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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “kilanrak,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
FfszgAzure Dreams CBAdult (m)6,0881,0822
tBVUYPeriwinkle Enigma CBAdult (f)3,9487441
bsMvtBasmivat the Bastion CBAdult (f)5,3419671
N7rPIPowdered Storm CBAdult (f)5,0128900
hi8yR(hi8yR)Adult (m)3,9848482
nSWDSPalemoon Hunter CBAdult (m)3,8977282
jLwjqMistborn Fogwraith CBAdult (f)5,0829653
6NIEVNiev the Nameless CBAdult (f)4,8028481
MYHtvMyth of Mist CBAdult (m)5,0286890
fJJ80Resting Fjoro CBAdult (f)5,2031,0191
9lBfwSterling Stoneheart CBAdult (f)4,8701,0971
JXdqX(JXdqX)Adult (f)4,2179580
oqu4vStoneheart Linnorm CBAdult (m)3,6387723
rIiZZWaking Calm CBAdult (f)2,4946734
U9rb1Ugurbi the Fierce CBAdult (m)4,0007331
bFiMHMoss Scale Mauler CBAdult (m)6,0928884
hwCfbA Stones Throw Away CBAdult (f)4,2568940
UtV0mUltimate Voom CBAdult (f)4,7496772
cvimfScorn and Spite CBAdult (m)5,0831,0063
oIutUUtuoio the Just CBAdult (f)5,8561,0021
dIGubChronos Crimson CBAdult (m)3,3927553
1YXPeShaitu The Ordained CBAdult (f)3,9308272
zU8I6Chronos Golden SunAdult (f)3,2776961
Z7aUWChronos SnowAdult (f)4,9368754
xOgIMXog the Imperious CBAdult (m)5,6499610
tAwQsMega ImperiousAdult (f)5,6099892
Rp8OfPale ChronosAdult (m)5,8881,0363
8nRGrImperious Copper ArkAdult (m)4,4039712
Q2kd4(Q2kd4)Adult (f)3,9401,0332
XfVYa(XfVYa)Adult (m)3,1819011
9ls93(9ls93)Adult (f)3,2719241
o200E(o200E)Adult (f)3,6998880
R20gF(R20gF)Adult (f)3,6129030
FdGT2(FdGT2)Adult (m)3,5138870
mT6Es(mT6Es)Adult (f)3,5148720
veJp9(veJp9)Adult (m)4,3219960
ea8Rd(ea8Rd)Adult (f)4,3539800
Hn53j(Hn53j)Adult (m)4,0209241
itgxv(itgxv)Adult (f)4,0449051
wYsmp(wYsmp)Adult (m)4,6239361
b7a9U(b7a9U)Adult (f)4,6459950
dh5Or(dh5Or)Adult (f)4,6399800
Ifjke(Ifjke)Adult (f)4,7201,0080
rXE7x(rXE7x)Adult (f)4,2599540
EkfcI(EkfcI)Adult (m)5,3549390
IvQiu(IvQiu)Adult (f)5,2989640
bPNWE(bPNWE)Adult (m)7,2059811
m3b7i(m3b7i)Adult (f)3,4808700
IvUDgMilk White Ghost CBAdult (m)6,1411,0752
wO1jiWoiji the White CBAdult (f)2,9906852
JtiCEPale Justice CBAdult (f)5,4438982
tsr2WMilk White ShadeAdult (m)5,5591,0082
e7n0X(e7n0X)Adult (m)5,5969620
6uA5G(6uA5G)Adult (f)4,9479470
zfkA5(zfkA5)Adult (m)3,4088720
5chT7(5chT7)Adult (f)3,2408440
q4tX9(q4tX9)Adult (f)3,7718351
92jQOEmeraldscale Singer CBAdult (f)3,4988381
11KTrJadeite Glitterscale CBAdult (m)3,3317461
emk7vQueen's Jade CBAdult (f)3,3397381
S8EZeSate Ease CBAdult (m)6,2891,0591
Zp8r9Jadeite MysteryAdult (f)4,8498631
kc5Jf(kc5Jf)Adult (m)9,8799820
6BPzO(6BPzO)Adult (m)4,4489980
