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You pick up the scroll labeled “kbvong,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
FTuhrTogether Forever AlwaysHatchling (m)3,6551,0774
36iMrSorcery of ThornsHatchling3,3531,0253
C28bOThe Promised Flower BloomsHatchling3,4321,0123
MsP5PRed Strings EntwinedHatchling3,2609982
2Mk1sKB's LeetleEgg (F)
EV8SNMatrix of TimeAdult (m)7,7269463
0eR9COverseer of TimeAdult (f)9,9708555
yJr0fChampion of TimeAdult (f)6,3759505
CpWPFMatriarch of TimeAdult (f)8,5021,3714
hb6pdSand ReflectionsAdult (m)8,0379441
D9zq1Valor CadenceAdult (m)10,0878573
vqropA Little Upside DownAdult (f)6,0231,3993
LSey5Murky LagoonsAdult (f)8,4898994
fMpjROrnate MasqueradeAdult (f)9,5229294
WN7mTOnyx KnightsAdult (m)6,1877983
FGPvYObsidian LaceAdult (f)12,3178451
Os82KOpal FlareAdult (f)4,8301,1925
G0azRVanta ShadowAdult (f)7,8541,0454
K7c7GTea and LoveAdult (f)5,7108519
SP9pkTruffle DelightsAdult (m)6,9419396
MFR7WMoon ScreecherAdult (m)4,9306305
oecSJCiels BleusAdult (m)9,1981,1217
rytZyCielos AzulesAdult (f)9,0961,1217
hwihfThese Broken StarsAdult (f)12,9338711
q2mOzThe Last of StarsAdult (f)3,6107898
g9xyjBreaking of TidesAdult (m)8,3721,2011
zZHpXUne BaguetteAdult (f)6,1229325
3w3PZCopper SalvageAdult (m)6,5157924
qU3uEThis Shattered WorldAdult (f)6,3151,0537
7OWHYDreaming the Day AwayAdult (f)8,1109291
ltrZrThe Deep Dark UnknownAdult (f)7,19694010
IhK8kDefying StaticAdult (f)8,5911,2232
BiCcpEmbers in Dying FiresAdult (f)5,5799015
0DDTvUltramarine KyaniteAdult (f)7,7961,15423
bf19lBlue Raspberry JewelAdult (f)7,0095526
32ooLHunter EmeraldAdult (m)8,6891,1466
z6Y4lA Romance of FlowersAdult (m)6,6661,3194
NPq8zFlower Power UpAdult (m)9,8669476
Ry6EwThe Roaring 20sAdult (m)9,4469793
vRhG8Ditsy MitzyAdult (f)9,8649474
oeAT4Jubilee JonesAdult (m)6,3881,0885
rPItEBlue LiliesAdult (f)8,6307652
YxqxsLegacy of GloryAdult (f)3,5555405
FXar1A Torch Against the OddsAdult (f)10,8991,4586
U1nw2Gold as the SunsetAdult (f)7,4011,1357
m4vT5Manifesto for GoldAdult (m)8,6981,0343
Mmtg1The Race for GoldAdult (m)7,6771,0196
y17Bp(y17Bp)Adult (m)10,0569814
auuF5(auuF5)Adult (m)10,0581,0188
qUHhT(qUHhT)Adult (m)7,5911,0683
YNYf6The Emporer of HeartsAdult (m)7,1411,3914
2w2yPTo All the BoysAdult (f)5,8161,4053
tXfqzFire MystereAdult (m)12,6998481
Ei3BSApocalypse's First HorseAdult (m)5,8219192
TnEa5Red Holly Holly RedAdult (m)4,7929661
8ws6RGilded Snow AngelsAdult (f)5,8541,0793
k3mm7Cascading Party StreamersAdult (f)3,9229862
TS4NGCheers with MagicAdult (m)5,6931,0443
oMIBoChanging WarmthAdult (f)3,9441,0141
DZy05Mistletoe MitosisAdult (f)4,9041,1042
Hak6XHome for the PeculiarAdult (m)4,7851,0961
SJHBvA Plethora of SnowAdult (m)4,8151,0991
xhcufA Dash of EssenceAdult (f)5,8561,0991
4cUo7A Sprinkle of SpiritAdult (f)4,7591,0716
hAfVLHeaven's SirenAdult (f)3,9141,0191
C54jJHymn of the StarsAdult (f)4,0771,1122
SOuh2Sweetly HoneyAdult (f)5,7529322
zbJ1iThe Violet StallionAdult (m)10,3007231
b8WeQThe Violet BeautyAdult (f)7,0639734
NVxrZAvalanche's WarbringerAdult (f)5,8139524
fjpmtLackadaisical DemeanorAdult (f)4,8368942
