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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2015 Valentine’s Day
  • 2014 Holiday Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “kitsara,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
gQqpCoramer F1Adult (m)3,7071,47269
lB6oCB CashmerianAdult (f)1,15870021
dha4v(dha4v)Adult (f)5,8189976
ziZI3(ziZI3)Adult (m)2,3935682
NBVuOAhlimelta 7Adult (f)1,3176431
PLwKeAlbisaibh 4SSAdult (f)8,7081,4387
SVAVSerendipial F1CAdult (f)1,17970420
enw64BubblePink 4Adult (f)1,3399151
KLpSImparal F1Adult (m)4,2131,53681
gbBlSepheront 3Adult (m)1,9551,21536
I3GuECB Melly AshabonAdult (f)10,3841,5405
8q4EACB Darian AshabonAdult (m)8,9101,4525
jalpnFirebrand Ashabon F2Adult (m)6,8081,4067
rwgVsDestiny Ashabon F2Adult (f)5,9901,0035
RpxyvDark Ashabon F1Adult (m)6,3051,2973
7gO3gCB Hali AshabonAdult (f)5,6107905
hXYMYCB Yorik AshabonAdult (m)7,2101,0004
QLSiVBaila Ashabon 4EAdult (f)5,5179523
aasCyThomas Ashabon 9Adult (m)4,7708436
MH8e1CB Hast AshabonAdult (m)7,8721,1853
MaDhZCB Amy AshabonAdult (f)10,0841,5136
X3F4vGar Ashabon 4SSAdult (m)4,9295932
PTz3XCB Patricia AshabonAdult (f)6,9948171
7JKq4(7JKq4)Adult (f)6,1949403
VdoXb(VdoXb)Adult (f)2,5255061
gA9GxMiss Me Missy F1CAdult (f)1,5226521
hbnEO(hbnEO)Adult (m)3,8114861
05nQXCB Dee'N'Bee AshabonAdult (f)8,9361,4602
oA5nM(oA5nM)Adult (m)4,9516822
28EdiCB BrimstalAdult (m)1,6856542
kVD9kHolnuadh Thuwed 5EAdult (m)7,4401,5178
VauCgKrinnuadh 3CAdult (m)8,3811,8279
LgFfCNoenuadh 3SSAdult (m)8,0021,6516
MslH9Maisaibh 3SSAdult (f)9,0972,0188
H0bPeFestisaibh F1CAdult (f)7,1591,5038
UFKB8Jinsaibh F1Adult (f)6,8451,58610
yL6TLLaikinuadh 3SSAdult (m)8,1111,86913
ReUMjFarnuadh F2CAdult (m)6,0861,5629
5EVYzWranuadh 3SSAdult (m)6,6751,4939
qXqhiOliarsaibh F1CAdult (f)6,0321,22712
hZ51YSolsaibh F1CAdult (f)8,6221,8998
WhkPBWinsaibh F1CAdult (f)7,4731,5188
2PwWaCB MistasaibhAdult (f)7,8431,4338
oJXXHCB ZalisaibhAdult (f)8,8771,3877
CZgN7(CZgN7)Adult (f)3,2456261
JTwxCasmilt F1CAdult (m)98259217
6nxxnCB FrazzlenipAdult (f)2,2201,2972
vbG7NGreta Ashabon F2Adult (f)6,2901,2406
LZiycRose Slave Ashabon F1Adult (f)7,2259793
oFK3ZFilli Ashabon F1Adult (f)7,8891,2774
b09lMThorn Ashabon 8Adult (m)6,6288894
o2XD4Vine Ashabon 9Adult (m)6,3838794
64sP5CB KapalbitAdult (f)1,2628362
eqcLShadoian 4Adult (m)7385615
1MoZHCarmindal 3Adult (m)1,8898222
mFW22Calandrial 4Adult (f)1,7777501
DrGROCB KalnuadhaAdult (m)8,8871,3545
bUSN6(bUSN6)Adult (m)7,2759885
0bNHQCB MisaibhAdult (f)8,8321,5307
mT5sqFalcon Ashabon 4CAdult (m)8,0601,2845
QmAjnCB Kisha AshabonAdult (f)7,1529725
prypQCB Que AshabonAdult (m)3,6424201
FXttw(FXttw)Adult (f)7,2538132
