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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “katykins,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
1Cv0(1Cv0)Egg (F)
kndsH(kndsH)Adult (m)3,7731,0431
WaJZS(WaJZS)Adult (f)4,1251,0281
KWmM8(KWmM8)Adult (f)3,6891,0692
7UI5g(7UI5g)Adult (f)3,6781,0550
ybT8e(ybT8e)Adult (f)3,6241,0251
VtRDj(VtRDj)Adult (m)3,6351,0271
171pR(171pR)Adult (m)4,3577991
ThHBD(ThHBD)Adult (f)4,6608171
p0ElG(p0ElG)Adult (m)3,8087612
n1jMl(n1jMl)Adult (f)5,8969311
eLDpu(eLDpu)Adult (f)5,0829481
9Jm74(9Jm74)Adult (f)5,1679333
jMu0N(jMu0N)Adult (m)5,0019431
MAbMU(MAbMU)Adult (m)5,3189291
NyqLO(NyqLO)Adult (m)5,9841,2010
qiPNiAbove Tree is Gift or Trade EggsHatchling (F)1,1451671
fSytn(fSytn)Adult (f)1,1334552
XeFvIMy Sweet Little MessAdult (m)2,8191,1192
aOJJfSpirals UpwardAdult (m)3,3001,0252
1ZxXu(1ZxXu)Adult (m)5,6191,1562
cdCeU(cdCeU)Adult (f)1,9946131
e2mhEWelcomeToMyScrollHatchling (F)3,1337141
H2qn3My Scroll- Male then MateHatchling (F)3,7153041
gxinZQuantum TwilightAdult (m)5,2891,31316
aGUiEHelvia NmaraAdult (f)5,7577791
qUkHu(qUkHu)Adult (m)5,4931,2001
GmNjPNinja in the NightAdult (m)2,8307841
YXkMbTerah GreaesinAdult (f)3,2931,2478
MAfQsSuch a CutieHatchling (F)9591735
g0MrDI Am Mr DAdult (m)3,8551,1833
gmOXEOxidiaAdult (f)3,9251,2498
rLdh0Pride of PlaceAdult (m)3,9451,1667
LilrXPride's LadyAdult (f)4,0601,2233
8hufBBorn ScarletAdult (f)2,5318791
9tMtMRedGold RushAdult (m)3,7741,0363
WdBYtGold's First LadyAdult (f)4,3681,2364
aXaZEAemili I'zalisAdult (f)2,5511,0053
LBoYIFlick First Lady DAdult (f)4,9521,2252
O0TQL(O0TQL)Adult (m)1,6255852
bGXQNAtryn A'natiAdult (m)5,2311,3853
KQQLqI'm QQingAdult (m)3,3457212
veiFvVeir Tra'mnAdult (m)1,7866961
R8BF6Fearahn Amir'aaAdult (f)2,5647012
rf3fRTerumith NightwovenAdult (m)3,5491,0532
6DoYdAurumith MetalweaverAdult (f)3,5631,0795
IGycoSpeckles and GloryAdult (m)3,6377153
v0CCvShining OnAdult (m)4,3511,3229
UbHL4Blue on FootAdult (f)5,2351,1107
4lmRpShining in the BlueAdult (m)3,3818801
EyLn2Wraith in SilverAdult (m)4,2695274
EHTJPebbles in My ShoeAdult (m)4,1464912
7EMY4Gracious LadieAdult (f)5,13195725
YFMG0Pebbles the MagnificentAdult (m)3,0759003
CERaqLadie's Third LookAdult (f)3,7796602
AU8y2Asterian HawkAdult (m)4,7357222
r2nWNAvalon Born of KingsAdult (m)2,8299706
C7mSkFrozen Golden ManHatchling (m, F)4,0656822
P7mOUFrozen Golden LadyHatchling (f, F)4,1029923
nFCJzFrozen Silver LadyHatchling (f, F)3,4857061
QUHLDFrozen Silver ManHatchling (m, F)2,7088472
m0WEYAsteriusAdult (m)5,9351,1254
J4nGTNight Hawk CBAdult (f)6,3501,1243
HSIl9CampannAdult (m)4,40192723