QZS9TA Day for LeoAdult (m)8,0359311
sLEvOTo Catch the SunAdult (m)5,7741,0124
xF6NrAlchemy UnboundAdult (m)12,8178551
zQlSqHidden MagisteriumAdult (m)5,8488053
KbT2ZMana DisheveledAdult (m)5,9298525
9JRw9Arcana UnraveledAdult (m)7,1791,0239
Dzw0CVolcano's HarbingerAdult (m)7,8561,0408
eJkxkVolcano's WarbringerAdult (f)9,0141,1228
hrcZyInquisitive MinxAdult (f)4,7718723
I6PB8Yes My LiegeAdult (m)6,8501,0385
IXddjTo the Moon and GoneAdult (m)8,0269311
G8IEqPerpetual InsistenceAdult (m)4,8961,2443
ap6dZThe End of StarsAdult (f)10,5901,4014
ptNHpUnstable GalaxiesAdult (f)4,8659781
Y1654Fluffy GirlsAdult (f)4,9167308
GTcupObsessions with PinkAdult (m)8,8411,1891
esxX2Pink on WednesdaysAdult (m)6,8929046
Hox4jLove Letters to MeAdult (f)8,7161,0305
cfyL1Little SongbirdsAdult (f)7,9338843
xRW6q(xRW6q)Adult (m)14,4681,0324
NHhhu(NHhhu)Adult (f)13,0349225
U8dREFor Old TimesAdult (f)4,0065404
8FojbCode Ruby RedAdult (f)10,4769272
ilwYNCode Citrine OrangeAdult (m)4,9566796
hcrguRadiantly in LoveAdult (m)6,8181,3105
3OsSQRelevant RedAdult (m)12,5708381
aKSLCAimlessly RedAdult (m)8,8271,2062
4ycYXRegarding RedAdult (m)5,4901,0583
4cUUQWind SprenAdult (f)6,4578384
LWDfmHonor SprenAdult (f)6,0506755
K7WC7Just RosyAdult (f)5,7451,4103
GnnVfDecember BlizzardsAdult (m)7,4388971
khs4JSilver DelusionsAdult (m)9,2591,1686
8GHdzSilver ArdentAdult (m)7,9449608
y50HnSilver EuphoriaAdult (f)5,2698776
TlDAoSilver EpiphanyAdult (f)8,9881,2366
MnERtSilver InquisitionAdult (f)8,0251,1047
4z6SlAncient CalamityAdult (m)
LgiTULay Low and GlowAdult (m)12,1398423
94oyqA Shimmer of LoveAdult (f)6,1011,3673
zasHNMisaligned SpiritsAdult (m)7,7179293
aEkJUDistorted SpiritsAdult (f)5,0189793
HNEcfSkyward 11Adult (f)6,6549122
9np92Rise Like the DawnAdult (f)9,0271,2666
iREQhStormlight ArchiveAdult (m)8,5609776
aCC36Takotsubo CardiomyopathyAdult (m)6,7591,3313
CvEv0Lightning's HarbingerAdult (m)11,4341,1235
eNPHLLightning's AvengerAdult (m)8,0501,1338
gTs8SLightning's WarbringerAdult (f)9,3071,1099
W4BA6Vicariously Through YouAdult (m)5,1658571
2rwvVTruly NonethelessAdult (f)5,6139254
fWAa2The First in LoveAdult (f)6,5721,3043
5CmXCBaroness of BloodAdult (f)7,5178637
6Sdv9An Oath from BloodAdult (m)8,0058944
EGqGSHer Fair AssassinAdult (m)7,9839236
j1fyCThe Forsaken ConquersAdult (m)5,8499554
LkyswAffinity for WaterAdult (m)6,0279251
TM8XPThe Shape of YouAdult (m)8,4568745
2ejcAStorming OceansAdult (m)6,6781,0494
vVVvHPearl of AtlantisAdult (f)5,92099811
xDXZxSpirit of Sea WatersAdult (f)6,8411,0613
OaEpMLover at SeaAdult (f)7,5641,1014
h1STjDuchess DivinityAdult (f)6,4438532
e6ir4The Wind ThiefAdult (f)7,0339919
8fGv0Chrono StasisAdult (m)6,0859151
Fkqj9The Adventure EndsAdult (f)6,0859441
vFh4xOxygen RequiredAdult (m)7,3901,1897
dAG91Quixotic IdealsAdult (f)12,0878323
IJSP5(IJSP5)Adult (m)9,8599859
o8Ak4(o8Ak4)Adult (f)13,3661,1447
Ntg8fErratic but SporadicAdult (f)8,1021,1552
g5ePi(g5ePi)Adult (m)11,7841,1827
teAWl(teAWl)Adult (f)7,9231,1863
rcmzZHerald's WarningsAdult (m)9,7231,2655
A2BLSStrange the DreamerAdult12,3051,1648
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