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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “kovolt,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
BAMhJ(BAMhJ)Dead Egg111
kGg5vAntiiAdult (m)3,6978141
V2KDwAatukAdult (f)3,6998401
4NtVYAtouuAdult (f)3,4688723
Vj9UA(Vj9UA)Adult (f)2,7207332
0JqTx(0JqTx)Adult (m)3,5777701
paO8d(paO8d)Adult (m)3,4758601
LARPZ(LARPZ)Adult (m)4,1249862
Tntf0(Tntf0)Adult (m)3,8056333
Q50ls(Q50ls)Adult (f)3,4286164
pi087(pi087)Adult (m)5,1831,1624
iydwqVerfireAdult (f)5,2291,0679
ie6gx(ie6gx)Adult (f)4,3941,0504
y93f1(y93f1)Adult (m)4,3121,0173
2p4uN(2p4uN)Adult (f)3,1756492
wu0jH(wu0jH)Adult (f)2,4416551
83FkZ(83FkZ)Adult (m)2,5656850
zO3t5(zO3t5)Adult (f)3,9787282
isZ8A(isZ8A)Adult (m)2,3236823
nz1ti(nz1ti)Adult (f)3,0457521
5ctL9VerholyAdult (m)3,3527211
g8yvnFen's Tutti FruttiAdult (m)3,5296161
dVz16(dVz16)Adult (f)3,3799893
u99FODreadwyrm AetherAdult (m)3,4019734
UgGRW(UgGRW)Adult (m)3,1898271
7JdqYSeven's JadeAdult (m)3,7548301
e2K1d(e2K1d)Adult (m)2,4537411
kgJRL(kgJRL)Adult (f)3,5468011
LDEyE(LDEyE)Adult (f)2,8866480
agnFg(agnFg)Adult (f)2,7757401
rmJDh(rmJDh)Adult (f)2,4207351
HYBPj(HYBPj)Adult (f)3,5858031
KpobI(KpobI)Adult (f)3,0927612
kc49Z(kc49Z)Adult (f)4,3799561
DmzhH(DmzhH)Adult (m)3,8869112
DvyRgNon Photo-BlueAdult (f)4,8419593
ZcHRg(ZcHRg)Adult (f)2,8866611
H1NVD(H1NVD)Adult (f)2,6567021
sNFRs(sNFRs)Adult (m)3,0817331
Czbmq(Czbmq)Adult (m)2,6076622
JzMDi(JzMDi)Adult (m)3,6986201
KpR3H(KpR3H)Adult (m)3,0517432
KTNvjthe Wanderer's MinuetAdult (m)3,5728101
QestNKur's QuestionAdult (f)2,8677002
w7fiQRuin IVAdult (f)5,2201,0413
Kql2S(Kql2S)Adult (m)2,4916443
5tODD(5tODD)Adult (m)2,8027314
uJsOu(uJsOu)Adult (f)2,6976122
uM4RC(uM4RC)Adult (m)5,0991,0054
DxsAaHushed PuppyAdult (f)2,7506544
dYmCN(dYmCN)Adult (m)3,9758143
zR5DV(zR5DV)Adult (m)3,0886911
sA8Zd(sA8Zd)Adult (m)2,8356912
r0Y7t(r0Y7t)Adult (m)3,6198171
RHhBr(RHhBr)Adult (f)3,4419983
TZjib(TZjib)Adult (m)3,3759682
T7UCY(T7UCY)Adult (m)2,7827130
h4wB6(h4wB6)Adult (m)2,3767442
8CVOOA Different Kind of KindlingAdult (f)2,4256673
uGK16AetherpactAdult (f)4,2449172
wzncu(wzncu)Adult (m)2,8336611
ywDDwCazador's TalonAdult (f)2,8276733
FTBB8(FTBB8)Adult (f)4,9011,1195
eI3L4Orange Time Machines CareAdult (m)2,8216993
mLNwV(mLNwV)Adult (m)4,2359061
1tkBn(1tkBn)Adult (f)2,8986511
IXXae(IXXae)Adult (m)3,1677541
WN4D4(WN4D4)Adult (f)2,9938142
4NfYCAmaurotAdult (m)3,3637024
LefwX(LefwX)Adult (f)2,6266173
mwybS(mwybS)Adult (f)3,3657071
LaJMX(LaJMX)Adult (m)2,9856602
7m3ki(7m3ki)Adult (f)2,8586461
KF2Ej(KF2Ej)Adult (m)2,6916691
1eRZNWar SpoilsAdult (f)5,0509604
P0T4pSomething SoonAdult (f)2,2326432
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