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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “kokis,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
1BRE(1BRE)Adult (f)1,7269096
7WP1(7WP1)Adult (m)1,3544247
Xc0d(Xc0d)Adult (f)2,6493396
Oq5A(Oq5A)Adult (f)1,45844627
in4P(in4P)Adult (m)1,7372994
3Vaw(3Vaw)Adult (f)57342514
92qk(92qk)Adult (f)6984815
VzON(VzON)Adult (f)1,77641622
37bM(37bM)Adult (f)1,9885896
tpvc(tpvc)Adult (m)2,2473984
3jhF(3jhF)Adult (f)1,86242129
XTXD(XTXD)Adult (m)2,7771,07520
DFnq(DFnq)Adult (m)2,15036518
0rwd(0rwd)Adult (m)8816796
56YN(56YN)Adult (m)8606663
LfuD(LfuD)Adult (f)56043911
vp1v(vp1v)Adult (f)1,34842016
oVbs(oVbs)Adult (m)2,42530516
JHGL(JHGL)Adult (m)3,1913754
4pwu(4pwu)Adult (m)1,7091,13111
J9rw(J9rw)Adult (f)1,6191,09210
9hux(9hux)Adult (m)8285168
9PFr(9PFr)Adult (f)1,09352317
MI8p(MI8p)Adult (f)1,6185025
Rcbs(Rcbs)Adult (f)1,7069628
ZmDN(ZmDN)Adult (m)1,6323877
Nmrm(Nmrm)Adult (m)7455467
93cT(93cT)Adult (f)1,91889824
Cif5(Cif5)Adult (m)3,2271,56511
CFp5(CFp5)Adult (f)8466593
CVc4(CVc4)Adult (f)7746053
fnXa(fnXa)Adult (f)2,19635318
6mB5(6mB5)Adult (m)3,01022015
Q97m(Q97m)Adult (f)7,66764936
rhGR(rhGR)Adult (m)8266393
PiOs(PiOs)Adult (f)7,73865530
95dL(95dL)Adult (f)9716884
cDu3(cDu3)Adult (m)9826853
fLoP(fLoP)Adult (f)9806853
fP4m(fP4m)Adult (f)9716873
hLiu(hLiu)Adult (m)85460411
G7Ou(G7Ou)Adult (m)3,52026110
DSKu(DSKu)Adult (f)3,1062475
ZkvV(ZkvV)Adult (f)1,89688219
MFKi(MFKi)Adult (m)2,8991,12126
0Z8Q(0Z8Q)Adult (f)9586555
RK8I(RK8I)Adult (f)2,02090120
4Q6D(4Q6D)Adult (f)8855206
ipSB(ipSB)Adult (f)1,6491,1394
EWJe(EWJe)Adult (m)1,5691,20328
LFdY(LFdY)Adult (f)9176254
QGhc(QGhc)Adult (m)2,1604307
0QQE(0QQE)Adult (m)8376633
nONv(nONv)Adult (m)1,9272987
uYk4(uYk4)Adult (f)83858522
zPdb(zPdb)Adult (m)1,0085217
Jtvm(Jtvm)Adult (f)97837020
iSqO(iSqO)Adult (f)5,20534719
0eNJ(0eNJ)Adult (f)2,30430918
AysR(AysR)Adult (f)8006078
S5yv(S5yv)Adult (f)2,46224216
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