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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “kaydensmom,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
N7Ux8Kayden My BugAdult (f)3,7478814
OjdDBKaydens Draggie PetAdult (m)2,7585891
jgnx0Double The CbAdult (f)3,2679444
MzT9z(MzT9z)Adult (f)3,7026007
lRpIWIm Not Blurple But BlueAdult (m)4,6554130
DnsLQTwo Times The Sec GenAdult (m)2,1277335
Ii3ZxSec Gen Two Times OverAdult (f)6,4081,4513
DHDzXCb Misses SlithersAdult (f)4,1881,0391
oQwDvCb Opal Rocks Of GloryAdult (f)3,5908704
PNVa9Cb Sunshine And SodaAdult (f)1,6877324
bVZOk(bVZOk)Adult (m)3,5546811
uWptjPenk Pearl The PokeAdult (f)2,7934372
WMbeGSilver Blooded BalloonAdult (m)3,6779086
R0GF3Second Gen Air BallAdult (m)3,9171,0113
yLrvZIm Kinda A MessHatchling (F)1,4193283
QRTBtMidnite TormentAdult (m)5,1763463
QbGHEThe Burning Black SoulAdult (f)2,8575086
crl7QHarsh Black DarlingAdult (m)2,7004743
jvAqBKao The Hatchie ProtectorAdult (f)5,0531,3108
8T42bI Iz Retired NinjaAdult (m)2,8525882
w3T1xDark Smooth Chocolate CoffeeAdult (f)2,9199861
L6YugZou Len Ya TamaAdult (m)3,3986797
FXi7FSesshomaru Colored LineAdult (m)2,9667725
pgKLbBlack As A KnightAdult (m)3,7076037
zCSaJCb Dark Night GirlAdult (f)3,5019032
bVSorCb 30 Days Of NightAdult (f)6,9891,8034
OXvpwAnother Dark Cb GirlAdult (f)3,7629785
nJIMuCb Midnight FeverAdult (f)3,3611,0033
YPKrFBeautiful Black CoatAdult (m)2,2166774
iVQgZ(iVQgZ)Adult (f)4,0263350
VuZCkSpecial Midnite BayHatchling (f, F)2,9918832
in4mrFrozen Black Berry JuiceHatchling (m, F)2,3896562
3s5KlFirst Alt On This ScrollAdult (m)6,2001,5635
1CLA9Lovely Alt MidnightAdult (f)2,9209163
RTsPmLady Sweets And RosesAdult (f)4,8403962
hfxiKPrincess Cotton Candy SweetsAdult (f)2,3538021
zXZebFirst Male Of My Kind DudeAdult (m)2,4417740
vkbU7Bubble Gum The KittenHatchling (F)1,9243121
FYs0KCb Pearl White FlyerAdult (m)4,5211,2901
I3e5SCb Moonlite Blood TearsAdult (m)1,9726853
Atr1yCb Moonlight MuncherAdult (f)3,1105833
ZYIJFSweet Blood HowlerHatchling (F)6272601
kX4HQBlood Stained WaterFallAdult (m)3,8461,0334
dAtZgCb The Cold Really BurnsAdult (m)2,9598612
fiacPThe Daughter Of Sammy And SamAdult (f)3,7601,0202
PJTs2Cb Cherished First BlusangAdult (m)5,5511,2804
FZoLpLady Parents With No NamesAdult (f)4,6081,2563
m7RcnSecond Gen Storm RainsAdult (f)3,6461,1582
agd1OSecond Gen Yellow From GoldAdult (f)4,8439661
1PFGlSo Glad To Be A GuyAdult (m)5,0525606
3z9D4Cb Brine AcidAdult (m)5,5801,2504
vBeihSecond Gen Dangerous Pup Of DoomAdult (m)3,7351,0062
5joATI Iz Not Pea Soup CbAdult (m)3,4894351
t8cUyCb Named By 3 Year OldAdult (f)2,6898791
mj2VVCb Thirty Shades Of RedzAdult (f)2,9608371
bpO9QCb Frozen In Lunar SpaceHatchling (f, F)3,4211,1865
8mG3kCb Orange Flower Of DoomAdult (m)2,9448501
FU7MCCb Fire And Flowers Dont MixAdult (f)4,4401,0484
um0Di(um0Di)Adult (f)1,6454090
vui2MFirst Cheesey SupriseAdult1,9623488
JdCGrItty Bitty Rice CakesAdult (m)3,4211,0484
7pfps2nd Gen Holly Berry FestivalAdult (f)2,3061,0054
FrUCZSweet Nimble HumblesAdult (f)2,6458061
dPlTuFrozen On A Silent DayHatchling (f, F)3,3461,1732
9KBIzUggggh Christmas Is Only OnceAdult (f)1,6125652
