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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “kittyrules2003,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
YGyRFIcy Heart IIAdult (f)4,6348436
8EL3H(8EL3H)Adult (m)4,3957122
FUU5RoOo----Summon BSA----oOoHatchling (m, F)3,6325883
PMGVoGhostling IIAdult (m)5,9695662
3Ecy2(3Ecy2)Adult (m)7,4857362
IkiUxTreehouse WandererAdult (f)4,6181,0192
EbMJqGreen Spotted HeartAdult (f)3,5077691
YvNP7Love of Gems IIAdult (f)5,8438212
vgWdqAdorable ColouringAdult (f)5,2908192
PKb85YellowbodyAdult (f)3,5168114
SuzA6(SuzA6)Adult (f)3,8679243
aknYWFrilled CrowneAdult (m)5,5177946
EUiK5(EUiK5)Adult (m)4,2358672
4m6MR(4m6MR)Adult (m)4,0508521
PXMLW(PXMLW)Adult (f)3,1996621
kw0Ya(kw0Ya)Adult (m)3,1066691
RZdQf(RZdQf)Adult (m)3,4197411
oJMhvLil' CatHatchling (F)2,6495682
3o1o2(3o1o2)Adult (m)4,2294852
ycAF4ycAF4Adult (m)4,7495022
EDR3sEDR3sAdult (f)4,4155002
awgNqawgNqAdult (f)4,7355031
czQreczQreAdult (m)5,0135062
fQqRpfQqRpAdult (m)4,7584992
s96WQ(s96WQ)Adult (m)5,6429472
nMeqjZ-HypnosisHatchling (F)4,0564203
fjsV8A Golden BeautyAdult (f)3,6308872
prQAJMr KingcrownAdult (m)3,8808381
sD7e7Creepy Kingcrowne IIIAdult (m)5,2339054
x0yIhSnowflaked Crown IIAdult (f)6,2905742
1wQvbCelestial Glittering Fur IIIAdult (m)4,8567131
3DImn2DImnAdult (f)5,9086191
0aMV8Sweet King IIIAdult (f)7,5845154
O4ZEm(O4ZEm)Adult (f)3,1406131
DUYpa(DUYpa)Adult (m)3,5106282
10OhnBlue  KyaniteAdult (f)3,6118651
oJN1wCrystal Blue Ice Scales IIAdult (f)5,2757171
UranAVirgil Sanders' AnxietyAdult (m)3,2546784
nNjAqSlinky Slytherin SnakeAdult (m)3,3236784
d3xC8The House of SlytherinAdult (f)3,2266433
ovU9EOutragehissAdult (m)3,2716853
UsmG9(UsmG9)Adult (m)3,5478741
41Lvb(41Lvb)Adult (m)3,5008800
1nuDY(1nuDY)Adult (m)3,0667181
LY601(LY601)Adult (f)4,3306843
GeMJX(GeMJX)Adult (m)4,3537172
65Qql(65Qql)Adult (f)3,5887591
d2htsLyndsey GryffindorAdult (f)3,2386474
b1rMnRoman SandersAdult (m)3,2016805
HRXeeGold n' PureAdult (f)3,3397014
SF4gyThe House of GryffindorAdult (f)3,2126565
SrWiC(SrWiC)Adult (f)3,4648390
jfbmK(jfbmK)Adult (m)3,5498630
a6DGR(a6DGR)Adult (f)2,9826851
z3o4Z(z3o4Z)Adult (f)4,3367451
9WpoY(9WpoY)Adult (f)2,5087412
NijU4(NijU4)Adult (m)3,2316412
VOH9Y(VOH9Y)Adult (m)3,1196442
8xyP08xyP0Adult (f)6,5016151
MCgMCMCgMC IIAdult (m)6,8445501
nlOYoBright-breasted BeastAdult (f)5,3708885
3z1tTNighttime AshAdult (f)3,6149042
fOFPjThe Clouds of The Night IIAdult (f)4,2638313
wpRXbGrey At DaybreakAdult (m)6,5898695
7RZ8lUltimate Fail IVAdult (m)5,3898295
D5tLSWhy Tho IIIAdult (m)6,8976077
B3jKtB3jKtAdult (f)6,5177151
bWruiGolden Gift Of Valentines Day IVAdult (m)3,21461814
