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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “king_of_glory_ye_xiu,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
bKcEwCB Split Dragon M01Adult (m)5,8239611
reol7CB TH Lind AF01Adult (f)4,9257861
RlRHhPB2G Aeon F01Adult (f)4,2448572
P8alRCB Aeon Wyvern M01Adult (m)5,0811,1011
jxE0B3G Silver-Aeon F01Adult (f)7,1111,3745
1NQaKCB Aeon Wyvern F01Adult (f)8,5811,5095
GWQ142G Silver-Aeon M01Adult (m)4,5459761
wuxexCB Aeon Wyvern F02 XexAdult (f)5,1521,0542
zvd9VPB2G Aeon Wyvern M01Adult (m)9,3921,5064
3PBar3GPB Aeon BarkAdult (m)4,2561,0812
Lwuaw2GPB Aeon LexAdult (m)3,9716680
R193k(R193k)Adult (f)3,4569051
ohvuB(ohvuB)Adult (m)4,3879642
14btK(14btK)Adult (m)4,3311,0701
pN8t2(pN8t2)Adult (m)4,9551,1261
Dyg9T(Dyg9T)Adult (f)4,6831,0611
pSiyL(pSiyL)Adult (f)5,1439672
UMObUCB Albino Dragon M01Adult (m)5,2878671
fIbUf24G Hybrid Albino Dragon MAdult (m)5,0069393
R1mD2(R1mD2)Adult (m)2,2186020
G045Y(G045Y)Adult (f)1,9917000
DMRQ7(DMRQ7)Adult (m)1,8565670
vn2DY(vn2DY)Adult (f)2,0475274
cTbo0(cTbo0)Adult (f)2,5635626
aGVMBCB Anagallis F01Adult (f)5,7258651
Wwrlk2G Witchlight-Anagallis MAdult (m)2,21465817
Q5Q1mCB Antarean M01Adult (m)5,8049331
PKzfg(PKzfg)Adult (m)3,4159072
NX2wP(NX2wP)Adult (f)3,2788511
Rtq6R(Rtq6R)Adult (f)3,4438710
B2gov(B2gov)Adult (m)1,7176690
m2sA0(m2sA0)Adult (m)2,8975651
YLa5a(YLa5a)Adult (f)2,4355431
ikdNu(ikdNu)Adult (f)2,1036861
o148RCB Aria F01Adult (f)5,4148652
N46Qh2G Valen Aria FAdult (f)4,0757764
4tMOw(4tMOw)Adult (f)3,0885353
fKr7Y(fKr7Y)Adult (f)6,1611,0112
pJ9xs(pJ9xs)Adult (m)4,4689281
Tsvuu(Tsvuu)Adult (m)3,7239201
bvfXc(bvfXc)Adult (f)4,0259391
940BD(940BD)Adult (m)5,0481,0910
nkNo6CB Azure Glacewing M01Adult (m)7,3577761
jrEIECB Azure Glacewing M02Adult (m)4,2098011
Hbg1A(Hbg1A)Adult (f)5,2281,0383
qDTn3CB Balloon M01Adult (m)3,8658173
NsnLZCB Bauta F01Adult (f)5,7028582
HdKGf(HdKGf)Adult (m)2,3595242
ZwnXiEmerald-Dark CB Black M01Adult (m)2,6486752
Nh31REpic-Fate Hybrid Black M01Adult (m)4,3336993
36MZUAlaska-Fate Hybrid Black F01Adult (f)4,3096883
FHIIzHybrid Black M02Adult (m)4,5357502
LFQGaHybrid Black M03Adult (m)6,0186003
rGuV0Kuro CB Black F01Adult (f)4,2407821
JBbYYCB Black M02Adult (m)5,7217681
0n3tSKuro CB Black F02Adult (f)5,7435540
4tr57Kuro CB Black F03Adult (f)5,5905981
icVeTKuro CB Black F04Adult (f)6,2307992
VviS02G Falcon-Black M01Adult (m)3,6739171
I66xw2G Falcon-Black F01Adult (f)3,4669180
IFPYq2G Black-Falcon M01Adult (m)4,3881,0551
xLmb05G Hybrid Black MAdult (m)8,1721,2167
bfzWLPB3G Black F01Adult (f)3,9018032
Wn9M7PB3G Black M01Adult (m)4,0778123
GhlvSPB3G Black F02Adult (f)4,3668252
jwpykPB3G Black F03Adult (f)3,9998063
GsVxOPB2G Black M01Adult (m)4,6288742
DVToqCB Black M03Adult (m)2,9097743
V7cvJ(V7cvJ)Adult (m)2,8637424
cxbQs(cxbQs)Adult (f)4,4421,0024
RKz8o(RKz8o)Adult (m)7,4161,25711