Q0jePEvery Dragon Iz To Be NamedAdult (m)3,2607773
YYY2nWinters Revenge Summers EnemyAdult (m)3,3279841
tbxQzCb Winters Baby Of LoveAdult (f)2,7548962
KTbOlCb Green Holly SpecklesAdult (f)3,3431,0333
ZODXRBoof Foof Ish CbAdult (f)3,9594653
f1uQnSweet Beloved First CopperAdult (f)4,0871,1693
fPl9xGarden Of Rose DemiseAdult (f)2,3047632
aiF1mI Was A Bad SeedAdult (m)3,7411,1284
Q0PW5I Am A Cb SeedlingAdult (m)3,9477701
xIpkHCb Sunlight Ish YummyAdult (f)6,5981,3314
jIvDQThe Beloved Flower MonsterAdult (f)4,5264970
Rx9SuVine Tired Of Lame JokesAdult (m)5,0047090
VQjndGuys Can Like Flowers TooAdult (m)2,8548990
0aa4V(0aa4V)Adult (f)4,6007915
c0ybYCoyby Is My CodeHatchling (m, F)1,7785850
0iaIGNever To Find A MateHatchling (f, F)1,8686521
C6NUcFirst Alt Vine On ScrollAdult (f)1,67057022
uFHod(uFHod)Adult (m)3,4283770
2Gqi0Angels Sugar Coated DoughAdult (f)2,1517586
VF67ECb Candy CloudsAdult (m)3,5039770
84DNxMessy Lined CloudsHatchling (m, F)3,7969567
xxdTFCb Rough Sea WatersAdult (m)3,2646921
WfTOuRed Rained Cb GirlAdult (f)2,2027661
r3slFCb Purple And RedzAdult (f)5,6921,4962
DShzsCb Redz And PurpleAdult (m)5,4941,3993
WZiRdTwo Toned WizardHatchling (f, F)3,9079901
EtLZhCb Sparkz N WaterAdult (f)2,9618581
QdoEHI Melted Your Cold ShoulderAdult (f)2,9044921
9CY9ZTo Hott For My SelfAdult (m)4,5541,1727
hLl6cCb Ember Super ManAdult (m)3,0505693
ztqUEFierce Flamed Kitten With ClawsHatchling (f, F)2,2537741
NF1yiCb Blue Angel FlamesAdult (m)2,8688361
s5yDqCb Love Iz Wayyyy 2 Tough dudeAdult (m)6,0881,0351
APIgM(APIgM)Adult (m)5,0559184
GqkttCherry Berry Manly ManAdult (m)1,5287130
NV87YFemme Fatality In PinkAdult (f)2,9927772
7bdCQToo Darling Too Grow UpHatchling (m, F)4,8427383
JaIfgCb Olive Branched DragAdult (f)4,1421,1891
RcF0VHoja ShikattaAdult (m)3,9339594
e9fqCFreezing Olive BabyHatchling (f, F)2,6808827
FnKM4The Icy Taverns BurnAdult (f)1,8176291
47UK5Cb Elsa Ice QueenAdult (f)2,7035103
661ok(661ok)Adult (m)1,5763971
pqkkhNot Quite Marble Not Quite StoneAdult (m)2,8635445
Sxv54Fragile Glass RainbowAdult (f)3,8851,0413
WpKvmChocolate And Coffee BeansAdult (m)3,0277213
NlOdBFrozen Coco PearlHatchling (m, F)3,1208615
5ZmutSura The Glitter BugAdult (f)4,9351,2577
Zu9dBThe Love Of Children ShinesAdult (m)3,0146063
Ev4uKCoils Of Melted GemsAdult (m)2,4077247
gl0WaGrrrrr All The Ink DisappearedAdult (f)4,3041,0014
2Dgp9Thee Lovely Doll Golden LocksAdult (f)4,5935571
rQRVFGold Is A Miners Best FriendAdult (m)4,5731,1155
A3ZW0Wonderous Gold StatueAdult (f)5,9891,3953
g6y5ZActually Silver Is My Fav ColorAdult (m)6,2051,40315
QzrDrI Love Playing In The DarkAdult (f)7,4621,7167
NOa3NWizana KhalifaAdult (f)5,8951,4475
zNHwoBeauty Queen GoldAdult (f)4,6451,2932
FTiIHPenk Is Most Def My Fav ColorAdult (m)6,9331,6552
bzsxOIm A Walking Gold HolidayAdult (f)4,7601,2662
NO58jPolish Me PleaseAdult (m)6,0851,5135
LPRmFSir Gold From Head To ToeAdult (m)1,9916374
RsG3CSweet Messy ColorsAdult (f)1,7027105
EyB0dSweet Gold WhispsAdult (m)3,6208473
XbJWiIts My Time To Shine On YouAdult (m)2,0688402
jNxeXIn Love With Your ReflectionAdult (m)3,5129715
gauqS(gauqS)Adult (f)2,8097647