L571HApparently I'm A Freaky IIIAdult (f)2,7185615
VMfTyGolden Glitter GlueAdult (m)7,9275572
OCH7ORare Rainbow LightsAdult (f)5,1125341
4EucaEuca-lyptus IIAdult (m)6,8565761
DfecK(DfecK)Adult (f)6,2185122
KB1zn(KB1zn)Adult (f)4,3596991
9Xmb2Rainbow Wings of Silver IIIAdult (m)4,7987022
K0TrpI Am A Song VAdult (m)6,5296041
Rdp3KRare Silver RainbowAdult (f)7,4756182
05LIc05LIc IIAdult (f)5,5536232
li1Fj(li1Fj)Adult (f)4,2008525
7D4BQGlazed Wings of BronzeAdult (m)7,1276021
mQh8CBronze Lunar StarAdult (f)7,1056081
mZ5HWBronze Tinted ScalesAdult (f)4,9261,0193
paSTbLil' paSTbHatchling (m, F)4,9238327
eo8L1Z-MeditateHatchling (F)3,6872872
xUdvrN3on BlueAdult (m)3,7748171
6B7w0(6B7w0)Adult (m)2,0481,3972
4sKwaPrince Magelight VAdult (f)4,7145732
aFUnsThat's a LOT Of Pumpkins VIAdult (f)7,0595012
xREL0My First Dragon IIAdult (f)3,9707738
nHPxTOrange Aura IIIAdult (m)3,4427112
ATjGbWet Magi IIIAdult (f)5,2488071
uUTt7I Control The Elements IIAdult (m)4,4025092
kxkEGBe My Valentine IIIAdult (m)5,5165872
ftJQ7tp kittyrules2003Adult (f)6,2975951
lHtc3Powered By Electricity VAdult (f)6,1295531
sXitoMy Magical MagiAdult (m)6,2626103
FdBNtMagi Teleportation PowersAdult (f)5,8336261
GJVqW(GJVqW)Adult (f)6,3476102
Ur18BoOo----Teleport BSA----oOoHatchling (F)5,3746293
tLmc2Magma Beefcake IIIAdult (f)3,3047854
rSWyDOvercooked Marshmallow IIAdult (m)9,4291,1672
7uqjQEmber BodyAdult (f)5,8639563
uunLl(uunLl)Adult (m)2,9846381
3ool8Thomas Sanders YTAdult (m)3,2746663
oIh04Patton SandersAdult (f)3,3336783
wdHBb(wdHBb)Adult (m)3,0226233
pzRTQ(pzRTQ)Adult (f)2,9626416
LaXok(LaXok)Adult (f)2,9396870
BQMSPDoing Time as a CapsicleAdult (m)6,4859310
JOTIMThe HulkbusterAdult (f)6,5639391
v9FCJ(v9FCJ)Adult (m)6,5459281
jILeyI am a god you dull creatureAdult (f)4,8319131
kABcO(kABcO)Adult (m)4,7239142
zhrXs(zhrXs)Adult (f)4,8569011
QGjwcWrapped Mint IIIAdult (m)3,5838112
ViAlwChristmas Mint IIIAdult (f)6,9975952
rwDgAGive Gifts- Give Life IVAdult (f)6,2325952
vqcU1vqcU1 IIAdult (m)4,6295232
valWFvalWF IIIAdult (f)5,9738592
qYflwHeartfelt Candy IIIAdult (f)4,1498436
WFZkjMint on the Ceiling IVAdult (f)8,3761,3417
7ZcNKCavemintAdult (f)3,9819776
0cUkJMinty RockAdult (f)4,3749702
h9tMDEternally Lost SpiritHatchling (F)1,9372113
F4Dl2Z-Light ScreenHatchling (F)1,4882375
9Z2ptZ-BarrierHatchling (F)2,3284215
a7OMKNight's Final ScreamHatchling (m, F)4,3666984
kGZtBLeggo My StegoHatchling (f, F)4,3146674
tBbLhMischief Is My Middle NameAdult (m)3,5257073
ENKyjCan't Catch MeeeAdult (f)5,6127191
FeABZMonarch Of The DragonsAdult (f)3,0066921
CphWvBeautiful Creatures of the SkyAdult (f)3,0807591
H7WAvGoddess Of  The SkyAdult (f)3,4357561
o9oIOMales Can Be Pretty TooAdult (m)3,3577251