dJbPkGarona CBAdult (f)2,8367163
jb2qiCoppery ShineAdult (m)3,9771,5845
SHtUuCopper GloAdult (f)3,6201,4746
krvZQBrass AlloyAdult (m)1,9519114
GJsm4Am I alluminumAdult (m)3,9951,5689
ee7P1Tungsten MaybeAdult (f)2,8741,3524
zFobXCoppersmithAdult (m)2,0609304
8xiMaTarnished PatinaAdult (f)3,9891,5987
gNJ8SMinted PennyAdult (m)4,0661,5646
XlKoiMint PennyAdult (f)2,8361,3305
loyOa(loyOa)Adult (f)1,9756761
xAHFS(xAHFS)Adult (f)3,7295981
FkJrq(FkJrq)Adult (f)3,1066582
njCyB(njCyB)Adult (m)3,4971,1576
YNNg6Sins in the SunsetAdult (f)6,1389652
oSBioAmaranth SettingAdult (m)3,4039092
UL4PJSinset TonightAdult (f)6,0561,00612
tIVS2Rose's Silver ThornsAdult (m)9,1401,1738
ed5DUClemenciaAdult (f)6,7601,2266
aaalWSilverRose ClemAdult (m)4,6381,1861
prkbrSilver in the StarsAdult (m)5,9899691
GLOxNBronze GloAdult (f)3,7951,0219
HtHc2Devastation's PrideAdult (m)4,1411,28120
dARa7Legendary GloAdult (m)7,5327361
CrPYDFrozen Bronze ManHatchling (m, F)5,4791,3592
WeCF6TarnishingAdult (f)3,3454200
N2ohSGolden Beauty IBAdult (f)4,3531,1543
1Mr7JSilver Beauty NCAdult (f)4,4921,2493
JQPGqGreen and They Wanted PurpleHatchling (m, F)2,5504923
LjBl0Golden Lady of MagicAdult (f)5,9461,38712
puzVpI dreamt of HealingAdult (m)2,5968704
F2D3Rinstead of ExpungeAdult (f)2,6228356
Kg7ZF(Kg7ZF)Hatchling (F)5,2148357
mer5Bitter BiterAdult (m)2,53053611
A6nh3Anarch LadyAdult (f)5,8326625
8vvdCTarhine VampireAdult (m)4,3301,1312
xLJNXThe VesselAdult (f)6,5301,1802
JmtmuFalling StormAdult (m)6,2471,1304
GsJ7BSkyFall StormbornAdult (f)4,2867607
7qQ3eStormbringer ThorAdult (m)2,8337002
V4ndCTintaglyaAdult (f)2,8416952
jJFR0Electric WindAdult (m)3,9694041
00FBKSpoken ForAdult (f)3,2694004
8oYK7(8oYK7)Adult (f)2,0586710
aLzpHThundering Skies PBAdult (m)4,0408314
pEB08Winter StarkAdult (m)4,0185092
A5mfGDeep RegretAdult (f)4,3073972
1Am02(1Am02)Adult (m)3,9294865
EMfAcIce DaddAdult (m)3,3177784
1eLol(1eLol)Adult (m)3,8694967
Fqcn9Oxygen DAdult (f)2,8508652
XJZ3k(XJZ3k)Adult (m)2,4198914
NMJP7Smothers FlameAdult (m)4,0406147
qw0HqBurn Babe BurnAdult (f)2,8811,0023
8lcEyIgniting Words CBAdult (f)3,8065171
1uI4g(1uI4g)Adult (f)5,1179941
SiZ9XArdor CBAdult (f)6,6961,5165
zZoY4(zZoY4)Adult (f)1,9457441
rJEK9Don't Click Me I'm a MessHatchling (m, F)5,2028331
LbuWwHellfire  LadyAdult (f)3,5476321
ANLSYxThree Breed Check ProjectxHatchling (F)1,5033033
44LCxWyvern Wings CBAdult (f)2,9489013
dQMAbEilias CBAdult (m)3,8868641
FlrpcDominatriiAdult (f)4,3139812
gp674Maurinus CBAdult (m)2,6136481
VuceZDomynaAdult (f)3,5027633
SSnbZFire in the Nyght CBAdult (f)5,3791,4353
aBrwKDomynataAdult (f)6,0091,3975