Jx8gGForever Peter Pan SyndromHatchling (m, F)2,8266792
ZXRKnWayyy Too Messy To Grow UpHatchling (m, F)3,4537728
L6IXPOrange Sea FairyAdult (f)3,6198224
nJij0I R Not A Twister CbAdult (m)3,8321,2092
3YTZFCb Flying Thru The TreesAdult (m)3,0226572
sJYT3Sweet Swamp StonesAdult (m)2,0547945
uUIxEPea Soup Of DestructionAdult (f)2,9329711
vTle4Kayden Honey BugAdult (f)2,7265221
s7RMr(s7RMr)Hatchling (f, F)2,2366490
FnGEKCrybaby ClownAdult (f)3,8654751
xRM3lCb Frozen Child Of DoomHatchling (f, F)2,3007720
huE8YGold And Black WebbedAdult (m)2,5368061
oAy0wCb Golden Tear DropsAdult (f)5,2681,1181
ZpdcDIm More Gold Then BlackAdult (m)4,0119712
GzlGDGolden Stars And SunsAdult (m)4,5259805
JIbnwGolden Kisses RozAdult (f)3,6659102
TmaF0Squishy PunkinAdult (f)5,0371,4205
dnKGGPurity Pumkin ManAdult (m)3,7961,1384
KMuoPPart Pumpkin Part HandsomeAdult (m)3,7381,1150
gxYv5The Spawn Of Dark And ShinyAdult (m)3,1541,0573
XONLISkullor D'e EvilAdult (f)3,7041,1522
fyegrWhipped Cream GhostAdult (m)3,7141,1312
kWeP2Spirit Of Dragons PastAdult (f)2,7275893
fZKP12nd Gen Dark LurkerAdult (f)3,8531,1311
X5mAgSneaker CreeperAdult (m)2,2046301
02y9kCb Halloweens Death StarAdult (f)1,8807441
EwrNpDilly Dally Dolly DangerAdult (m)3,1697342
82JY3Cb Harvest Of Corn And WheatAdult (m)3,6665081
A4vLvMy Lineage Is EPICNESSAdult (m)2,2756731
i3isRCb Sweet Tawny WheatAdult (f)3,3377730
QxFVnA Leo's Wicked WrathAdult (m)3,4338334
LZ52bFirey In Body And AttitudeAdult (f)5,8841,4623
hf3TmCb Twins Of FlamesAdult (m)3,1276732
OABRJ(OABRJ)Adult (m)1,3804566
YuBDiYoto The FighterAdult (m)3,3099584
07HJGSilver Mane The SteedAdult (f)2,1178002
m2B3PFrozen Purple PearlHatchling (m, F)2,6377612
1zOTXRakka LozanovAdult (m)3,9249737
E37HCIts So So Very Cold OutsideAdult (f)6,2631,5215
IczW4Ill Freeze You Where You SitAdult (f)5,3681,3262
CDStt(CDStt)Egg (F)
py2tHThe Nameless Water LizardAdult (f)2,9104320
Vyyw9Dangerous Sea WormAdult (m)2,3197492
iZQy0No Dirty Bath Water PleaseAdult (m)2,7136915
iibCWCb Guardian Of The ClanAdult (f)2,7287640
qsWIxI Need A Name So BadAdult (m)3,0268721
ZvGjsShine Like A Male DragAdult (m)4,5031,2972
FGMmOCb Light LoverAdult (m)4,41186410
UDyleCb Firefly GlowAdult (f)4,5677958
A5P6NSunshine Love LightsAdult (m)6,4671,0814
iWlIlTanger The Stripeless TigerAdult (m)3,4451,0123
8nKp3Akikio The Beautiful SeerAdult (f)6,5761,3424
6HKo8Cb Orange Spiced TeasAdult (f)4,9891,3251
PFcTICb Orange StandAdult (f)9,8441,2013
ZbYx7Cb Another FemaleAdult (f)9,3231,0934
hcpKgSweet Love LettersAdult (m)3,6387871
RvPvwWonderful Oranges From RomeAdult (f)5,7921,4694
psj6sGreat To Have A MaleAdult (m)5,6741,4924
licKU(licKU)Adult (f)3,4288845
CEeeKMessy Line MaleAdult (m)5,3081,3242
gTtUAMessy Line GirlAdult (f)4,1821,1242
heprOCb Orange Chicken WingsAdult (f)4,3239713
73OavSlightly Messy But HandsomeAdult (m)5,3881,0533
87NhqCb Heart Broken OrangesAdult (m)4,8861,1121
V81IFRiverview's Lovely CitrusAdult (f)3,9661,0191
1W8wAMiss Magi MamaAdult (f)3,6569843
Ubs1kKnight Of The Highest PowerAdult (m)2,6838780
JFUTHCb Secret Arts MagiAdult (m)3,7678882
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