WmEvZ(WmEvZ)Adult (f)5,4438326
kFGCDEndstone IIAdult (f)5,9745584
gz2Ecgz2Ec IIAdult (m)5,5046062
5NV6AMoonstone's Winter Freeze IIAdult (f)6,8945072
WWMyQ(WWMyQ)Adult (m)7,2226822
hJUJ8(hJUJ8)Adult (m)3,1281,9522
aZcr4(aZcr4)Adult (m)5,7009311
isSfu(isSfu)Adult (m)4,5666901
snZGP(snZGP)Adult (m)5,9091,0526
o2vgQDiamond Skin IIAdult (m)5,5587673
IHq5DCandy Crocodile IIAdult (m)1,2623945
XB5uDCrocodile SweetAdult (m)3,2611,0192
4UJp8Lovely MutamoreAdult (m)3,3201,0431
4VqHDBlue  Night SkyAdult (f)3,4828031
m4xWlBronzed Wings IVAdult (m)5,9795272
QZMXpPitch Black GalaxyAdult (m)6,5836062
OJ1gzEnrage the Night IIIAdult (f)7,7365361
E4eLkGalaxy of The NightAdult (m)5,4866841
wHuaKStar Gazing GalaxyAdult (m)6,0346731
UmvE3Sights of The NightAdult (f)6,2856821
sUZjaMagma's Blessing IIIAdult (f)6,3744871
Wsdx4(Wsdx4)Adult (m)4,3587573
dUsaQMesmerizing Green Sky IIIAdult (m)3,4746284
ktaCJEuphoria GalaxyAdult (m)6,0777371
c422pFlaming Starlit SkiesAdult (f)5,9556911
gKngRBurning Milky Way IIAdult (f)6,3456621
ZHsuFGreen Nebula VIIAdult (m)7,2026690
tCV3nTainted Purple IVAdult (m)6,5145931
hVdCPMemorizing LightsAdult (m)4,7795711
BsneZBsneZ Tinselkin VIIAdult (f)7,1114802
MSjmUMSjmU IIAdult (f)7,3055021
Zq1QpZq1QpAdult (f)5,6905782
9kY8tVolcano's Wings IIIAdult (f)6,1924901
D50Al(D50Al)Adult (m)7,8075324
r3zsyShimmering Skies IIIAdult (f)3,1176654
4RIfSShards of StarsAdult (m)4,4987195
nOlu7Witchlight In The Sky IIAdult (m)3,9027423
4pGGBVoidcoreAdult (m)4,2119023
sHPcVPyrotropical IIIAdult (f)5,4749193
JVnEmWhen You're Hot and You're ColdAdult (m)4,2657052
fax6YIn Duo Capita DraconisAdult (m)3,6367135
k52Q4Nimble Flight RisingAdult (f)6,6305611
70vkq(70vkq)Adult (f)6,0097461
JJLyKCurious Mountain DwellerAdult (m)5,7606141
Iqg7oSmol DracoAdult (f)3,9037243
4oKzgFiery Heritage IIIAdult (f)3,7077882
DZMYvFlightful WingsAdult (m)3,8148132
pFmrf(pFmrf)Adult (f)4,7491,1283
27M5q(27M5q)Adult (f)5,0726972
8ZJQ3Lil' Sky FlameHatchling (f, F)3,2898142
Re1dJ(Re1dJ)Hatchling (m, F)3,3626562
5IyxILovestone JR IVAdult (m)5,8528931
DIYYQ(DIYYQ)Adult (m)3,5101,0641
ZCCClZ-CamouflageAdult (m)5,5721,1324
3pWy8(3pWy8)Adult (f)4,2386591
LIyJS(LIyJS)Adult (m)4,5566821
8cA0cZ-TeleportHatchling (f, F)6,12391315
c7ybZ(c7ybZ)Hatchling (F)2,0702224
BMoShHorrible ItchAdult (f)7,4919002
CJCtoKnight of the Olives IIAdult (m)6,0021,0501
M9JJGOlive You Glad I'm Not A BalloonAdult (f)5,8451,0591
YcFkFI Won My Owner A CB GoldAdult (f)5,6971,0432
nMCAO(nMCAO)Adult (m)4,9028064
lGJd8Dry Paper MacheAdult4,2189078
VVQr2(VVQr2)Hatchling (F)1,9035272
ULVygMr FuzzAdult (m)5,3159593
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