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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “khirainshambles,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
2EON(2EON)Adult (m)80656817
TqRV(TqRV)Adult (f)1,05074312
xY4B(xY4B)Adult (m)1,63999820
OY3t(OY3t)Adult (f)2,71368965
gCx6(gCx6)Adult (m)2,76971863
eyV1(eyV1)Adult (f)2,291809127
tp9l(tp9l)Adult (m)1,014680130
cC5k(cC5k)Adult (f)858559163
mwdB(mwdB)Adult (m)869559143
uXQs(uXQs)Adult (m)670460124
fRzO(fRzO)Adult (m)829581119
ZIVu(ZIVu)Adult (f)722468136
GM2l(GM2l)Adult (m)1,166606133
CVQO(CVQO)Adult (f)724491133
Tooh(Tooh)Adult (m)836566132
1s92(1s92)Adult (m)815555132
c72r(c72r)Adult (f)822534147
z6S4(z6S4)Adult (f)865580137
h4pZ(h4pZ)Adult (f)924567160
vW9K(vW9K)Adult (f)904562148
I5Ym(I5Ym)Adult (f)961585150
kQ5k(kQ5k)Adult (m)975643141
SMvK(SMvK)Adult (m)869557142
t8X1(t8X1)Adult (m)841529146
7ERR(7ERR)Adult (f)865537147
6TjI(6TjI)Adult (m)1,065719149
xJRD(xJRD)Adult (m)807526141
XjsC(XjsC)Adult (m)810527141
p7Vy(p7Vy)Adult (m)1,040633151
wpI3(wpI3)Adult (m)973564164
7rZh(7rZh)Adult (m)974567166
KSt2(KSt2)Adult (f)1,019656133
kkzF(kkzF)Adult (m)874556143
7nOF(7nOF)Adult (f)940582148
nwfl(nwfl)Adult (m)920574148
hVUZ(hVUZ)Adult (f)1,090661175
QPRx(QPRx)Adult (m)1,262745147
YUC4(YUC4)Adult (m)1,448862152
Tlus(Tlus)Adult (f)1,101647158
GoxH(GoxH)Adult (m)1,328789142
m9x4(m9x4)Adult (f)1,232739133
ajCY(ajCY)Adult (f)1,240665143
fW6u(fW6u)Adult (m)1,180676136
sNq1(sNq1)Adult (m)4,288789114
wl3g(wl3g)Adult (f)5,0952,42587
oRYn(oRYn)Adult (f)1,205730145
AGeK(AGeK)Adult (f)1,246707141
IIzD(IIzD)Adult (m)1,126654131
NGmv(NGmv)Adult (f)1,262793152
xsvp(xsvp)Hatchling (m, F)1,477826199
CG5z(CG5z)Adult (m)1,269773135
KegV(KegV)Adult (f)1,252736146
G7At(G7At)Adult (m)1,254769135
otki(otki)Adult (m)1,631911144
vlv3(vlv3)Adult (m)1,566833148
zfUR(zfUR)Adult (f)1,580836161
bvbv(bvbv)Adult (f)1,627884160
E2bn(E2bn)Adult (m)1,6141,001164
5Z1x(5Z1x)Adult (m)1,6401,006143
YuS9(YuS9)Adult (f)1,604971149
KvfE(KvfE)Adult (m)1,8891,088195
Fwdm(Fwdm)Adult (f)1,8121,009147
BuGC(BuGC)Adult (m)2,0321,115151
Vuo6(Vuo6)Adult (m)2,2901,148215
6ZYJ(6ZYJ)Adult (m)1,9921,026175
T8vi(T8vi)Adult (m)1,971987317
wkxt(wkxt)Adult (m)1,9621,006173
V4Ur(V4Ur)Adult (f)1,9971,055177
DyUq(DyUq)Adult (m)1,928977183
YN3R(YN3R)Adult (m)1,9161,010169
9ttZ(9ttZ)Adult (m)1,7281,001153
MjPE(MjPE)Adult (f)3,9521,774195
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