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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “kattyshan,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
J3pZTwo Rights Don't Make a LeftAdult (m)5,59185924
YLC4Two Drinks Don't Make a DateAdult (f)2,19567114
AYXVHTwo Dollars Don't Buy a CoffeeAdult (f)4,9564533
cGp52Two PCs Don't Make You CoolAdult (m)3,3599101
4LqkOTwo Days Don't Make a VacationAdult (m)4,6974561
glTmZTwo Cents Don't Make You SmartAdult (m)2,5766682
HuzGeStrangely SplitAdult (f)2,9517772
8NwtJTwo Calories Don't Make You FatAdult (f)4,1751,0062
TS9SETwo Carbs Don't Make It KetoAdult (f)3,9918931
MkxyU(MkxyU)Adult (f)3,0586722
4n3m5(4n3m5)Adult (f)4,5436662
oXW7QDo you still love me brotherHatchling (F)1,5404631
HTklJIt's Just Two BrothersHatchling (m, F)4,0336271
RFqcy(RFqcy)Adult (m)3,5836142
N157lDungeon Boss MonsterAdult (m)3,2737311
pNiosParalysis AnalysisAdult (m)3,6487784
PrhmoDouble Decker DynamicAdult (f)3,5047792
NCjeHRushed RussiansAdult (m)3,4927301
FR2qpExcessive Moon PieAdult (m)4,6408503
PsMX5(PsMX5)Adult (m)3,3448072
ZTvqwTicky the TimelordAdult (m)3,0187331
CHdKcKaiju AestheticAdult (f)2,9328581
zJEqJFins For DaysAdult (m)3,0466842
Mb59DDangerous BubblesAdult (f)3,2798402
udt6I(udt6I)Adult (m)3,0957023
WLVVe(WLVVe)Adult (f)3,4096571
AHWGS(AHWGS)Adult (m)2,5276540
QFUmpAerial Drag RacingAdult (f)3,0987224
H0MARPiercing JetlagAdult (f)3,2437742
WsE1k(WsE1k)Adult (f)2,5917022
bXVit(bXVit)Adult (m)3,1726701
LQNvl(LQNvl)Adult (m)2,4406400
Xd2GWeird Kid in ClassAdult (f)4,04259712
AWLMSPF 500Adult (f)3,9997494
gSIiXIt's Called AlbinismAdult (m)8,2951,50511
rbSThGoth Kid AUAdult (f)5,8254931
miiscBasic Vanilla Ice CreamAdult (m)5,8524751
DlGucWhy do I have so many albinosAdult (m)5,4755981
JerpLYou know what we should doAdult (f)5,3733591
t7M2SWe should BLOCK OUT THE SUNAdult (m)5,4183622
BE1OgHaha up yours Banana BoatAdult (f)3,0484652
Nmdqt(Nmdqt)Adult (m)3,0646218
jLlqDon't let this kid outsideHatchling (F)1,8681494
lzgpdChaos Emerald RushAdult (m)3,9317913
npIhTEmeralds Are ExpensiveAdult (m)4,4348263
v7dyxGlittery GreenAdult (m)4,1128022
B8DA1All Mighty AlmeraldAdult (f)3,2246771
8YdOHNot Quite Ripe MangoAdult (m)4,0618164
rE2spWelsh Fruit GummiesAdult (m)2,8057513
6SSNnSummer Juice BoxAdult (m)2,4717632
1W1p2Summer Pool TripAdult (f)2,6328042
ugO5VRadio Pop MusicAdult (m)3,9238491
GhLyH(GhLyH)Adult (m)3,7366362
UtIPG(UtIPG)Adult (f)2,9947081
TdqIB(TdqIB)Adult (m)2,6266501
iDBsP(iDBsP)Adult (m)3,5215864
TR1JBSunblind FairytaleAdult (m)3,8698085
OpPUoRequired SunglassesAdult (f)3,3867813
0RqytMysterious SangriaAdult (f)2,9617092
vbwFfAstroproject Into The SunAdult (f)3,5408022