ZkMxW(ZkMxW)Adult (f)6,7539961
jNijC(jNijC)Adult (m)3,4321,0070
Q6QNm(Q6QNm)Adult (m)3,8999970
i4QNQ(i4QNQ)Hatchling (m, F)5,9918824
7t2T6(7t2T6)Hatchling (F)3,10039114
cFGTH(cFGTH)Hatchling (F)3,3192321
51HgYCB Black Tea M01Adult (m)5,4038951
XOIFiCB Blacktip F01Adult (f)3,8047821
Ps4iBHybrid Blacktip M01Adult (m)3,4947233
9vEhrCB Truffle F01Adult (f)4,2771,0571
BTXdwCB Truffle M01Adult (m)3,9281,0511
W0dw7CB Truffle F05Adult (f)5,9061,18711
nwpFECB Truffle F04Adult (f)4,4259936
aoeA0CB Truffle M02Adult (m)3,4649792
fd2ljCB Truffle F02Adult (f)3,4709552
VgAumCB Truffle M03Adult (m)3,5379941
FIFPPCB Truffle F03 FIFPPAdult (f)3,5961,0022
e2Uw5CB Truffle M12Adult (m)3,0376702
Y7Gb5CB Truffle M11Adult (m)3,0016111
YU1p4CB Truffle F11Adult (f)2,7855911
pKnzNCB Truffle F12Adult (f)2,8146131
fFGqvCB Truffle M06Adult (m)4,2778574
SvnFJCB Truffle M04Adult (m)4,5761,0373
mH7S0CB Truffle M05Adult (m)4,7029953
peAyjCB Truffle F06Adult (f)4,2721,0142
X7EMyCB Truffle F14Adult (f)7,0419964
tl5qXCB Truffle F13Adult (f)3,0907281
32v3YCB Truffle M07Adult (m)6,7791,2893
sl6WaCB Truffle F09Adult (f)6,7761,3586
AQC2MCB Truffle F08Adult (f)4,9871,0052
7t3adCB Truffle M08Adult (m)4,4831,0092
eWxNLCB Truffle F07Adult (f)4,5891,0001
G2mGyCB Truffle M09Adult (m)4,6271,0212
jjl8sCB Truffle M10Adult (m)4,6909931
Wv9WJCB Truffle F10Adult (f)8,6001,3669
iQTskCB Truffle F15Adult (f)7,9021,4349
P3qQhCB Truffle M13Adult (m)6,9241,3105
tk014PB2G Truffle M01Adult (m)6,2411,1834
WRLf5CB Truffle M14Adult (m)8,2661,3345
InrvqCB Truffle F16Adult (f)8,5641,3357
WpaAcCB Truffle M16Adult (m)5,0231,0335
LsBHbCB Truffle M15Adult (m)4,6989913
GIc84CB Truffle F17Adult (f)4,8591,0444
ncNGNCB Truffle M17Adult (m)4,6579831
D19AI2G Black-Truffle M01Adult (m)5,0181,0041
050CoCB Truffle F18Adult (f)6,9371,1037
kNzK2(kNzK2)Adult (f)5,1999441
rWhuq(rWhuq)Hatchling (m, F)2,3267073
GAIZZ(GAIZZ)Adult (f)4,0418542
nM9VX(nM9VX)Adult (f)2,5946012
swJ5sCB Bleeding Moon Dragon M01Adult (m)5,7489421
1ApivCute-BabyHatchling (F)8711096
1oqDmCB Gilded Bloodscale F01Adult (f)5,8919451
fQOb2CB Blue-banded F01Adult (f)5,7919591
KQX8h(KQX8h)Adult (f)7,9991,3014
jqq7y(jqq7y)Adult (m)1,7006641
pDvGuHybrid 14G T-F Bluna FAdult (f)5,2547744
RhQEh(RhQEh)Adult (f)4,9081,1540
lsmogPB2G Blusang M01 Lucky-PrinceAdult (m)2,4684777
FxMOjPrim-Feather Hybrid Blusang F01Adult (f)2,4167512
aGb2b3G Hybrid Silver-Blusang M01Adult (m)2,6646635
7D2UvLucifer-Al Hybrid Blusang M01Adult (m)2,5356699
S0MkHWave-Chaser 3G Hybrid BluVal M01Adult (m)3,0856012
zioIUSwallow-King Hybrid Blusang M02Adult (m)3,8596014
ZhpaXCB Blusang M01 Autumn-ChaserAdult (m)5,6546117
TlNlXWarrior-Third Hybrid Blusang F02Adult (f)4,0626264
rnQabCB Blusang F01 Rika-FameAdult (f)4,4376945
hxo54PB2G Blusang F01 Kalina-MagaAdult (f)6,4397623
XWEzKPB3G Blusang M01 Xanxus-RinAdult (m)5,0257441
fsafCCB Blusang M02 G-RanAdult (m)5,7209313