820M5(820M5)Adult (f)4,0148882
VRFaC(VRFaC)Adult (m)3,7058650
DsWOD(DsWOD)Adult (f)3,3907940
N8nf0Turning Blue CBAdult (f)6,5841,0452
HxUC7Red And Yellow Kill A Fellow CBAdult (m)5,5038971
Tl6LKTlixik the Bright CBAdult (m)4,1146822
1gilDCherry Lime CBAdult (m)3,5166651
PiFCYBluesong Sunlover CBAdult (f)2,8586351
OARDROrder of the Blue CBAdult (f)4,0727382
hfeH9Flowers Blooming CBAdult (m)6,8339951
nrZj3Enerzee CBAdult (f)5,2747112
yzIloYello Zee CBAdult (f)6,7461,1833
H9pBHSoftscale Bluewing CBAdult (f)5,9219720
7497x(7497x)Adult (m)5,0741,0472
8EtC0(8EtC0)Adult (m)3,9741,0212
DUNSa(DUNSa)Adult (m)3,5888570
e2lWH(e2lWH)Adult (m)3,2558362
Z3Mr1Light Everburning CBAdult (f)5,5711,1921
x6my4Everglow Dust CBAdult (f)5,7161,1282
DEkGxWasted Hopes CBAdult (f)5,8781,1292
qy0BNSunborn Prince CBAdult (m)5,8891,1253
eOXNjShifting Sands CBAdult (m)6,2499704
zlJoOLight's SparkAdult (f)3,9427222
sD5mzSpun Gold CBAdult (f)3,7247301
NRWfbSunborn HonestyAdult (f)5,9718871
HddnVHidden Vee CBAdult (f)5,4079782
CGihJDesert Rust CBAdult (f)5,8419891
JyejhJyejh the Cunning CBAdult (f)6,0699870
P0aYcGuardian EverburningAdult (f)4,6229231
INGvOIngvo the Inglorious CBAdult (f)3,7321,0682
1v0vu(1v0vu)Adult (f)4,9899811
bGZ9K(bGZ9K)Adult (m)4,1091,0191
IeCzT(IeCzT)Adult (f)4,2461,0431
muBbw(muBbw)Adult (m)3,7839711
HEzDP(HEzDP)Adult (m)3,9128461
8GsTg(8GsTg)Adult (m)3,9079221
KvoP6(KvoP6)Adult (f)3,8509011
RmBuC(RmBuC)Adult (m)3,8267740
DHQb1A Prince In Pink CBAdult (m)4,7891,1892
lGJ9jFashionable Princess CBAdult (f)4,7701,1562
BnthXFashionable GarnetAdult (f)4,2997311
k5X5WDainty Taurus CBAdult (f)4,1528262
D1vUFDiva Fatine CBAdult (f)5,0858600
DRwVGDarkwraith Vermeille CBAdult (f)4,7356891
CKZE3Aria of Romance CBAdult (f)8,1608542
wFwLG(wFwLG)Adult (m)5,1909651
Gh0JW(Gh0JW)Adult (f)5,1189731
3IVAG(3IVAG)Adult (f)4,5968320
4FYQq(4FYQq)Adult (m)4,1279440
5SPlj(5SPlj)Adult (f)4,6909381
FolxU(FolxU)Adult (f)5,6611,0660
kSdI9(kSdI9)Adult (m)4,2939690
FhVKx(FhVKx)Adult (m)5,1659760
A7Jwn(A7Jwn)Adult (m)5,6241,0450
M8fgr(M8fgr)Adult (f)3,6128570
GWPou(GWPou)Adult (f)3,5998430
xxS4FExecksaf the Azure CBAdult (m)2,4926542
BszUtBuszut the Blue CBAdult (f)2,5536732
gb5QTPale Star Sapphire CBAdult (m)2,9996821
J790vGlacial Lacewing CBAdult (m)4,0737612
y1Rt1(y1Rt1)Adult (f)4,3449601
ZMjre(ZMjre)Adult (f)4,0449670
oXSpK(oXSpK)Adult (m)4,0438890
j0A5d(j0A5d)Adult (f)3,5098630
TrSRn(TrSRn)Adult (f)3,8907810
NOFmnNo Form CBAdult (f)4,2378561
5DhJESidhe Joust CBAdult (m)4,2168362
8c40oBacoo For Bacon CBAdult (m)5,1668571