OFqmfCB Xanth AshabonAdult (m)8,4911,3495
8rMqdCB DaenuadhAdult (m)6,3221,57510
UrhIPCB Wonderland AshabonAdult (m)7,2841,2617
4c7mWTeqi Ashabon 4EAdult (f)7,1531,1733
rtLtwCB Demi AshabonAdult (f)5,8398394
PUPG2Puppy Ashabon F1CAdult (m)5,0366721
KjPZzKitty Ashabon F1CAdult (f)4,9076892
enL9DAshabon Thuwed 6EAdult (f)4,5335953
KymHBCB Kym AshabonAdult (m)4,0684182
WOAAgCB Woag AshabonAdult (m)7,6261,1694
mYR51CB Cash AshabonAdult (m)9,3881,4418
nxmL6CB Failure AshabonAdult (m)3,7476152
2TEqvCB Laughter AshabonAdult (f)8,3111,0652
Cfuj1CB Cufy AshabonAdult (f)6,3491,2832
3CRyMStand Down Ashabon 3Adult (f)3,0875213
ZpmckCB Cian AshabonAdult (m)4,7055123
AXOVc(AXOVc)Adult (f)7,4238293
Mcy1j(Mcy1j)Adult (m)3,2434362
KhD4m(KhD4m)Adult (f)2,7936351
L27h1(L27h1)Adult (m)2,7215885
aBesyBasnuadha 6Adult (m)5,9241,2177
PDlDSilveralthorne 6Adult (m)2,8931,46932
y4IRD(y4IRD)Adult (m)3,0775060
XSNfAlosynth 3Adult (f)3,1281,61336
MdHcAshfoert 6Adult (m)2,3931,25031
2vZsn(2vZsn)Adult (m)4,3846443
gz3XMorteisha F1CAdult (f)2,1331,19427
kAkWMoshala 6Adult (f)1,21872420
cgrmMordalt F2CAdult (m)57944616
fs5jISecretol 5SSAdult (m)1,4815793
oICXeCB LamnuadhaAdult (m)8,5701,5109
JuniJCB BalsaibhAdult (f)3,1575371
dcvtGDawnfire Ashabon F1CAdult (f)7,9311,3499
fwSMqSpirits Ashabon 10Adult (f)7,9441,36610
NBO5XStagger Ashabon 4Adult (m)7,9511,3266
7XyMwCB Mirror AshabonAdult (f)7,2661,3344
pdqWLCB Winespirits AshabonAdult (f)7,0451,2766
xv4eZKali Ashabon 6SSAdult (f)4,8166582
sM1hHCB Sara AshabonAdult (f)5,1417112
UEqPECB Darkness AshabonAdult (m)6,8051,0694
rgTtIRT Ashabon Thuwed 6EAdult (m)4,7636551
vBbsZCB FrosnuadhAdult (m)7,4511,8047
M4UuYElsa Ashabon F1Adult (f)9,8651,51912
vI7To(vI7To)Egg (F)
grgWArthorian 3Adult (m)7435642
8xKLN(8xKLN)Adult (m)2,4855872
vsXq7CB Pride AshabonAdult (f)9,6281,50313
hZJuCAlice Ashabon F1CAdult (f)6,2108664
tQDGGolienth F1CAdult (m)99359216
noDH3Shayla Ashabon F1CAdult (f)7,2001,2946
yq5gYCB Goldie AshabonAdult (f)6,6091,3366
JvLl2CB Aether AshabonAdult (m)8,9441,5156
1EkEfCB Glimmer AshabonAdult (f)9,0431,4117
AzNnrGabron Ashabon F4Adult (m)8,1351,3284
v1jS7Shimmer Ashabon F1Adult (f)8,5201,3184
3tnsoJinx Ashabon F1CAdult (m)5,2038055
nz1zJCB Lesi AshabonAdult (f)5,2568805
miaFtMia Ashabon F4Adult (f)5,2126622
UF8EF(UF8EF)Adult (f)9,7511,3734
MTd1A(MTd1A)Adult (f)6,2939203
bkWnIGanuadha F1Adult (m)6,7451,2045
oQBWlLamia Ashabon F1CAdult (f)4,0825734
4Ca6CB MintethAdult (m)3,5451,60229
AlSk4CB NanisaibhAdult (f)8,2121,3959
yxxM3CB Tavi AshabonAdult (m)5,3271,0353
fCxeECB Julep AshabonAdult (f)6,8321,3236
YelhLCB Nami AshabonAdult (f)9,1741,5005
mkyDBCB Kezi AshabonAdult (f)8,8921,5294