9YC0cSpicy KojiAdult (m)2,8457072
VuqBOAdobe Dreamweaver CS4Adult (f)3,4418441
vURRaCinnamon Fire BallAdult (f)3,1146813
iTqkF(iTqkF)Adult (f)2,7596721
H9jQYBorn of Sick Surf WavesAdult (m)3,6867553
g7w3zBathtub Drain DisasterAdult (m)4,1389951
QzGJIAqualescenceAdult (m)6,0351,1532
RRUEq(RRUEq)Adult (m)3,0476362
AKnL3(AKnL3)Adult (m)3,1806431
pcqcY(pcqcY)Adult (m)3,0396891
xDubX(xDubX)Adult (f)3,0887071
1QqZH(1QqZH)Adult (m)2,2116481
UBduo(UBduo)Adult (f)3,3148181
y6hN2Starbursts All PinkAdult (f)3,1486902
gJQKUMarketing HolidayAdult (f)2,6817122
gUfA0Overrated DragonfruitAdult (f)3,6297851
Kf5KhFlamboyant Pixie StickAdult (m)3,3338312
olgYh(olgYh)Adult (f)3,5656501
Swv0p(Swv0p)Adult (m)3,3158832
kU3Mc(kU3Mc)Adult (m)3,3956424
peA9lSmoke on the Dance FloorAdult (m)3,4357312
u6WBdRBFAdult (f)3,5427993
j0D6pBent SilverwareAdult (f)3,2807861
XyNImRugged AshtrayAdult (m)3,0437362
iik0RRolled in the DustAdult (m)2,9817912
PzXfDRock Hard RollinAdult (f)2,8256682
9Og85(9Og85)Adult (m)2,9986941
xRFtkThat's a Big GurlAdult (f)3,7188533
LHKCYLucky LarryAdult (m)2,7817332
Wkn8qShimmy ShaneAdult (m)2,8017134
HA9FjBlue BerthaAdult (f)3,7137451
BbX2W(BbX2W)Adult (m)3,3466701
a1MLo(a1MLo)Adult (f)3,3557003
AVvlA(AVvlA)Adult (m)2,6436272
M1fkA(M1fkA)Adult (m)2,9306171
giwIuPete and SteveAdult (m)3,9627685
m51Zz(m51Zz)Adult (f)3,8486611
OFyAa(OFyAa)Adult (f)3,0087842
MXG1Y(MXG1Y)Adult (f)2,4106490
Uo6HIs this inflationAdult (m)4,40481616
5nmkGuys I think this is for furriesAdult (f)3,5744625
9WveeThis is totally furry inflationAdult (f)2,9378171
5Dg8UHow did I miss this beforeAdult (m)5,8771,2207
Q0Liq(Q0Liq)Adult (m)2,6786830
aPyD8Princess ParadeAdult (f)3,9949751
jE386Two Rich GuysAdult (m)3,0437394
Zcgz7(Zcgz7)Adult (f)3,1097321
O8r9Oh here come the goth kidsAdult (m)6,0651,51617
OXmnMy Chemical Romance NerdAdult (m)2,2597539
acvlLet me guess- it's not a phaseAdult (f)2,8311,1138
kQbBDarkwing DerpAdult (m)5,1818087
6BTZIHaha I am the nightAdult (m)3,33273127
mik3rBat ButtAdult (f)3,3537171
S0a0tCRAWLING IN MY SKINNNNAdult (m)3,7057871
OIOYr2004 Punk KidAdult (m)4,0527730
Dj404Man I miss Linkin ParkAdult (f)4,3894420
6HsmGSir Blackus DorkfaceusAdult (m)3,3305211
FG8QcHonorable Black DragonAdult (f)2,8721,1383
KuTrTBlack Gold DorkfaceAdult (m)2,4696491
sQTDlScene Kids Rise UpAdult (m)3,3185661
mg27II Could Be Your AngleAdult (m)2,8305341
PnU6CNothing Good Happens After 1AMAdult (m)2,8927802
x1m40The Original Punk GirlAdult (f)3,0737133
ctohhI am a Skater GirlAdult (f)3,6759273
mzPTbGraveyard Shift CultureAdult (f)2,8416612
QeGGH(QeGGH)Adult (m)3,0708342
Nr6Al(Nr6Al)Adult (m)3,8386401
TrIFf(TrIFf)Adult (f)2,6306470