kGDjGKeg Dig CBAdult (f)4,3278641
UeRi3Bloodsworn Swimmer CBAdult (f)5,6651,2443
V5YJKHunting Stone CBAdult (f)4,5919112
XvIfpHunting SageAdult (f)5,1259544
GrXzmGrex and Zim CBAdult (f)5,8629813
gP5CIJipis Clear CBAdult (f)3,9568401
3jha5Ejhas the Sage CBAdult (m)3,8748240
4G8nmHot Air Rises CBAdult (m)4,6138515
ftGnpFloating Ginpi CBAdult (m)3,1247131
8UCPy(8UCPy)Adult (f)5,2129472
5pp5fGolden Gleams CBAdult (m)4,8076921
Wf4jPGilded Mask CBAdult (f)4,6336660
dLnlqRegal Deliniq CBAdult (f)5,0677101
4YrhjAyrhja the Imperious CBAdult (m)5,4299802
1p30eIpeoe the Gilded CBAdult (f)5,9641,0211
ONHMbOnhmab the Honorable CBAdult (m)6,3741,0842
K6i1WPale As Lavender CBAdult (f)6,6691,0542
OgUgp(OgUgp)Adult (f)4,6559670
f6c4C(f6c4C)Adult (m)3,2968461
AWFk9Shivering Shadows CBAdult (m)5,4241,1884
hFzx7Shivering BloodAdult (f)5,6341,0803
blrnxShivering Stars FallingAdult (m)6,1271,0952
qdZhUOnyx Claw CBAdult (f)6,4521,0131
YT6ZBA Wraith On The Wing CBAdult (m)5,2751,1533
r7yyjShiverwing the Black CBAdult (f)5,6238121
HaZeyHazey the Black CBAdult (m)6,2209472
94LnTValor of Shadows CBAdult (f)3,6287771
CbarWDarkness Overwhelming CBAdult (m)3,9297052
V844fWraith's ClawAdult (f)3,9167192
kexGPKexip the Shadowed CBAdult (f)3,7997971
msk8mMasked Maurader CBAdult (m)3,0116821
Fsx4MOnyxhide Huntress CBAdult (f)3,4656991
tFzabEbonwinged Hunter CBAdult (m)2,8447293
I8NzfI Ate Nuzaf CBAdult (f)2,6056202
rNPCENPC the Black Dragon CBAdult (f)3,2887421
A12CYMirror Mirror CBAdult (f)3,1317161
qB1vMDominion of the Black CBAdult (f)3,5727421
wGg15Waggis the Black CBAdult (f)3,2246041
NhXdPDarkheart Darling CBAdult (f)4,1736991
YZbZbYazib Zib CBAdult (m)3,0246801
Yjy2EYajye the Nightscale CBAdult (m)5,1988882
OvAqWOvakwu the Outrageous CBAdult (f)5,3671,0012
W9CORCore Wait CBAdult (f)4,7898441
GVsoKGive Sock CBAdult (f)6,0568211
kvYSaKyvsa the Cunning CBAdult (m)5,8299132
gv2JTShivering SockAdult (f)5,1198551
2RxKBCunning BloodAdult (f)4,9698371
WZws1Shivering WaitAdult (f)4,9568762
1VRM2Onyx NightscaleAdult (m)4,9508431
2RYPbOutrageous WraithAdult (m)5,0238891
LZuqBLizu Qib the BlackAdult (f)4,9198781
nIim0Overwhelming BlackAdult (m)4,9878391
wcXMgSneaking Shade CBAdult (f)6,8951,0592
2TMElRetmei the Dark ClawAdult (m)4,6487963
ALvBSBlackness OverwhelmingAdult (f)6,7771,0283
6PsyePsye the ShiveringAdult (m)6,7021,0521
mkOIpMasked DominionAdult (f)6,5931,0591
MTJ0WDarkspine Shadowwalker CBAdult (m)6,0341,0042
Q7tsVDarkheart ShadowsAdult (m)10,3319081
8TYUdDarkness the BlackAdult (m)10,1899371
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