QNgFVCB Tommy AshabonAdult (m)9,1771,4563
hB75HHiiSS Ashabon 3SSAdult (m)4,7216874
yEeabHali Ashabon 3SSAdult (f)4,8486903
3X9YgPrince Ashabon F1CAdult (m)5,9387824
P3Y4ICB Peter AshabonAdult (m)6,7778973
fjqyzCB Sparkle AshabonAdult (f)5,8817701
8ABF2Desme Ashabon F1CAdult (f)5,2088524
baM8nCB Danny AshabonAdult (m)7,8421,28510
VOlXRCB KaisaibhAdult (f)8,8871,7976
e94taCB YulsaibhAdult (f)7,1711,3046
pwncPCB Candy AshabonAdult (f)9,5621,4683
jAi2sGala Ashabon F1CAdult (f)6,2169818
y7TslCB Finally AshabonAdult (m)5,8487383
qS7xxCherry Ashabon F1CAdult (f)4,5296224
J1vebCB Faerian AshabonAdult (m)6,1407832
boMOVFractal Ashabon F1CAdult (m)5,2687083
BKv3OMiasma Ashabon F2CAdult (m)6,2171,1213
ynjJWMacisaibh 9Adult (f)7,8571,19510
3QwULShine Ashabon 6SSAdult (f)5,31171314
2q8vBMitch Ashabon 8SSAdult (m)5,73577216
bSwaoRevenge of Satan 5SSAdult (f)7,9841,79510
qgaJCalypsil F2CAdult (f)4,0221,49777
tGM3Ferintaila 5Adult (f)4,1362,08236
Qr60zCB AltasaibhAdult (f)3,1295572
wKljlMarvin Ashabon 4EAdult (m)8,9111,5464
iVxZj(iVxZj)Adult (m)3,1704562
9SEGmCB Shadow AshabonAdult (f)5,1867782
aqInN(aqInN)Adult (f)2,5845881
qJAaR(qJAaR)Adult (f)3,9834941
Om97w(Om97w)Adult (m)3,8894841
jzNRM(jzNRM)Adult (f)3,6844751
oLbV8(oLbV8)Adult (m)3,2454621
5q0f0CB AloisaibhAdult (f)3,0685301
bJLZlSamnuadha F1CAdult (m)7,8351,3776
oQP6R(oQP6R)Adult (m)6,0419261
hupqdCB HalnuadhaAdult (m)2,8275061
qegM2(qegM2)Adult (m)3,9064791
yzeQe(yzeQe)Adult (f)3,8714871
fM4lCB BlodfangAdult (f)3,5431,60030
Yt3ciCaesaibh F1CAdult (f)9,1001,7327
DNR9FCB BalasaibhAdult (f)7,9651,3775
Ml1j0CB Ruth AshabonAdult (f)8,7311,3925
KDbCPCB Ruby AshabonAdult (f)8,5811,3825
GWJ43CB Grim AshabonAdult (m)8,9391,4464
BqU9wCB Datash AshabonAdult (m)5,7051,1552
I9zmaMistake Ashabon 4SSAdult (m)3,1035512
bYMxKCB Tiny AshabonAdult (f)9,1981,4232
CMzQpCB Dart AshabonAdult (m)3,1245104
rHhYDCB Lem AshabonAdult (m)5,8267473
Yq7IcCB FalnuadhAdult (m)5,6371,3648
7QdUkJasper Ashabon F1Adult (m)6,0121,1158
DqGVvMoonshine Ashabon 3Adult (f)10,1381,8238
g4h7SMartin Ashabon F2CAdult (m)4,5955722
A9wib(A9wib)Adult (m)3,9365342
U7mLu(U7mLu)Adult (m)3,2045081
RcsqZJemisaibh 6Adult (f)5,5549245
AFN1Farthingate 4Adult (m)2,10899643
Ov9LCB OswynaAdult (f)2,4781,37641
TU5bOsirion F1CAdult (m)1,63462858
9nsHmDami Ashabon F1CAdult (f)7,9441,3508
Pibhx(Pibhx)Adult (f)2,9034861
KGA79(KGA79)Adult (m)7,6521,1532
blTmv(blTmv)Adult (m)3,4634081
AMqHxCamitz 5Adult (m)1,5866253
Ab27OSurontal 4Adult (m)1,5427401
I8Xdr(I8Xdr)Adult (m)7,4841,1416
75Jqk(75Jqk)Adult (m)6,2899731
HwnmJ(HwnmJ)Adult (f)2,4915261
iSk2CCB TalasaibhAdult (f)8,4281,62811
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