yscIRCosmas CBAdult (m)5,8321,3394
biOOODomynateAdult (f)4,7611,3802
Lb6L5DomynatroAdult (m)4,4521,2591
KErROKerro CBAdult (m)5,3771,3663
oE6XWDomynatorAdult (m)4,9661,3981
ascqYGirl on Fire  CBAdult (f)5,7341,4334
QJk8LDomynionAdult (m)5,2161,2421
T4MDhRed Hot Lady CBAdult (f)4,4749415
qeAL2DomynerAdult (m)4,4529132
CcFysFlaming Lady CBAdult (f)5,3611,2384
5iWLC(5iWLC)Adult (m)4,1691,0881
m4vxGBelisaurius CBAdult (m)4,8471,2273
a63j9Bitter Lady CBAdult (f)5,0261,2851
PTtodIncendius CBAdult (m)3,4789464
c5eMeBlackened Wings CBAdult (f)6,1641,5021
177mnWicker CBAdult (m)4,3321,1691
9ZcsBWings in the Night CBAdult (f)3,3521,0422
m8S5fBacchus CBAdult (m)4,8388712
QDgDMBlack Lady CBAdult (f)3,3831,0801
tuApRAdul CBAdult (m)4,4776731
ZjzlINight Lady CBAdult (f)4,7831,2302
UG7uLCyrr CBAdult (m)6,2118442
7QfgqReach for the Night Sky CBAdult (f)2,7138002
UEAsgFlock CBAdult (m)4,7651,1412
07EgsEggs Benedict CBAdult (m)5,6261,3161
ty2S6Hawkins LadyAdult (f)3,4691,1196
HHaVgIncendia CBAdult (f)4,5841,2284
vnUjQTerror in the Night CBAdult (m)5,7141,2034
cJg7vFulvia CBAdult (f)5,6011,4347
1MalzTerror on Wing CBAdult (m)3,6561,0561
BLX61Anthusa CBAdult (f)5,3016512
IXWxhStarblocker CBAdult (m)4,0091,2232
kIn8NAemilia CBAdult (f)6,0091,1232
HdY7WBlotting out the Night Sky CBAdult (m)4,9901,1874
iTmpNAdeodata CBAdult (f)6,7781,2063
H37YIStars On a Dark Night CBAdult (m)2,6449831
amsQ3Didyma CBAdult (f)6,0771,2233
dDmBAHawkinvalle CBAdult (m)2,6979402
9LDB1FireHeart CBAdult (f)3,1628262
49M5SxxxSeasonal ProjectxxxHatchling (F)9932871
jZ1XLEnd of TymeAdult (m)4,1331,1362
lvtYUIcey Shards in TymeAdult (f)3,6648281
KD1GCFrozen  in TymeAdult (m)4,9551,2731
sY7BMFrozen Wind TymeAdult (f)5,8861,4712
2rQcfFreezing TymeAdult (m)4,9061,2823
3pts6Tyme for WinterAdult (f)5,7639071
OO7dnSnow TymeAdult (m)4,5357961
ImWMJIce TymeAdult (f)5,1131,2631
0TiECTyme for FlowersAdult (m)3,8321,1041
KE3LzTyme for SpringAdult (f)3,6241,1631
E3uW3Tyme for RainAdult (m)3,9501,1561
wJLBdTyme for DewdropsAdult (f)2,6418833
LEmFLI hope Im not refusedAdult (m)4,8411,3473
mtZ20Im the new mateAdult (f)3,3169241
lwYRITyme for a BreezeAdult (m)3,0687971
gLfmETyme for GreenAdult (f)2,9908811
F2EsKI was refused twiceAdult (m)2,6778784
JjDeKSunshine TymeAdult (m)3,5419371
96VJTyme for SummerAdult (f)2,8607404
tXLekLounging TymeAdult (m)2,6868592
UlwOvHumidity TymeAdult (f)2,7337622
5ekzjSunny TymeAdult (m)2,6278671
5OUNKBeach TymeAdult (f)1,8906840
8KScXHot TymeAdult (m)2,6639332
3wMbbTanning TymeAdult (f)2,5928691
zQeuv(zQeuv)Adult (m)3,5638722
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