q926BPB2G Blusang M02 Orlando-LeeAdult (m)6,6917226
A5LUfPB2G Blusang F02 Aki-NiohAdult (f)6,8317215
ChTEDCB Blusang F02 Shimmer-KinAdult (f)6,6191,0775
ZWtVXCB Blusang F03 Twinkle-BlingAdult (f)8,6846282
ua6d1PB2G Blusang F03 Yuki-NanaAdult (f)4,3798631
z5wqaPB3G Blusang F01 Toki-SenAdult (f)5,5967752
UBvHVPB2G Blusang M03 Murasaki-IoriAdult (m)6,1118142
Woem6PB2G Blusang F04 Kira-WAdult (f)5,4729465
tMyG1CB Blusang M03 Tsuna-RenAdult (m)5,9501,1869
nhLuyPB4G Blusang M01 Akuma-ReiAdult (m)5,4611,0384
Zl22iPB3G Blusang F02 Nikki-LAdult (f)5,5481,0587
uxQwNCB Blusang M04 Nanami-AkiAdult (m)5,3131,00515
XS3ZjPB2G Blusang M03 Hikari-NagareAdult (m)5,8421,0014
29AStCB Blusang M05 Saki-NaoAdult (m)6,6558949
XURm2PB6G Blusang F01 Rum-SherryAdult (f)4,63091710
HcLkbLisa-Da Hybrid Blusang F03Adult (f)5,3647744
XI0yNPB3G Blusang M02 Rika-NyaAdult (m)4,2868954
85RK2PB4G Blusang F01 Kukuri-ReiAdult (f)4,2938935
cjTXuCB Blusang F03 Cecil-ElAdult (f)6,4806702
4EEbNPB4G Blusang M02 Leicester-LenAdult (m)6,0347216
cLn80PB2G Blusang F05 Teiko-NiohAdult (f)5,4699748
G84DRPB2G Blsuang F06 Rio-NaruAdult (f)6,2509303
Y1T9tPB2G Blusang M04 Yota-KiooriAdult (m)5,8967124
r0KFpHybrid Blusang F03Adult (f)4,9767634
s9UDWPB3G Blusang M03 Sawada-NagiAdult (m)5,0546182
gDTQhPB3G Blusang F03 Sky-HoshiAdult (f)4,3336142
0sGIJPB5G Blusang M01 Umi-YukiAdult (m)5,1595685
KqvGhCB Blusang F04 Sasha-KitaAdult (f)5,7895953
VFSBrPB2G Blusang M05 Kayaki-ZeroAdult (m)4,7047112
PYPxBPB2G Blusang F07 Sayako-ChiyoAdult (f)4,9397054
sP6YpPB2G Blusang M06 Akaya-ChiyoAdult (m)4,8527093
6lvF0PB3G St Blusang F01 Naomi-ShikaAdult (f)5,2408021
TaAQwCB Blusang F05 Glacia-UmiAdult (f)6,6349214
ABmJ9CB Blusang M06 Ciao-NeAdult (m)6,8647302
l6x9SPB3G Blusang F04 Lucky-HoshiAdult (f)5,4778221
1euPvCB Blusang M07 Adele-FreezeAdult (m)6,5656861
JrKwbCB Blusang F06 Shigatsu-ReiAdult (f)6,0757572
03XmKPB2G Blusang F08 Shion-YoruAdult (f)5,3618302
FP40NCB Blusang M08Adult (m)5,8115420
cl487Hybrid 2G Sil-Blusang F01Adult (m)6,1485792
KSlopHybrid Blusang F04Adult (f)5,2006581
zaVsbPB2G Blusang M07Adult (m)6,9085701
cWlZVPB3G Blusang M04Adult (m)6,8265322
H8rwyPB2G Blusang F09Adult (f)6,7015701
lFgchPB2G Blusang F10Adult (f)5,7406331
q24WbPB2G Blusang M08Adult (m)6,2486322
cLCsqHybrid 2G Whi-Blusang M01Adult (m)6,9305063
ZjydHHybrid 2G Whi-Blusang F01Adult (f)6,1275921
IpmcNPB3G Blusang F05Adult (f)5,4936183
MD2Ex(MD2Ex)Adult (f)7,0751,0081
peeHtHybrid 2G Whi-Blusang F02Adult (f)7,2281,1582
FmeEUHybrid 3G Sil-Blusang F02Adult (f)7,3061,1932
nQuVVCB Blusang F08Adult (f)5,7329144
LrZNUCB Blusang M09Adult (m)5,5541,0235
f16eoCB Blusang F09Adult (f)3,9368533
FX4P8CB Blusang F-10Adult (f)4,8288283
ImJGqCB Blusang M-10Adult (m)4,2028253
G9ZG1PB4G Blusang M03Adult (m)4,2581,0675
Q02UhInori KyuuAdult (f)5,8631,0114
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