962532
PEfW(PEfW)Adult (f)1,3359925
PP5V(PP5V)Adult (f)9126444
TLBh(TLBh)Adult (f)9136476
Vtyf(Vtyf)Adult (m)3,3691,73548
WgiD(WgiD)Adult (f)9146463
XS9l(XS9l)Adult (f)9086914
Z3z1(Z3z1)Adult (f)3,2281,38824
ZyQM(ZyQM)Adult (m)2,4061,36924
bF1M(bF1M)Adult (f)9146453
bIrf(bIrf)Adult (f)1,3278685
bW5j(bW5j)Adult (m)1,4319776
ceiN(ceiN)Adult (m)1,0067435
etYD(etYD)Adult (f)2,6831,55527
fPVB(fPVB)Adult (m)1,5038208
fbJE(fbJE)Adult (m)1,66054333
gElA(gElA)Adult (f)1,59148219
ixRw(ixRw)Adult (f)2,4941,04129
kGYT(kGYT)Adult (m)1,3358685
mtFs(mtFs)Adult (f)3,2611,68437
o7Ab(o7Ab)Adult (f)6315136
olkh(olkh)Adult (f)1,2198825
oyeJ(oyeJ)Adult (m)1,76348865
pXU3(pXU3)Adult (f)6825154
r7x1(r7x1)Adult (f)2,7401,57430
rQzo(rQzo)Adult (f)2,87288718
sJfG(sJfG)Adult (f)6835164
u5AM(u5AM)Adult (f)1,0017395
uMmY(uMmY)Adult (m)4,69892745
vPnJ(vPnJ)Adult (m)9086463
w2Zk(w2Zk)Adult (f)1,60356039
wA7e(wA7e)Adult (f)9286877
xLLn(xLLn)Adult (m)3,8151,49240
xWxn(xWxn)Adult (m)1,0037414
z5FZ(z5FZ)Adult (m)1,2198814
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