cEvoA(cEvoA)Adult (f)2,4166361
UFr4z(UFr4z)Adult (m)2,8507191
AWmowTiny Ball of SootHatchling (m, F)4,6398584
B91A1(B91A1)Hatchling (F)2,4652552
9i8nVery Rare Very Special BoyAdult (m)3,3431,19522
iUTvpMaking Grandma ProudAdult (f)3,5396791
UvddDCayenne CatastropheAdult (f)3,7407833
0EeabOverpriced ChaiAdult (f)2,9707551
pFKldSpringtime Tea PartyAdult (f)3,0857683
s0nYw(s0nYw)Adult (f)5,8671,15412
651Z2(651Z2)Adult (f)2,9736881
13O4v(13O4v)Adult (f)2,5366561
ClyXZ(ClyXZ)Adult (m)3,5098291
nvP7ULiteral Goose DragonAdult (f)4,9557505
MtQClSeasoned SaltwaterAdult (m)2,9777721
dJAu2Property of MatterAdult (m)3,8247883
qYd1ZGimme Yer FriesAdult (m)3,4877131
grZCBFreedom in the Trash CanAdult (m)2,9986721
XgRff(XgRff)Adult (f)2,4726581
hhtsf(hhtsf)Adult (m)3,8216170
igI5Y(igI5Y)Adult (m)3,2456472
yGdtDGourmet Master ChefAdult (f)3,6717322
GPGi8Where's the SAUCEAdult (f)3,6799594
r47Nb(r47Nb)Adult (f)2,9617831
nvPEy(nvPEy)Adult (f)2,9187812
WUFLh(WUFLh)Adult (m)3,3987711
kq5V8Black and White MochaAdult (m)3,5507473
t5ya0Half Red Half White SauceAdult (m)4,2281,0032
ihxN8Tuxedo Mocha LatteAdult (m)4,6649694
wEZN1Schrodinger's NightmareAdult (f)2,6936921
NeXKhDo You Want That Hot Or IcedAdult (m)3,7708850
UVX3z(UVX3z)Adult (f)3,1897500
hQDoz(hQDoz)Adult (f)2,7386491
pAjPZLate Night Sheetz RunAdult (m)4,0177902
UQcR7Fresh Crescent RollsAdult (m)3,1598353
ZwKGj3am McDonalds Drive ThruAdult (f)2,5997602
0TrprI Don't Have A Hall PassAdult (f)3,1226802
gLJ51(gLJ51)Adult (m)2,4636701
gzR4rHigh School Chess ClubAdult (f)3,5887595
c2ZV0Insufferable NerdAdult (m)5,9441,20010
YiGsfDLC ScamAdult (f)2,6307323
MLcmDBlue Banded BaronessAdult (f)4,0227992
Zyr5O(Zyr5O)Adult (m)2,1406411
h1COL(h1COL)Adult (f)2,5606700
pcX6x(pcX6x)Adult (f)2,5056284
tGyPb(tGyPb)Adult (f)2,4206031
46q0V(46q0V)Adult (m)2,4766520
IC1a0Gimme SnackAdult (f)4,2348355
oEeElStarbucks Dragon DrinkAdult (f)3,5167423
gkopRJacked Up HotrodAdult (f)2,8796981
X0W17Colorfully ConceptualizedAdult (m)3,5188793
w7xcI(w7xcI)Adult (m)2,7156712
1THNl(1THNl)Adult (m)4,0356061
w8cfc(w8cfc)Adult (f)3,0346681
du38S(du38S)Adult (f)2,5046400
V67uMaritime InsanityAdult (f)7,5441,4487
bgicLet's Find The TitanicAdult (f)5,0387465
FbIDI Heard Sirens We're Kinda NiceAdult (f)3,4978636
cKdEZBoogieboardingAdult (m)3,69276611
EVJdRSplish Splash Sploosh SplatAdult (f)3,8364712
XNrLZOh god a sharkAdult (m)4,9004532
b3t2oBloo Finned TunaAdult (m)5,8465390
BZn2uGUYS SERIOUSLY A SHARKAdult (m)3,2894170
EvMPfSonic Ocean WaterAdult (m)4,0677933
KptqbStatic Cling JokeAdult (m)3,4268511
xRQvlElectrical EngineAdult (f)2,9067122
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